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Age is No Problem by UK Snowy

Age is No Problem

Maybe it was Aunty Maureen that triggered Joe's feelings for older women. It seemed to increase the number of times he was getting stiffies which was like all the time anyway, because they were happening all over the place regardless of the presence of girls or dirty pictures. Known as Mo to his parents and Aunty Maureen to Joe and his three sisters Ann, June and Catherine and his two brothers Nigel and Kevin, she had stayed with the family Carter for three weeks before and two days after the grandfather's funeral. Apart from the dirty magazines Joe and his mates pinched from stores or found round school or in public toilets and the odd flash of Catherine's tits when she emerged from the bedroom she shared with June, he had never seen a woman's body in so much detail. Catherine had sometimes giggled and pointed at his crotch when a stiffy occurred even just watching sport on TV. He wondered, Why does it happen like that?

Catherine was the oldest of the girls at 15, June was 12 and Ann 8. Ann shared a room with Nigel who was seven and Kevin and and Joe shared. Kevin was 17 and working but moody and never bothered with Joe. He said he was a useless spotty faced kid, but Joe was 16 and actually taller than him, but he earned proper wages and Joe was in his last year at school and could only earn from his paper round in the evenings and both Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Loads of times he had views up Aunty Maureen's skirt at dark stocking tops or tights, down her blouses, or knicker leg under a loose tee shirt she wore to bed. Never getting sight of her nipples although they vaguely showed through her shirts, but they didn't seem to be as lumpy as his mum's for instance, which always poked through her brassiere and top whatever the material. The nights that Aunty stayed, meant that Catherine and June shared a bed top to tail and you should have heard the fuss about it. Aunty Maureen got the other bed in their room and of course there was a scramble for the one bathroom in the house.

The best sighting of all for Joe came very late in her stay, too fucking late in fact - because it was a blast when it happened. She was due to leave on the Saturday morning on an early train. Most of the Carters slept in on Saturdays except me. This particular morning, mum and dad would take Mo to the station, so they were up well before their usual time, downstairs getting breakfast ready.

Joe left Kevin snoring last night's beer off and aimed for the bathroom at his usual time. As he opened the door, he realised his plans were thwarted by Aunty Maureen who was coming out of the bedroom. Joe stopped with the door slightly open and watched as she wandered sleepily to the bathroom, mistakenly opening Ann and Nigel's door first until she got her bearings. he knew she had had lots to drink last night as did his mum and dad. She wore a sort of loose flowery coat, but it hung open. Christ! Joe's cock zoomed back to hard and vertical immediately, as it had been minutes before getting out of bed.

She had enormous boobs he knew, but to see them loose, wobbling free, hanging low with two wide, pink, flat nipples was very exciting especially when they were so close. The bonus was to see her fleshy belly and the mass of brown hair at the bottom. Her belly wobbled too and her belly button was buried in a deep hole amongst the creases of her skin. She disappeared into the bathroom and Joe waited, wanting to piss but wanting to see her body again. He pulled his cock automatically as he waited with hushed breath listening to her noises and keeping an eye on Kevin in case he woke up and saw him wanking near the open door.

Aunty farted and grunted and Joe heard the splash of her piss, making him want to piss even more. It was hard to bottle it up and he wondered how he could manage such a stiffy and a piss at the same time; it would hit the ceiling first. Then the taps ran, her washing commenced and it was even worse, but after a while she finished and came out. Joe closed the door a bit so she wouldn't spot him and the great pole under his tee shirt. It was cool what he saw next.

