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Angela's Pain by G-boy

Angela's Pain

Sophomore year at Sacred Ascension High School for Girls was dragging to a close. The May heat was building up in Southwest Louisiana, and the school's air conditioning, already old and overworked, decided to break completely. The almost two hundred students of the school suffered and sweltered in the old buildings.

"Miss Bonham, if I have to tell you one more time, to sit up straight, I'm going to make you sit at the front of the classroom, so I can keep an eye on you," Sister Bonita threatened.

The pretty fifteen-year-old, brown wavy hair hanging in sweaty locks across her heart shaped face, pursed her pouting lips and glared through green eyes at the unfeeling nun. Didn't the woman have any compassion? It had to be a hundred degrees in here, and she wanted full attention. She sat up straighter in her seat, though. She finished her math problems quickly, even though her head ached from the heat and the discomfort. Megan, her pretty blonde friend fanned herself with her notebook. They exchanged smiles. After class, they were going to Megan and Tiffany's house, to swim. Megan and her twin sister, Tiffany, lived in the richer suburb of the town, and Angela was looking forward to a weekend away from the school, where she boarded. She lived on campus, even though her mother lived on the north side of town. She'd been living on campus ever since transferring from Evelyn Heights Public School, to the exclusive Girl's School. Some football players had taken notice of the then thirteen-year-old freshman, and, after enduring a few weeks of rape at their hands, she'd found herself pregnant. One abortion later, she was a recluse on the campus. But Megan's friendship had saved her.

Tiffany looked across the room and caught Lisa's eye. The pretty little oriental smiled at her blonde lover. They were going to escape this heat, and cause a little heat of their own. Tiffany had bought a new red thong bathing suit, and Lisa felt herself get wet at the thought of seeing the blonde in such a daring outfit. For herself, she had to be satisfied with the French cut one-piece bathing suit. She had to admit, though, the black swimsuit did emphasize her golden skin and petite figure.

The bell rang, and the stream of squealing girls raced to the parking lot, to their cars or buses, or parents' cars. Lisa unlocked the doors of her battered old Chrysler, and the four girls scrambled into the stifling interior of the large car. Tiffany laughed at the pillows Lisa had to sit on to drive the large car.

"You try driving this tank," Lisa grumbled, and carefully pulled out into the street.

Across town, Oliver Collings was getting into a similar car. The gawky sixteen-year-old adjusted his glasses and put the large car into drive. Just then, Jackie Content slapped the side of the car, startling Oliver. The boy smirked at his nemesis, and climbed into his friend's brand new Corvette. Oliver shook his head and drove off. Ever since he'd been attended Saints Peter and Paul High School, Jackie Fontenot had been giving the scrawny boy a hard time. And, for the first year and a half, Oliver had not fought back. Then, Homecoming Week, a beautiful sophomore from Sacred Ascension, their sister school, had practically thrown herself at him, and Oliver's life had changed. Jackie, no matter how cute he thought he was, did not have Angela Bonham. And Jackie knew it. But, Oliver had started to stand up to him, and Jackie, basically a coward, had slacked off to the occasional taunts.

Oliver pulled up into the parking lot of Collings and Pickett, the law firm his stepmother worked at. Shirley Collings had married Cecil Collings, Oliver's blind father, and taken to motherhood with warmth and devotion. He smiled at his pretty stepmother as he walked into the receptionist's area. She was standing in front of a pretty little blonde.

"Okay, Colette, we'll start tomorrow, then," Shirley said, and the two shook hands.

As the girl prepared to leave, she saw Oliver, and smiled. She vaguely remembered this boy, with the light brown hair and thick glasses that hid his golden eyes. He vaguely remembered her as well, but it wouldn't come to mind right now.

"Oh, and Colette?" Shirley called out.

"Yes, ma'am?" Colette asked.

"Please wear something a little more business like for the office," Shirley sweetly suggested.

Colette, her blonde hair framing her square face, blinked her brown eyes and wrinkled her pug nose in wonder. What she had on, tight skirt and matching blouse, was the best clothing she owned. Agreed, it was a little too short in length, a little too tight across her chest, but she didn't own much else. Shirley sensed the girl's indecision and smiled warmly.

"At least wear a bra," she whispered.

"Oh!" Colette sighed, and walked out of the office.

Oliver missed the conclusion of the conversation; he was already in his "office," a converted corner of the lunchroom, tapping away on his computer. The web page design was coming along nicely and Shirley had hinted that some of her clients might wish to hire him to do similar work for them. He uploaded the latest changes and poured himself a cup of coffee. Ever since he'd begun to work for his stepmother, he'd become addicted to coffee. His telephone rang, and he picked it up.

"Computer Department," he briskly said.

"Ollie, my man, what you doing tonight?" Chris Washington's voice boomed out.

Oliver smiled. Chris and he had double dated their Homecoming night, and had been fast friends ever since. The large African American male, a junior at Saints Peter and Paul, genuinely liked the scrawny, goofy boy. His sheer size alone would have kept many from guessing that Chris was a loving and caring young man, and his reputation on the football field would raise eyebrows if they could see the young man with his retarded brother, Charlie, or with his Asian American girlfriend, Lisa.

"Not much, my man, you?" Oliver said.

"Nothing. Lisa's over at Tiff's, and I hear Angela's doing the thing with Megan, too. Feel like doing a pizza?" Chris asked.

"Yeah," Oliver agreed.

"Um, listen, it all right if Charlie comes along?" Chris asked.

"Yeah, he's cool," Oliver agreed, and they made their plans.

Oliver frowned slightly. Ever since Christmas, he'd known that Angela and Megan were lovers, but he tried not to think about it. Chris, whether he meant to or not, just reminded him of that part of Angela's life, the part he couldn't come into, or break her away from. Two hours later, he finished his work, and locked up the offices. He walked to his car, then drove the three miles to Chris's house.

Angela and Megan snuggled together on the large sofa and watched the latest movie they'd rented. Underneath the blanket, Megan's fingers busily tugged Angela's swollen pussy lips while Angela manipulated Megan's clitoris. They groaned as quietly as possible as another orgasm racked through them. Lisa and Tiffany shared a large recliner, a blanket also covering their busy hands.

"You going to tell Chris about us?" Tiffany whispered into Lisa's ear.

The pretty little oriental shook her head no.

"No, if he can't figure it out on his own, fuck him," she giggled, then bit her lip as Tiffany cruelly pinched her clitoris.

"No. Fuck me," Tiffany growled, as two more of Lisa's fingers joined her middle finger deep inside of her sopping blond thicket.

The next day, Shirley came in to the office, even though it was Saturday, and showed Colette what her duties were and left the blonde fourteen-year-old alone with Oliver. The sixteen-year-old blinked and stared through thick glasses at her outfit. She'd borrowed her older sister's skirt, a slightly longer one that flared out. Her blouse, a thin cotton pull over, stretched tightly over her ample breasts. Even confined in the plain white bra, they were still too large for the top. Shirley did not tell her anything, as she could see that the girl had made an attempt. Oliver lost himself in his work, and soon forgot all about the nubile girl in the next room. He worked rapidly, then came to a break in his work, and needed a file from Shirley's office. He walked in, and found the new Job Assessment Trainee was presenting him a wonderful view. Bent over the file cabinet drawer, her skirt had risen to the bottom of her ample buttocks, and he gawked at her full thighs. He cleared his throat, and she whirled around, a movement that caused the skirt to flare out. A flash of white panties caused a stir in his pleated pants.

"Excuse me, I just need to get a file," Oliver croaked, and prayed that he wouldn't get a full erection in front of this girl.

"Oh! Which one? I'll get it for you," Colette said brightly.

She was taking her JA very seriously. It was worth three credits in class over the summer months, and it was also earning her four dollars an hour, two dollars from Shirley and two from JA. This might not sound like much, but to the fourteen year old, from the north side of town, this was a lot more than she could earn at home, and she found the whole idea of being a rich, successful Woman attorney fascinating.

"The Board of Directors charter," Oliver said, and blushed.

She rummaged through the file drawers, and finally located it. She handed the file to him, and looked into the golden eyes that blinked at her. She felt a familiar twinge begin, the same twinge she'd once felt whenever she'd looked at Jackie Fontenot, but hadn't felt in a long time. She blinked in surprise. The young man wasn't ugly, but he certainly wasn't as cute as Jackie, with the square, strong face, and curly brown hair, and impish smile. But, still, those gold eyes, their warmth and hunger.

