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After the Party by Wilder Green

After the Party

This story is copyrighted and may not be posted anywhere without my express permission.

"Peter, how are you getting home?" I asked.

"Taxi, I guess. A bit late now for a bus," he answered.

"Carol and I will give you a lift if you like," I told him.

"That'd be great," he responded.

"The party went a bit later than I thought. You never know with these office parties, do you? Sometimes they kick on and sometimes they don't," said Carol.

"Here, Peter, you get the back. I'll drive," Carol said as she opened the driver's door.

"Jenny, get in the back with Peter," Carol said.

I slid into the seat beside Peter.

"Carol doesn't need me to help with the driving," I said.

Mentally I was licking my lips. Carol and I had set this up carefully. It had taken us some time to work up the nerve, but the office party, combined with another special celebration, had made us decide to go ahead. We both had always fancied Peter, tall, well built, strong and a lot of fun to be with. Also, unlike all the other attractive men in the office he was unattached and not gay. Once we had determined that we would seduce Peter, we had planned carefully. We had both dressed in short, but not too short, skirts to show our legs; and tops which showed the lines of our bodies without being too overtly revealing.

As Carol started the car, I moved closer to Peter. He wasn't quite sure what to do, although I could sense that he was appreciating the nearness of two attractive women. I put my arm around his shoulder and, tentatively, he put his around me. I hugged him gently. He felt as good as he looked, strong and vibrant.

"I need you as a referee, Peter," Carol said.

"A referee? For what?"

"Yes. Before we went to the party, Jenny and I agreed that we wouldn't wear any panties. But I think she's cheated."

"I haven't cheated," I said, pretending indignation. I could see Peter was nervous, wondering what he should say. There was just enough light, however, to show a promising bulge growing in his trousers.

"Will you check for me?" asked Carol.

I eased the tension by drawing his face to mine and kissing him. Within moments he was responding warmly. Kissing him was as good as I had dreamed that it could be. I could feel the strength of his body as his warm lips pressed against mine. Then his mouth opened and our tongues met. Touching, tasting, exploring. I had already been aroused as a result of what we had planned, but now I was on fire.

"Hey," said Carol, from the front. "Don't forget to check." She was watching us as best she could in the mirror.

Peter put his right hand on my knee and began to slowly stroke up my inner thigh, reaching a little further with every stroke. We continued to kiss.

"What's happening? I can't see," said Carol.

I didn't answer, I didn't want to break the kiss. I guided Peter's left hand to my breast, where he began to stroke and massage it through the material of my blouse. I could feel my nipple enlarging. Meanwhile his other hand continued moving higher up my thigh. I opened my legs wide, resting one across his legs, to let him know that he was welcome. My thigh was now touching the bulge in his trousers. It definitely felt very promising. I rubbed my leg against it. A groan came from my throat and Peter echoed it.

"What are you doing? Tell me. I can't watch and drive at the same time," Carol pleaded.

I broke the kiss to say, "We're kissing and just warming up. He's stroking my thigh and my breast and he has such wonderful hands. Strong and gentle at the same time."

He opened my blouse, reached under my bra and started to gently caress my right nipple, stroking and pinching softly. Each touch sent another jolt of pleasure flashing through my body, arousing me more and more. It was as if there was a direct connection between my nipple and my pussy.

Peter moved his hand further up my leg. He must be able to feel the heat from my pussy by now, I thought, as he approached ever closer to my soaking cunt. Then his finger tips brushed lightly over my outer lips, softly at first and then parting my lips to stroke the hot wetness that they sheltered. I gasped with pleasure as he slowly stroked over my clitoris and then down to the entrance to my cunt and back again. And again, and again. My hips were moving, almost of their own volition, rotating, pressing back against his hand.

I felt for Peter's dick and grasped it through the material of his trousers. It felt magnificent: big, but not too big, hard and stiff. I could feel it throbbing as I squeezed it. I undid his belt and unzipped his fly to release it. It was too dark to see it well with only the intermittent lighting of the street lamps as we passed them, but it looked just delicious. Just the right size and perfectly proportioned.

"Well?" demanded Carol.

"She hasn't cheated," Peter answered.

"Are you sure? Where is your hand? What are you doing?"

Peter didn't answer her, but inserted a finger into my cunt and started to finger fuck me, firmly and slowly. He lowered his head to my breast and sucked firmly on my nipple.

"He's sure," I answered for him.

"What's he doing? I can see him sucking your tits, but what else?"

"He's got a finger inside me. He's fucking me with it. Oh, it's just so good," I gasped.

Peter added a second finger and continued the wonderful rhythm. I moaned in response to the added pleasure that the extra friction gave. Somehow at the same time he was managing to rub my clitoris.

"What has he got? What's his dick like?" Carol was in an agony of frustration at not being able to share in what was happening. She desperately wanted to participate, even if only second hand, through us telling her what we were doing.

"He's got a beautiful dick," I said. "It's big and hard and oh so hot in my hand. It's twitching slightly as I squeeze and stroke it. Oh, there's a tiny bit of moisture at the tip." I stopped talking as I licked the moisture from my finger, delighting in the taste.