Aunty Maureen held a towel to her front, the coat in her hand, as she walked back to the bedroom. This time Joe had a full view of her back and bum. The big fat cheeks bounced around the dark crack that ended in a little Y shape at the bottom of her back flanked by two dimples. She dropped the flowery coat and bent to pick it up and he saw right up her arse crack and the dark smudge round her hole and the way her pubic hairs created a fringe below her cunt lips that were big and fat. Cool! He nearly creamed onto the landing carpet at the sight. During the funeral, Catherine and Joe had shared a car with her and some other distant Aunty. He had got a flash of Aunty Maureen's legs and thighs when she got in and sat to sort out her black suit. She wore black stockings because he saw bits of bare flesh until her skirt was arranged. Joe had got in the car before she did and when she climbed in, stooping in the low interior, her big bum had swivelled across his face within inches. The skirt material was shiny and tightly stretched and seemed vast as it passed him. His trousers were stretched to the limit and Catherine frowned and pointed at Joe's crotch bulge but thankfully didn't say anything.

Joe dashed to the bathroom, levering his cock painfully down until the hardness gradually gave in to a nice heavy fleshiness and pissed furiously. Then within seconds he cranked it up again, put down the toilet seat and sniffed it for traces of Aunty Maureen's buttock scent. Imaginary or not, he got the most tremendous hardon to the neat idea that had come to him and had a glorious wank imagining her bum spread and overhanging the plastic as she let go her piss and maybe a dump. He washed and shaved off the sparse fluff on his chin with a dry scrape of Kevin's razor - fuck him. Thinking about Aunty Maureen's mature body occupied Joe's breakfast as she sat across the table, her big tits carried high and huge in a black lacy bra that showed through her white shirt. She wore tight trousers and high heel shoes and loads of makeup and perfume. A permanent hardon was thankfully hidden under the table and he held a magazine over his crotch as he said goodbye and went to the paper shop.

That morning's tabloids had a feature on some scandal involving Sophia Loren - the Italian film star and pictures of her were all over the front pages and inside too. Joe ogled them as he sauntered round, letting the heavy paper bag shield his bulging crotch and give it some weighty pressure keeping his dick at it's concrete like feeling, thinking how fantastically sexy she looked at 60 odd. He knew Aunty Maureen was 50 something and wondered how she would look when she was in her 60s. Mrs Carter was 49 and looked older, but she wasn't sexy either. Joe's mum had flat droopy tits, but he got hard, although guilty, even watching his mum cooking the dinner sometimes..

Entering the driveway of number 14 in the posh area of town, Joe saw the usual array of cars parked on the tarmac. The black BMW, the maroon Range Rover and the yellow Smart car were all in their regular places. The little left hand drive Smart's doors were open and he caught sight of a bum wiggling outside the off side door. A bucket and a hose were alongside the car. It was unusual at 8am to see anyone around this house and as he neared the dwelling he realised the bum was female, housed in loose grey gym shorts revealing the underhang of the woman's buttocks over fleshy but shapely legs. Joe had never seen the new occupants of this place for six months. They had moved in since last Christmas when he last saw the previous owners who gave him a handsome cash tip.

Joe studied the bum, watching it's swaying, flexing and stretching as his Nike trainers took him quietly over the tarmac. A hint of white knickers caught his eye. As he neared and approaching from a wider angle, he could see up under the woman's body where her loose shirt hung low exposing her belly and the occasional sway of her tits. He was thrilled - she had no bra on.. Joe rubbed his dick, covered by the bag of newspapers and felt the surge of hardening at the little flashes of female intimacies, regardless of what she looked like or her age. He didn't know what intrigued him about her.. She was clearly not a sprightly college girl, a new young housewife or fit little PR or marketing bird. It must have been the ample although curvy nature of what flesh was exposed to him.

Suddenly she extracted herself from the city car and turned to grab a rag in the bucket. Her bleached blonde hair was a mess, although tied back in a head band. Joe didn't look too long at her hair because in the moments before she spoke, his eyes fixed on her boobs which were thrusting at her top until she stooped and he saw glorious views of them as they hung beyond the loose neckline of her top. He swung the bag down and realised too late the state of his tented shorts. She glanced at his crotch, then away and back to it before smiling and dipping the rag in the bucket.