Oliver excused himself and took the file back to his own office. The erection had begun, and as he'd stood there and smelled Colette's fragrance, a mixture between sweat and soap, his eyes feasted upon those mammaries, the flat stomach, and the flared hips. He tried his best to push the thoughts out of his head, but couldn't, and his fourteen inch erection throbbed and oozed pre-cum. Finally, he gave up trying to fight the excitement and went into the small bathroom. Easing his pants down, he grabbed a hold of his large penis and brought his lips to the head. He closed his eyes and imagined that it was Angela that was lovingly slathering spittle all over the bulbous head, not himself. He took as much of his penis into his mouth as he could, and stroked the massive length. Two minutes later, his heavy balls emptied and he gulped his own semen. His erection subsided, and he pulled his pants back up and returned to his office.

Colette stood at his desk, absently scratching her bra. She smiled sweetly at him as he blushed and sat down.

"Um, I think I'm done, but I'm not sure," she said.

"Oh, okay," Oliver stammered.

"Mrs. Collings said you'd check my work," Colette reminded him.

"Oh, okay," he said, and walked to Shirley's office.

The work was done, and he signed her voucher, but not before developing another erection, as he smelled her scent, and felt her body close to his. He locked the door behind her, and immediately called Angela's house. Her mother answered, and announced that Angela and Megan were at the mall, but would be home at about seven.

Angela and Megan ran through the small courtyard, laughing and whooping as they did. Lisa and Tiffany waited at the food circle, and chatted.

"Look!" Angela crowed as they approached the table.

She held up a small bag, and Lisa and Tiffany looked inside and burst out laughing.

"Where'd you get that?" they both asked.

"The Gifts for Everything store," Megan said.

The bag held a stuffed animal, a gorilla, sporting an enormous erection. A simple medallion around its neck exclaimed, 'Get your own banana.' The girls all knew about Oliver's endowment; they'd even seen it in action as Megan had videotaped Angela and Oliver's lovemaking. At the next slumber party at Mag's house, they'd played the video. Oliver, had he known that Megan was in the closet, would have stopped right away, but Megan and Angela managed to keep this secret, and Megan got excellent footage of Oliver's large meat plunging deep into Angela's tight pussy, and, to everyone's delight and amazement, her even tighter anus was pried open to receive the huge member. Megan zoomed in as Oliver's large balls emptied his juice, all over the gaping rectum and cunt lips.

"Think he'll like it?" Angela asked.

"If he doesn't, I'll take it," Tiffany said.

"The hell!" Angela laughed. "It's mine!"

"Oh, yeah, right!" Tiffany laughed. "I could just see Sister Theresa finding that thing in your room! She'd shit!"

The foursome laughed at the thought of the head of SAHS finding this item in Angela's small room at the school. Angela frowned slightly as she saw a girl from her neighborhood, Colette Jenson, walk by. She didn't like the girl, who thought she was so cute, and had claimed that she could kick Angela's ass. They'd never come to blows yet, especially now that Angela ran with the richer girls, but she still didn't like her. The girl was carrying a few bags from the department stores.

Her mother had broken down and agreed to let her daughter borrow the credit cards to purchase appropriate work clothes. Secretly, her mother was delighted that her daughter wanted to work, wanted to not dress so provocatively, was showing some maturity. She hoped that her daughter's new maturity would inspire her to break off with that little smug shit, Jackie Fontenot, before she found herself pregnant.

Colette was proud of herself. The simple blazer and skirt ensembles, along with the slacks and blouses, would really look professional. And, she'd gotten them all on sale. The total purchases came up to two hundred and forty eight dollars, a whole week's wages for her mother, but she'd pay her back. She'd seen Angela, along with a couple of her rich friends, but felt too good to fight. In fact, she waved a slight greeting.

"Who's that?" Megan barked the jealousy apparent.

Even though she'd simmered down slightly over Angela's involvement with Oliver Collings, she had a vicious jealous streak. She wanted Angela all to herself.

"Just some girl from my neighborhood, silly," Angela easily said, and waved back.

"Yeah? She any good?" Megan groused.

"Fuck, I don't know. What? You think I drop my undies for everybody that comes along?" Angela barked back.

"Megan, cool it," Tiffany warned, and the four girls left the mall.

Megan and Angela made up for their brief tiff by the time Lisa dropped Angela off at her home. Cathy, Angela's mother, was stretched out on the couch, still fighting that persistent flu.

"Ollie called for you," she weakly said.

"Hi, Mom, you feeling any better?" Angela asked.

"Worse, if that's possible," Cathy grumbled. "But, Anise is coming over, don't worry about it."

Oliver answered the telephone and the two made plans to go to the latest movie. In the dark theater, Angela hoisted her skirt up slightly, and Oliver eased his cock into her sopping wet cunt. She came hard, before his full fourteen inches was halfway into her. She looked over her shoulder at him and mouthed, "I love you."

As the final credits rolled, Angela pulled her mouth from his fourth erection of the day, and smiled globs of his semen dotting her lips.

"You are amazing," she moaned.

"You are too," he grunted, and one last spurt landed squarely on her nose.

She laughed and dabbed her face with a napkin. Hand in hand they left the theater and drove to a fast food restaurant. A quick meal and a few kisses later, their date ended. She lightly kissed her older sister, Anise, in greeting, then checked on her sleeping mother. She happily went to bed, safe and secure in

Her life filled with love.

Two streets away, Colette was sullenly sucking on Jackie's five inches of thin meat, as his two friends sat in the front seat, told each other dirty jokes and guzzled beer. She hated doing this, especially with his friends a few feet away, but she figured it was better than not having a boyfriend at all. At least his friends were polite enough to pretend that they weren't watching her ministrations in the rear view mirror. With a loud fart, Jackie pulsed a few dribbles into her mouth, and she gladly pulled her mouth away. She got out of the car and barely had the door closed before the car roared off.

Oliver looked at the Prom pictures of him and Angela and smiled. Her cone shaped breasts, a nice thirty four B cup size, capped with dark brown nipples, were the first thing on his mind as Oliver drifted off. He envisioned her plump buttocks as it wiggled on his erection. Before the night was over, however, Colette's thirty-six DD cup breasts, with their light pink nipples danced and swayed before his eyes. Colette's ample buttocks parted to receive his cock, and he plowed into her tight, wrinkled anus. He woke up to find his own hand wrapped around his erection, and felt horribly guilty.

Sunday afternoon, he and Angela, and that sullen blond bitch, Megan, went to the park for a little picnic. Megan watched in stony silence as he and Angela kissed and held hands. She'd worn her tightest and shortest shorts for this, along with a cropped tee that exposed her midriff, and Megan wanted her ease those shorts down, under which she knew Angela had no panties. For his part, he looked the other way whenever Megan, in her halter-top that accented her full breasts and tight jeans, and Angela exchanged furtive touches and light kisses. He laughed out loud when Angela gave him the gorilla, and smiled his thanks to Megan when Angela pointed out that it had been Megan who found the toy. With slight misgivings, he dropped Megan and Angela off at Megan's house, and watched his girlfriend run off to be with her female lover Sometimes, he wished she'd have kept that part of her life secret from him. He admired Megan's figure with a few furtive glances, her full thirty four D breasts, and her slender buttocks, and openly admired Angela's lush figure. But, the thought of her and Megan admiring each other's bodies, enjoying each other, he couldn't help but feel some jealousy.

Monday afternoon, Shirley admired the girl's new outfit, a simple blue blazer with matching slacks and a white blouse. When Oliver came in, he was treated to the sight of Colette's ample buttocks wiggling and jostling in the tight slacks. He stepped over her neat little piles of inter-office memos and was afforded a glorious view down her blouse. One of her pink nipples tried valiantly to poke out from its lacy confines, and Oliver almost tripped. She looked up at him and smiled in greeting. He smiled nervously back, and quickly got to work. Twenty minutes later, he turned to get himself a cup of coffee, and saw that the nipple had won the battle over the low cut bra cup. Rubbing against the imitation silk blouse, it had become turgid, and Oliver gawked at the tightly wrinkled flesh. His cock began to swell, and he jerked himself back to reality.

