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Ali's First Modeling Experience by Mercury

Ali's First Modeling Experience

I have published many photos and stories and written books. My photos have been in photo exhibits on the East Coast. Everything is copyrighted, but you can pass this story along for personal reference and use. I just wondered if anyone would be interested in reading what the models thought of their photo experiences as related and seen through their eyes. If you like this story then others will follow. YOU BE THE JUDGE!!!

Hi, my name is Ali. I was asked to relate my experience as a model to a very unique photographer. I know for a fact that, if I live to be 100, I will never forget the few times I was modeling as I experienced the greatest peacefulness, pleasure and passion I will probably ever experience in my entire life.

It all started when I was walking through a collectible show. A collectible show, of all places, that was to be the beginning of a strange new adventure, one that would change forever, my outlook on life.

I saw a sign seeking models. I have seen this kind of thing before where guys are just trying to pick up girls. (Am I right girls? There are all kinds of nuts out here.) Well, it got my attention so I went over to see the sample photos he had on display.

These were not standard studio shots taken by amateurs. Most were taken outside in real picturesque settings. There were waterfalls, water wheels, and other truly beautiful backgrounds you never see in a studio or even in most fashion magazines. His inside photos were not the usual standard studio shots either. The background was solid and extreme. If it was black, it was pitch black. If it was white, it was pure white. The poses were natural. There was nothing artificial. You could immediately see these were not 5-minute specials, but that these poses took a lot of time and planning. The models were so natural, so relaxed and yes, even exotic. I have never seen such a display of truly unique photos anywhere before.

Well, I had always wondered what it would be like modeling. Every girl dreams of modeling, but to most it is only a dream. Here I was standing in front of a very ordinary guy who was looking for models to start a new portfolio. He asked if I was interested and said that I would earn some dollars and free photos. Well, as I said, I always wondered what it would be like modeling, I really could use some extra dollars and, if this was a sample of his work, I could not get photos like these for $1,000!!

Again, his next statement surprised me. Photography and seeking models is usually a pick-up line. Girls, how many times have you been asked to model by guys who had only one thing on their mind. This guy was different. I had expected a quick, meet me here and lets get started. Was I ever surprised? He said I had to go to an interview!!

I had to go to an interview! I was bewildered. I do not think I have super model body, but I am no dog either!! But the more I thought about it and the more I looked at the pictures on display, I could see these models were not just anyone who walked by and wanted to model. I agreed to an interview.

We met in a restaurant where he bought my meal. He said this was a neutral ground and that he did not want anything to be interpreted as A ONE NIGHT STAND. He wanted only serious girls who truly wanted to model. This in itself was refreshing. I was a little nervous going to this interview, but as he pointed out, it was on neutral ground and I could leave anytime I felt uncomfortable. He asked the usual age, address, height, weight etc. questions, yet he did not ask for my measurements. He said that was not important at this time. Girls, is this not what you would expect going to be a model? Your measurements! Yet, as I have said before, this was not even remotely what I had envisioned from a person set up at a collectible show! He was every way - the professional.

After we got done with the normal questions and he showed me his portfolio, he began to ask about outfits that I had that I could model in. He said I would be more relaxed in my own outfits. I had to describe various dresses, skirts, pants and other outfits. We all have a ton of clothes in our closet, yet have you ever been asked to describe them in detail? It took quite a while for me to come up with only 10 outfits he thought would be right for a photo session. He said most people really do not know what to wear when they go have pictures taken. The outfits were nothing unusual, but they had to be something that would work for what he had in mind. He then asked me to describe two bathing suit outfits, preferably bikinis. He said personally he did not really care for bathing suit shots, but that he needed them for reference!

His next question really took me by surprise, yet I should have expected it. He asked me to describe my lingerie outfits! Girls, have you ever tried to describe, in detail, your most intimate apparel to a total stranger! We buy our lingerie mostly for ourselves and the one we care the most to show off for. Now this total stranger wanted me to describe 5 outfits in detail! Yet, I should not have been surprised by this question because the photos that most intrigued me WERE GIRLS WEARING LINGERIE!! They were in the woods, in tall grass, on trees, but always wearing lingerie! As I said, many of his photos were truly exotic, yet very classy. To see what most of us girls wear only at night, photographed in the outdoors was eye catching, yet none of his photos were offensive, just very, very SEXY!