Wanting to taste more of him, I bent over and licked the tip of his dick, slowly taking the end of it into my mouth. It tasted so good, sweet, clean, manly. All my daydreams were coming true.

"What are you doing now?" Carol asked.

I merely grunted in response. There was no way I was going to release Peter's beautiful dick from my mouth so soon. Peter was responding strongly to me, pumping his dick in and out of my mouth.

"Please tell me," Carol pleaded.

"Jenny can't talk just now." Peter's voice was a gasp.

"Why not?"

"She's got her mouth full," he burst out, his voice high-pitched with embarrassment.

I kept sucking, taking his dick deeper and deeper into my mouth, caressing it with my tongue. Peter was bucking harder against me now, fucking my mouth.

"Oh, Jenny, you do that so well," Peter moaned softly. "Oh, God, how do you that to me? It's just so good."

I kept sucking, finally getting his whole dick into my mouth, licking around the shaft with my tongue at I did so, and then sucking powerfully at his knob on each stroke.

"Stop, stop," he panted. "It's too soon. I want to go on for much longer."

Understanding, I released his dick and kissed him hard on the mouth. His hand immediately went back to my cunt, his fingers finding exactly the right spots. I groaned with pleasure.

We were almost at Carol's home, I realised suddenly. Mustn't forget Carol, I reminded myself.

"OK, so now we all know I didn't cheat. But you'd better check Carol as well," I told Peter.

"Yes, please," said Carol.

I half pushed Peter to lean forward between the front seats, encouraging him. He reached forward and put his hand between Carol's parted legs. Looking over his shoulder, I could see that her skirt was already pulled right up. I knew that she has been masturbating whenever she could spare a hand from the driving. Lucky the car's an automatic, I thought.

Peter's hand disappeared into the shadows between her thighs, moving slowly up towards her crotch. Carol shifted in her seat, lifting herself, parting her legs wider, making access easier for him.

"Well?" I asked.

"No, she hasn't cheated either."

"Put your finger inside her. Finger fuck her," I told him.

I could see his hand moving rhythmically as he did his best to obey, but he was obviously having difficulty reaching properly from the back seat.

"Is she wet and hot?" I asked.

"Oh, yes, she is so hot and wet."

"What does she feel like?"

"Wonderful. Smooth and silky. Like you, but somehow subtly different," he told me.

The car was slowing as Carol's attention focussed more and more on the pleasure waves that I knew Peter's fingers were causing.

"My arm's cramping. I can't reach very well in this position," Peter said.

"OK, come back here," I said pulling Peter back to me. "Carol can have her turn later."

"Alright," agreed Carol, with reluctance showing clearly in her voice. "But you'll have to make up for it later."

"We promise," I said.

Peter's hand went back to my pussy, his fingers probing in and out of my soaking cunt, rubbing my swollen clitoris, sending waves of pleasure through my body. At the same time, his lips found my nipple again. Instantly my body was responding, my hips gyrating of their own accord.

Dimly, through a haze of pleasure, I was aware of the car entering Carol's garage, of the automatic doors closing behind us, and of the lights which came on automatically.

The fire in my pussy continued to build, hotter and wetter, and I could feel the wonderful tension building towards orgasm.

"Yes," I cried. "Yes, yes. Fuck me with those wonderful fingers. Fuck me!"

Carol got out of the car, and opened the rear door beside me and leaned in, watching as Peter's fingers fucked in and out of my cunt. Her hand was between her parted legs and her skirt was rucked up. She had two fingers in her own cunt, pumping as she watched. Her mouth was open a little and the tip of her tongue was sensuously wetting her lips.

"Let's go inside," she said.

"Just a minute," I gasped out.

Then the wonderful waves of orgasm struck me as I started to come hard on Peter's hand. The waves of pleasure and release pulsed through me, lighting up my whole body. I came, panting, writhing, groaning.

"Oh, thank you, thank you," I gasped at Peter as I got my breath back, holding him tight and kissing him hard on the mouth.

Awkwardly we got out of the car, my skirt still pulled up around my waist, and Peter's dick sticking out from his open trousers like a pole.

Carol led the way to the steps that led up out of her garage to her apartment and unlocked the connecting door.

"Carol, wait there," I said. "Stand on the first step."

She did as I asked, looking back at me, not sure exactly what I had in mind.

"Now, Peter, come here," I said, pulling him by his dick until he was standing close behind Carol. I lifted Carol's skirt to reveal her perfectly shaped arse and guided Peter's dick between her legs where it rubbed against her pussy lips

"Your turn now," I whispered to her.

I moved past her and sat on a step in front of her, so that my face was level with her pussy and took hold of Peter's dick again. I rubbed its tip over her pussy, paying attention to those places which I knew she particularly liked. She took hold of the stair rails, parted her legs as much as possible and arched her back, presenting her pussy to Peter. With her neatly trimmed pubic hair I could see everything perfectly.

I leant forward and still holding Peter's dick, kissed her pussy, licking at her clitoris, rejoicing in her familiar sweet taste.