He was a geek, a dork, a nerd, and he had a beautiful fifteen-year-old that was crazy about him. A year ago, he'd have never believed that such a gorgeous creature like Angela Bonham would even look twice at him, much less agree to date him, or sleep with him. He had to accept the fact that she was bisexual, had a female lover, and he had to share her affections, but part of this beautiful girl was better than nothing at all. So, what was he doing, staring at another girl? Yes, Colette was pretty, in a slightly trashy way, and true, she did have very large breasts, especially on such a small frame, but she did not compare with Angela.

"Want something?" he heard a female voice ask.

"What?" he croaked.

"You want something?" Colette asked. "I mean, you're sitting there, looking like you're about to do something, and I was wondering.." "Coffee," he muttered, and got to his feet.

"Oh, I'll get it," she offered.

Oliver watched as her hips swayed and her buttocks jiggled. She'd taken off the blazer, which offered Oliver an unencumbered view of her polyester clad buttocks. He could make out the thin line of her panties, French cut, he noted. She smiled over her shoulder at him.

"What you take in it?" she asked.

"Black," he said, and smiled nervously as she handed him the cup.

Shirley sauntered in, and nodded with satisfaction as Colette handed her the three manila folders.

"Who from, and what date," she chanted as she showed her boss the file arrangement.

"Very good," Shirley said. "By the way, Oliver, I've got to run over to Debbie's, get some papers signed. You mind giving Colette a lift home? She doesn't live too far from home."

"Um, sure," Oliver croaked.

"Oh, no ma'am, I'll just take the bus," Colette protested.

She didn't particularly want to ride the bus, but she knew that Jackie would really blow a gasket if he found out that she'd gotten a ride home from some guy, even if it was some four-eyed doofus.

"Nonsense," Shirley said, firmly. "It's on his way, and it's, what? Two bus transfers from here? That'll put you home after dark, and it's too dangerous for a pretty young lady to be out after dark."

"But, still," Colette protested.

Shirley signed Colette's voucher, and Oliver finished his work, very aware of the pretty fourteen-year-old that sat and watched him. Finally, he finished his upload, and they walked to his car.

"Where to?" he asked as he started the motor.

"It's right over on Duncan Street," she said.

"Duncan? No kidding? My girlfriend lives on Ryan, two blocks over from Duncan," Oliver said.

"Really? What's her name, maybe I know her," Colette said.

"Angela. Angela Bonham. You know her?" Oliver said.

"Yeah, I know her," Colette said, and they drove in silence.

Jackie couldn't believe his eyes. That son of a bitch, Oliver Collings and his piece of shit car, was pulling up in Colette's driveway. Then, even more unbelievably, his girlfriend was getting out, and waving to that little bastard. He bolted out of Gary's Corvette and ran toward that little bitch that would dare betray him.

Oliver didn't see Jackie. He certainly didn't see Colette fall to the ground as Jackie punched her fully in the belly, or he would have stopped and come to her defense. He didn't see Colette's mother barrel out of the house and slap Jackie into cowardly retreat.

Colette formulated her plan as she soaked in the hot bath. She hated Angela Bonham, and right now, she really hated Jackie Fontenot. Jackie hated Oliver Collings, and Angela loved him. The quickest way to hurt all these people was to fuck Oliver, and make sure that Jackie and Angela both found out about it. She smiled as she shaved the dark brown stubble that had formed on her inner thighs since the last time she'd shaved her pubic hairs into a tiny vee. The hairs barely covered her slit, and the more she thought about fucking Oliver, with those full lips and those warm gold eyes, the more her pink lips pouted through the sparse hairs. She rubbed her clitoris lightly, but the bruise on her stomach hurt her too much to masturbate, so she contented herself with letting the now tepid waters tickle and tease her swollen lips.

The next day, she made sure to dress in a skirt, and to have the top three buttons of her red blouse undone. She conceded to Shirley's wishes, and wore a bra underneath the blouse, but made sure it was her lowest cut black bra. And, her crotch was left bare of underpants. Jackie had called repeatedly; trying to apologize to her, but her mother kept answering the telephone, and would not let the boy talk to her little girl. She finally threatened to call the police if he didn't stop harassing them, and Jackie quit calling. It wouldn't have mattered anyway. Colette had made up her mind that she would exact a little revenge on Jackie. And, the fact that an old rival would get hurt as well, just made it that much sweeter. Shirley took one look at the pretty fourteen year old and wondered if she should suggest a little modesty, but decided to let it slide. Oliver, after a day of Jackie's harassment for some unknown wrong he'd caused the smug little prick, barely even looked at Colette as he sat down at his computer. A few moments later, he couldn't help but notice, though, as Colette placed a cup of coffee on his desk. He glanced u, directly in line with her hanging breasts. Throughout the afternoon, she found many opportunities to flash him glances at her black bra, her ample buttocks, and her smiling face.

"Oliver, I think our Trainee has her eye on you," Shirley mused at the dinner table that night.

"Of course she does," Cecil Collings boomed. "He's a good looking boy."

"Oh, Cecil, how would you know?" Shirley laughed. "The kid could have two heads and you'd never know it."

In answer, Cecil reached out and grabbed his son's head. He wiggled it back and forth.

"Nope, just one," he declared. "Honey, I might be blind, but, that boy's a winner. That little Angela's all over him, and her little friend, what's her name, Megan? She's got a thing for him too. Why wouldn't this Trainee want a little of that famous Collings action?"

"Oh, please, Dad!" Oliver grumbled. "Get real."

Oliver didn't know just how close to the truth Cecil was. Extremely resentful at first, Megan had looked and listened to Angela and Oliver exchange their sweet talk, their touches, and found out that she was jealous of both of them. Whenever she did think of having sex with a boy, no matter who her fantasy movie star lover was when she started, it would always end up being Oliver when her fingers finally drove her over the edge. Whenever she dared take the vibrator out, it was always Oliver's massive cock she imagined driving in and out of her blond muff or her tight anus.

The next day, Colette redoubled her efforts to get Oliver's attention. She almost leapt for joy when Shirley had to leave early, to drop some papers off at Debbie's house. Debbie was Shirley's associate, who was eight and a half months pregnant, and was confined to bed by doctor's orders. A very nervous Oliver agreed to give Colette a lift home, and Shirley gathered her papers together and swept out of the office.

Colette excused herself from the new 'office' that she and Oliver shared, the reconverted lunchroom, and locked herself in the bathroom. She removed her bra and stuffed it in her purse. Her nipples were already erect so she gently tweaked them, and tucked the blouse into her slacks, pulling the cheap material tightly across her breasts. She sauntered into the office just as the telephone rang. She picked it up and brightly said, "Collings and Pickett, computer department."

Angela frowned deeply. This wasn't Shirley's voice, and she knew that Debbie was out sick. The voice did sound vaguely familiar, though.

"Oliver Collings, please," she asked.


"Oliver? I've been trying to get my mom on the phone, but there's no answer. Would you mind checking on her? She's been real sick the past few days, and I'm getting real worried," Angela rushed.

"Sure, I'm just about finished up, baby," he said, and almost dropped the telephone.

Colette had decided that subtlety was getting her nowhere, and right now, with him on the telephone with that smug little cunt, Angela 'Look, I'm running with the rich bitches now' Bonham, was the perfect opportunity. She'd stepped out of her slacks and had the blouse unbuttoned, revealing her pendulous breasts and neatly trimmed brown bush to his eyes. He swallowed hard and tried to look away, but she gleefully dragged a finger through her drooling slit, and licked the finger clean. He exchanged a few more banalities with that bitch, and hung up.

"What are you doing?" he tried to croak as she unzipped his slacks.

His erection betrayed his attempt to act indignant. She gasped out loud as she released his monster. No wonder Jackie was so upset that she'd accepted a ride from Oliver. She reverently licked the entire length of his shaft, and managed to engulf five inches before her gag reflex kicked in. Against his will, his hands went to those huge breasts, and he mauled and squeezed them. She pulled him down to the floor and spread her legs wide. He positioned the head of his cock to her pussy, and slowly, inch by inch, fed ten inches into her steaming hot cunt. The opening to her cervix resisted, but finally opened and his final four inches drove home. She squealed in orgasm as he slowly withdrew and drove in again. Three orgasms later, she was beginning to get a little sore, and was relieved to hear his breath becoming more ragged.

"Come on, baby!" she crooned.

His thick spurts shot directly into her womb, and, unknown to her, fertilized an egg. She was on the pill, of course, but every now and then, forgot to take it. She sat up and watched in disbelief as he groaned and sobbed.