With the rag in her hand she faced Joe and he had to drag his eyes away from her tits or more like her nipples which jutted through the material as if they were going to burst the threads and hit him in the eye. Still she smiled, her tanned face slightly sweaty as Joe confirmed that she was not a young woman, guessing she was in her 40s or 50s even, judging by the lines and creases around her eyes and mouth. She had quite a prominent curved nose and lush lips and pair of small gold rimmed spectacles perched on her nose. She folded her arms under her tits, urging them up into enormous soft piles on her forearms on which hung several gold bracelets. Tanned almost leathery freckled cleavage creased up to near her neck. He watched her eyes course over his body and realised he had swung the heavy paperbag down behind him a tad too far Joe's bulging half hard cock would be clearly visible under his football shorts. Her smile widened to a leery grin then closed leaving a cheeky sort of expression.

'Ah! You're the paper boy,' she said somewhat obviously. 'Bit old for that aren't you, strong enough I reckon though? Anyway must get on, got a bit of a mess to clear up, Mitzy has been sick.'

Gratefully freed from her stares, Joe grabbed the two broadsheets and thrust them towards her, but she ignored him and delved into the car again. He watched the splendid bodily activity for a few seconds before walking to the front door and thrusting the stiffly rolled papers into the slit. They were grabbed from the inside, then the door opened and a man, two girls in their late teens and a yappy chocolate and white Springer Spaniel clattered noisily out, ignoring him, calling and waving cheerily to the woman getting surly responses from her and then they opened up the BMW and Range Rover. The dog was called to heel by the woman in a somewhat irritated tone as Joe leered at the two birds climbing into the BMW. They were extremely tasty and stacked, both wearing tight sweaters and smart slacks. Fuck! They were gorgeous, not just tasty. He heard the dog yelp as the cars pulled away and he guessed this was Mitzy. It was carried to the house and bundled inside and she returned to her chore. He picked the next doors papers from the bag and let them hang in front of him.

'Sick in the car then?' Joe queried, talking to the deliciously wiggling butt - not wanting to leave the fullsome views just yet. Her knicker line was clearly defined under the gum shorts. It certainly wasn't a thong. Even the backs of her bronzed legs looked sexy as they tensed all the way down to where her ankles which were clad in tiny grey tennis socks, disappeared into her Saucony trainers.

The woman didn't reply, so Joe walked round to the other side, to get a last glimpse down her top before he left. He got the glimpse as she vigorously scrubbed the floor carpet. Her bracelets rattled and her boobs jiggled wonderfully as did the loose flesh hanging under her bare upper arms. He let the papers hang against his knob end that was bursting at the material.

'Look if you're going to hang around, do something useful and get me some fresh water in that bucket,' she grunted, glancing up at Joe.

He thought about the idea and how many papers had to be delivered. Only twenty more and so what if she saw his erection - she had all ready. She was probably used to it, most women saw them every day he expected. He dumped the two papers back in the bag. The hose dribbled nearby. Joe swilled the dirty water out and refilled the bucket carrying it to her.

'How long have you worked here then?' he asked, getting her attention.

Slowly, she unravelled her body from the neat little vehicle and confronted him. Her face looked thunderous, her mouth grimaced but she looked him up and down. Again slightly unsure, he held the bucket in front of him, shielding his bursting erection. It would have probably stuck out the top of his shorts if he'd let it.

'Work here?' she exploded. 'I bloody well live here young man. I'm Mrs Goldstein. That was my old man and my two daughters leaving me to this mess, but I suppose it's my fault. Lazy I suppose - taking Mitzy to the common instead of walking her round here for her exercise. Bloody foot and mouth crisis, bloody government messing things up,' she added.

'Not used to the car then? The dog,' Joe valiantly persisted, eeking out the time he could lust after her body.

'Not really that, something she ate I suppose. All the bloody footpaths have been closed off, but there's no animals miles round here,' she spat, wringing the rag dry of water before she stooped back in to the vehicle. 'Normally would have walked her through the gap there and onto those fields back there,' she indicated with a manicured forefinger thrust behind her and past him.

'Sometimes sheep in those fields,' he advised her knowingly. 'I live on the estate down there.'

