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When I woke, the light was already softening; evening was hurrying. I knew exactly where I was and who I was holding and I was starting to have second thoughts about this whole situation. I was, after all, lying in my bed with my (re-stiffening) cock buried in a 12-year-old. She was still nestled, spoon-style in my arms and one horny hand was cupping her small, left tit. The other arm held her from beneath.

I looked at her face in profile and realized just how beautiful she really was -- and how young. Not a young woman, not kid-young -- somehow, child-like. Her face was so innocent in repose! Yet I couldn't feel like a defiler. She'd enjoyed -- no, she'd craved and enjoyed -- what she'd done with me, and she slept the sleep of satiation.

Something in the way her incredibly long, thick lashes slumbered against the lingering baby-fat of her cheek made her seem more vulnerable than any human could possibly be. Twelve. I tried to remember what my mindset had been in my twelfth year. JFK's assassination was a year in the future. The Mets still played in the Polo Grounds, while Mantle and Maris were cranking out homers with awesome regularity the year after Roger took the Babe's record. Only a fortunate few had ever heard of Dr. King. Stephen King had not yet dreamed of word processors. Subway tokens cost fifteen cents. Cars had anal and dorsal fins. Porterhouse steak was 89 cents a pound. There was no crack, no AIDS, no Uzi's being toted by myopic 14-year-old kids in Bushwick. No Saddam, no Ayatollah and the Beatles hadn't hit, yet. No Viet Nam. I hadn't taken a life, yet.

Twelve. Innocent. Whacking off in the bathroom to Miss November. Drooling over Carol's knobs. (That's what we called them.) Copping a feel on the back of the arm by brushing against a girl's boob -- that was our idea of sexuality at twelve. I looked at that vulnerable, sleeping, trusting and lusting young woman-child-girl making a sound that might have qualified as a snore if "snore" weren't such a loud, harsh word compared with her soft, sweet sound, and I suddenly understood what had provided the mysterious super- vitamins or hormones that had enabled our -- hers, mine, your -- ancestors to render extinct the auroch -- the 14-foot-tall saber-toothed cave bear -- 50,000 years before the invention of the Winchester: I would never let anyone, anything, anywhere harm her; in any way. Even if the offender killed me, I would come back from the pit of Hell to go after the mofo again. And again; as necessary. The auroch had threatened such as her; the auroch is no more.

Now I understood. As I stared at her, she stirred, lusciously, in my arms. Her eyes were briefly unfocused, then her gaze betrayed uncertainty -- but never fear. Here I was, almost three decades older than her, my history- ignorant cock locked inside her, and she was still trusting. Bring on them aurochs -- and light a candle for the suckers. "Hi," she whispered. "Howdyafeel?" The eyelashes brushed the cheeks again, then fluttered butterfly- lovely up. "Exhausted, wonderful, happy, safe... loved?"

I kissed the nearest eyelid. "In a very real way, but not in the let's-get-married-way."

She laughed lightly, more than a giggle and less than a guffaw. "No kidding." The eyes de-focused for a moment, then: "It feels good having you still inside me." She pulled the boob-cupping hand close, then ducked her young, innocent face down and kissed it. "I used to... masturbate imagining what it would be like. You know what my favorite part of the fantasy was?"

"Waking up, cuddled."

"Cuddled," she confirmed, snuggling herself deeper into the cradle of my arms. "Is it always like this?"

"It should be."

She hugged me inside her.

"I want to do this again -- lots!"

"But it will never be the same as the first time."

She pondered that, "After waiting and dreaming and thinking about it for so long... No, never the same. Wanna hear something funny?"

"You're hungry?"

"How'd you guess?"

"Ummm...I am, too?"

I nibbled lightly on her shoulder. Her nipple, already hardening, was suddenly rigid in my palm and her cunt squeezed me.