"I can't believe I did that," he was moaning.

"What? What's wrong?" she asked.

"I'm in love with Angela, and here I just cheated on her," Oliver screamed, real anger spilling out.

The ride to her home was silent, and she forgot to be jubilant with righteous indignation when she saw Jackie lope toward them. She waited until a crestfallen Oliver drove off before she gloated to Jackie that, not only had she been willingly unfaithful, but also she had done so with a boy he hated. And, he was unbelievably well endowed.

"Get lost, Jackie, I've got a real fucking man now," she smirked into his angry face.

"You fucking slut!" he screamed at her, just as her mother opened the front door.

"You get off this property," her mother warned.

"Fuck you, bitch!" he screamed. "Fuck you both!"

"Shit, you wish!" Colette sneered, and slammed the door shut.

Cathy heard the knocking, and willed herself to get up from the couch. She almost managed, then just called out, "Come in."

Oliver opened the door, and saw her flushed and drawn face. He immediately went to the telephone and called Anise's apartment. Her roommate, Ellen answered, and within moments, Anise was at the house. Together, they put Cathy Bonham into the large back seat of Oliver's car and drove Mrs. Bonham to Woodman hospital. He called his dad, and Cecil got her admitted to the hospital with just two telephone calls. Shirley and Cecil rushed in a few moments later, and Cecil held a sobbing boy, while Shirley tried to get Anise to talk about what exactly was wrong. Cecil felt so helpless as Oliver privately told him about what had happened at the office after Shirley had left. Finally he shrugged his shoulders.

"What's done is done, son. Just, don't do it again. And, don't tell Angela. No sense in hurting her just because you feel guilty," Cecil advised.

"But, how will I ever be able to look her in the eyes again?" Oliver wailed.

"You love her? You'll find a way," Cecil said simply.

Doctor Simmons was not hopeful in his prognosis. They weren't exactly sure, but it looked as if Cathy had suffered a minor stroke, and fluids had built up around her heart.

"Why wasn't she brought in earlier?" he gruffly admonished a frightened Anise.

"She wouldn't listen to me," Anise wailed.

"Doctor, what is being done for my client?" Cecil boomed.

Doctor Simmons was slightly disconcerted by this blind man's complete disregard for his stature. Doctors acting superior did not intimidate Cecil, and, because of years in the insurance business, fully understood medical terms. Doctor Simmons tried to throw a few medical terms at him, to intimidate this blind man, but Cecil retorted with his own, and Doctor Simmons had to concede a grudging respect.

"Are you a doctor?" he finally asked.

Cecil smiled and shook his head no.

"No, I'm one step above that. I'm an insurance salesman that doesn't believe doctors are gods," he laughed. "Now, seriously. Mrs. Bonham has a daughter in Sacred Ascension. Should we go get her out of school?"

"Call me in the morning, I'll let you know," Doctor Simmons stated.

"Is it all right if I stay with Anise?" Oliver asked.

"Sure," Cecil agreed.

At two thirty that morning, Oliver woke up to find Anise's head in his lap. He looked around and remembered, they were at the hospital. Angela's mother was in Cardiac. He looked down at Anise. She and Angela could almost be twins. Tears of shame welled up in his eyes, and he gently traced the sleeping twenty year old's ear lobe. He slipped back into fitful slumber and woke up at six o'clock, when Anise shook him and handed him a cup of coffee.

"Black, right?" she smiled wistfully.

Colette's face hung in front of him, cup of coffee in hand. He wanted to lash out, but sanity returned. He took the offered cup and drank deeply.

"There's been no change, she's sleeping right now," Anise mumbled. "Why don't you go on home, and I'll get Angela later."

Megan hugged her friend in fear as they waited for Anise to arrive at the school. Angela could barely respond; she was so afraid. The hospital! What could possibly be wrong with her mother? Finally, Anise pulled up, and a mute Angela climbed in. With a roar, they drove off. She felt slightly better when she saw her boyfriend's worried face in the corridor. The slight relief vanished when she saw her mother, tubes and monitors on every exposed inch of flesh.

"I'm terribly sorry," some guy in a white coat was saying, as he made some notes on a clipboard.

"What? What are you saying?" she tried to ask, but she sounded like she was underwater.

"A series of small strokes, the fluid build up, and then, the final one this morning," the doctor said.

"She's, she's dead?" Angela wailed.

"Clinically, yes," the doctor admitted. "I'll give you a few moments with her, then we'll.." he trailed off.

Angela sobbed as she lay her head on her mother's chest for the last time. Anise watched from the doorway as Angela told her mother over and over how much she loved her. When, finally somewhat composed, she looked up, she saw Mrs. Wertmuller, Megan and Tiffany's mother, a friend of Cathy. Behind Trish Wertmuller stood Cecil and Shirley Collings. She sobbed piteously as Trish enveloped her in a hug. Shirley and Cecil offered what condolences they could, and Cecil and Shirley went with Anise to make all arrangements with the hospital and funeral home. Trish gave Oliver and Angela a few moments before ushering the sobbing girl into her luxury sedan and driving her to the Wertmuller home.

"You'll stay here, at least for tonight," Trish declared. "I've already called Sister Theresa and let her know where you'll be. Thank God that boy, Ollie, called me! I didn't even know Cathy was sick!"

"Oliver called you?" Angela wondered out loud.

"That is one of the sweetest young men," Trish prattled. "Why can't Megan find one like that?"

She lay in Megan's arms and sobbed herself to sleep. Numb from grief, she barely noticed when Megan left for school the next morning. Trish drove her to her home so that she and Anise could pick out Cathy's burial garb, and Angela could pick up a change of clothing.

"Thank you so much, Mrs. Wertmuller," Anise tried to say.

"Nonsense," Trish declared. "Cathy was one of my best friends, and I'd do anything for that little darling Angela."

"Well, I know mom really liked you too. And Angela loves being with you," Anise murmured.

Jackie was waiting for Oliver, Thursday morning, when Oliver pulled up. He charged at the numb boy. "You fucked my girlfriend!" Jackie screamed as he swung at Oliver.

"Get off of me!" Oliver screamed.

"Mother fucker! You fucked Colette! Didn't you?" Jackie screamed as his next blow knocked Oliver's glasses off.

Blindly, Oliver swung back. A lucky punch landed on Jackie's windpipe, and Jackie gasped for air. Another punch landed into Jackie's belly, and Oliver struggled to find his glasses. Brother Richard, the large principal of Saints Peter and Paul, handed the bent glasses to the scrambling boy.

"Both of you, in my office. Now!" he barked.

He sat and glared at the two sullen boys. Both looked as if they'd gotten their fair share of punches in. He listened as Jackie and Oliver recounted their versions of what happened. Jackie, of course, tried to make Oliver look guiltier than him.

Oliver impressed Brother Richard. Whereas most boys would have been loudly disputing the other boy's claims, Oliver sat and let Jackie dig his own grave. When Jackie finally finished his highly implausible description, Oliver began to recite the facts, as he knew them to be.

"Last week, my stepmother hired a Job Assessment Trainee, that just happens to be Jackie's girlfriend," Oliver said. "She is very pretty, and I'm afraid I had sex with her.

Brother Richard's eyebrows shot up. Oliver Collings, while not ugly, did not seem to be the type that could easily sway a young lady's affections from the cute Jackie.

"Anyway, somehow, Jackie found out about it, and that's what started this whole fight."

"You're lying!" Jackie protested, as he realized that Oliver's account, the truth, made him look culpable for the entire incident.

"Mr. Fontenot, you will be quiet!" Brother Richard thundered. "He was silent for your entire story, you will do the same."

"But, I'm finished, Brother Richard," Oliver stated. "I drove up, and he began hitting me."

"So, any punches you threw were in self defense?" Brother Richard asked.

"He's lying! He started it!" Jackie screamed.

"Yes sir. But I will admit, I enjoyed the few times I did hit him," Oliver said.

"You're going to sit here and listen to that shit?" Jackie screamed again.

"No, I am not, Mr. Fontenot. I am finished listening to the both of you," Brother Richard declared. "Mr. Collings, you are hereby suspended until Monday morning. Mr. Rontenot, you will not be returning to Saints Peter and Paul. Period."

He smiled with satisfaction as Jackie Fontenot emptied his bladder on himself. Oliver Collings proved his worth by looking directly at Brother Richard.