The woman ignored him, recognising someone from a much lower social scale than she was and he decided to leave and finish his paper job. He walked round the car and gathered up his bag, glancing across to her and seeing that she was watching him. Joe stood with the bag half on his shoulders letting her have one more look at his cock bulge before disappointing her and leaving.

She came round the car and leaned her butt against it, crossing one leg over the other.

'There, that's finished. Christ! That looks heavy, but you're a big strong lad I can see,' she chuckled.

'No problem,' Joe told her swinging the bag fully onto his shoulder. He was sweating partly from the already hot summer sun and mild concern that she would see his stiffy which was very reluctant to go down. Of course she saw it and chuckled, raising her eyebrows.

'You look as hot as I am. Fancy a drink or something? Come on I'm going to have some fresh orange. Haven't even had breakfast yet,' added slamming the doors shut and gathering the cleaning stuff. She left the hose uncoiled on the driveway.

She started to wander towards the house as he ogled her big swaying butt. She glanced over her shoulder with a sly smile. Her tit swung tantalisingly in and out of view as she did so, making him think about his earlier reluctance to leave. Fuck it, twenty more deliveries after a glass of orange and some more sights of her body - easy. Joe followed her, eyes glued to the vision of mature loveliness and his mind swung to Aunty Maureen and Sophia Loren. Sophia was well out of reach and Aunty Maureen probably wouldn't give him more sights until the next funeral. This bird was real, live and up close.

The dog ran around as they entered the kitchen, round back of the big detached house. She shoved it into another room after dumping the washing gear. Joe leaned against a huge stout wooden table that dominated the bright airy room. It was bigger than the Carter's living room at home. She came round towards him and opened the massive fridge immediately opposite him. He could have reached out and grasped her body she was so close. Joe could feel her body heat. Before he could shift, after all he was leaning and his weight was firmly supported by the table, she bent down to reach something from the bottom shelf. Her body arched, skin was unveiled on her back as the top peeled upwards, her legs tightened and her buttocks brushed against his crotch. He was sure he heard a slight gurgle of pleasure as she applied slight pressure back on him with her arse crack lodged firmly on his stiffy, pinning him to the table edge, before straightening up, shutting the door and swivelling to face Joe almost proudly offering a large jug of orange juice.

'This will be nice to cool us down, won't it? What's your name? I'm Lilian, but call me Lil, everyone does,' she said pleasantly.

'Er Joe, everyone calls me that,' he added stupidly. She grimaced at the daft remark.

She poured two large tumblers of juice and came close to offer him one. Her eyes bore into his as she raised the glass to her unmade lips. He took in the traces of mascara round her brown eyes, the mass of wrinkles round her lips, the soft downy hair on her cheeks and the almost unbearable heat of her closeness. She sipped slowly as her eyes travelled up and down the 16-year-old's body. God! How he wished he didn't have such long lasting erections. He glanced down as he sipped his juice. His knob was nearly escaping the elastic round his waist and the thick curved bulge was carving vertically up from the folds below. Since he had encountered her, he was being caught in the trap of sneakily wanting to show her his sexually excited state and yet when she looked he was almost mortified that she should stare.

'Look Joe. Whatever you're packing down your pants is itching to get out. Now I don't know whether you're kidding me with a carrot or banana or something. If you are it's a pity for both you and I because I'm.... going.... to... find... out.'

With that she grabbed Joe's crotch and squeezed, letting a great sigh go as she realised there was no fruit and veg where her fingers gripped. She placed her glass on the table against his as he cried out when she pulled the waist band of his shorts down and out it popped. She lodged the elastic under his bollocks, making the whole lot stick out even further.

'Oh my God!' she wailed. 'How old are you?'

'16,' he squawked with pleasure as she fondled Joe's dick.

'Old enough and big enough. I haven't had an uncut for years,' she murmured mysteriously, putting her fingers round his knob ridge and pulling his foreskin tight down his shaft. Joe's knob shone, the veins seemed thicker than he'd ever seen as Lil dropped to her knees and in seconds her mouth was wrapped round his cock and nodding to a very nice rhythm.

