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A Good Education by

A Good Education

This story was written at the request of a reader. Any resemblance to people, places, events, or institutions is purely coincidental. As always, if after reading this, you have any urges to go out and live out your depraved little fantasies, climb on your roof, and try to fly first. If you can fly, you can do whatever you want.

A Good Education

The Catholic High School sat adjacent to the huge church, and was considered the place in town to send your daughter if you wanted to grow up to be a young lady. Which was why Judy was now sitting in the office of the principal, Father Johann. It showed on her face that she did not want to be here. The man smiled, he was used to it. She would fit in nicely, he thought. Already dressed in the school uniform, the knee length skirt showed nice long tanned legs, and the white blouse could barely contain those mounds of breasts she had. They seemed to large for her small body. Her face was framed by hazel colored hair, which matched her big dark brown eyes, which showed open contempt for the priest seated before her.

"Now my dear, which courses would you like to take?"

"I don't care."

He was used to that. Quickly filling out the schedule, he could hardly ignore the heat growing in his loins. It was almost time, he thought. He stood up, and led her into the hallway, where one of the younger priests took charge of the girl.

"I'll show her around, father. I know you have a appointment coming up." He winked at the older man, and led the girl by her shoulder deeper into the castle like school building. As soon as they rounded the corner, the priest quickly marched across the quad, and into the senior girl's dorm tower, up the stairs, and knocked on one of the doors.

"Yes?" Without answering, he entered, and surveyed the room before him. There where two beds in the room. The Morris twins lived here. Right now the two of them where laying on one bed, wrapped in each other's arms, stark naked, looking at the priest."It is time for your weekly purging, my daughters." Quickly he disrobed, and climbed into bed with the young girls. The two parted, allowing him between them. Susie, who was behind him, began to nibble on his neck, and teasing his anus with her finger. Jamie seemed a little shy today, and pressed her chest into the man, kissing his nipples, and sucking them. Susie began to nibble the fathers ear, and whispered to him," Jamie has been bad. She had sex with a man who was not saved over the weekend." The father looked at the young girl. "Is that so Jamie?" The blond only looked down, and began kissing towards his dick.

"No you don't, slut." He grabbed her hair, and flung her back on the bed. "You know the punishment for defiling yourself." The girl started to sob lightly, as she got on her hands and knees, pressing her face into the pillow. But Susie was not done yet. "Father, she also engaged in unnatural acts with that dirty man's wife." The fathers prick was now rock hard, as Susie stroked it gently. "Tell me more, my child." The twin rubbed her ample chest against his back. "She had her pleasure her with her tongue, as she was fucked like a common whore by her husband." For a second, the father thought he would come right there.

"Show me Jamie, show me the dirty things you do." Susie wasted no time, and climbed right in front of her sister, grabbing her hair, and pushing her head into her crotch. "Lick me, slut!" When the girl did not comply immediately, she smacked the back of her head. Reluctantly, a tongue snaked out and into her pussy. The father knew he would not last long, so quickly he got behind his student, and grabbed her hips. Two fingers slipped into her ass, as she howled into her sister's snatch. "You will need to be cleansed." Quickly he thrust his cock into her sopping cunt, getting it wet with her own juices. Then he spread her ass open, and pushed his cock into it. She screamed out loud, as he rammed it home. He knew he was not oversized, but he did have thickness. They settled into a rhythm, with every thrust he gave into her equaling one thrust from her into her sister's snatch. Her tongue found her sister's clit, and she sucked it gently, then harder. One hand took her leg up over her shoulder, the other slipped under her ass, with one finger teasing her. Susie was moaning and groaning, grinding her pussy into her sister's face. The father was delirious in fucking the supple young girl, her ass squeezing him. He grabbed her tits, squeezing and pinching them, ramming it home in a faster and faster rhythm.

"Cleanse me father, punish me!" The young girls' pleas where muffled by the snatch in her face. He reached back, and smacked her ass, harder, harder. Each one he could feel on his cock as she squeezed it with her ass. He could not help it, he shoot a huge load up her ass. The girl moaned out loud, experiencing her own orgasm, and really went to work on her sister. The father pushed his cock all the way home, and watched the two girls, the one getting her ass filled with his pearly cum, the other trashing around on the bed as her sister ate her out. It took only another minute before Susie came all over her sisters face. The two girls lay on the bed embracing. The father lay atop of them, his cock still in Jamie's ass, and held the close. He knew they would clean his cock next, and then take turns sucking him off, until he could not cum any more.

