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Dawson's Creek: Andie is Crazy and Horny! by Mike Bayers

Dawson's Creek: Andie is Crazy and Horny!

Over the summer Capeside resident Andie McPhee spent some time in a mental health facility and was away for a while, and her boyfriend Pacey couldn't wait for her to return. Finally as Fall semester was about to begin Andie returned, but Pacey was shocked to find out that his girlfriend Andie had cheated on him with a mental patient over the summer! This was only the first odd development, but it would get even stranger as you are about to find out.

One day at school Andie is walking through the halls of Capeside High and we now join in on the story from here. Andie is talking with her brother Jack.

Andie says, "Jack, the Doctor told me that I need to find some friends,

but he said that I couldn't let it interfere with my goal of going to Harvard. The doctor filled me with commitment, excellence, and the goal to achieve.

Jack says, "That's great Andie, but you act like you are trying to convince me. I'm all for you getting better. I'm sure everything will turn out well for you."

Andie says, "Jack, you are close with Jen Lindley, so is there anyway that you could get her to come over to the house tonight because I need to ask her some questions about the football team and with her being head cheerleader I thought that she would be able to provide me with a great interview on school spirit and things of that nature."

Jack says, "I'll be happy to talk with Jen for you, but what is this for? What's up?"

Andie says anxiously, "I'm working on an article that I'm planning on submitting to the school newspaper about the topic of school spirit and I'm sure they will print it if I have a great one-on-one piece with Jen. I know it will work. It has to."

Jack says, "Andie, when did you become such a symbol of Capeside Minutemen pride?"

Andie says roboticly, "The doctor over the summer told me that I must face up to the hierarchy of school cliques and break through that caste system toward a new and brighter dawn."

Jack says in amazement. "Geesh, who was this guy? Anthony Robbins? Next you are going to tell me that he hypnotized you with his teeth?"

Andie says angrily, "This is not a joke Jack, I'm am striving onward and upward toward a path of true success. If you are going to so wrongfully deter me from such goals then I think you may need to reconsider the role that a brother should play in the life of his sister."

Jack says, "Okay, okay, I'm sorry. I will talk with Jen for you. See you later."

Andie and Jack walk toward their next classes and they meet up again at the end of the school day. Jack tells Andie that Jen said that she would love to provide Andie with the interview right after school and Andie goes home and waits for Jen to arrive.

At 5 P.M. Jen shows up and Andie welcomes her to come in.

Jen asks, "Is your dad around or is it just us?"

Andie says,"Dad won't be home for several hours so it's just us."

Jen sits down on the sofa next to Andie and asks her, "So Andie, I'm glad to see you back in Capeside and you look healthy. Are you feeling good?"

Andie says, "I'm feeling as good as I have ever felt. The doctor told me that I must face my fears and he taught me all kinds of anxiety reducing techniques like well,

Andie begins talking again and asks Jen, "Have you ever witnessed the splendor and magestic power of crystals?"

Jen says, "I don't think so, but wow that rock looks so wicked."

Andie explains, "Crystals channel the body's energies and through thousands of waves of light and touch a person is brought to the peak of their potential power as a human entity."

Jen is beginning to think Andie is still a little crazy, but she doesn't want to show any offense as she does feel sorry for all that Andie has been through, and anyway Andie's brother Jack is one of Jen's best friends and she would never want to hurt him or his family.

Andie walks toward Jen and says, "Here, touch the crystal and behold it's power. Let it do for you what it did for me."

Jen knows that this is getting a little out of hand, but has no choice but to touch the crystal. Andie hands the crystal to Jen and Jen is suddenly touched by it's power.

Jen says, "Wow, this is wild. What is it doing to me? I feel a tingle all the way up my spine (She laughs) and I feel it in other places too."

Andie laughs and says, "Isn't it great?"

Jen says, "Yeah, it's killer."

Andie sits down next to Jen and moves very close to her on the sofa. Jen is wearing a short skirt and stockings and Andie begins to rub Jen's thighs with her fingers. Suddenly Andie reaches behind Jen and up toward the zipper on Jen's skirt. Slowly Andie unzips the skirt and pulls it down and then off of Jen's legs.

Jen doesn't resist at all. She is still holding the crystal and seems lost in a drug-like trance. Andie moves Jen's body so that Jen is laying on the sofa and then she climbs up on top of her. Andie grabs Jen's blouse and

starts to undo the buttons. After it is completely unbuttoned Andie throws it in the floor. Andie gets her first look at Jen's bra encased breasts. Jen's breasts are very big and Andie quickly wants to see and touch them without the hinderance of a bra. She unhooks the bra and throws it in the floor. Now Andie begins putting her hands all over Jen's breasts.

Andie says, "Oh my God, I bet guys love touching these. I can't believe

this. I'm so wet right now."

Andie puts her mouth up to Jen's breasts and begins licking and sucking on her nice nipples. The nipples are completely hard already. The crystal had warmed Jen's whole body up for what is now taking place. Andie sucks the nipples for several minutes and then spends some time twisting and moving the nipples around with her fingers. Andie feels Jen's body start to jolt and she notices that Jen has had her first orgasms from the experience.

Jen laughs and says, "Wow, am I ever glad that I came over for this interview. That's what it was right? Interview or something?"