Joe gasped at his first blow job, the thing he'd heard so much about and never had done. Apparently there was a girl at school who gave great BJs but Joe never seemed to be in the right place to get close enough to her and be friendly and get her on her own. To have a mature woman for the first was weird, but he wasn't complaining as his orgasm started. With a shout, Joe shot his load into Lil's mouth taking her by surprise he reckoned. She pulled away as it hit her mouth and the spurts shot all over her hair and face until she dipped and swallowed his knob again. Joe was amazed that she did that and she never spat it out. All the time she had been sticking her fingers right under his balls pressing hard which made the orgasm even better. When he stopped pumping the stuff, she kept his cock in her mouth and altered her position and grinned up at him as he held the table edge, panting and gasping.

Her hair was really messy with his cum and it dribbled down her cheeks and off her chin, but she just let it as she licked his knob end.

'Heh heh, first time eh Joe?' she asked, swiping a creamy dollop of jism of the lens of her specs. She took them off briefly and wiped them on her top. 'That was real quick.'

Joe nodded and whimpered a sad little yes, as Lil staggered up to her feet with a grunt. 'Bloody hard floor for a girl my age. Does the old knees no good at all.'

'You've got stuff on your hair,' he told her meekly.

'And I've got stuff as you call it in my belly - loads of it. It's lovely. Fresh and young and I bet there's hundreds of kids in it,' she sniggered as he looked startled at the idea. 'Oyvey! You can't get me pregnant through my mouth silly boy.'

Joe smiled with stupidity. Lil grabbed a kitchen towel and dabbed his cum from her face and hair while looking through a mirror on the opposite wall. Suddenly relaxed and somehow confident Joe slid his butt up and sat on the table to watch as her lovely big backside wobbled as she tiptoed to peer closely at her reflection. He took a final slurp of his orange drink as she turned and glanced at her wristwatch.

'Got more papers to deliver?' she asked throatily, walking towards him.

'Yeah about twenty. Better go I suppose - thanks,' Joe muttered.

She put her hand on his crotch and squeezed gently and he automatically tensed it. He was amazed at the reaction down there. Joe felt a surge and so did Lil. Fuck! He'd only just blown his load. She picked up his right hand and placed it on her tits and pressed it into the soft squadgy mass. She let his hand roam and the sensation was wonderful for the lad to feel the heavy bazongers rolling around, unfettered in her top. He found her nipples and raised his other hand to pinch at both headlights which were hard under his hands.

'How long to deliver them Joe?' she breathed.

'Not long maybe half an hour,' he said huskily as her face came close to his. She pressed her body forward, forcing him to open his legs to let her budge between.

'Oh that's good Joe, feeling my boobs like an expert...Oh yessss,' she drawled as he dared to lift her top and feel the ripe heaviness of her knockers. It seemed and proved the right thing to do. Her tit flesh was searingly hot and sticky below the overhang. She ran her fingers under Joe's shorts, up his thighs and fondled his balls, then she pressed on his cock and he felt it react to her probing fingers. 'You gonna go and deliver then?'

'I don't know,' he gasped weakly as she persuaded life back in to his dick. It was getting hard again for fuck's sake! 'What do you think?'

'Take my top off and then we'll make a decision,' Lil told him.

He slung her top upwards over her readily raised arms and while she shook her hair, then ran her fingers through it - the whole mass of the most marvellous array of breast flesh he'd ever seen swung and swayed, inches from his exploring hands. Her teats were dark brown and tightly crinkled with little paler blebs surrounding the walnut like saucers which supported almost inch high stubs. Joe could see the centre of each nipple as if it was her milk hole. He fell, crying out like a baby into them as she thrust them forward and up with her hands. He nuzzled and sucked and licked the enormous boobs as she held his slobbering face tight in her hot sticky cleavage. Joe felt one of her hands infiltrate his crotch again then she tried to ease off his shorts but he was sat on them.

'You'd better do your job Joe,' she said softly as she persuaded him to lift one cheek at a time so she could release the tight material and slip the shorts to the floor.

In the movement Joe caught sight of his cock which was as rigid as ever before and being grasped tightly in her elegant hand. Her tanned mitt with the blood red painted fingernails and her gold rings looked like they belonged to his meat as she expertly drew his foreskin up and down the engorged shaft. She seemed fascinated by the thick fold of flesh that swept over his knob then unveiled it with each stroke.

'I could come back,' he whimpered from the pillows of her breast. 'Er!... What about your husband?'

'Pah!' she exclaimed softly. 'He's golfing with Rachel and Marion. They'll be hours and hours, only just gone. You saw them.'

'Oohh! If you do that. I'll come again,' he whined in anticipation as she started to dip her head into his lap. Her tits wobbled on top of Joe's thighs before they dropped to hang below. She raised up and looked keenly at him.

'No you won't. The second one is always slower and if you're going to stay and come, you're going to do a proper job this time,' Lil said firmly.

She stepped back and lowered her grey gym shorts, as he watched those magnificent mammaries sway. She straightened up and posed in a glam mag kind of way, one hand placed on her angled hip, the other with her shorts and some flimsy white panties hanging from the tip of her fingers. She let them drop as he leered at her body, fully exposed in all it's mature full blooded glory, one knee carefully placed just forward of her supporting leg. He thought briefly of Aunty Maureen's bulky - compared to this body, as his eyes homed in on Lil's crotch which was bare, bald and smooth looking, under a slight pouch of fatty flesh at her lower belly. The slit of her cunt was just visible, such was the deep undercurve of her mound and he groaned as his cock surged and settled back to hover like a wand above his thigh.

'Get off the table Joe. Job for you to finish,' she grinned, licking her lips as he slid obediently off the kitchen table to let his straining dick snap against his belly when he stood.

For some moments they stood facing each other almost awkwardly - unmoving, as Joe stared at the bounteous curves of this stunning woman and she stared back at his prick which was as hard as it had ever been. It amazed Joe how that happened but he wasn't asking questions now.

'Nice little bush you've got there Joe and tight balls - I like that. Do you like my pussy bald? It's Louis's idea. I've shaved it for years, did it last night after a shower. Like to feel it?' Lil murmured, placing her hand over her crotch and drawing her finger up wards making the slit extend until it slowly creased back on release. He saw pink and red inner folds, moist and glistening and tensed his dick. Her eyes flickered at the erotic twitching of the lad's weapon.

His sharp little nods were enough and she beckoned him forward with a crooked finger. He stretched out his arm and saw his hand trembling as it neared the target of his dreams. Never had Joe touched a cunt and he'd always thought it would be one of the girls at school first, knowing that sometimes one or two of them got high on something and larked about in the evenings. Lil's practised hand reached his prick first and she sighed as she grasped it and he felt a slight pull to get him closer. His hand slid over her belly and down to her cunt and he gasped as his middle finger found the top of her slit..

He pushed further downwards, revelling in the cushiony velvet feel of her pubic mound until her soft thigh flesh gave way to his searching digit and it delved into what was a very sticky orifice. Meanwhile she was pushing her bosoms up at his face and he nestled and slobbered between the huge piles of tit flesh as his hand continued his juvenile gropings. He pressed hard and she jolted and whispered not to be so forceful and be gentle.

'Sorry,' Joe muttered guiltily, wanting to explore this treasured part of Lil, the part of pinups that he had only spunked over in dirty mags.

Suddenly, impatiently Lil pushed him away and turned her back on him. She bent and rested her hands on a chair, her sumptuous body curved down with her butt raised towards him. She slung one hand back and pulled her right arse cheek to one side and Joe gasped as he saw the crack open and the full glory of her sopping twat hung slightly open for him and topped by the wrinkled knot of her arsehole.

