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Amy and Staci by Amy S.

Amy and Staci

This is a true story. Please feel free to read and enjoy but understand that it is copyrighted and you do not have my permission to distribute it nor to change it in any way. Do feel free to download it and read it for your own pleasure.

My name is Amy and I work in the Human Resources Department for a large corporation. I am 36 years old and I'm divorced with a daughter age 16. I don't consider myself to be a model but at my age, I can hold my own with most women. I do keep myself in shape and at 5"7," I try to maintain my weight around 130 or so and so far my brown hair does not have any grey in it, although my daughter and my job both seem to conspire to change that! But, this story is about an experience I had recently that I wanted to share with you all.

There is this one girl where I work that really does turn me on. Her name is Staci and she works in our accounting department. She just graduated from college in May and this is her first job. She's only 21 and she has a gorgeous figure!She's short, only 5'2," and has black hair and a very creamy complexion. She has lovely breasts and the cutest ass and the tiniest waist I've seen in a long time. Her legs are perfectly shaped and she wears short skirts and heels most of the time. I learned later that she wears the heels so she will look taller. Staci brings papers in to me all the time and when she does, she makes a point of leaning over my desk and it's all I can do to keep from embarrassing myself by staring at her breasts! They are so lovely and she seems to delight in teasing me by wearing low cut blouses. She has the deepest blue eyes that I could get lost in without any trouble at all.

Two months ago, she and I had an occasion to go to one of our other locations on business. After a long day and a nice dinner we stopped in to the lounge in the hotel where we were staying for a nightcap. The lounge was dark and we ended up sitting in a small, semi circular booth. We ordered a drink and sat chatting about this and that and then the talk turned to men! (Doesn't it always!?????) As we continued to talk, I slid over a little closer to her so I could hear her better, as the music was quite loud. We were sitting inches apart and I could feel the warmth of her next to me and the smell of her perfume was driving me crazy. As we continued to chat, the talk turned racier and at one point I lightly touched her arm while making a comment about my current boyfriend's bedroom techniques. She doesn't pull away and my breath catches in my throat. We ordered another round of drinks and continued to talk. Being a little tipsy, I was feeling bold and I let my right hand drop down to my side and my fingers lightly graze the outside of her thigh. At first, I felt her jump just a little and I was almost about to take my hand away when I felt her shift slightly in my direction. As we kept talking and I got a little bolder and slid my hand up on to her thigh. She was bare legged and the feel of her soft skin sent an erotic thrill through me. Feeling bolder, Scotch does that to me, I began to lightly run my fingers up and down the top of her thigh.

She was wearing her usually short skirt and while sitting, it had ridden up quite high on her thighs so that I had free access to almost all of her leg. As I continued stroking her thigh, I felt her shift her leg toward me just a little. Bolder now, I began to let my fingers slip down to the inside of her thigh. Lightly, I began to let just the tips of my fingers slide up and down the inside of her thigh!

God, her skin felt so silky and smooth! She shifted her leg a little closer to me and as our thighs touched, I began to caress her all the way to the top of her thigh until I could feel the silkiness of her panties against the edge of my hand. At that point I turned toward her and looked directly into her eyes and she gazed deeply into my eyes as she smiled at me and spread her legs open a little more. I caressed back down the inside of her thigh very, very slowly, drawing little circles with the tips of my fingers. Reaching her knee, I began the journey back up her thigh. As I reached the top, I slowly and carefully let one finger caress up and down her panties directly over her mons. I can feel the heat of her against my finger and she subtly pushes her hips up to meet my hand. Lightly, I continue to caress up and down her pussy, tracing her labia with my finger as she pushes harder against me. I continue to gaze into her eyes as I stroke her and I can see the desire there. My finger sliped over to where I was tracing around and around the leg of her panties. Slowly, I push my finger under the leg until I can feel her bare labia against finger. Staci let out a little sigh as I began to rub the pad of my index finger up and down her pussy and I can feel how moist she is becoming. God, she was so hot against my hand it was almost burning me! My finger parted her lips and I could feel how wet she had become as I stroked her. I cured my finger just a little and pushed it part way inside her! She moaned very softly as my finger entered her and she whispered "yes, yes!" as she pushed her hips up to meet my finger. My finger sank all the way inside of her and I could feel her contract her muscles and squeeze my finger. She sort of slumped toward me and lay her head on my shoulder. I began to move my finger in and out of her hot, wet tight, pussy and just then the waitress returned to the table and asks if we are ready for another round. I told her no as we had not yet finished our drinks. She looked at us oddly and then shrugged her shoulders and left. Could she tell what was going on!???? I wondered!!