"Have to make sure you're ready," I said. I pushed one and then two fingers inside her cunt, feeling the heat and wetness. I pumped them slowly in and out, feeling the hot, wet walls of her cunt pressing tightly around my fingers almost clutching them exactly as they would clutch at and caress Peter's dick in a minute, I thought. She was certainly ready, the fluids almost running from her. Her hips pressed back against my pumping fingers and her internal muscles squeezed my fingers, intensifying the sensation. Peter's dick nudged urgently against the back of my hand, desperately seeking entrance.

"Please," she pleaded. "Put it inside. I've got to have it."

I stopped teasing them and took Peter's dick and guided it to her pussy, gently introducing the tip into her waiting cunt, holding it as it penetrated her. I watched, fascinated and incredibly turned on, as the swollen knob slid easily into her tight cunt and then as the long, hard shaft slowly slid deeper and deeper into her. Finally he was completely inside and started to fuck, slowly and firmly. It was beautiful. I could see everything so well. Carol's pussy lips were engorged and parted widely, the hidden pink bits inside glistening like pearls with her moisture. Her clitoris was standing pink and erect and begging for attention. Peter's hard shaft was glistening with her moisture as it pumped in and out. The edges of Carol's cunt moved with his shaft, almost seeming to try and keep as much of his beautiful dick inside her as possible. Her hips moved to meet his thrusts, fucking back at him. She was moaning softly with each stroke.

I leant forward again, tilting my head upwards, to lick at the underside of Peter's dick and his balls, and then to lick up from his dick to Carol's clitoris. I was rewarded by moans of pleasure from Peter and even louder moans from Carol. I kept licking and sucking, alternating between Peter's dick and Carol's clitoris. I pushed my tongue hard at the point where Peter's dick disappeared into Carol's cunt, as if trying to force it inside her alongside Peter's dick.

Carol's movements intensified, fucking harder and faster back at Peter. He matched her movements. I knew that these were sure signs that Carol was about to come.

Then I could feel it happening, feel the pulsations of her pussy with my tongue. I could hear it too as Carol moaned more loudly: "Oh yes, I'm coming. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me." She was panting now.

"Me too," gasped Peter. "I can't hold back any more."

I watched as Peter's dick jerked as it shot his hot sperm deep inside Carol. Almost immediately, even as he was still thrusting and coming, some of his sperm started to appear around the sides of his dick as it ran from her cunt. I licked and sucked their combined juices as they ran out, relishing the wonderful taste of Peter's cum mixed with Carol's sweet taste.

We stayed, unmoving for a moment, savouring what had just happened and the intensity of our feelings. Then Carol straightened up, her cunt releasing Peter's dick. I was pleased to see that despite the huge amount of cum he had spurted into Carol's cunt, it hadn't softened at all. Plenty of life still in him, I thought, to satisfy us both.

Inside we went to Carol's bedroom. It was a room with many wonderful memories Carol and I had been lovers for quite some time. It was here that we had decided, daringly, that we would seduce Peter.

Together, Carol and I undressed Peter, shedding our own clothes as we went. His body was every bit as good as it had promised to be. Strong muscles, smooth skin, broad shoulders. And of course, his wonderful dick, as hard as ever.

Naked, we all lay on the bed. Peter stroked my body as I lay beside him, touching me all over, my breasts, my stomach and then my pussy. Again his fingers opened my outer lips to touch my most sensitive spots. I was so hot and wet. He pushed a finger inside me, pumping gently. Carol was lying on my other side, also stroking me softly. When Peter put his mouth to my nipple, Carol did the same. Two mouths working on me, each with their own wonderfully different techniques, were a new and fantastic sensation. Then I felt a new sensation at my pussy, and realised that Carol had put her hand there together with Peter.

"Here," she murmured to Peter, lifting her head from my breast. "Let's both of us finger fuck her at the same time."

Peter moved his hand so that she too could put her finger inside my cunt. Their two fingers moved together in a wonderful rhythm, one which was echoed by my hips as they moved and bucked against their hands. It was so good. I was on fire. Then Peter moved his mouth from my nipple and moved slowly down across my stomach until he could lick at my clitoris. He licked and sucked so well. Carol moved down between my legs and continued to finger fuck me while Peter kept licking and sucking. The pleasure was so intense and I could feel waves of ecstasy washing through my whole body.

"Can I have a taste too?" she asked.

Peter lifted his head to let Carol lick me. I was so turned on. Her long hair brushed over my inner thighs and the outer lips of my cunt, each soft caress like a line of delicious fire, the pleasure so intense it was almost painful.

"Fuck me, fuck me now," I pleaded.

"Let me just make sure he's ready," said Carol teasing, as Peter moved between my legs, his dick rampant. She took his dick in her hand and then kissed it and sucked it into her mouth. Peter fucked back at her mouth and his dick looked just so wonderful as it pushed in and out.

"Please," I begged.

Gently she guided his dick to my impatient cunt, and after briefly rubbing the tip over my clitoris, inserted the knob inside me. She kept holding his dick for as long as she could as he slowly pushed it into me. It was heavenly. I could feel all Peter's strength and potency through his dick as he pumped slowly and strongly in and out of my cunt. God, but he was good at fucking. He kept a strong rhythm and my already highly excited state kept building and building towards another orgasm. