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Jack Spratt's Stories

A Learning Experience by Jack Spratt

A Learning Experience

Waiting for the axe to fall, wasn't what I had planned to end the day. I was in the principal's office for a prank I though was great at the time. Putting a container of dish detergent in the school fountain created the most suds this school had seen in it life time. Now having time to contemplate my sin, it didn't seem so great.

"Don. You can come in now," said Mr. Graat.

I walked into his office, to hear my sentence.

"Close the door and sit down."

"That wasn't a very bright thing you did, the custodians had to work for two days to get rid of that soap. But I must admit, I haven't seen the fountain looking so good since coming to Riding High. However, it was wrong, and you know it. What do you think your penalty should be?"

"I don't know." How was I supposed to answer that question, I my mind I hadn't did anything drastic, and didn't deserve a penalty?

"Well, I have a great idea, and by the time you are through with this assignment, you will never pull another stunt like that in this school. I have reviewed the facts, and you are guilty." He was looking right into my eyes.

"Yes, Mr. Graat, I am responsible for the fountain caper."

"Well you will be happy to know you just volunteered to become a tutor for all the junior students, who require help in any subjects. I have requested that the teachers provide me with a list of individuals that could use your assistance. With your high grade average, I am sure you will be able to help some of the students having difficulty. Do you not agree?"

"All the terms?" I asked it was mid October, and this could be a long haul.

"Yes, I think that is very fair. It will keep your over active mind helping people, rather then thinking up any more pranks."

"When do I start?"

"Visit my office after your last class tomorrow. I am quite sure the teachers will have provided me with some needy students by then."

I was a senior, active in sports, and always had a good grade average. My best subjects were math and all the sciences. I could just imagine the students that I would get to tutor. All the young teeny bloopers, with their wide eye innocence. I really do not know any of one in the lower grades. Being a senior, you are just tolerant of them in the halls. You certainly don't mix with them. That was about to change.

"Don how did you make out?" Asked Gary. He was in my home room.

"Really, I can't give you a proper answer till the end of the year. I have been volunteered as a tutor for the juniors for the year."

"You're kidding! For the whole year?"

"No! I am not kidding, really couldn't argue about it. I don't know what Mr. Graat's plan B was if I had refused."

Gary started to laugh, and pointed down the hall. Coming toward us was a very young female student, in a baggy sweater, and over sized coveralls. She had glasses, and her hair was done up in a bun certainly no sex appeal.

"Now there is one of your possible candidates, shapeless, sexless, hopeless and wimpish." Gary said with a grin.

"I don't envy you. You are going to tutor some real winners."

"Thanks for the vote of confidence. I will know my first victims tomorrow."

I headed home, and my parents were waiting to hear what my penalties were. Both of the laughed and agreed with Mr. Graat, I deserved the punishment. My father great saying was if you do the crime, you do the time. Very comforting.

My tutoring was the talk of the school, in the halls I was asked questions, and was the butt of many teacher jokes. There wasn't much I could do about it. The day was rapidly expiring and I was getting closer to my first assignment. This I really dreaded. As I walk from room to room, I was much more aware of the juniors. What a bunch of misfits, I thought, immature little rug rats. The time had come, I was heading toward the principal office. I walked by my locker, which now bore a sign, Babysitter at work.

"Good to see you are prompt," commented Mr. Graat.

"I need all the brownie points I can get."

"Well you will be happy to know the teachers were impressed by your volunteering, and the submissions have already started." He produced a file, opened it, and filed through seven submissions.

"You will not get them all. We have students that actually volunteer to do tutoring, so I have picked out three for you to start with." He handed me the files.

I looked at them quickly, two girls and one boy. Maybe it won't be so bad.

"All of them require assistance in math. Some more then other, Angel Crain, is the most needy. She has the ability. She is having great difficulty with the concepts. All of the files show you their current marks, and what we believe they are capable of. Your tasks with are to prepare them for there next tests and exams for the end of each semester. You are to call them and make arrangements to meet them and they're parents. Then start an improvement program. I will expect a report on each student, by next week at this time."

"Yes Sir. I will call them tonight."

I called Roger Larse, it turned out he was an A1 student, but his last math test was a failure. After talking to him for 15 minutes, I found out his problem was a new girlfriend, and he was now on track. I made an appointment with him and his parents for Thursday. I needed a report for Mr. Graat.