Now this part of the interview was starting to get me excited. Girls, you know what I mean. I started to describe my lingerie outfits. The more I describe them, the more excited I was beginning to feel. The more excited I was feeling, the more detail I was telling him on how they fit, how revealing they were and well you know how carried away us girls can get talking about sexy outfits to other girls. Well, here I was talking to a total guy stranger about my most sexy and revealing outfits as if he was my best girl friend! Believe me, things were starting to get very uncomfortable, yet we were in a restaurant and here I was started to get really excited. Well, the interview ended with the sexy outfits and he said that if I was still interested I had to call him. Here again, it was my move. He was more interested in really serious models than he was in getting my phone number. Here I was concerned about going to this interview and finding he only wanted my body, now he was leaving and I was in a state of excitement I seldom get on a date!! I really had to go home and do something about my excited state. Girls you know what I mean!!

Well, I called several times and left messages. After I convinced myself he no longer was interested, he called back saying he wanted an inside shoot and to bring various outfits including my lingerie. Just his phone call was starting to excite me all over again. Here was a guy that was turning me on without the slightest indication he was interested in me, but was bringing out feelings even my boyfriends could not compare to!

I went to his studio, if you could call it that. I had expected lots of photo drop paper, lots of lighting, lots of camera. He had none of this!! The walls were different colors. The black was pitch black. The white was the purest white I have ever seen. The pastels were shades I have never seen before. He said, "Do not question that which you do not understand. I do not need it. You have seen the photos. Just watch what happens."

He had me posing in jeans, in skirt outfits, and in dresses, yet he never used extra lighting!! I have never seen the background he used; yet he seemed to know what he was doing. He said an old photographer taught this background to him and few professional people knew what he used to give extreme background contrast. I was posing in very natural poses. The more I posed the more relaxed I became. He was constantly complimenting me. Girls, you know how nice it feels to be complimented occasionally. Here was a guy giving complement after complement. These were not pat phrases either. Why he even asked, "Where I got those beautiful Texas eyes?" How did he know I was born in Texas?

Well, as you might imagine, the constant posing, the complements and the extreme one on one personal attention was starting to get to me! I was getting more excited with each change of outfits. The poses were getting more teasing, yet never trashy! One rule, "NEVER WEAR A BRA!" Talk about starting out in a sexy way. Try wearing a button down shirt with jeans and he says only use 3 buttons. He never once asked me to do anything I felt uncomfortable with, but I will tell you, it was really getting to the point I was getting really uncomfortable wearing any outfits! Girls, you can probably relate to this. Yet how do I tell him what I really want! We then went to the swimsuits. Here again, I started to get even more excited with showing even more.

Then he said, "Now lets try the lingerie!"

I had 5 outfits. It seemed he liked the various silk to the knee outfits more than anything. Conservative, yet very, very sexy. I started with the blue one. It did not reveal anything, but it was very sexy. TALK ABOUT COMPLIMENTS. Next he said the red one. This was a lot more revealing and so was my desires. This became especially obvious when he said one piece meant one piece! We all know lingerie has tops and bottoms.

He was explicit when he said. "NO BOTTOMS!"

Here I am already very excited and he wants me wearing sexy lingerie- WITH NO PANTIES! Who am I to say no. Especially, when deep down I already know what I really want!! So we go another 10 minutes with this outfit and all the time I am getting more aroused. Next he says to wear the pale pink outfit again with no panties. I am telling you, it is starting to get extremely hard to control my arousal. I am now in a really short, almost transparent pink outfit with no panties and he is telling me to get into extremely sexy poses that are somehow extremely sexy, but not one bit trashy! I really do not know how he can keep telling me to wear more and more revealing outfits without losing control himself. I know I cannot control myself much longer!! Yet, what do I do?

I have only one outfit to go. I know what I want, but this is not a boy friend/ girl friend situation. I could handle that! I would know exactly what to do! Here I am aroused beyond belief and not sure how to handle the present problem. Here is a guy that has never touched me and yet I want him more than I have ever wanted anyone! In all my life, I have never been turned on like I am now. I have never pranced in front of someone half naked and not had a definite plan of action. I have one outfit to go. I have to think of something soon or I will go crazy!

He says put on the last outfit. This is a bright white totally transparent outfit. Again, I am told to wear only the tops. It is almost why bother with any outfit, but he says it looks extremely sexy and again with the compliments. For ten more minutes he again has me posing in extremely sexy, yet not trashy, poses. I am getting hotter and girls you know what happens when we get really turned on. He has to see how I feel. My breasts cannot get much tighter. There is no mistaking my juices are flowing and freely! I cannot hide this fact yet he has to be aware of my predicament. What do I do?

Then he says, "I want you to relax, close your eyes and think of the most sexy thoughts you can." What exactly have I been going through the last half hour? He says, "Just lay down and think sexy thoughts. It is only the two of us. Just relax and let your mind and body go. Relax and just do what your body wants."