"Yes, Brother Richard. I understand," Oliver said, and got to his feet.

Jackie burst into tears and had to be ordered out of Brother Richard's office. Brother Richard may possibly have reconsidered his harshness, if the boy had stood up for himself, or pleaded, but Brother Richard had no patience with spoiled little brats who thought that tears would sway him.

Oliver drove to his father's office, and was moved to see a black wreath on the door. Cecil was surprised to see his son so early in the morning, and was very angry when he heard about the fight. Oliver was punished from his computer for a week, no Internet access, and had to do extra chores around the house. Oliver accepted his punishment gracefully. He had all the Internet access he wanted at the office, anyway, and doing extra chores around the house really just meant he and his dad would spend more time together.

Bob Bonham was confused. He stood in the house he and Cathy had shared for five years, but no one was around. The two girls, who should have been here, were nowhere in sight. On a whim, he called Anise's last place of work, a grocery store, and got her on the phone.

"Hi, honey, I'm at the house, what are you doing at work?" he started.

"Who is this?" his own daughter's voice asked, tired anger in her tone.

"This is your dad," he stammered.

"Oh. Well, Dad. Some of us have bills to pay," she sighed.

"Hey," he bristled at the antagonism in her voice. "I sent the support checks whenever I could."

"You owed Mom four thousand on me, and you're twelve thousand, eight hundred dollars behind on Angela's support, Dad. And, I guess, now that Mom's dead, we can kiss that good-bye too," Anise huffed and hung up.

Bob called that school that Cathy insisted on sending Angela to, but got no information out of the snotty woman, Sister Theresa. He wandered around the house, looking for any clues that would tell him anything about the past ten years. Some photographs of his daughter in a beautiful formal gown, standing with some goofy looking kid, a few with that goofy kid and some blond knock out. He looked at the back of the photograph with the blond teen and found "Me and Megan, Homecoming 1996."

Megan's telephone number was in Cathy's telephone book, and he dialed the number.

Trish answered the telephone. She was dubious about the caller's identity, but ushered Angela to the telephone. A numb Angela listened to her father for a few moments, anger and pain slowly ebbing in.

"Hey, Dad," she finally cut in. "Mom had to work her ass off to support us, and she didn't want to go to the God damned doctor because she was too worried about the fucking house note. You ever hear about that? We ate spaghetti out of a fucking can for the first two years while she put herself through school so she could kill herself at that shitty job while you and your latest slut were playing house in the Bahamas."

"You watch your mouth," he warned.

"Kiss my ass, loser. Hey, Dad, get out of my fucking house. My house. Now, before I call the cops and have your worthless ass thrown in jail where you belong," Angela screamed into the telephone. "Ten years! You're ten years too late to play Daddy, ass hole! Where were you when I got raped? Had my abortion? Get out of my.."

She slammed the telephone down and hugged a stunned Trish Wertmuller as tears of rage poured from her eyes. Trish held the girl and tried to reconcile the always sweet and loving girl with that foul mouthed gutter tramp that just hung up her telephone. I guess you can take a girl out of the north side, but you can't take the north side out of the girl. Raped? God, how horrible! She didn't even want to think about this sweet girl going through an abortion. She held the girl even tighter. Spaghetti came in a can? House note?

Bob was livid. True, he hadn't been the ideal father, but he certainly didn't deserve to be talked to in this manner, by his own daughters! When Cathy came home, he'd have a nice little talk with her about the way she'd raised his two girls. He sat down on the dilapidated couch as the full impact hit him. Cathy wasn't coming home. He locked the door and left the Bonham home. He drove his brand new Mercedes to where Anise worked and sat in the parking lot. He watched a beautiful young lady ring up purchases and help customers. He sat for an hour and watched as she worked hard and diligently. He slunk down in his seat as she exited the store's side entrance and climbed into a small car. He followed her and crinkled his nose in distaste at the seedy apartment complex she resided in. He watched as she retrieved her son, his grandson, from a neighbor's apartment, and walked up another flight of stairs to a third floor apartment. He sat in the parking lot, and finally drove away. He drove to the town's Hilton hotel and check in.

Oliver avoided Colette as if she were diseased. When Cecil had related the story of the after hours tryst between the two teens, Shirley had wanted to fire the girl. Cecil restrained her, but she found it difficult to look at the girl. For her part, Colette felt terrible. She'd heard about Cathy Bonham's death, and felt somewhat responsible, as if her act of revenge against Angela had killed the mother. Jackie, of course, blamed her for his expulsion, but that didn't bother her in the least. She realized that Jackie Fontenot was the type that would always find someone else to blame for his own actions, and would never grow up. She was glad to be rid of him. She found it hard to look at Oliver without wanting a repeat performance. She'd never orgasmed with Jackie; how could she? He was done before she even got wet. Oliver, on the other hand, and his massive prick, had given her real pleasure. She quietly finished her work and got her voucher signed. A simple "I'm sorry," and she was out of the door.

"You can breathe now, she's gone," Shirley tried to joke with Oliver.

"Thank God," he sighed.

He finished his own chores and drove home to do his housework. Cecil and he cleaned up the yard, and he was grateful to fall into bed exhausted. His dreams were painful, though. Cathy Bonham kept appearing and accusing him of killing her. Had he gotten to her sooner, she would have lived. Anise, Angela, Shirley, Dad, the doctor, they all told him that even a few days one way or the other would not have saved her, but his dreams wouldn't let him believe it. Had he not been plunging his cock into that little tease, he could have gotten to Cathy sooner.

The funeral was a somber affair, even with the warm May sunshine and the breeze from the lake blowing gently across the cemetery. Cathy would have gotten some morbid pleasure out of how many people showed up at her funeral. All of Anise's friends, Angela's schoolmates, many of the teachers, Cecil, Shirley, Trish, Oliver. There was a strange guy that drove up in a Mercedes that looked vaguely familiar, but he hung at the back of the crowd, so she didn't worry about him. Even that girl, Colette, showed up.

The reception was held at the house. Cecil and Oliver had taken care of that. Totally blind, Cecil was an unbelievable cook. Quiet chatter filled the house, and Anise and Angela thanked their guests.

"Angela, I am so sorry," Colette murmured.

"Thank you," Angela muttered.

"I never meant for any of this to happen when I fucked Oliver," the girl went on.

Angela's grief stricken brain didn't register the import of what Colette was saying for a few seconds.

"I mean, it was just that one time, then I hear that your momma died, and I just feel so terrible," Colette continued.

"What!" Angela shrieked.

Guests looked in her direction, but she didn't care. A sheet of raw pain descended and she felt arms lifting her and putting her down on something soft. A soft voice called her name and she felt her insides twisting apart.

"Momma!" she screamed.

"What did you tell her?" Megan hissed at a fearful Colette.

"Just that I was sorry," Colette insisted.

Oliver was heartbroken when an angry Angela informed him that they were through. He tried hard not to think about her, even when she was in the next room, in Shirley's office, going over the stack of legal documents and allocations that had to be made. He avoided Colette with a vengeance, even though she made many overtures toward him.

Cathy left the house to her two daughters. Her life insurance policy, a fairly large one hundred thousand dollars named Anise as beneficiary, with the stipulation that Angela's education be paid for. The three bedroom, two bathroom home, though well kept, was still on the north side, so it was only valued at thirty eight thousand.

"I'd like to keep the house, if I can," Angela had asked Anise.

"You're only fifteen, Angela, you can't keep the house by yourself," Shirley quietly said.

"How about if I move back home?" Anise asked.

"That's different. You're of legal age, you can do that," Shirley agreed.

"And, I don't want Angela living on campus no more. Can she move back home? With me" Anise asked.

"Are you offering to be her legal guardian, until she reaches eighteen?" Shirley asked.

"You bet," Anise stated.

"Oh, thank you, Anise," Angela said.

"Um, Miss Shirley, how much do we owe you for all of this?" Anise asked.

"Nothing. Young lady, your mother was a friend. Just like you are. You need anything, you just call me. Day or night," Shirley stated. "As for you, young lady. Even though you and Oliver are broken up, I want you to know I still love you and think the world of you. You ever need anything, you just let me know."

"I love you too, Miss Shirley. I miss you and Mr. Cecil all the time, but.." Angela admitted.

When sophomore year ended in the last week of May, Megan helped Anise and Angela move their meager belongings into the house. She was delighted to meet Anise's roommate, Ellen, a slim blond in her early twenties, and realize that Ellen and Anise were more than just roommates.