The second call was Amy Chilton, however, her bother advised me that Amy and her parents were out of town for two weeks. That left Angel Crain, the problem child. When I called, I spoke to Angel, told her who I was, why I was calling and asked to speak to her parents. Mrs. Crain was impressed that the school was concerned about her daughter's grades, I arranged to meet Angel during the noon break at the cafeteria tomorrow, and with her parents tomorrow night.

Entering the cafeteria, I asked a junior to point out Angel Crain. There, all alone at a table, was the sexless, wimpy, young lady that Gary had pointed out. She was a young student, dressed in the same shapeless clothes, hair done in an ugly bun, who appeared to be studying.

"Hello, Angel, I am Don Franks."

Angel, looked up, behind the glass, soft brown eyes looked me over.


"I guess you know why I am doing this, it is the talk of the school."

"Yes, I saw the fountain. I would never the nerve to do that."

"Well it wasn't nerve, it was stupidity, and now I am paying the price."

We then got into a discussion about her difficulties at school. Her major problem was math. All her other subjects were graded at A and B-. I asked her to bring all her texts and notes home so we could review them tonight after talking to her parents. With that I left her. I couldn't believe I was doing this. By the looks of Angel, she needed a babysitter, not a tutor. She certainly didn't have any sexual appeal to me. That view was about to change.

That evening I was greeted at the door by Angel's mother. Now this was a woman, she was a brunet with a Venus figure, and the clothes she wore accented it, how she produced Angel was a mystery. She was very attractive, and she knew it. She asked me to follow her, which was a visual pleasure. I met her husband and we talked about a schedule to assist their daughter. Angel had her own study, which was part of her bedroom. Her parents were concerned about her math, as it was required for entrance to all the major universities. I mentioned, that since she did well in all her other subjects, her math would improve. Mrs. Crain led me to her daughter's room.

"Angel, Don Franks is here to start your math tutoring."

Mrs. Crain motioned me forward, and left. I entered the room. It shouted female, a large bed with frills, a desk in the corner, with computer and printer. A young lady was standing, back to me. Her long hair was shining, and her bum was well shaped, with nice long legs.

"Where is Angel?"

With that the young lady turned, it was Angel. Under that shapeless clothing she wore at school was a gorgeous young lady. Gone were the glasses, replaced with contacts. Her figure was above average. She had well-shaped breasts for her body size, they were accented by the sweater she wore. She looked at me and smiled.

"I am Angel. I look a little different."

"Boy, do you look different. Why in the world don't you dress like this at school?"

"Well, don't want to be bothered by boys. I really don't have time for them, I want to make sure I qualify for the university entrance exams."

With that comment, I suggested we sit down and review her approach to math, and plan a course of action to improve it. We sat close, as she spoke I had an opportunity to study Angel. Her hair was shining, and I could smell the fresh fragrance of her shampoo. Angel, had full lips, now accented with an appealing shade of lipstick that made me want to kiss her as she spoke. Her brown eyes sparkled, like a drowning pool. I was close enough to feel the heat of her body, and my Woody was aware of the beauty beside me. At this point I wanted to bury my face in her hair.

But back to reality, we reviewed her course, and I suggested a plan of action. With constant reviews of her course materials, and impromptu tests, I believed we could make vast improvements on Angel marks. We agreed to meet again at her home in a week. She walked me to the front door. The rear view of Angel was beauty in motion. Nobody would believe what actually was under the frumpy clothes Angel wore to school. I still was amazed at the transformation of Angel at school to the dream girl I was now viewing.

After seeing the real Angel I decided that it would be acceptable to talk to her at school during lunch hours, as everyone was aware she was one of my students. Later in the week, when I saw her in the lunch room, in her wimpy outfit, a shapeless skirt and blouse, I sat down with her.

"So how are you getting along with the math project?"

"Fine, I think you will find I have improved in just a week. My parents laid down the law, if I fail, no vacation, just two months of summer school."

"Well, that would be rough. What do you usually do on your summer vacation?"

"I have been a lifeguard at a summer camp for the last two years."

I looked at her in amazement so young and a lifeguard for two years.

She must have read my mind.

"I take care of the young children in shallow pool ages six to eight."

"That must keep you busy."

I wonder what she looked like in a bathing suit. After seeing her beauty, my mind was wandering. I looked at her, her glasses covered the beautiful eyes I had seen, and I knew what was under the outfit she wore. Angel had me under a spell. I really wanted to get to know more about her. The fact she was a junior would certainly create some problems. But I was certainly going to overcome that.