I continued to finger Staci, feeling her push against me every time I withdrew my finger. I gazed into her eyes and leaned toward her and asked her if she'd like to go upstairs to my room. She sighed, and said, "oh yes, please, I want to be with you!" I fingered her just a little more and then removed my hand and as I gazed deeply into her eyes, I raised my fingers to my lips and licked them and sucked them into my mouth. She gasped as I did this and said, "please, let's go now!" I left money on the table for the drinks and we got up and walked to the elevator. As we crossed the lobby, Staci shyly reached out and took my hand in hers.

As Staci and I reached the far side of the lobby, we noticed a sign with an arrow on it pointing to a sauna. We looked at each other and smiled and veered off in that direction. It was late, almost midnight, and when we got there we found that we were totally alone. We entered and the sign directed us to on how to turn it on and what to do. There were lockers there for our clothes with a key you could take into the sauna with you. Quickly, we both began undressing. I drank in Staci's beauty as her body was revealed to me for the first time. Oh, she was so beautiful - her breasts were perfect, 36C, and so firm with lovely nipples. As she removed her panties I gasped at how lovely she was nude! Her pubic area had a luxuriant growth of black hair which contrasted so nicely with her pale skin. I could see her labia peeking through the growth and I could not wait to get my hands on her again! Her ass was as magnificent as I had thought it would be, full and rounded just perfectly and so firm looking. Staci was watching me with eager eyes as I finished undressing.

I removed my panties and put everything in the locker and then, I couldn't resist, I turned toward Staci and took her in my arms, pulling her to me, feeling her breasts brush mine. Her skin felt so soft and smooth and her body was so firm. I wrapped my arms around her and gazed deep into her eyes as I lowered my head and lightly kissed her, my lips just brushing hers. I tenderly kissed her at first, feeling the softness of her lips against mine. She shuddered a little in my arms and pressed her body tighter to mine as I began to kiss her harder, our lips now pressed tightly to each other. I opened my lips slightly and began to lightly lick her lips with the tip of my tongue. I felt her lips part and her tongue touched mine for the first time. Oh, it was heaven! Our arms tightened around each other as the kiss deepened. I entered her mouth fully with my tongue, licking and exploring every inch of it. God, she tasted wonderful! She stiffened her tongue and pushed mine back into my mouth and explored the inside of my mouth with her tongue and I can't began to tell you how wonderful she was! I began to caress her back, lightly stroking her skin with just the pads of my fingers and then began to lightly scratch up and down her back with my nails. She pushed hard against me and moaned into my mouth. It was heaven to hold her in my arms at last!

I finally broke the kiss and took her hand and led her into the sauna. There were robes and large towels available to wrap ourselves in but we ignored them and entered nude. Once inside, with the door secured, we immediately fell into each other's arms and began kissing and caressing each other. Our hands were exploring each other's body as our tongues dueled in and out of each other's mouth. I moved my hand around her side and slid it between us and cupped her breast. It felt wonderful in my hand as I stroked all over, paying particular attention to her nipple. It was so hard it almost felt like a piece of steel against the palm of my hand. I lightly began to pinch it and roll it between my fingers. Staci broke our kiss and began to kiss and lick my breasts. I almost felt ashamed that they were so small but I have very long nipples when they are hard and her tongue was so wonderful as she flicked it back and forth from one nipple to the other. I used both hands to caress her breasts, teasing her nipples with my fingers as she went back and forth on my breasts, kissing and licking and lightly biting my nipples. I could feel my juices flowing and the sweat was covering both of our bodies - both from the heat of the sauna as well as from the sexual heat we were generating.