"You feel so big and hard inside me...and getting bigger and harder." Her breathing was becoming very shallow and her eyes half- closed. I moved my hips a little, pushing my dick deeper into her tight little pussy. She sighed deeply and shivered slightly in my arms. When I slowly pulled back, the tight fit created a suction. I slid my hand down lower and lightly rubbed her clit and she began grunting and shaking and rolling her lithe, young hips around.

I rolled her onto her stomach. She arched her taut, round young ass up at me, maintaining her pussy-lock on me. I was on all four's above her, my thighs outside hers, my elbows outside her shoulders -- keeping my weight completely off her. I began pumping slowly in and out of her -- and then suddenly drove into her as deeply as I could. With her legs together as they were, her narrow cunt was even tighter. When she came, it tightened still more and seemed bent on milking my cock. She was tossing her head from side to side on her neck, her hair flying as she sobbed into the pillow and pushed her little ass up all the more urgently at my cock.

Suddenly, I pulled out of her. She was still cumming as I rolled her onto her back. I took her ankles in my hands and raised and parted her legs. Her eyes were crazed and her lovely face, half-covered by her totally disheveled hair, was contorted with pleasure. Her nipples looked ready to burst, they were so swollen. I shifted my grip lower and rolled her back onto her shoulders, then jacked both hands under her. I dropped flat on the bed with my face between her upturned legs and fastened my mouth on her still-quivering pussy.

The effect was cataclysmic. As soon as my tongue hit her hugely engorged clitoris, she let loose a shrill whine so high-pitched I feared for the glassware in the house. Her juicy pussy clenched so tightly that she began to expel the brew of our mutual sauces right into my mouth -- not exactly spurts, but a steady oozing. I didn't mind the taste of semen (my own, fresh, that is) but her cunt wine was so delicious that I just wanted to drink her dry; if she could ever run dry.

Her climax was so strong that I didn't even mind the interruption of her velvet-vice little cunt on my achingly hard dick. This was just too tasty to pass up -- not to mention that she was cumming so hard, it was very possible I was going to shoot off out of sympathy, sort of a "contact cum," I guess.

After a few minutes of this, I could tell from her movements that it was becoming a bit uncomfortable to be rolled into a 12-year-old ball of orgasm. I lowered her tiny ass to the bed and crawled up to hold her again. She shivered as if she were cold and kept jerking against me, abrupt half-doubling-up movements. One of these brought her thighs against my cock and her eyes widened slightly.

"You didn't get over," she breathed. Her voice was raspy.

"Not yet. There's time for that. I just wanted to enjoy making you cum like that -- "

"I want to make you cum, too, with my mouth," she clutched me and began kissing my chest and shoulders.

"You might not like the taste of your juices mixed with mine."

"You didn't mind -- "

I was about to tell her how much I enjoyed it but she was too quick for me. She reached down, sank a finger into her cunt -- hissing softly at the penetration -- and then put the sticky, slippery finger into her mouth. I almost came at the sight of this lovely ninth-grader sucking a finger covered with my cum and her pussy sauce into those soft, full lips.

"Tastes...kind of sharp and sweet." She smiled at me seductively and did a decent job of it, too. "I could get to like it."

She pushed at my shoulder till I got the message and rolled onto my back. The dick stuck almost straight up, throbbing in time with my pulse; and anticipation, no doubt. She slithered down over me. We were both pretty well coated with perspiration and other Slippery Excretions. The sensation of her lithe, tautly curved, fresh young body sliding over me was exquisite. So were the little kisses and the way she swiped with her tongue. She positioned herself straddling my right leg with her face at dick level. I suggested she turn around so we could do each other.

"Another time."

She kissed my thigh, right near the crease. "I want to concentrate my first time doing this. What should I do?"

She gripped the base of my dick with her small hand and squeezed. I groaned. She knew it was pleasure. She smiled and tossed her hair back with a rambunctious move of her head.

"Kiss and lick it," I managed to breath. "And whenever you're ready, just kind of slip it into you mouth -- suck it in the way you would suck in a piece of spaghetti."