'Let's stop fucking around Joe. Give me that rod of yours hard and fast. Fuck me hard Joe. It's what I really need in my pussy. A hard young rampant cock like yours, come on stick it in and cum in me,' she gurgled throatily yet with some constrained aggression. She let her buttocks flop together and wriggled them at the uninitiated youngster who stood mesmerised by the earthy sight.

'Come on Joe slip it,' she urged him flapping her hand towards her cunt to indicate her anxiety.

He stepped closer and levered his rampantly hard and vertical cock downwards and aimed it at her cunt. He felt his knob secure an entrance in her hot box and thrust. Lil grunted at his lack of finesse, but realised that she had asked for it hard and fast. With three inches inside her, Joe was unsure of the next move. He knew he would need to start shoving in and out of her but should he start that now, it felt like it and it sure felt nice to him, dripping wet and hot and feeling her inner muscles contracting round his still member.

Lil took the initiative and thrust her butt back onto him taking him a little by surprise, making him unsteady on his feet until he grabbed her buttocks and thrust back in retaliation and sank fully into her gaping snatch. Lilian sighed and grasped his cock with all her cuntal membranes and he felt them throb round his submerged tool.

'Fuck me now Joe,' she stated simply. 'Just bang it in and out that's all you have to do.'

Joe got the message. He banged and banged and Lilian, the rich full blown, 45-year-old Jewish housewife felt the awesome power of a virgin teenage youth again. The first and only time had been twenty years ago when she had seduced her nephew not long after his barmitzvah. She had heard about the boy's unparalleled size of penis through the community gossip and he had got into trouble using it at school. He was in all ways a cocky youth and at only 13 years old, but nearly six foot tall he had come on strong with Lilian when she was a prize winning trophy wife in the eyes of the male community Louis and she favoured. Whilst he was certainly big, the one and only time she banged him had been quick urgent and unfulfilling just before he had gone to live in the USA with his parents.

Joe Carter the local paper delivery lad was certainly not in the big status - relatively speaking, but he was making Lilian's eyes water with his undoubted raw enthusiasm and utter youthful strength. Her butt was being pounded and her capacious cunt plundered to her joyful responses of cries and shouts that echoed in the large kitchen. Skin slapped juicily together almost in time to the second hand of the kitchen clock, her cunt discharges splattering his thighs with each surge in at the inviting red lipped gash that Joe never took his eyes off. He saw her anus winking at him as her sphincter rippled from her internal flexing. He had never seen an arsehole close up apart from the mag pics, yet this live one was so close he could almost count the pattern of wrinkles that flowed in from the dark saucered skin it was all set in and into the knot of muscle in the centre. Lilian's spectacles clattered to the floor and caught his attention.

He glanced beyond her genitals for a moment and grinned happily at the sight of her huge hanging udders swaying loosely under her suspended torso. His fingers grasped her bulky hips finding plenty of flesh to hang on to and help his pelvic thrusts as he felt his cum boiling in his bollocks. This had been one hell of a fuck for the lad and he was near to exhaustion due to the furious pace he had started and continued at Lil's requests, indeed instructions. Pacing himself didn't enter Joe's thoughts, you fucked and came as far as he understood and his rhythm had not faltered since he'd started a full twenty minutes previous.

Lilian felt the change in his output as he speeded up and she decided to let him have his way. Her back was aching, her thighs were numb, his butt clenching fingers hurt and her arms were cramping but rather than destroy the sheer animalistic shagging for a more comfortable position, she waited for Joe to cum. She could always repeat the performance at leisure she mused.... what was she thinking about? This was a one off you silly cow she chastised herself in her mind and then she felt the first blast of young fertile jism hit her cervix.

The lad grunted and yelped, his eyes tight shut with the effort as stream after stream flowed through his shaft and spurted into her hungry mott. Lilian thanked her lucky stars she had been sterilised after an illness some years ago. She didn't want any more kids even though Louis didn't fuck her very often these days, but she was sure she would have been harbouring several cheap poor estate sperm by now, such was the power of the lad's blasts high in her vagina.