Andie starts kissing Jen on the lips and soon Jen returns the kissing and the ladies begin having hot tongue action back and forth in each other's mouths. Andie begins to take off her own clothes from that day. Andie takes off her pants, panties, socks, shoes, and her shirt and then sits over Jen's face and she notices with surprise that Jen has apparently eaten her share of pussies before. Andie can't help but wonder who Jen has done this with? Other cheerleaders? The departed Abby Morgan? Joey Potter? Dawson's mom? The possibilities are seemingly endless. Soon Jen's face is dripping with Andie's cum juices as Andie moans out loud in extreme sexual satisfaction. Jen licks and slurps up the juices like some hungry animal in the wild. Andie spends the next two hours holding Jen in a loving embrace as they fall asleep naked in each other's arms.

Finally Jen wakes up and says, "What the fuck???"

Andie says with a smile on her face, "Did you enjoy our love making honey?"

Jen looks down at her body and then at Andie's body and notices that both of them are completely naked. Also Jen can't help but notice that ever present taste of pussy juices in her mouth and those same juices are crusty and dryed on her face."

Jen asks Andie, "What did we do?"

Andie says,"We had sex together, Dear."

Jen says, "Why the Hell did I do that? I don't remember any of it?"

Andie says, "Well that's too bad because you came several times and now I know that what the boys write on the bathroom walls is true, Jen Lindley is a slut. You sure knew how to eat a pussy that's for sure, so there's no doubt that you eat dick great too. It's unfortunate that Jack's gay because you would sure give him the best blowjob of his life."

Jen quickly puts her clothes on as she can't believe what she has done and she starts to walk toward the door and leave.

Andie says, "Wait, what about my interview for the school paper?"

Jen says, "Oh just make up what I said. I'm oughta here."

The next day Andie is about to go to school when she remembers where she left the crystal. It must be somewhere near or in the sofa. She looks underneath the sofa and there it is. Jen must have dropped it while they were asleep in each other's arms. Andie decides that maybe she ought to bring the crystal to school today because maybe she might have some good luck with it.

Andie thinks that she may show the crystal to several people, but then she spots a girl walking down the hall and thinks A Ha!!!

Andie walks over to Joey Potter and says, "Joey, I want you to be one of the first people to see the crystal that the doctor gave me over the summer. It is so cool, you'll love it."

Joey smiles in that cute little way that does and Andie pulls out the crystal and lets Joey hold it.

Joey says, "Wow, this is incredible. I can feel it rushing through my body. I thought this new age stuff was crap, but now I'm overwhelmed."

Andie grabs Joey by the arm and says, "Come with me I need to talk to you about something."

Andie leads Joey into the girl's bathroom and takes Joey into one of the stalls. Andie spots a girl that is a known Capeside lesbian and Andie pulls out a $100 bill and offers it to the woman in exchange for her dildo that she knows this lesbian keeps in her backpack at school. The lesbian is more than willing to do this for the $100 bucks.

Andie then pins Joey up against the wall as Joey is still holding the crystal and smiling. Joey is dressed very sexy today. She is wearing a plaid skirt, a belly shirt, and black shoes. Andie begins stripping Joey and slowly Joey's plaid skirt falls to the bathroom floor. Andie lifts Joey's shirt up over her cute little head and then unhooks her bra and then removes her

panties. Joey is now completely naked in a bathroom stall.

Andie tells Joey, "Wait here for a second."

Joey doesn't even answer as she is still fascinated with this little light blue crystal rock.

Andie laughs and thinks to herself....Look at her...this isn't a damn rubicks cube, it's a crystal, but whatever.

Andie grabs the bundle of Joey's clothes up off the floor and walks around the girl's bathroom and begins offering items of Joey's clothing to the

ladies in the room. Quickly many girls jump at the chance to take those sexy clothes. Many a girl would love to have the clothing that Joey wears. Though Joey is not wealthy by any means, she is a great dresser and many of Capeside's girls appreciate her taste in fashion.

Andie heads back to the bathroom stall and still sees Joey with her face up against the wall and with her hand on the crystal. Andie pulls out the dildo that she had bought and spreads Joey's ass cheeks apart. Unbelievable!!! Joey Potter is a virgin and Andie is going to dishonor her by taking her anal virginity at school with a dildo!!!! This is insane!!!

Soon the dildo is way up inside Joey's anus and Joey is screaming in pain or pleasure or both.

A new batch of girls has entered the bathroom and they walk over to the

stall and open the door and see Andie fucking Joey Potter up the ass with a dildo.

Several of the girls laugh and say, "Aren't you Andie McPhee? You ran for Class President or something, didn't you? Oh my God, you are a dyke??? That's so funny.

Andie says, "I like sex and I'll be happy to eat all your pussies if you gals give me the chance."

The girls are shocked at how horny and weird Andie is and they quickly close the stall door and flee the bathroom. Apparently they weren't interested in having lesbian sex with Andie McPhee.

Andie is in some trouble as soon it is obvious that word has spread around by now about the little scene going on in the girl's bathroom. Teachers

overhear students talking about it and word finally passes along to Capeside's new principal and he himself decides to enter the girl's bathroom to see if it is true.

First he stands at the bathroom door and warns that he is about to come in. He hears loud noises and moans and can tell that he has to bust in now. He opens the door and heads toward the sound of the noise and finally finds the stall where the two offending girls are. He opens the stall door and is

shocked by what he sees. It is one of Capeside's finest students Andie McPhee and she is fucking another excellent student Joey Potter up the asshole with a dildo and Miss Potter is completely naked.

The principal is astounded and doesn't really know what to say when before he can speak, the nude Joey Potter who still has the dildo lodged up her anus turns to him and says, "You have got to see this crystal, here, hold it."

To be continued....

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