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Anal Adventure for a Mature Jan by Captain Squall

Anal Adventure for a Mature Jan

Jan was feeling a little frisky as she headed home that Friday evening. She had been lent an "adult video" by a lady friend at her place of work, a university where she was a senior computer programmer in the management studies department.

Jan had recently turned fifty-five years of age and was beginning to spread her wings after thirty years of marriage. She and her husband had divorced earlier that year, for a number of reasons not the least being that he was sexually uninspiring, as well as being tuned into his work more than his relationship with his wife. Jan was a very attractive woman for her years, whose sexual urges often went unmet, as her husband arrived home late, tired, and not interested in meeting her physical and emotional needs. The divorce was not an acrimonious affair, but Jan had become a 'new woman', aware of the exciting alternatives now open to her. She had started swimming again, doing her laps at the local heated pool three mornings a week, and she never felt better. Her mature and full figure had often turned heads, as she was tall, narrow waisted, but with a full bust.

That evening she pampered herself with a long, scented bath, before sliding between the crisp sheets of her large bed, and switching on the TV and video with the remote control. Watching an adult video was a relatively new sensation for her, and she soon found herself transfixed by the action on the screen. A lady of her own age was the centre of attention of two guys, both well hung, and obviously ready for action. As the foreplay on the screen heated up, Jan found herself squirming a little under the sheets, conscious of her own wetness, as she was aroused by the close-ups of the guys hard cocks, and the woman's obvious own high state of sexual excitement. She bit her bottom lip, her own hands sliding down to caress her mons veneris, warm and moist under her bushy pubic hair.

To her surprise, one of the guys on the video flipped the woman onto her hands and knees, and then started to guide his knob over her vulva and anus, wetting the bulbous head and shaft. Groaning, the woman wiggled and adjusted her hips enabling him to point his cock directly at her well-lubricated anus. He then slid into her ever so slowly, a loud moan emanating from the woman's lips as she felt his shaft sink deep into her tight but moist passage.

Still watching the screen Jan decided to try something new herself. She reached into her bedside cabinet and took out one of her latex dildos, about 6 inches in length and about as thick as a broom handle. She slid it down under the covers to the join in her thighs, making it wet with her own juices, and she moved it over and around her moistened labia.

The second guy on the screen had now moved his body and he kneeled in front of the now bucking and heaving lust-crazed woman, who eagerly took his muscular thick-veined rod into her mouth, vigorously sucking on it. The other guy now continued slowly and deliberately fucking her ass, as he held her round buttocks in his strong hands, moving her forwards and backwards. His shaft was visibly wet and sticky, as it repeatedly slid in and out of the now fully-relaxed asshole.

Jan's heart was pounding in her ears, and she was now heaving her hips up and down. Opening her legs wide she quickly she slipped the sopping dildo into her passage. Flinging off the covers she raised her thighs to her breasts, and reaching around her legs she slowly placed the head of the dildo at the entrance to her anus. She was now panting with pleasure and she moved the dildo into her hot interior, past her sphincter, and to her pleasure and surprise it slipped in her about three inches. She squealed at the new sensation of pleasure, while rubbing her clitoris with the other hand. Before she knew it, she had inserted the entire six inches deep into her asshole, and she was groaning with lust herself, pushing it in and out, imitating the action on the screen

As her own pleasure increased the guys on the screen started gasping and heaving, and the both were obviously cumming into their lovemaking partner. The guy in front of the woman threw his head back as he jerked his hips into her face, while she swallowed the bursts of jism shooting into her mouth. Behind her she was being injected with burst after burst of hot sperm, the excess now visible as it overflowed down her thighs.

Jan could contain herself no more and with a sharp cry she orgasmed once, then twice, then again and again - more than she had ever before, before she stopped counting at ten. Her entire body was shaking and shuddering, the dildo now resting still, gripped tightly in her anus, as she slowly regained her breath.

My god, she thought.....I plan to try that for real as soon as possible, and she floated off into a deep, satisfying sleep....