I knew he knew how I was feeling. He kept talking and relaxing me. I needed release and in this laying down position, my hands starting to go between my legs. My mind hesitated, but my body needed release! Once my fingers found my clit, it was all over. My fingers were giving me release in passion I had never before known. Oh, I had relieved myself before, but here I was doing the most intimate personal thing a girl can do and I was doing it in front of a total stranger! I was doing something in front of a total stranger I would never let my best boyfriend see me doing! The fact I was being watched turned me on even more. My fingers were rubbing faster and faster. I was getting wetter and wetter and more aroused. Finally, I had a climax like I never had before!

And he was watching me throughout it all. He was even taking pictures! I was beyond caring what he took pictures of and did not care, but he was not taking pictures of where my hands were!!! He was taking pictures of the ecstasy in my face. He said a girl is happiest when she is having sex and has a glow and radiance right after sex as she is coming down from her climax. Anyway he said I could have some of these pictures for myself and that any photos that were taken during this time I did not want would be destroyed! Again with the compliments!

I was beginning to wonder if this guy even liked girls. How could he watch me in the throes of passion and not get turned on??? He was standing right in front of me. I had to make my move NOW! I could see by the bulge in his pants that he was turned on, but was keeping his cool!

I whispered what I never thought I would say, "FUCK ME."

He said, "Are you sure this is what you want?"

If there was anything I was sure about in life it was what I want NOW. I yelled, "FUCK ME!!"

He said again, "Are you sure?" I am not in the habit of begging a guy to fuck me, but this was no ordinary guy and I was still very turned on.

I made the only decision a girl could; I grabbed his zipper down and took out his cock. I used my other hand to unbuckle his pants and had them down in an instant. There was not going to be any doubt in what I wanted NOW!!!!

I could feel his passion mounting as I held his cock to my face. I felt his balls with my other hand. Girls I am sure you know the feeling you get when you start to feel a guy's cock growing in your hands. I was getting more turned on by the minute. He was going to get a blow job like he never had before and I was going to give him one with all the passion I could muster! I am not that experienced on sucking a guy's cock, but I'm no stranger either. Only this is the first time I have done this entirely out of passion and not obligation.

I began sucking ever so slowly. I could taste his saltiness and was yearning for his release, but I was going to tease him as much as he had been teasing me! I sucked slow and easy with my tongue tracing every inch of him. I took him all the way in and out. He was enjoying this turn of events, as I was the one now in charge and giving him great pleasure. I kept this up for as long as he could stand it and knew he was ready to come. I then started sucking harder and with more fervor. I wanted to taste him more than anything.

Finally, he started coming and I was licking as fast as he was coming. As he became spent for the time being, I released him, yet got some cum on my lips. He said it looked so very sexy and I teasingly lapped up every drop with my tongue. I was not through with him and we both knew there was a lot more to come.

Believe it or not, I was still in my lingerie outfit. I quickly got up and took off this last piece of clothing and went to him. He immediately went to my breasts and started sucking them ever so gently and giving them attention they so badly desired yet seldom received. This attention was turning me on again and I knew what I needed. He also knew, but continued teasing me.

I was again begging, "FUCK ME!!"

I wanted him more than I have ever wanted anyone else and all he did was tease me more!! I finally got his cock down to my cunt and was ready for what I have been longing for, for so long. No, he has to tease me some more. He starts rubbing his cock along my clit. His warm, and very wet cock, is rubbing my clit bring me more excitement than I can bear until I finally get him to put his cock in my cunt and give me the release I have been so longing for. He again teases me with gentle strokes, but in places I have never been teased before. He definitely knows how to please a girl! I guess his theory is to tease and tease until the passion is at a peak few girls ever get to. I know I have never been at the peaks of passion as I have been with him in his photo sessions.

We were giving each other pleasure in ways we seldom got. He had a knack of knowing how to please a girl in ways I had never known existed. This went on until we were both too exhausted for more.

An hour later he said, "It is time to go."

I knew this was only a photo session and nothing more. I knew from the beginning what was going to happen and yet I have never felt so safe and secure. I have never known the passion I felt, with this and a few other sessions later on. This was a fantasy experience. It was real, but it was not real life. Life is too cruel. But it is good to know that there are experiences like this that can be had, if only for a moment.

I was ready to leave and did not know if I would see him again when he said, "Care for an outside session? Bring a friend!"

I knew there would be more excitement and I would bring a friend - LATER!!!!!! SOMEDAY YOU MAY SEE ME OR MY FRIEND IN A MAGAZINE OR PHOTO EXHIBIT

If you like this story write ALI in care of Comments about this story are appreciated. Want more? Let me know at above address. PS. Are there any girls out there who would like to participate in a photo survey? This would be an anonymous survey unless you wanted to see the results. Write to above address.

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