I continued to massage her breasts with one hand while the other began moving down her chest and across her stomach. She was still kissing my breasts but she took one hand and began caressing my thigh, moving higher and higher. I spread my legs to give her access as my hand continued its downward journey, caressing the soft skin of her stomach and lower until I could feel the silkiness of her pubic hair. I lightly ran my fingers through her hair, pulling on it just a little as her hand moved higher and higher up my thigh. Lower my hand went as hers went higher until we both reached our destination at the same time. We both gasped as our fingers found each other and began to caress each other's pussy. Up and down our fingers went, stroking each other's lips, feeling the heat of each other until at last we each separated each other's lips at the same time and plunged our fingers deep into each other. Oh God, she felt so wonderful! So tight, so hot, so very wet! We slowly sank to the bench and were sitting turned toward each other, kissing once again as our fingers drove each other wild stroking in and out of each other's pussy.

Just then the door to the sauna opened!! We both jerked apart and sat up, gasping for breath, stunned that we had been caught!! In walked a beautiful young woman who had a large towel wrapped around her. She smiled as she saw us and I could tell from the look on her face that she had to know what we had been doing. Besides, you could almost smell the musky smell of both of us in that hot sauna. She looked at us a moment and then shrugged as she dropped the towel. "Might as well be as comfortable as you two," she said. She sat down across from us and introduced herself as Tammy. "Don't let me interrupt what you two were doing," she said. "Oh, we were just talking," I managed somehow to gasp out. Tammy just looked at me and smiled when I said that and Staci just sat there with a stupid look on her face, like she couldn't believe what was going on. Frankly, neither could I!!

Tammy began chatting but for the life of me I cannot recall a word she was saying. I was so turned on and so hot that it was hard to concentrate. Staci and I had not moved and we were sitting so close that our thighs were still touching. I noticed after a moment that as Tammy talked, she was slowly parting her legs. I had already noticed she had a wonderful body with large, full breasts topped by beautiful nipples. Tammy kept talking as her legs parted wider and wider until at last I could clearly see her pussy.

It was lovely to look at and I couldn't help but wonder what she felt like. I glanced at Staci and noticed her eyes were riveted on Tammy's pussy. No doubt Tammy saw us both looking at her. All at once Tammy said, "I really didn't mean to interrupt the two of you. Don't be shy, I know what you were doing." With that, she got up and crossed over to us and stood in front of us. She smiled as she reached out and began to caress our breasts, using one hand to stroke both of us at the same time. She was standing with her legs spread apart somewhat and when she began to lightly pinch and pull on my nipple, I could not resist and I reached forward and cupped her mound in my hand. God, she was hot! I glanced at Staci and nodded in Tammy's direction and she reached out and her hand joined mine between Tammy's legs. We both began running our fingers up and down Tammy's pussy, caressing it until I could no longer stand it and pushed my finger up inside Tammy. She was so hot and wet and it felt wonderful. I jumped a little as I felt a hand moving up my thigh and then realized it was Staci. As she reached her destination, I spread my legs wide to give her access. Tammy was moaning out loud as I continued fingering her pussy. Staci's other hand was stroking Tammy's pussy all around my finger and from time to time she would massage Tammy's clit. By now, Tammy was soaking wet and I inserted another finger into her pussy, fucking two fingers in and out of that beautiful pussy as Staci fingered me faster and faster!

As we fingered and massaged Tammy's pussy faster and faster, she began moaning steadily and her breath was coming in ragged gasps. Her legs were trembling and all at once she began sagging toward the floor. I jumped up, hating to loose Staci's finger from my pussy but not wanting to let Tammy fall either, and grabbed her in my arms and lowered her to the bench, laying her on her back. As she fell on her back, she splayed her legs wide open and I could see her pussy gaping wide, slick and wet with her juices. In the heat of that sauna you could smell the muskiness of all three of us, each of us wet and hot and ready for relief!

