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An Afternoon of Leisure by Enigma

An Afternoon of Leisure

Looking down at the women massaging her feet gave Toni a sense of power. After all, how often do you get a person to willingly touch your feet, let alone massage them as this Asian woman was doing. Toni loved getting pedicures, but lately she just didn't have the time. With business meetings and brunches, her life left little room for pampering. That was why she was here at noon on a Tuesday. The only time she had to herself! Not surprisingly she was the only one in the place. Not many women get their nails done mid-week. But she liked it this way, no waiting, no hurried service. In fact it seemed the other manicurists were out to lunch because the woman massaging her feet was the only on in here. And boy was she cute! Curvy and petite, her dark long hair flowing to mid-waist. Little round ass in the air, head down, in the "submissive" position. She wondered whether this was a trait of Asian women, especially recently immigrated women, to look ready to serve. Whatever it was she liked it.

Toni was wearing her "power suit." Black business skirt, coming to mid thigh, off white sleeveless blouse under a matching jacket. Of course, sitting in the special pedicure chair, jacket off, skirt hitched up wasn't exactly "business." In fact it was downright sexy. She liked the way simple things didn't look the slightest bit simple on her. Being a 36", 28", 32" certainly had its advantages. She hoped the manicurist noticed. Or at least noticed her see-through panties, made easily visible through her raised skirt. Or maybe this woman was a prude? Did she really care at all? Toni felt like pushing a few buttons.

She nonchalantly opened her thighs a little more. Moving the leg that the woman wasn't massaging to the side to see if she could get a reaction. Maybe she licked her lips in response, but Toni could have imagined it. She wanted a more definite response. She licked a finger and started slowly tracing it up her tanned leg, starting from the knee. Letting it rest at the edge of the skirt, on the inside of one thigh, a few inches from her crotch. Then palm down, started running her hand where her finger just was. Taking her time, with no quick movements. The woman looked at Toni's moving hand for a moment, then quickly ducked her head, reached for more lotion and began to massage my other leg. Toni saw a faint line of sweat beads at the base of her neck. Aha! So she was paying attention.

Smiling to herself, she decided she liked this game. She idly pushed her pelvis forward, then just as casually, back, repeating this gesture a few more times. Toni heard the woman's breath catch in her throat before she swallowed audibly. Her hands pausing for a moment at her calf.

When the woman was done massaging her other leg, she reached for the bottle of blood red nail polish Toni selected earlier and applied a shaky coat. Her hands trembling slightly. Then another, a little less nervous this time. When she was done, she motioned Toni to sit down in the back waiting lounge, leaving her for a moment before returning with the bill. Twelve bucks for a cheap thrill was not a bad price, especially with the bonus pedicure. She reached into her small leather purse and took out a twenty.

"Keep the change," she told her.

The Asian woman looked at her in the face for the first time since Toni entered the salon, and smiled shyly. She didn't look at day over twenty-two. But that smile took away another five years. Toni smiled back, licking her upper lip. She glanced up at the front of the empty salon and noticed a promo for discount full body massages. She looked back at the girl and her smile widened.

"Is that true?" she asked, pointing to the poster.

The girl nodded silently.

"Put me down for one," Toni told her.

The girl peeked at Toni through her gorgeous hair and nodded. Her head tilting toward the back rooms. Following her into one, the manicurist gestured towards a massage table, handed Toni a small towel and telling her timidly to take of her clothes, lie on her stomach and put a towel over her "buttocks," as she put it. Then she made for the door, mumbling something about oils.

Without waiting for her to leave, Toni started stripping, taking off her thin blouse, and even managing to take off her white silk bra before the girl scurried out the door. Toni grinned broadly; this was going to be fun.

Quickly ridding herself of the rest of her clothes, she lay on the table, debating whether to actually put the towel over her ass. Finally deciding to put in on half way, leaving the bottom half uncovered. When the girl entered with bottles of oils, Toni, turned slightly on her side, and smiled at her. Exposing her breasts to the girl, who quickly ducked her head. She went towards a small stereo and without turning towards Toni, asked if she wanted to hear some music. Toni agreed and asked her what her choices were. The girl read off some titles, until Toni stopped her at an 'Enigma' album, one of her favorites, 'The Monk'. The girl turned to her as the sensual music of Enigma filled the small room. Before spreading the sweet smelling, water lily oil on her, the Asian girl covered her ass more modestly. Toni whimpered slightly.