She swiped her fingers through her crotch and flicked her clitty a few times and felt the waves of orgasm, which she could induce virtually at the drop of a hat. As the lad slowed then lurched to a heaving gasping moaning halt, Lilian flicked her clitoris furiously and felt the climax sweep from within and flood through her whole body as she shook and dropped her head onto her forearms on the chair. This altered the duo's position and Joe found his cock suddenly bare, raw and dripping down his legs, leaving a cascade of web like sperm trails arcing from Lilian's swollen gash, downwards and back up to his engorged knob end. He staggered backwards and found a chair and plonked down onto it, peering at his softening dick as it hung lifeless towards the floor.

Lilian swung herself round and sat heavily on the chair that had been her fuck support and the pair gazed at each other with slavering mouths, heaving chests and dribbling genitalia. With a grimace and a grunt she reached below and grabbed her spectacles from the floor and stuck them crookedly on her nose.

She smiled at her teen fuckstar and he grinned and raised his eyebrows.

'Shit! That was something else Joe,' she chuckled. 'You've stuffed me solid with your cum, look.'

Lilian opened her legs wide and pulled her cunt lips up and wide, showing him the fat red mouth of her vagina which was running with the slimy cocktail onto the edge of the kitchen chair.

'I'm knackered Lil,' he confessed as he gazed in awe at the open way she exposed her snatch so freely. It was an awesome sight and he hoped he could see more of it in the future.

'Knackered?' she giggled. 'Your knackers have pumped more cum into me than in all the years Louis has fucked me, believe me. Nothing wrong with your knackers Joe boy.'

'Christ yeah! Er... like. Fuck!' exclaimed Joe alertly perching forward on his chair.

'Whaaaat?' she quizzed impatiently. 'What's the matter?'

''Er..well my cum. You know.... in your, in your pussy. I didn't wear a condom... fuck!' he spluttered.

Lilian burst into fits of joyous laughter and stunned him. Fuck! he thought - she was happy about having his babies.

'I'm sterile Joe, don't worry babe. You thought... you, oh no babe,' Lilian struggled from her chair and stood over him, pulling his face into the pillows of her tits and snuggling him tightly.

He breathed deeply into the mammoth bosoms, happy and relieved at her statement. She budged her legs between his and her knee nudged his damp dick. She pressed into him fondly, mothering the youth that had turned her sex life upside down. She wanted more of his power and to teach him the finesse she desired to promote mutual orgasms and let him explore the many facets of sex. After all he hadn't been down to eat her yet and Lilian knew he would enjoy that, but maybe another time.... there she goes again, she mused. Another time... but, yes why not?

Joe shifted in his chair and came out of her mammaries for some air.

'I've still got to deliver the papers Lil,' he said almost apologetically.

'Of course you have Joe babe. And that's what you're going to do. Can't have unsatisfied customers can we?'

Although this one is far from unsatisfied. You have satisfied me in just about every way possible,' she murmured as she slid to one side letting him stand.

'Just about, only just about?' asked Joe keenly and alert. 'Was it poor then?'

'No babe. It was cool. It's just that there's a lot more to fucki...well sex in every way. Er!.. you want to find out about it?' she said softly, indeed uncertainly and hesitantly as he grubbed around for his clothes.

Joe scrambled into his gear nodding eagerly. 'Shit! Yeah Lil. Cool. Can I, I mean can we?'

She shepherded him to the door, content that he was dressed properly helping him to check if his dick was safely stowed away.

'Leave it to me Joe. Louis and the girls are always away. I'm really a lonely housewife you know. Got the cash and the cars and that but a girl need a cock even at my age,' she chuckled as he stopped on the step.

'Your age is not a problem to me Lil. You're cool really cool...and thanks,' said Joe brightly, swinging his paper bag onto his shoulders.

He turned and sauntered away, turning to wave at the gate.

She returned his wave and went for a shower and sleep. Joe got a little aggro from the 20 customers waiting for their papers, but he took it lightly on the chin and promised them it wouldn't happen again... but he hoped something would.


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