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Amanda - Part 1

Amanda - Part 1

My name is Nick, I live in a quiet town about 20 miles from the big city. There is virtually no social activities available unless you make the 30 minute drive to the city. As a 25 year old bachelor living alone in a neighborhood of mostly older families, life can be very uneventful. Even when I was in school there were very few people my age around here, and now I think I'm about the only one left that hasn't gotten married and moved away. The youngest adult I know of in my neighborhood is about 35. I guess you could say I'm a little out of place.

I'm still here because about a year ago, while I was in my last year of college, my parents were in a terrible accident and died. They left me the home I had grown up in, a beautiful 3,000 square foot Victorian. I just can't bring myself to sell it, so that's why I'm here. They also left me about 3 million dollars, which I have invested wisely.

I have no need to work, so most of my time is spent keeping up my home or working on my hobbies. I like to paint. I paint mostly landscapes, but I have done a few pretty good portraits. I usually work from memory or photographs. I've never actually used a real model. I also like to ride my motorcycle. I enjoy the freedom I feel when I'm cruising on my hog. My old fogie neighbors don't much like the noise, but that's their problem. I also had a very nice in ground pool installed earlier this year. It's kind of lonely swimming by yourself all the time, but hey, at least I don't have to worry about a suit.

I guess you could say I've learned to keep myself occupied, but I could use a little female companionship once in a while.

Well that's how my life has been until just recently. About 2 months ago a new family moved into the home next door. They are nice folks in their late 30's. However, they aren't the ones that have caused a change in my life. They, Bill and Sherry, have a 16 year old daughter named Amanda. Amanda is a extremely outgoing, beautiful, mischievous teenager. She likes to have fun, and with little fun to be found around here, she's figured out how to make her own.

Amanda, as I mentioned, is a very lovely young lady. She is about 5'5" tall, has long dark brown hair, captivating deep brown eyes, large firm breasts, and a fantastic ass. I know that I shouldn't normally be describing a girl her age as having great tits and ass, but nothing about Amanda is normal.

She is much above average intellectually, and way beyond her years in maturity. And the fact that she absolutely is the most beautiful girl I have ever known doesn't hurt either. Trouble is, Amanda knows all that, and knows how to use it to get everything she wants. The good thing is she has chosen to want me!.

The day after Bill, Sherry, and Amanda moved in I went over to introduce myself. I immediately hit it off with all of them. They are all great folks. I knew I would enjoy having them as neighbors. Bill, as it turns out, is a top mechanic with a Nascar race team. That keeps him very busy and away a lot of the time during race season. Sherry, who is obviously the genetic source of Amanda's good looks, is a advertising executive who handles all the promotion for the team Bill works for. This requires Sherry to spend much of her time traveling with the team also. Amanda, during the time school is in session, usually stays by herself at home. Bill and Sherry know Amanda is very capable of taking care of herself, which believe me she is!.

Anyway I invited them to my home for a cook out on the weekend, and told them to wear their bathing suits. They very gracefully declined, stating they had to go to Daytona on Thursday and wouldn't be back until after the weekend, but would love to take a rain check. I said just to tell me when and I'd be ready. When Amanda heard I had a pool she was ecstatic. I told her she was welcome to use my pool any time she wanted. I told her that the back gate was always unlocked, and to just come and swim whenever she wanted. Being that they were in a new town, and didn't know anyone yet, they asked if I would be willing to keep and eye on Amanda while they were gone. Bill said I probably wouldn't even hear from her, but if I would call and make sure she was alright once in a while, he would appreciate it. I told him I'd be glad to. Then I told Amanda I was still going to cook out on Saturday, and if she wanted to join me by the pool she was more than welcome. Amanda gave me a huge smile and with a very sultry look in her eye, said thank you she would love to. I asked her Dad if that was OK with him. He said of course, and thank you. I told Amanda I would cook at about 5, but she was welcome to use the pool earlier if she wanted. I didn't see any of them the rest of the week until Saturday.

Saturday was a picture perfect day. Upper 80's, sunny, comfortable humidity, and a gentle breeze that helped cool the hot sun. It was about 2 o'clock and I was vegging out on my favorite lounge chair by the pool when I heard someone at the gate. I looked up just in time to see a goddess dressed in a revealing string bikini walk through. It was Amanda. To say I was immediately love struck would be an understatement. Just looking at this young woman could melt even the coldest of hearts. I was so taken by her beauty, and by her overly revealing outfit, that I just sat there wordless. I must have had a strange look on my face, because Amanda immediately asked if she was doing something wrong by coming over to swim. I told her Hell no, and told her again that she was always welcome. I couldn't resist telling her how ravishing she was. Amanda got a little red, but got that sultry look again in her eyes, and gave me a sexy smile as she proceeded to lay down in the chair next to me.

