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After Work by Hanley Strapmann

After Work

This is a continuation of "Is This Work?"

By: Hanley Strapmann (

The weekend had given you some time to overcome the lust that dwelled within your pussy. It had been sated, given the sacrifice of carnal activity and now you had the lust at bay; but, you knew it wouldn't last long.

No dress for you on Monday, slacks and a conservative blouse was more appropriate. You knew that if I saw you in a dress, then I would unleash the lust again; you wanted so badly to maintain some dignity, but your true self would not let you do that for long.

When you entered my office, you found a note telling you that I had been called away on business and would be gone for at least a week. While the good side of you breathed a sigh of relief that you would not be tempted, the slut in you was disappointed; how could you go without for a week?

You were fixating on this problem when the mail boy stopped by your desk. His fingers rested lightly on your desk, he couldn't look you in the eye. You peered directly at him as he stammered, "hi..., well...., I was .... wondering..." you did nothing to cure his discomfort. In fact, you smiled that wicked little smile of yours. Here was the young man whom you had given two exquisite blow-jobs to and he was still uncomfortable with you.

The boy squirmed, and blurted out, "would you go to the prom with me this weekend?" You were taken aback. It had been years since you had been in High School and if you went, while you are still very attractive, you definitely would stand out against all of those little cheer leaders.

Having said what he wanted, he calmed down a little and stole a peek of you to see your response. The lust in you spoke, "Sure." The young man looked like he had won the lottery. He almost danced at your desk. "By the way, what is your name?" you ask, suddenly realizing that you didn't even know his name.

"Chris" he responds and skips away.

You smile to yourself. "This should be interesting, sort of like the Allie McBeal episode. Always wanted to know what the episode didn't show." You think.

The week passed, you did your work, you went home, you planned what you would need for the prom. It took three shopping trips to find the exact dress for you. It was a long black gown with slits up both sides. No matter how you moved, there was always that flash of leg, and you so loved your legs.

Friday night came and you had your hair done. You didn't like the lines your undergarments made in the dress so you decide to go without. The dress' fabric rubs so nicely against your pink nipples. Medium heels for tonight, you want to dress and strut your stuff.

Right on time, Chris arrives. When you open the door, his jaw drops a mile as he appraises this night's treat. "Wow, you look great." You return the compliment, the tux does look good, but, you know he is still only a boy trying to look like a man.

His car is old and a little tattered, although, he has washed it. Chris opens the door for you and gazes at those beautiful legs as you slide into the car. He runs around and gets in behind the wheel.

You feel naughty and know that tonight, you will be in control, you slide over next to him. Chris has a hard time concentrating on the driving, or his eyes on the road. When you place a hand on his thigh he draws in a breath and you smile at the reaction.

He parks the car and walk you to the gym. Flashbacks of your days in High School flood over you. You never thought of yourself as popular then, but, tonight, you knew you would be.

The gym is decorated in the usual "cheesy" way, how little things have changed. The chaperones give you the eye as you walk in on Chris' arm, they probably think you are a whore bought for the nigh. Chris seems to strut with you on his arm. Several boys watch with envy. Yes, tonight, you would be very popular. You feel your pussy agree.

Punch! You haven't had punch in ages. That is what Chris brings you. While he is gone getting your drink, you make friends with several of the young men, their dates are none too happy about the attention you are getting.

Even after Chris returns to your side, other young men swarm around you. They know you have the experience that their young dates don't; experience counts.

Finally the band starts. It isn't very good but Chris takes you onto the dance floor to show you off. You don't disappoint him. The slits on your dress give you a tremendous amount of freedom and you are showing off your legs to their fullest advantage. During a slow dance, Chris moves against you and you feel his erection, you pull it harder into you, Chris moans in your ear. You love the feel of a hard prick rolling against you.

Two more dances and you leave the dance floor for the swarm of young men. Chris seems to be very comfortable with the attention you are getting. One of the young men asks you for the next dance, Chris nods and you return to the dance floor. A slow dance and you feel the satisfying press of hard meat through your dress. Now you grind yourself against the poor lad who prays that he doesn't cum in his pants.

Once the other boys know you are available, your dance ticket is full as young stud after young stud insist on dancing with you. During the slow dances especially, they cut in on each other to press themselves against you. Your true self is taking over and you know it.