Tammy was moaning and moving her hips and I was staring at her pussy and could stand it no longer. I dropped to my knees and buried my face between her legs and began to lick and kiss her pussy. Her hands grabbed my head and pulled me to her as she hunched her hips up at the same time. I licked all over her pussy lips, tasting her juices. I then stiffened my tongue and, placing my fingers on each side of her pussy, spread it wide open and fucked my tongue as far up inside her cunt as I could go! Oh God, it was heaven!! I could feel her pussy walls contract as she tried to squeeze my tongue and the musky taste of her juices deep inside her was like nectar on my tongue. Faster and faster I fucked her with my tongue as she fucked her hips against my face. I glanced up and noticed that Staci was sucking Tammy's breasts, going from one to the other, licking and sucking her nipples. I moved up just a little and began to lick Tammy's clit, flicking it back and forth with my tongue before finally sucking between my lips and tonguing her as fast as I could. I stiffened two fingers and drove them deep inside Tammy's pussy and fucked her as I sucked her clit. She began to moan louder and louder and begged Staci to bite her nipples. I could feel her begin to stiffen as I tongued her clit faster and faster and fucked her with my fingers and could see Staci biting her nipples, going from one to the other, when all at once Tammy screamed, "Oh God, I'm cumming! I'M CUMMMIIIINNNGGGGG!" I couldn't believe how loud she was as it sounded as if she was screaming at the top of her lungs. "Don't stop! Harder! Do me harder! Bite my nipples! Suck my clit! FUCK ME! NOW! NOW!! CUUUMMMMIIIINNNNNGGGGGGGGGG!!"

She shoved her hips hard against my face and just froze as I could feel her vibrate with her orgasm. Her juices gushed from her pussy and coated my hand and face and flowed into my open mouth, some puddling on the bench below her. I sucked and licked her clit until I felt her began to relax a little and then I went lower and glued my mouth to her pussy and sucked her juices out, filling my mouth with them and smearing them all over my face. At last Tammy told us "No more, I can't stand anymore right now!" I raised my head and noticed Staci staring at my face across Tammy's stomach. Her eyes were wide and there was a look of lust in her eyes!I couldn't resist, and I leaned forward and kissed her, parting her lips with my tongue and flooding her mouth with a mixture of my saliva and Tammy's pussy juice! Her tongue licked all over mine and then chased mine back into my mouth as she licked all inside my mouth and then pulled away and licked all over my lips and chin, cleaning Tammy's juices from my face.

I couldn't stand it anymore and fell backwards to the floor on my back and pulled Staci with me. She was sort of sideways to me and I grabbed her thigh and pulled it to my face. She scooted around and straddled my face and I grabbed her hips and pulled her pussy down to my mouth, licking her from the bottom to the top. She grabbed my legs and spread them wide and lowered her face between my legs and began lapping at my pussy at the same time. I groaned into her cunt as I licked all of her, tasting her lovely juices, getting them all over my face. I licked all around her pussy and then up to her ass, spreading her cheeks with my fingers until I could see her dainty asshole winking at me. I gazed at it's beauty for just a moment before beginning to lick it, running my tongue around and around it, getting it good and wet before stiffening my tongue and pushing into her asshole. Staci raised her head from my pussy and cried out, "Oh yes, YES, YES, tongue fuck my asshole you nasty slut!!"

She then went back to eating my pussy, licking me and biting my pussy lips. I felt her finger enter my pussy then slide down, probing between my ass cheeks until she found my asshole and shoved her finger up inside my asshole, fucking it in and out as I tongue fucked her asshole. She shoved another finger into my pussy and fucked both fingers in and out of me as she sucked my clit between her lips. I moved back down to her pussy and began sucking her clit as well and shoved a finger into her now very wet asshole and fucked her as I sucked her. We were both now so close to cumming. We kept licking and sucking and fingering each other until at last I exploded, cumming and cumming and cumming as she finger fucked my asshole and pussy and sucked and tongued my clit. I groaned into her pussy as I came and all at once I heard her muffled screams as she almost smothered me as she ground her pussy into my face. Her juices flowed in such volume that I thought I would drown but what a way to go! We both kept working on each other, sucking and licking and drinking each other's pussy juices until at last Staci just sort of flopped off to one side and we both lay there breathing hard, enjoying that warm glow of contentment. I squirmed around and took her into my arms and gently began to kiss her all over her face, lapping at her like a kitten, cleaning my juices off of her face as she just lay there smiling. Tammy came over and sat on the floor beside us and gently caressed our bodies as we lay there basking in the glow. After we had regained our composure somewhat, we all three sat up and sort of hugged each other. Finally, Tammy asked if we would like to come up to her room and continue there and before I could say a word, Staci eagerly said "Yes!" Needless to say, we had a wonderful time that evening but that's another story.

I hope you enjoyed this. Feel free to send any comments, good or bad, to me at I will try to answer all except for flames.

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