I know this girl is only 16, and that I could potentially get thrown in jail, but I had to tell her again how very pretty she was. I told Amanda she was, without a doubt, the most beautiful girl I had ever had the pleasure of gazing upon. And gazing upon was right, I could not stop my eyes from filling up with her beauty, they took prolonged exposures of her very ample young breasts. I am sure Amanda noticed my stare, but then I noticed her eyes had locked onto my semi engorged asset. I immediate realized I better get my mind on something else besides this beautiful young angel next to me. I knew if I didn't, I'd be spending the next 10 years in an even bigger house than the one I was already in!.

I got up and asked Amanda if I could get her something to drink. A cold wine cooler would be great, was her response. I explained that she was a little to young for that, but I could make her some kool-aid if she liked. She said no thank you, again giving me that look of hers, a wine cooler would do just fine, and anyway her parents let her drink them all the time. I said OK, but just one, I didn't want her getting drunk and drowning in my pool. When I returned from inside with our drinks, Amanda had rolled over on the lounge. She told me to sit her drink on the table, and asked me to rub some lotion on her back. Hesitantly I picked up the bottle of lotion and gently squeezed a fair amount onto her lower back. I very quickly rubbed it around then started to sit down.

Amanda, acting upset with me, turned and said that I had missed most of her back and totally forgotten her legs and arms. She then lay back down waiting for me to finish what I had started. As she was lowering herself onto the lounge, she reached back and undid her bikini top, allowing the strings to fall to the side. Get all of my back this time, she told me. I was again feeling very uneasy with this situation, and my cock was reacting to the visual stimulation I was experiencing. Careful to position myself so my condition was not seen, I proceeded to spread the lotion all over her sexy body. I started at her shoulders and worked my way down her sides, gently touching the sides of her firm mounds as I worked down to her ass. All the time I was massaging the lotion onto her she was quietly moaning every time I got near any part of her body that was sensitive. When I reached her ass, I stopped just shy of it, Amanda looked up at me and said to please spread the lotion everywhere, she didn't want a burnt butt. Her well rounded ass was barely covered at all by any material. I did as I was told and worked the lotion into her fantastic butt. My cock was now harder than it had ever been, I couldn't let her see what she was doing to me. I then squeezed some lotion onto her thighs, she immediately spread them apart so I could do my job. As my hands worked her upper thighs, pulling at the tight skin leading to her precious cunt, she began moaning loud and grinding herself into the chair. I didn't know if I could take anymore of this, I just wanted to rip off her suit and fuck her like I knew she wanted. My cock was sticking out the top of my suit, if she turned and looked I would be caught. Maybe I was right and she wanted me like I wanted her, but maybe she would start screaming and yelling rape!. I didn't know what I should do.

Amanda however, always knows what she is doing. Figuring she had me ready to burst, she reached to her sides and undid her bikini bottom. I was now so horny for this little vixen that I thought I would die of a stroke if I didn't fuck her right now. Amanda rolled over, leaving her suit behind, she was without a doubt the most perfect example of a female I had ever seen. I was in heaven!. She looked at me and said I guess I got you ready enough, are you going to fuck me or just stand there gawking!. I'd been had, seduced beyond control by a 16 year old brat. I pulled her up and said let's go inside.

I lead her to my bedroom. As I laid her down we embraced in our very first overwhelmingly passionate kiss. It was better than most orgasms I've had. She was unbelievable!. Amanda was on her back. She spread her legs apart and asked me again to please fuck her. Fuck you, I said, I want to make love to you. you're not the "fucking" type, you're a lover, I said. She smiled and opened her arms to me. I wasn't going to engage in fore play at this point, I needed to be in her. As my lips met with hers, my overly erect cock found the entrance to what it so much needed. Slowly I sank into her extremely wet, silky smooth depths. I was able, despite her tightness, to get my entire 9" into her with only 3 strokes. Slowly, but with rapidly increasing tempo, we proceeded to match our bodies motions. Faster and faster I drove myself into her. Amanda was already having multiple orgasms, she was fantastic. I wanted so much to fill her with my seed, and I could feel it wasn't going to be long before that came true. The head of my cock began to enlarge, as it does right before I explode. Amanda feeling this began telling me to cum, begging me to cum, begging me to let my sperm fill her. I exploded, my balls were forcing the cum out of my cock with more pressure than I had ever experienced. Spurt after spurt of my milky white sperm flowed into Amanda. She started screaming, she was coming, with the most intense orgasm I ever gave a woman. After every drop of sperm in my body had flowed into hers, I collapsed onto her. We stayed, joined together until finally my cock slipped from within her.

We spent the rest of that weekend making love in every position imaginable.....

to be continued...........

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