The following day she could hardly wait to discuss the action on the video with Marianne, her long-time and trusted ladyfriend at work. Marianne shared many secrets with Jan, as she too was recently divorced and, by the sound of it, very sexually liberated. She confided in Jan that she had a young male friend, Mark, who was the best lover she had ever had - and jokingly referred to as her "toy-boy" - and who was looking for a threesome with two mature-age ladies - with Marianne's cooperation and 'permission'. She showed Jan some photos of Mark, taken when they were on holiday in Bali recently. Jan placed he hand on Marianne's arm and said in a husky voice, "He looks very nice - when can we meet up?!"

Marianne laughed, before replying "We're free this weekend if you want to join us - we're off to my country bungalow - part of my divorce settlement, remember?" She was smiling like the cat that got the cream.

And so the arrangements were made, and the week seemed to drag on interminably for Jan. But each night she was actually 'practising' with her love toys, to prepare herself for the new sensation.....

That Friday evening found the three of them, Marianne, Mark and Jan, relaxing over a bottle of chilled wine and some light snacks. It was agreed much earlier that they would not all leap into bed like sex-crazed individuals, but would prefer to get to know each other a little better, talking and gaining in confidence for whatever might eventuate.

Jan looked at Mark over the rim of her glass and liked what she saw. He was not yet 30 years of age, tall and slim, with jet black hair, looking not unlike Alex Baldwin the actor she thought. He certainly wasn't looking uncomfortable with these two ladies, who knew what was to happen later that evening. Nor was he acting over-confidently or showing any signs of having a super-ego, given that tow ladies were willing to join him in a sexual adventure. Mark was also thinking about how attractive his lady companions were, even though they were twenty years his senior.

As the clock struck nine, Marianne placed her hand on his arm and said, "I suggest you head off - we'll join you shortly, Sweetie." Mark rose from the couch, perhaps a little too eagerly, but not before Jan noticed the bulge in his crotch.

As Mark left the lounge, heading for the bedroom, Jan and Mariane exchanged grins. "I think you saw what I saw!" giggled Marianne, as she sipped on her wine.

The two of them chatted briefly before Jan managed to croak "Lets go...please!" And the two of them put down their glasses and headed for the bedroom.

As they entered Jan felt the bedroom was warm and comfortable, with the bedlights turned down, but not before she saw Mark, lying naked on the bed. Her heart leapt as she saw his cock, now standing erect and proud - at least nine or ten inches long by her estimation. Mark patted the bed and Jan swiftly undressed, stepping out of her underwear, and unfastening her bra, letting it fall to the floor. She stood there in her nakedness, surprised by her own confidence, and also knowing that her own voluptuous body was impressing the young Mark, who was trying not to stare at Jan's glorious tits and her large bushy pudenda. Her larger than usual amount of pubic hair was a matter of pride for her and she knew it was a turn-on for most males. It covered the area of an outstretched hand, a large black triangle, with the triangle sides being about 7-8 inches.

Tentatively she climbed onto the bed, noticing Marianne also stripping off her clothes. Marianne was quite slender, with small, rounded breasts, and she sported a shaven cunt which, she confided in Jan, had enhanced her sexual pleasure.

Both Jan and Marianne squatted next to mark running their hands over their young male friend, whose cock was now twitching in anticipation. Mark reached over and held Jan's hand, moving it over to his hot, stiff cock. She gasped as her small hands closed around its muscular, veined shaft, the warmth and thickness making her vulva contract and spasm. Mark eased himself up onto his elbows and took one of Jan's nipples in his mouth, sucking gently like an eager child, savouring the long, firm engorged nipple in his lips. He heard Jan gasp and throw her head back, while still striking Mark's cock. She fondled his soft, silken scrotum, with their slippery balls, and she noticed some clear pre-cum starting to leak from the eye of his knob.

Marianne lay back on the bed and expertly Mark adjusted his body so that he could hover over Marianne's open, inviting body, her legs spread wide, inviting him to eat her pussy. Jan considerately moved aside, willing and keen to watch the two in action. Mark's head hovered over Marianne's pussy before he started to lick and tongue the wet, pink, and hot opening, which was now starting to contract and spasm of its own accord, like a hungry mouth wanting to swallow this foreign tongue. Marianne's hands pulled Mark's head into her body, as she thrust up wildly, as she suddenly and loudly orgasmed several times, her moans coming from deep within her throat.