I found out Angel was 14, just had a birthday two weeks ago. Her favourite colour was emerald green. Her scent of choice was Cornflower, which I could smell. Angel had a soft very pleasing, sexy voice. When I looked at her now as a young woman, she radiated sex.

I asked her how her week had went. We discussed a number of items. She was interested in football, and had been to all the games. She claimed she watched me make a winning touch down last week. She said she always sat three rows up from the player's bench. There was usually a large group of juniors there, yelling and making as much noise as possible. I had never paid any attention to them. But I make a mental note to look next time.

The week past quickly, I met with Mr. Graat, handing in my reports. To night was my second meeting with Angel. I had seen her in the halls a number of times. When our eyes met she always had a smile for me. I had thought of her many times during the week. Gary had been teasing me all week. Calling me the great babysitter, if he only knew what I did. But I would be the laughing stock of the school if anyone thought I was interested in a junior. But Angel, as I saw her last week was in the back of my mind. Hell I didn't even know if she was interested in me.

I have no idea why but I knew I wanted to see more of Angel. But the problem was how. Being a junior, seeing her in public was out of the question, without a plausible reason. However, if I could see her out to town, that would allow me to get to know her much better. Tonight I would attempt to learn if I interested her, as it was tutoring night.

After ringing the door bell, I could hear footsteps coming to the door. It was Angel. She was wearing a short skirt, and clinging blouse. All I could think of is what a pair of legs.

"Are you coming in?" I heard Angel voice ask.

Embarrassed I followed her to her room.

We reviewed what Angel had done for the week. I noted that her class mark had improved marginally, but it was an improvement. We discussed methods of improving her concepts. After pointing out a few areas of presentation, I called it an evening. Angel appeared pleased with the results.

"What are you doing Saturday?" I asked.

Angel looked at me with a surprised expression.

"Are you asking me for a date? You are senior and a super jock, and I am a lowly junior, a miss nobody. Do you know what you are doing? If any other senior found out about that you had asked a junior out, you would be the brunt of every joke imaginable."

"Angel, I think you are well worth that price, I really want to know you better. As a person, not just as a student."

I now had committed myself, and was waiting for her verdict. I was nervous and excited, all this for a junior. But looking at Angel I was hooked, I hoped I didn't appear too anxious.

I could see she was confused. Hell, now, I thought she would turn me down. Now that would be hard on the ego. Then I saw her eyes sparkle.

"I would like to go out with you, Don. Where are we going?"

"Well, there is a super movie playing at the theatre on the other side of the city, and the odds of anyone from our school being there is very slight. The movie has high ratings, and if you haven't seen it, we could go."

"No, Don, I haven't seen it, and I was planning on it as soon as it came here."

"Good, I will pick you up on Saturday at 5:30 we can get a burger before we go to the movie."

"I would like that Don."

I left, looking back, Angel was watching me. I waved goodbye.

Saturday came, and as I drove up to Angel's home, she came out of the door. The transformation continued. She was wearing a form fitting slacks and a tube top. Angel was a beauty.

"Hi, I saw your car."

As she got into the car, I was greeted with a great view. Her perfume hit me like a hammer. I wanted to attack her in her parent's driveway. She may be a junior, but Angel was a woman to me.

We went to a burger restaurant, and enjoyed our time together. The more I was with Angel the more I wanted her. She was witty, smart and above all an attractive young lady. Her body movements were all very feminine and very sexy. The way she moved her hands, walked, and the way she presented herself, made me feel proud to be with her.

The movie was a tear jerker. I put my arm around her. Angel laid her head on my shoulder. When I leaned into her, my face was buried in her hair. Angel's scent had me heady with desire. I lightly kissed her hair, hoping she didn't realize what I was doing. It took all my will power to keep from petting her. The tube top accented her breasts, and the cool theatre did there number on her nipples. They were hard and pushing the material. My mouth was watering. Then the movie ended. When we got up, my hand brushed her breasts. It was firm but soft. Moving toward the isle, I bumped into her with my very hard erection. Angel, did not appear to notice.

As we left the theatre, I asked her if you would like to go for a coffee, or did she want to go home.