"Your sister's bisexual too!" she whispered to Angela.

"I'm not bisexual," Angela huffed.

"Oh? What are you, then?" Megan tried to joke.

"After what Oliver did to me, I'm a full blown fucking lesbian," Angela muttered.

"Hey, Angela, it wasn't all Oliver's fault, you know," Megan snapped.

She couldn't believe herself. She should be ecstatic that Angela no longer would be dividing her affections between her and Oliver. Instead, she was taking up for her one time rival. The break-up, already a few weeks old, still tugged Angela into many different directions emotionally.

"Yeah? Well, fuck him. And fuck that big tit monster, too," Angela hissed.

"You want to?" Megan joked. "Yeah!" Angela hissed. "Fuck her up, real good."

"Oh, Angela! What'll that solve?" Megan sighed.

"Nothing, but it'll make me feel a shit load better," Angela spat.

Megan and Angela finished unpacking the boxes of the few belongings she'd kept in her room at Sacred Ascension High School, and collapsed into the bed. Megan didn't feel like making love, it was too hot and she was sweaty from the work, but Angela was insistent. For once in their lovemaking, Megan played the passive role, and Angela licked, nibbled, and thrust with a hunger that was almost painful to the both of them. Afterward, they took a silent shower and joined Anise and Ellen for a backyard barbecue. Brian Junior, Anise's son from a short-lived marriage, now sixteen months old, loved having a backyard to play in.

Angela looked around the setting. Sister, sister's lover, her lover, and a child. It was almost a perfect family picture. She missed her mom. She missed Oliver.

Colette was frightened. Her period, usually like clockwork, was well over a month late. She finally broke down and bought a home pregnancy kit from the drugstore. "It's for my mom," she told the old man behind the counter.

The instructions were simple. Urinate into the small cup provided; stick the end of the test strip into the collected urine sample. One minute later, if a blue stripe appeared, the results were positive. The little blue strip stared up at her. She waited on pins and needles until the next morning and tested herself again. Again, the blue strip loomed up at her. It had to be Oliver's. Jackie and she had not had actual sex in almost three months, not since she found out he preferred blow jobs to vaginal intercourse, and she found out that it was a lot easier and quicker to suck him off, rather than get all undressed for two minutes of clumsy thrusting. Her mother broke into her private panic to tell her that Angela Bonham was on the telephone.

"Hello?" she asked, sure that she was about to receive an earful of abuse.

"Hey, Colette, this is Angela. Look, I've decided to let bygones be bygones, you know what I mean?" the cheerful voice on the other end said.

"Really? Oh, that's wonderful!" Colette sighed. "Oh, thank you, Angela!"

"Um, hey, listen, after you get off of work tonight, you still working at Shirley's, right? Why don't you stop off over here? Me and a few friends are spending the night, you know just us girls."

"Let me ask my momma," Colette excitedly said.

She'd not been to a sleep over since she was ten, and this sounded like fun. For a few hours at least, she could forget about her pregnancy. Her mother agreed to let her daughter spend the night, and they excitedly exchanged this information, and hung up.

"Angela, what are you going to do to her?" Megan worriedly asked.

"Rip off her head and shit down the hole," Angela said.

"Oh, Angela! I wish you'd just get over this!" Megan said.

"Could you?" Angela screamed. "Could you get over your boyfriend cheating on you?"

"Yes! I had to get over it every fucking time you were with him!" Megan screamed back. "Half the fucking time, I didn't know if I was jealous of him or you!"

Angela was stunned. This was the first time that Megan had ever admitted to having any feelings for Oliver, other than hostility. Since they'd been lovers, it was the first time Megan had ever admitted having any heterosexual thoughts at all.

"And, now that you're broken up, I want to give him a call, take him for myself," Megan screamed.

"You better not!" Angela screamed back.

"Why not? It's been almost two months now! You don't want him anymore!" Megan yelled.

"The fuck I don't!" Angela admitted.

"Then call him!" Megan yelled. "Fuck, I can't believe I'm telling you this! But, call him. Or I will."

"Computer department," a tired voice answered.

"I miss you," the sweetest voice in the whole world said.

"Oh, Angela! Is that really you?" Oliver stammered.

"See? I told you!" Chris hooted as he looked up from the computer game he and Charlie were playing.

"I got sixty thousand million points," Charlie slurred.

"You got shit, boy, let me show you how it's done," Chris mock growled at his retarded brother and grabbed the joystick.

He half listened to Oliver's excited chatter as he purposely crashed the car into the side of a barn. Charlie would never catch on that Chris, who drove a real car, would be bad at computer cars on purpose. All he knew was that Miss Shirley let him come to her office and play his favorite game with his friend, Oliver.

"I love you so much," Angela breathed into the telephone.

"I love you too," Oliver said. "Can I see you? Tonight?"

"Not tonight, baby, but how about tomorrow night?" Angela sadly said.

Charlie laughed at Oliver as he watched his friend dance around the office. "Pizza! My treat," Oliver shouted.

"One more game," Charlie insisted, and crashed his car into the first tree.

Colette was surprised to find just one other girl their, Megan Wertmuller, a pretty blond. She let her eyes take in the full breasts, the flat tummy, and the slim hips of the stranger, and glanced appreciatively at Angela's lush figure. Except for her much larger breasts, she and Angela had similar body forms.

"Want a drink?" Angela offered.

"Sure. Where's the others?" Colette asked.

"Just us, I'm afraid," Angela said, and handed Colette a stiff rum and coke.

Anise, Ellen, and Brian Junior were in Gulfport, Mississippi, visiting Ellen's parents, and soaking up some rays on the rough beach. Angela had the house to herself, and Megan was a constant visitor.

"So, what you want to do?" Colette asked as she choked down her drink.

"Why don't we watch a movie?" Megan suggested.

"Yeah! Put in my favorite one," Angela said.

"God, Angela, we're going to wear it out," Megan grumbled.

They all sat on the couch as Megan put in a tape. Colette almost choked again as she watched the image of a nude Angela embracing an equally nude Oliver. The action was loving, slow, and tender. Tears welled up in her eyes as she realized just what she'd come between. With amazement, she watched as Angela easily took the full length of Oliver into her mouth, then her pussy, and finally her ass hole. She took a deep gulp of her drink and watched the conclusion of the action; Oliver's thick sperm shooting all over Angela's thin strip of pubic hair and her plump buttocks. She looked at a tight-lipped Angela.

"I am so sorry," she sniffed. "I should have never done what I did."

"That's right, cunt, you shouldn't have," Angela snarled, and slapped an unprepared Colette across the face.

Before Colette could react, Megan grabbed her arms and pinned her arms behind her. Angela reared her fist back. Colette screamed out in real panic.

"No! Not in my stomach! I'm pregnant!" she screamed.

Angela stopped her forward swing and stared at the frightened fourteen-year-old.

"You're what?" she asked.

Megan released the girl's arms. They stared at the sobbing girl between them.

"I tested myself again this morning, and both times it came out positive," she sobbed.

"Whose baby is it?" Angela scarcely dared to ask.

"Oliver's," Colette choked out.

"Shit! What are you going to do?" Angela asked.

"I don't know," the little girl wailed.

"First thing you're going to do, is give me that drink. Alcohol's bad for the baby," Angela declared, and grabbed the drink out of Colette's hand.

"You told Oliver yet?" Megan asked.

Colette shook her head no as Angela gulped the snatched drink. She'd purposefully made it strong, to weaken Colette's defenses, and now she was grateful she had. The harsh alcohol burned and spread a pleasant warmth. She poured herself another one and gulped it down.

"You have to tell him," she decided. "Together, we'll figure out what to do."

"Why do you care?" Colette demanded.

"Because, he's my boyfriend, and he's going to do the right thing," Angela declared. "I know what it's like not having a daddy that gives a shit, and Oliver's baby ain't going through that, that's for sure."

"You been to a doctor?" Megan asked.

Colette shook her head no. Angela left the room and got Anise's little black book. She found the number she was looking for under 'D' for Doctor. She called the number and made an appointment with the answering service.

"But, I ain't got no money for that," Colette wailed.

"Doctor Peron is a good doctor, and he don't charge an arm and a leg for nothing," Angela said. "Besides, Oliver's got money, and I do too. We're all going to pay our fair share."