She tinkled at that. "Some piece of spaghetti!" she intoned in a false-basso voice. Then she turned her head at an angle, leaned forward and kissed the side of my cock. She did it again and then again, moving up and down the length. She tried variations, letting the tip of her tongue part her lips and twirl lightly against my dick, and or doing little lip-nibbles along the underside.

I could feel her juice running out of her pussy, onto my leg. I could feel one nipple spiking into my thigh. I knew she was as excited by this as I was. Well, maybe not as excited as I was, but it was certainly turning her on. I asked anyhow. "I like how hard and hot it feels and I really like the way it kind of jumps and jerks when I make it feel good." Then she raised her head and kissed my glans. Her lips opened slightly and her tongue began moving slowly on the sensitive flesh. Her eyelids were slowly closing and her little ass moved as she shifted her hips, restless. She very, very slowly pushed more of it into her mouth, sucking very hard all the way. I felt like my balls were going to melt or explode or shatter. She took about three inches before she reached her limit, then slowly sucked her way back off. She let the knob come out of her mouth with an audible *pop* before looking up at me.

Her face was a study in lust. "Am I doing good?"

I reached down and caressed her face. She turned her mouth to kiss my palm, then looked back into my eyes. "Angie," I said, and was surprised at how rusty my voice sounded. "Angie, take this as it is meant -- you may be the best, sweetest, natural-born cocksucker in history. I'm no teenager -- hell, I'll be thirty-four this year --- just came very hard in you less than an hour ago and you damn near made me cum in your mouth the first time you sucked me. Are you sure you never did this before?" She smiled. "I'd probably have noticed." "Enjoying it?" Her eyes slowly closed and then reopened, halfway. "I love it. I wish I could swallow it all." My dick throbbed at that. "Don't even try it yet. You'll gag." "I know." She seemed to resent it. She leaned forward and I watched her lick the tip of my dick. I almost screamed at the sensation. She said, "When you get ov-- when you cum, what should I do? I mean, I hear it's better if I keep it in my mouth, but should I just suck, or suck up and down or jerk on you or what?" "Anything, everything. Whatever you like. It'll feel great to me." She smiled again, a cat-ate-the-canary smile. "I wanna suck you dry," she murmured and returned her mouth to my cock. She did what she'd done before, but this time she didn't release my dick on the upstroke. Instead, she suddenly began bobbing her head, sucking furiously and noisily. Then she slowed the movements. Then she lip-nibbled my glans and all around the little scar tissue left over from circumcision. Then she returned to the rapid bobbing-suck, this time moving her head around into different angles. When she reached up with one hand to lightly cup my balls, it was Game Time. "Oh, geez, yeah, I'm --- AAAAAhhhhhh!" Or something intelligent like that. As soon as she heard me and felt my cock swelling, Angie took me to her limit again. Her lips tightened and I could see her baby-fat cheeks concave as she sucked, literally sucked, the cum out of my cock. I thought my entire genital area had melted. I felt an incredibly wonderful numbness spreading in my balls as the first long spurt surged into her mouth. I was totally limp otherwise, incapable of movement. Then she swallowed noisily and sucked for more. She got it. The second shot was even stronger than the first and the pleasure was more intense. I swear, my balls were jerking so tightly I thought they were going to burrow back into my abdomen. Then she swallowed again and sucked for still more. There was more. I fired again and thought I could hear her making an "Mmmmm" noise as I flooded her little mouth. With the hand on my dick she jerked down toward my abdomen, hard and demanding. She swallowed and kept sucking and jerking. I must have shot off four or five more times, with diminishing quantity, before she finally got the last of it. My cock was softening in her mouth and she used it as an opportunity to get more cock in her mouth. She used her tongue to dandle it, flipping my dick back and around -- and still sucking. I felt as if I had never cum before in my life. It was like that first great orgasm, totally overwhelming. I was still buzzing from the pleasure when I managed to mumble, "C'mere." She slithered quickly back up to me. She looked a little unsure at first, but then pressed her spermy lips to mine. I pulled her tighter to me and we kissed wetly and passionately. I could feel her torso undulating against me and ran my hand down her slim back, over the precious narrowness of her hips, across the impossibly hard, tiny mounds of her ass and let Badfinger rest on her cunt. I reached a little farther and found her clit and Bang! -- just like that, she came, writhing as she kissed me.