The girl started to massage her shoulders. Rubbing the oil with her strong thumb, making Toni melt. She took one of her arms and massaged the fingertips, lacing them with hers, then moving up her arms, making the skin over her breasts stretch. Noticing this, the girl's eyes strayed to the ceiling, while her fingers gently caressed her triceps. She repeated this on Toni's other arm, keeping her eyes glued to the ceiling fan. Her fingers moved down her spine. Squeezing the skin of Toni's sides, making a shudder run down them, her whole body getting goosebumps. At this point the Asian girl stopped. Knowing where the girl's hands had to go now, Toni turned her head and looked the girl straight in the eye and said, "Don't worry I'm not shy" and proceeded to throw off the towel. The girls breath escaped her mouth in one quick rush. Her chest started to rise then fall. Those beautiful nipples were easily seen hardening through her tank top.

She looked at Toni with uncertainty and began rubbing her cheeks. Toni giggled and wiggled her butt for show. The girl took her hands off her cheeks. Toni took them with her own and guided them back. The girl continued rubbing, and stretching the skin, moving towards her thigh and massaging carefully. Tony wiggled again and her dripping cunt touched the girl's hand, leaving it wet. Toni, seeing the girl's loss for words or actions, flipped over unto her back and crocked a finger for the manicurist to come closer. The girl seemed to lose control then, taking two short steps she put her face in Toni's cunt. Her tongue moving over the wet folds of skin, licking away any moisture there. She separated Toni's wet public lips with her fingers and started nibbling softly at her clit. Sucking on the little nub, licking it clean. She rammed two fingers into Toni and started fucking her, while her tongue continued to eat out any recess of cunt juice.

Toni reached down and started pinching the girl's pink, hard nipples. The girl fucked her even harder with her now three fingers. Her tongue working overtime. Toni continued pinching on of the nipples while her other hand strayed to the girl's head, which she pushed down even closer to her clit. Entreating her to keep sucking! Soon Toni started whimpering loudly, yelling curses, pulsation her hips in tune with the fingers. Getting wetter and wetter. The girl took her fingers out and replaced it with her tongue, fucking her with it. Toni exploded on to her. The walls of her cunt tightened against the little tongue. Raising her pelvis as high as it could go for that final hump, before falling back onto the table exhausted. Enigma music floating through her head.

The Asian girl collapsed on top of her, also spent. Her breath came quickly, aching for breath. Toni looked at her and raised herself on her elbows. The difference in their attire soon reached her. She got off the table and started undressing her. The girl's eyes slid shut, letting her do what she wanted. After stripping her last piece of clothing off, cotton bikinis, Toni lifted the girl on the edge of the table and kissed her. Tasting herself on the girl's wet mouth. Toni slid down the girl's body, her breasts in line with the girls pink cunt. She stuck a hard nipple into the girl and rubbed it around inside of her for a little while. Then she left her and came back with one of the long oil bottles the girl had brought in earlier. She gently pushed and stretched the girl onto the table and then straddled her. Rubbing together their cunts with fast movements. Soon the friction overcame them, they started rubbing together in unison, and quickly coming with great yells. Toni fell on top of the pretty girl and gave her another long kiss. Distracting her with it, the girl didn't notice the fact that Toni's hands, which held the oil bottle, went down her body. Before she even had a chance to protest, the thick bottle was pushed into the girl's cunt, which tried its best to accommodate the great width and length. After a couple of pushes, the bottle was fully inside her. The girl screamed her pleasure, her hips arching towards the bottle that was already inside her. Toni pulled it out and swiftly pushed it in again. The next push was greeted by a thrust from the girl. Toni pushed it in, and twisted it as she pulled it out again, fucking the girl while bending over to kiss her. Soon the manicurist arched her back and moaned, with Toni still on top of her, and then fell back unto the table.

Toni got off of the girl and kissed her. She got dressed, took a fifty from her wallet and put it next to the stereo, while the girl looked on. She blew her a final kiss and left the shop.

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