As she was moaning, Mark shifted his body forward and quickly impaled Marianne on his long, thick rod, easing in and out of her wet passage with a gentle but deliberate rhythm. Jan watched, fascinated by the sight of her best friend being shafted within touching distance. She glanced down at Mark's majestic cock, now glistening and wet from Marianne's flowing juices, the full nine inches sinking deep into the wet folds of her friend's pussy, with obvious ease. She knew was in the company of experts and she was starting to get very sexually excited herself, her own juices now dampening her engorged labia and inner thighs.

Mark suddenly whispered, "I'm coming, yes, I'm coming sweetheart...!!" and with a thrust of his hips he sank his cock deep into Marianne, burying himself in her folds, right up to his balls. He froze momentarily before he felt the sperm shoot down his rod and ejaculate repeatedly into Marianne's contracting vulva. The white, warm, womb-wetting foam spilled into her velvet passage, splashing her insides as it sprayed from his cock like white sticky fluid from a water pistol.

"Oh god, I can feel it shooting into me..." gasped Marianne, heaving up her hips, as Mark gently thrust and spurted his generous load.

Slowly their bodies subsided, and the watching Jan found she was panting loudly, like she had run a race. Her own body was still on a sexual high, her skin flushed and glowing, as she hovered near her own sexual peak.

To her surprise, but obvious pleasure, Marianne suddenly slid under Jan, taking her wet vulva in her mouth, sucking hungrily. Jan was too surprised to object but found herself on all fours, squatting over Marianne's face, her cunt being eaten by her best friend Jan. her own face hovered over Marianne's shaven pudenda, the lips wet and smeared with her own juices and the sweet seed of Mark.

Then Jan knew Mark was about to do his deed and she raised her hips slightly - and then she felt it. His cock was know back to its erect state, hovering near her pink, swollen anus, also wet with her own juices and she felt him guide the tip of his knob into her relaxed ass. Before she knew it he had slid several inches into her, the warmth and hardness of his shaft able to be felt in her rear passage. Mark moved a little forward on his knees, enabling him to hold Jan by her hips, and moving her gently forwards and backwards he started screwing herin the ass.

"Aaaaaaahhhhh...." sighed Jan, "Oh my god that feels so good..aahhhh.. oh yes, oh yes, oh yes, oh yes....." she whimpered and with deliberation she started to rock backwards and forwards in the rhythm of Mark's shafting action.

Beneath her Marianne was still sucking on Jan's labia and clitoris, and inches from her face Marianne could see the pumping rod of Mark sinking deep and then reemerging from her best friend's asshole. Mark's pendulous balls were brushing over Marianne's face and then she felt it. She could feel Jan starting to tongue and lick her moist labia, still smeared with the warm sperm of Marks earlier encounter.

But now Mark could feel Jan's muscles gripping his shaft and he felt the surge deep within his loins. "Oh yes, I'm coming...I'm coming....aaahhhhh...." he groaned and shoved his cock into Jan's ass to the hilt, his cock swelling as the seed flowed up from deep within his body, before shooting in hot, generous gobs deep into Jan's anus. As it flowed into her Jan could feel its warmth and fluidity, filling her cavity and bringing her to her own peak.

"Oh yes, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh......." and she screamed softly, as all her muscles flexed and tightened, and as she orgasmed she felt the most delightful sensual and pleasurable sensations of desire and lust flow through her entire body. Marianne sensed the passion and lust of her two sexual partners and she focussed expertly on her own erogenous zones, before she too uttered a muffled cry of lust and pleasure.

As Mark's cock lost its hardness, it slid from Jan's enlarged asshole, allowing some sperm to flow down over Marianne's face, anointing her with his seemingly endless supply of love fluid. The bodies separated, and fell onto the bed, three heaving sweaty bodies, their passion spent their bodies warm and supple in the afterglow of their lovemaking.

Jan could feel a wonderful, lingering sensation of pleasure in her ass, still awash with the warm, white juices of her newest lover...and she knew, Marianne knew, and Mark knew that they had plenty more experiences ahead of them in the future.

Jan smiled to herself in the half-darkness, hugging and being hugged by her other two lovers. This is LIVING! she thought...and I like it very much...

* * * * * * * *

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