The pizza delivery boy had a vivid fantasy in the few moments he spent ogling the three teens that paid for the large thick crust with everything but mushrooms. They giggled and the tall blond with the nice tits and tight looking butt flirted outrageously, but when he asked for her phone number she just smiled, shook her head no, and slammed the door shut.

"Why'd you do that?" Colette asked. "He's cute."

Megan smiled and looked directly at her.

"Because, I don't like boys," she said.

"What do you like?" Colette stupidly asked.

"God, Colette, think about it," Angela groaned as she pried a lukewarm slice of pizza loose.

"I don't know, you like, Oh!" Colette gasped.

Megan smirked as the little blond finally registered what Megan was saying. She took a slice of pizza for herself and munched on it. Colette took a slice for herself, and wrinkled her nose at the glass of milk Angela poured for her.

"I hate milk," she declared.

"Too bad," Angela said. "Milk's good for you, and you need to think about someone else for a change." They ate and talked and laughed. Colette warmed up to Megan slightly, and finally got up the nerve to ask a few questions about her preferences.

"Want to find out?" Megan asked, and traced a polished fingernail down Angela's arm.

"Cut that out! You know what that does to me," Angela cried out.

"What? You want me to stop?" Megan laughed.

"You mean, you two are.." Colette asked, eyes wide with wonder.

"We're lovers," Angela sighed as Megan's fingers traced the outline of her breast.

Colette sat and watched as the two girls tenderly kissed. She'd seen this kind of thing in the movies, in some of Jackie's porno magazines, but never imagined she'd be sitting and watching it right in front of her. Her breasts, already sensitive as hell, throbbed against her rough bra cups. The action in front of her heated up as Megan pulled Angela's tee shirt out of the tight jeans. She wanted to stop them, walk out of the small kitchen, but watched as Megan eased Angela's shirt off and cupped the cone shaped globes of flesh. Colette felt her pussy get wet as she watched the lovers kiss and caress each other. She was transfixed. Finally, Angela broke the long kiss and looked directly at Colette.

"You want some too?" she husked.

She shook her head no. Megan stood up and unsnapped her jeans. Colette watched as she eased the jeans down her long tanned legs. She let a low sigh escape as Megan's tight buttocks wiggled and jostled a few inches from her face. She watched as Angela's fingers cupped the taut flesh of Megan's buttocks. A louder moan escaped as one of Angela's fingers wormed its way into Megan's clutching anus.

"Sure you don't to join us?" Angela wheezed as she leaned forward to slowly drag her fat tongue through Megan's drooling pussy lips.

Colette stood up and unbuttoned her cheap blouse.

Her head was in a whirl. Stretched out on Angela's bed, Megan's sucking mouth glued to her clitoris, Angela's mouth glued to an aching nipple, she gasped, grunted and groaned through an endless series of orgasms. Her own face was coated with a mixture of Megan and Angela's juice. She couldn't take any more of this and tried to wiggle free as Megan rammed yet another finger deep into her clutching anus. Megan had three fingers deep in Colette's ass and was thrusting them in and out. Colette finally managed to gasp out "No more."

She gasped and wheezed as the two girls slowly and softly kissed her face and open mouth. Exhausted, the trio fell asleep, nude on top of the covers. She barely stirred as Megan woke up cold and pulled the covers over the three of them.

She felt so naughty, eating breakfast nude, but Angela and Megan seemed so at ease with it, and she enjoyed being with them so much. It had been a while since she'd felt like she had any real friends. Whenever they'd kiss, she could expect a kiss from one or the other or both of them. The light touches and caresses were so nice, too. So much better than Jackie's clumsy grabbing and rough handling. She didn't miss him at all. She did miss Oliver's gentle touches and his massive manhood though. But she knew better than to hope for that; he was Angela's.

She and Angela and Megan made plans for later. She showered and dressed and walked home. When her mother asked her how it went, she smiled and said it was fun and she hoped she'd do it again, real soon. If it was alright, she'd like to go over this evening and spend a little time with her friends.

Oliver dressed nervously. He'd already changed twice, but he really wanted to look his best for Angela. He finally decided on a black and gold polo shirt and black jeans. He drove to the house and grimaced when he saw Megan's face peer through the front window but swallowed his slight disappointment. He was finally getting to see Angela again, after almost two months apart. Megan answered the door and surprised him with a bright smile and cheerful greeting.

"Angela's in her room getting ready," she said. "Have a seat."

He sat nervously on the couch and waited. Megan busied herself with fixing him a drink, one he had not asked for but gratefully accepted.

"Gin and seven, right?" she gushed as she handed it to him.

"Right," he agreed and took a healthy gulp of the strong drink.

He heard a door open and stood up. Angela whirled into the small living room and walked over to Oliver. He put the drink down on the coffee table and stared at her. She had her hair fixed up, just like it had been the night of Homecoming. Her black scoop neck tee shirt hinted at the cone shaped breasts that lay underneath and he could see her hard nipples poking through the thin material. Her snug jeans molded themselves to her full hips and rounded buttocks. The black spike heel pumps completed the outfit.

"God, you're beautiful," he husked.

"You are too," she giggled and kissed him.

They held each other tightly for a few moments and savored the kiss. Finally she broke loose and they sat down on the couch. Megan fixed herself and Angela a drink and sat down in the easy chair.

Oliver was stunned and frightened when Angela told him about Colette's pregnancy. Megan had excused herself from the room for this, and Angela quietly informed him of his pending fatherhood. With the healthy gin and sevens that Megan kept fixing him, his mind was whirling. When Angela unfastened his jeans, he didn't think to ask where Megan was; he was so relieved that Angela wasn't mad at him. She seemed to actually be excited about the whole thing and her nipples seemed to poke out even more as she discussed the upcoming baby. She slithered out of her jeans and tee shirt, revealing her tight body to him. He liked the fact that she left her spikes on, and they sprawled out on the couch. Megan zoomed in from her vantagepoint in the hallway and captured Oliver's cock sliding into Angela's drooling cunt. The camera got in tight to watch the full pussy lips being forced in by Oliver's sheer size, then pout out as he withdrew. She quietly unzipped her own tight jeans and wormed two fingers into her own dripping snatch as she watched the two lovers. When Angela grasped Oliver's cock and aimed it at her winking anus, Megan stifled a cry of pleasure. She was glad for the tripod; there was no way she could have held the camera steady through this. Maximum zoom showed the bulbous head press against the impossibly small opening of Angela's backdoor then slowly slithers in. Wet with her own lubrication and spurred on by their mutual excitement, the cock worked its full length into her bowels, then began to slowly pull out. Angela's cries and whimpers of pleasure were echoing loud and clear throughout the house, and Megan got it all on tape. She worked two, and then three fingers into her own anus and wondered at how it must feel to have a large cock plundering such a tight hole. She zoomed out and showed the two lovers, Angela straddling Oliver as they thrust and grunted toward their own pleasure. When she heard Angela grunt "Shoot it, baby, fill my ass," she zoomed in to see the thick white spurts oozing out of Angela's ass hole, around the thick shaft of Oliver's cock. She kept the camera on that massive piece of flesh as Angela wiggled herself free from it. She shut the camera off and quickly scurried into Anise's bedroom with it, before Oliver fully recovered. She zipped up her jeans and sauntered back into the living room. Oliver grabbed for his jeans, but Megan just laughed and fixed herself a drink.

"Don't worry, ain't nothing I ain't seen before," she laughed.

"Don't mean I want you looking at it anyway," he grumbled.

"Don't," Angela pleaded, and stilled his efforts.

"Really," Megan agreed. "Look, if it'll make you feel any better,"

And with that, she pulled her own tee shirt off, exposing her thirty four-D breasts, pink nipples on full alert. He gaped as she shrugged out of her jeans and wiggled her tight buttocks out of the black thong panties. He stared at her thick blonde muff and gulped. He tore his eyes away as she sat down in the easy chair; legs akimbo, splaying her wet puffy lips open to anyone's gaze. Both she and Oliver looked on in disbelief as Angela took Oliver's limp cock and sucked it clean of his come and her anal excretions. When she deemed it clean, when it was fully hard again, she pointed the shaft toward Megan.

"Want to try it?" she asked.

"Hey!" Oliver protested.

"Can I?" Megan asked breathlessly.

"Can she?" Angela asked Oliver. "Please? I'd really like it if you would."