Finally your legs are too tired to go on and you ask to sit for a while. Chris steers you to some chairs near the men's locker room. Many of the young men come over and mill around you and Chris. You note the locker room is locked as you see a young man try the door. Chris leans over to your ear, and through the din of the music whispers, "I have the key."

Your wicked smile tells him what he wants to know. Chris watches the chaperone until a girl and her date at the other end of the floor start to get too intimate. The chaperone turns his back to your group and goes to intercede.

As if on cue, Chris stands, opens the door, and pulls you into the locker room. About ten young men follow you in; Chris closes and locks the door. Safety. The room smells of young men, sweat and lust. Parallel lockers with wooden benches between.

Now that he has you in the room, Chris doesn't what to do next. None of the young men do. They probably have fantasized and planned this all week, but, now it is really happening and their wet dreams are coming through, your dreams as well. You feel your cunt leak in anticipation.

"Well gentlemen, looks like we are going to have some fun." You survey your smorgasbord of studs. "Chris will be first of course", you are in control and you like it. "Let's see what each of you bring to the party." At first they don't understand what you mean, then one stud realizes what you need to see and he rapidly strips, allowing his cock to fall from his shorts. In a moment, you are surrounded by ten waiting pricks ranging in size from small to one young man who is enormous.

"Well, well,..." you lick your lips surveying your domain. Your pussy starts dripping as you sit on an end of a bench. "Come to mama." You say and beckon Chris over. As your lips touch his dick, there is a collective sigh from the room.

Chris is much too excited, and with only two strokes, your mouth is filled with his cum. As he withers and pulls away, another cock is inserted between your waiting lips before you even have a chance to swallow Chris' cum. This one lasts longer and you massage his balls, first with your fingertips and then with your lips. While you have his balls in your mouth, you feel them tighten and then his cum shoots into your hair., so much for the "do".

Your cunt is vibrating, so close, you feel a climax near. The next young man has a cock that is at least ten inches long and as big as your own wrist. You are not going to waste this one. You lay back on the bench and pull the dress up to your waist, exposing your engorged pussy to the horny teenager. He hesitates only a minute before positioning his cock at the entrance. During the slow insertion and the stretching of your cunt, you climax lolling your head back as your finger nails scratch the chest of the owner of the magnificent tool.

The boys are jostling for position, you motion for them to come to your face. Two do and begin to bang their harden cocks against your face. You try to catch one and then the other with your mouth without success. Two other boys put your hands on their hardened pricks and you jack away on them.

The room is now in a sexual frenzy. The top of your dress is pulled down below your tits, you feel many hands squeezing and massaging your tits. You nipples are pinched and bitten. Another climax erupts from your very soul as you thrash about trying to enjoy as many cocks as possible. You feel the gigantic lust in your cunt release its load into your womb as the two slapping their pricks against your face splurt their load on your face, up your nose and into your hair.

The dicks in your hands yield two loads that spray onto your tits and dress.

As the satisfied ones pull away, they are quickly replaced with others. You are pulled up to a standing position, held there by two of the boys as you could never support yourself. You are not longer in control, merely a sex tool that the boys will use as they will.

Your body is lowered onto a waiting cock, it slides in easily and you lean forward and kiss the young man, darting your tongue against his. He holds you to his chest as you feel your ass cheeks being pulled apart, a cock's head against your ass hole. You know what is coming and brace yourself. Fortunately, your juices and the spent cum has coated your ass and you are well lubricated, the cock slides in with relative ease. Only a momentary lull in your tongue action.

Your head is pulled up and another cock enters your last hole. Too much, your body shakes and rolls with a climax so intense that you loose consciousness.

As you regain your senses, you know you are alone with Chris. You feel the dried and drying cum on your skin and wonder if there is any inch of you that has not been plastered. Your pussy is sore, and content. Cum is dripping from your cunt, your asshole, and you lick some from around your mouth. While the young are inexperienced, they sure have a lot of spunk. Obviously they continued to use your unconscious body as their outlet.

You slowly sit up, Chris steadies you and you pull your soiled dress up over your sore tits. Perhaps you should get a dress that says, "Clinton was here."

"What time is it?" you mutter.

"Almost five in the morning. The prom let out several hours ago. We can leave whenever you are ready.

You nod and with Chris' help, make your way to his car and then to your apartment. He kisses you goodbye at the door. You shower and fall into bed.

Hope you enjoyed. Let me know your thoughts:

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