"Well I think we should go home, I told my parents I would be home at 11:00 and it is now 10:30. The only reasons they let me go out, was the fact that you are my tutor, and they had previously met you. I don't want to abuse this privilege."

"Oh, I certainly hope you will go out with me again."

Angel grabbed my arm and we walked to the car. I was still sporting a very large erection. Angel was rubbing her hips against me, and that did not help the situation. On the way home, Angel moved close to me, and I again put my hand around her. Driving very slowly wanting to enjoy every minute, we entered Angel's driveway. It was 11:20. Shutting off the engine, I hugged her. Angel moaned softly. I kissed her hair. With that she turned.

"That is the second time you kissed my hair, I have lips you know."

Angel was looked me her lips moist and inviting. I kissed her. What a kiss, her lips tasted of lipstick and felt so soft. I pulled her to me and felt her breasts pushing my chest. I wanted so much more. I slowly caressed her back up and down. She was so soft. Angel pushed herself into me. Finally, we broke off. Getting out I walked her to her door.

"I had a wonderful time Don, I hope this wasn't a one time thing with a junior?"

"Angel, I enjoyed the evening, you can rest assured that this is the first of many dates. You are wonderful."

With that she put her arms around my neck and kissed me. I was enjoying the kiss, when I notice Angel was moving her body up and down my erection. She knew exactly what she was doing.

"That will keep me on your mind."

With that she went into the house. I couldn't wait till the next date.

I had seen Angel a number of times in the halls, but did not have an opportunity to actually talk to her. Each time she looked at me, she gave me an all-knowing smile. She was teasing me from behind her frumpy clothing. Tomorrow was tutoring night. I was certainly looking forward to it.

Driving up her driveway, I could see her in the window waiting for me. Angel greeted me at the doorway.

"Mom and dad are out for a while. Come in, and I will show you what I have done this week."

I watched Angel move across the room, to her bedroom. As she sat down, I got a real view of a luscious set of thighs, and my mind was at the junction. I had to get my mind on the situation at hand. We reviewed her assignments for the week. I had a small test ready and asked if she thought she was ready to try it. It was based on the week's work. I wanted to find out if she retained what she had learned.

The test took about 20 minutes, during that time I studied Angel, and the room. I imagined her on that large bed, with her legs spread, waiting to be loved.

"I am done."

"Good, let me mark it and then we will review it."

As it turned out, Angel, had very good retention. I was impressed. Her answers were well presented, and well thought out. The errors she had made were minor, but errors just the same. I sat next to her, and we reviewed all the answers, making suggestions how to improve her scores. We were sitting close enough that our hips were touching. I could feel the heat of her body, and with the odour of her perfume, my desire for her increased.

"Well since I did so well I think I should be rewarded."

"And just what do you think would be a good reward?"

"Well. A kiss from a senior would be nice."

"Ok." I give her a peck on her forehead.

Angel wrapped her hands around my neck and pulled me down for a full kiss, her lips were soft and delicious. I could taste her lipstick, and her tongue. Her breasts pushed into my chest. Finally, she released me. I had an obvious erection.

"A kiss like that could get you into trouble."

"That was the whole idea."

Not that I minded, however, she was a junior and only fourteen. Her scent was all over me from her clothing. My Woody was reacting, and Angel was starting at it, as it tented my slacks. I knew a senior getting with a junior was a social taboo at school. But Angel had so much to offer.

"It seems for some reason I have that effect on you." Angel was staring at my crotch.

With that, Angel, kissed me again. This time my hands were all over her body. Her breasts were firm. And her nipples were hard. I unbuttoned her blouse. I kissed the top of her breasts. I heard a click, and her bra fell away, Angel had undone the catch. Her nipples begged for attention, which they received. I felt Angel's hand on my Woody, as she released it from its confines. Her cool hand wrapped about its head.

"Oh, I like this, it feels so warm, and the foreskin, nice, I have read about them, but I never thought I would be playing with one."

Angel, pumped my organ, watching the foreskin move up and down the purple head. Pre-cum was already noticeable on the head. This was a dream come true. I watched her eyes. Angel was enjoying her new toy. So was I!

Lifting her skirt, my hands were at her thong. I pulled it over to feel a warm damp pussy. Her scent was erotic. My finger slowly rubbed her clit. I could feel her body react. Angel was soft and moist.

"When are your parents coming home?"

"They will be home at 11:00 P.M."

It was 8:15. I got up and led Angel to the bed. I removed her blouse and skirt, before laying her down on her back. Her thong was tight in her pussy slit. She lifted her hips, allowing me to remove them. I studied her body. Nobody would believe me if I was to tell them that this beauty was Angel the wimp. She had beautiful titties, and a very attractive pussy that I had to eat. I lowered myself to taste her. Angel's clit was hard and tasty. I sucked and licked. For a young lady, the juice was thick and continuous. Angel was enjoying the attention, as she lifted her hips to get more attention on her slit. She moaned and twisted, and then her back arched stiffly. Angel was close to a climax. As she came, she bit into a pillow to smother her screams.

"That was wonderful, I like your tongue, Don."

"Well I have to say you are very tasty. I could do this every day."

"Well I could arrange that, you could come over and tutor me daily, but not in math, sex."

Angel young body, laying before me, was a real vision. Everything about her was flawless, legs, hips, bum, face, hair, titties and her pussy. And I wanted her. Removing my clothing, I lay beside her. My hand ran up and down her body. Our lips met again, Angel could taste her pussy juice from my lips. Her hand was around my Woody. She moved down my body.

"Can I suck it? I have heard about it at school, but have never tried it."

"Please do."

I could feel her hands rolling down the foreskin from the head of my cock. Feeling her warm breath, and then the ultimate of her mouth closing on it. Her tongue play with the tips, and I nearly came. I didn't want this to end but I knew how close I was.

"Angel, if you continue to do this I will cum."

With renewed vigour, Angel, continued to suck and pump my cock. I wouldn't last much longer. Then I felt the pressure building up. Release. The cum flowed heavily, and Angel, sucked and sucked. Swallowing my cream, I could feel her tongue on my cock head. She kept my cock in her mouth for what seemed like an eternity. Then, she released my tool and came up beside me. Smiling, she softly kissed me. I could smell cum, on her breath.

"Angel that was wonderful, for a beginner, you have nothing to be ashamed of. That was a great blow-job."

"Blow-job, I had heard about them, however, never could understand what the other girls meant. Now I know." I hugged her, and felt her body. Her breasts were heaving and her nipples were taunt. I kissed each one of them. Her body was warm against mine.

"Angel, I really want you. Really."

Her clit, out of it hood, was rubbed gently. I wanted more of Angel. How could this ever have happened? Angel, a junior, naked, in my arms, and I wanted to possess her. My hands were massaging her buns. I couldn't get enough of Angel. I gently rolled her over to her tummy. Spreading her bum cheeks, I was greeted to a breathtaking view of her brown star. A virgin opening as was her pussy. I was hoping to end that situation before the night was through. I kissed the brown star, and Angel moaned.

"You shouldn't be doing that."

Unfortunately for her, her body was saying the opposite. She pushed her anal opening to my lips. I kissed it again, then licking and piercing it with my tongue. Sighing Angel continued to mumble.

"No, no."

But she continued to push her opening for more kisses and licks. My hand was massaging her clit, and I could feel the anal opening close as she climaxes. I gave it a final kiss, and had her roll back on her back. I spread her legs wide. And I placed myself in between her legs.

"Angel, are you sure you want to do this?" My cock was aimed at her puffie pussy lips. Ready to do its dastardly deed.

"Oh Don, please. I have been thinking about it since I rubbed you after the movie, please go slowly."

Positioning the willing head of my cock at her pussy lips, I entered her. The heat and the wetness were wonderful. I entered slowly, and then encountered resistance. Angel was a virgin.

"Angel, you can only give this to one person, are you sure you want me to take your virgin pussy."

With that she thrust her hips with such force, my cock was buried in her. The heat on my tool was heavenly. I continued to pump. I was so excited, cumming again is such a short time was not a problem.

"Angel, we should have some protection, the last thing we need is a pregnancy."

"I have been on the pill to control my irregular periods. Never thought I would be in a position to enjoy them. Please, I want to feel you in me."

I slowly pumped, and I could feel the sensation building up in me. Angel, was a perfect fit. The pressure of a climax was building. Angel breathing was getting shorter and heavier. She was close, very close. Suddenly, I started to pump cum into her warm pussy, Angel body arched, as she also was cumming. The world exploded. When I finally came down, I lowered my body onto her. This was heaven.

"Angel, I love you. Oh I want you again."

She hugged me close and said, "Well, we have hours before my parents come home."

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