When she finally relented and nuzzled into my neck, she whispered, "I did pretty good, huh?"

"Honey, I don't think I've ever been sucked better. That was one of the best orgasms of my life. And you know what made it even better?"

"Um-um," she um-umed into my neck.

"I could tell you were enjoying it."

She pulled her head back and looked at me. "I really did. I liked feeling you move, so hard and thick and all in my mouth and the way you swelled up even more and then I could tell how good it felt for you when I was sucking you down and the way your stuff just fired into my mouth -- oooo!"

I wondered if she was going to cum again. "How'd you like the taste?"

She made a face. "That, I'm not crazy about. Or really, the..."


She brightened. "Yeah! If it was thicker or thinner, but just in between..." Then she looked worried. "I don't mean to hurt your feelings!"

"Don't worry about it."

"Really, the taste wasn't bad, just the consistency. Kind of salty, though."

"When a guy cums a couple of times in a row, the first one is going to be thicker."

"Oh, yeah?" And I could almost hear her turning that one over in her head: So, the next time, suck him off first, and then fuck him. She snuggled down against me again, then suddenly bobbed up. "And it made me so hot! I almost wish we could do it again right away, you know, you inside me."

"I need a little recovery time."

"Me, too." She snuggled down again, then the head came right back up. "You know Leslie, my friend, the really pretty blonde?"

"Just to say hello; I know who she is." And who she was. Leslie was this cute, slender 13-year-old who, in the last six months, had either been taking Huge Tit pills or who had divided a melon and had the halves grafted to her chest.

"Well, Leslie, you know, does it with her boyfriend and the way she talks, it's like this chore you have to do to get a boyfriend who has a car. Hell, this is fun!"

"I like to hope so."

"I should tell her what it's like to make it with a man, not some kid and she'd -- "

"Cripes, Angie, don't even think about it. Do you have any idea what would happen to me?"

"You'd get in trouble, right?"

"I'd be killed."

She frowned.

"You are twelve years old. I would go to jail for statutory rape, at best. I'd be known as a baby-raper -- inside, they call it 'short eyes.' I would be killed by the other convicts. Killed ugly; very ugly. Angie, you can kill me -- if you tell anyone."

She looked truly concerned. "You mean it, don't you? It really scares you?"

I nodded. "Even though I wanted you to do it? You'd still -- "

I nodded again.

"That's nuts." I kissed her forehead. "You are a very, very rare young woman. You are smart, poised, wise and mature beyond your years; way beyond. And I know you're a loving and trustworthy person. And I still hesitated before coming in here to make love with you, even though I was so hot for your sexy body so much that my balls hurt. If you were Leslie -- "

"With her big tits."

"Yours are perfect. If you were Leslie with her big tits, I wouldn't have let her in the door. I might have loaned her the books, but I wouldn't so much as shaken her hand. You're very different and very special."

She made a face. "Yeah, like if Leslie came up here and said she wanted you to, uh, fuck her brains out, you'd turn her down."

"I'd slam the door in her face."

She stared at me. Then: "You really mean it."

"I'm trusting you, which I don't do much, and I'm trusting you with my life, which I pretty much never do. Yes, I damn well mean it."

She kissed my face, all over, dozens of times, and whispered, "I would never, ever, do anything that would even take the littlest chance of hurting you in the smallest way. Never."

I hugged her to me, because she'd just said what I already knew. We cuddled like that, all entangled, for a long time. After a little of it, I felt her breath slow and her little body relax and fit itself to mine. I was lightly caressing her and marveling at her loveliness and tiny perfection, when I dozed off, too; but not for long.

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