"Are you sure?" Oliver asked.

In answer, she slid to her knees and lovingly sucked him all the way down her throat. Megan cautiously approached and began to tongue his balls. When Angela pulled her mouth from Oliver's cock with an audible pop, Megan carefully took over. Angela knelt on the couch and jammed her tongue in Oliver's mouth.

"I love you baby," she husked into his mouth.

"Oh, God! Mother fucker!" Megan howled as the first eight inches slid into her wet cunt.

She'd had large vibrators in her before, but nothing had ever stretched her insides this much. She panted and wheezed as she accustomed herself to the fullness, then slid another two inches into her. She shook her head from side to side and grunted. An orgasm bolted her up to the head of his cock, and she shuddered her way back down. Twelve inches disappeared into her bulging cunt and she leaned forward. She jammed her tongue viciously into his mouth for a few swipes than did the same to Angela. Oliver and Angela kneaded Megan's breasts as she managed to fit all fourteen inches into her and began the slow, deliberate motions.

"Mother fucker, how do you get this monster in you?" she groaned as Angela slid to the floor behind her.

She squealed as she felt Angela's tongue at the juncture between her pussy and her anus. When Angela dragged her tongue around her tightly pursed anal lips she shuddered into another orgasm. Her shrieks echoed loudly when a finger replaced the tongue, then a second and a third. Angela busied her mouth with sucking and licking Oliver's heavy balls. She felt them tighten in her mouth and began to lick and suckle them in earnest.

"Go ahead, I'm on the pill," Megan whimpered as the large shaft swelled and jerked.

She felt the burning spurts of hot come flood into her and felt Angela's tongue swab it up as it oozed out of her gaping pussy. She shuddered and groaned as spurt after spurt splashed into her hot pussy. With a grunt, she felt another orgasm ripple through her as she dismounted. Angela's tongue never left her gaping hole until all of Oliver's sticky globs had been sucked out of her. She wobbled to the bathroom and wet a facecloth for her sore pussy.

"God damn, Angela! And you fit that giant into your ass too?" she exclaimed when she rejoined the kissing couple.

"Isn't he great?" Angela giggled.

"Thank you, Oliver," Megan said, and kissed him lightly.

"Thank me for what?" he wondered. "I'm the one should be thanking you."

"For being my first," Megan whispered, and cupped his heavy balls.

"Then I should definitely be the one thanking you," he declared.

"You're welcome," she giggled.

Oliver was in heaven. On one side sat a luscious brunette. On the other sat a long legged blonde. Both were naked and snuggling up to him. The doorbell rang, and Megan bounded for the door, unmindful of her nudity. Angela jerked on Oliver's cock.

"Ready for another go around?" she giggled as Megan let Colette in.

Oliver was in a drunken daze as three nude teenagers sucked, fondled and licked every square inch of his body. He wasn't sure whose ass he'd pumped his third load into, but he was sure that it was Megan's pussy that ground heartily against his swollen tongue. Angela and Colette shaved their mounds into thin strips of hair, whereas Megan's sported a full growth. Colette's anus burned and throbbed with sweet agony as Oliver's hot sperm flooded into her bowels. She'd tried anal sex once with Jackie, but he'd been so rough and clumsy that she never agreed to try it a second time. Oliver, with his club sized member, was slow and gentle, and she'd managed to squirm her way down to the root of his cock. Angela's hand rubbed her clitoris while Megan's mouth sucked her large breasts. Her own fingers thrust in and out of Angela's sopping wet pussy and she kissed her new friend frantically as her first anal orgasm pummeled through her. When Oliver had released a torrent deep in her, she shuddered and groaned in orgasm after orgasm. When she slid off of his meat, both Angela and Megan eagerly swabbed her swollen and raw anus clean. Then the two fought over who would clean Oliver's cock. For his part, Oliver just lay in bliss. At twelve o'clock, he sadly kissed all three goodnight, and wearily drove home. At the door, he'd asked Angela if she was still his girlfriend, and she'd kissed him happily.

"I love you baby," she whispered.

"See? I told you so," Cecil shrugged. "The boy's a winner."

In her fourth month, Colette began to show. Her mother kicked her out of the house, and she moved in with Anise and Angela. Shirley reasoned with Mrs. Jenson, and while Colette was forbidden to set foot in the Jenson house, Mrs. Jenson was still responsible for any bills incurred. Shirley was livid with Oliver, and no amount of reasoning from Cecil would change her disappointment. She did get him some computer business outside of her law firm, though, to pay for the upcoming baby.

"I'm too young to be a grandmother," she wailed to Cecil.

"And too sexy too, but what the hell can we do about that now?" he laughed and held her tightly.

"Funniest thing, though, is how Angela's taking to the whole thing. You'd swear it was her baby, not Colette's," Shirley mused.

Colette stretched luxuriantly as Angela covered her swollen belly with loving kisses. She moaned as Angela's tongue jabbed at her pussy, coaxing her clitoris out. Her breasts ached with milk and she squeezed them gently. She groaned again as Angela's tongue jammed into her anus, which was still sore from Oliver's endless pounding from the night before. The more her belly grew, the more she liked, wanted anal sex from him, oral sex from her. When she came down from her climax, Angela kissed her way back up to her sweating face and covered her face with tiny pecks.

"I love you, Angela," Colette whispered.

"Can I ask you a favor?" Angela whispered into Colette's ear.

"Yeah, sure," Colette whispered back.

It was still early morning and they didn't want to wake up Anise and Ellen. Angela was still nude; she hadn't put her school uniform on yet.

"If it's a girl, can we name it," Angela began.

"Cathy," Colette said. "If it's a girl, I want to name it Cathy Ann Jenson."

"Really?" Angela asked excitedly.

"Sure, what else was I going to name her?" Colette asked.

"What if it's a boy?" Angela asked.

"Shit, I don't know. Not Oliver Junior, that's for sure," she shrugged.

"How about Paul? That's Ollie's middle name," Angela suggested.

Through the gauzy curtains, Colette waved in greeting to Megan as the blonde stopped her 1968 Mustang outside the front door. She watched wistfully as the two schoolgirls roared off. She'd had to stop going to her own school right before Christmas. She sadly thought of her mother; Christmas had come and gone, and there had been no reconciliation between mother and daughter. Angela and Megan, Anise and Ellen, and the Collings had tried to fill in the void with lavish gifts and much love, but it just wasn't the same.

Anise stumbled out of the bedroom and playfully slapped Colette's fleshy bottom.

"Go put some clothes on," she chided. "Running around with your big ass hanging out all over the place."

"Oh, and I'll bet your ass was real small when you were pregnant," Colette giggled.

"Huge!" Ellen laughed from the doorway. "Had its own zip code!"

"Oh, shut up, you!" Anise laughed and slapped her lover's arm lovingly. "You weren't even around when I was carrying, how would you know?"

As part of her household duties, Colette fixed them breakfast and watched as the two women laughed and giggled. Brian tottered into the room, rubbing the sleep from his eyes, and his mother held him tightly. He wasn't shy about his privates being exposed as Anise changed his diaper in front of the other two women, they were nude anyway so what was the big deal? He sat in his booster seat and ate his eggs and sucked the jelly from the toast, but didn't eat the bread.

Something was wrong. She felt like she really had to pee, but she had just finished peeing when Megan pulled up. She wobbled to the bathroom and almost collapsed as a pain seared through her.

"Anise! Ellen!" she called out.

She let the two bundle her up in sweat suit and full coat, even though she felt hot. They drove to the hospital, Ellen keeping a running patter with her the whole time.

At four thirty that afternoon, with a worried Oliver and an excited Angela in the room, Colette gave birth to Cathy Ann Jenson, six pounds, two ounces. Doctor Peron declared both mother and child to be in good shape, even though the baby was a few weeks early. Cecil helped Oliver fill out the necessary forms while Shirley cooed over the baby. Colette promised Shirley that she'd be back at work as soon as possible.

Sister Theresa watched as Angela passed out bubble gum cigars. Her younger sister had just given birth to a baby girl, she claimed, but Sister Theresa could swear Angela Bonham didn't have a younger sister. Even so, she chewed the mint flavored gum and happily acknowledged the cheers as she blew a huge bubble in front of the milling students. For his part, although he didn't accept the proffered bubble gum cigar, Brother Richard endured Oliver's passing around his own cigars and let the student wear the pink button declaring "It's A Girl!"

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