"Thank you father, I needed to be purified by your mighty sperm."

"My pleasure Jamie, that is what I'm here for." He laid back on the bed, closing his eyes. Sometimes it was so stressful to try to protect the souls of over 200 young women. After all, he only had so much of his cleansing sperm to go around.

Meanwhile Judy had been given the grand tour of the school, which had ended in the sophomore tower, in which she would be living. She stood in the little room, looking at the two beds, two closet-shelves, two desks, two chairs, and a couch. It seemed so...Spartan...compared to her room back home. The young priest stood in the door, admiring the young girl. His hard on had been growing the entire tour. He had stolen several brushes across her ass and tits, and now it was only a matter of minutes before she would be all his. He could hear the voices he was waiting for coming up the stairs. Looking down the hall, he saw the custodian in charge of this tower, Carl, come up the stairs, with Judy's roommate, Amanda, in tow. They entered the room, and Carl put Judy's chest with her clothes and stuff down on the floor with a loud thump.

"There you go young lady." Judy mumbled a thanks, and kneeled down to open it. Carl did not move, putting her face right at his crotch level. Amanda dropped down onto her bed, and looked at the new girl. She spoke without hesitation, and with a clear voice.

"Are you a virgin?"

Judy's head shot up, and she looked at the girl. It took a second before she answered. "Yes...and I don't see how that would be any of your business!" Her voice had a vicious tone to it.

Carl swore internally. Priests had dibs on virgins.

"Oooohhhh attitude. You'll fix that, won't you father Dominic." The young priest was already halfway across the room, stripped down to his pants, and him and Carl grabbed the young girl, and threw her on her bed. Amanda was stripping, as Carl held the screaming girl down and the father removed the rest of his clothes. Quickly he stripped Judy down, and admired her body. She had nice tits, about a 30C, he guessed, with a flat tummy, and curves in all the right places. His lips began to caress her skin, licking her up and down, crushing his lips on hers, mashing her tits, and massaging them. Carl held her down, his crotch next to her face. Judy had regained her composure and started to scream. As if on cue, a nude Amanda appeared, unzipping carrels fly, and a huge black cock popped out. She guided it into Judy's screaming mouth, and began to stroke it in and out. Getting on her knees next to the big black man, she began to suckle his balls, licking and sucking them. Judy's screaming meant that Carl's cock slipped right into her throat, and she gagged on it. The man began to move his hips back and fourth, fucking her mouth, while the father guided his cock to her pussy.

"Don't worry my little flower, this will hurt a little, but its for the good of your own." He thrust with one quick push of his hips, filling her. He pushed against her cherry, and then thrust again, ripping it. Tears filled the young girls eyes, which he quickly kissed away.

"Don't worry, its okay!" He began hammering his hips in and out of her, slamming his cock deeper into her, again and again. The girl tried to scream, but the huge black cock in her mouth muffled it.

Meanwhile, Amanda had begun to nibble on Carl's enormous balls, which she knew would make him cum. The man closed his eyes, grabbing a hold on the bed with one hand, and the girl's hair with the other. Yanking her head, he fucked her mouth like a cunt, until he could take it no more, filling her mouth with his cum.

The girl gagged, but was forced to swallow some of it. The priest only laughed, slamming his hips into her harder and harder, until he could feel his own orgasm come on. Her tits where bouncing around, driving him crazy, and she was so TIGHT! Judy had given up on screaming, and her tears had dried up. She had noticed from the beginning that she was wet, but she had denied her feelings. The second the priest had entered her, she had felt heat spread through her body. And she could feel that he was about to cum. She groaned, wrapping her legs around him, pulling him deeper into her.

The priest could not believe the force of this young wench's legs, and came with one big explosion in her, filling her cunt with his hot spunk, shooting glob after glob into her.

Judy could not believe how good it felt to feel this mans hot sperm in her, as she pushed her hips up to meet him. Starting between her legs, she felt a wave sweep over her, as she squeezed her eyes shut, pushing her tits into the priests waiting face, as orgasm after orgasm swept over her. Finally she collapsed on the bed, the priest on top of her. He looked into her eyes, as Carl withdrew his cock from her mouth, for Amanda to lick it off.

"You're one of our girls now, my darling. And don't you worry, you'll get a great education here, in all the things that make a lady." Judy looked across the room, where Amanda was laying on the bed with her legs over Carl's shoulders, his cock slipping into the young girl's ass. And she could not wait to start her lessons.

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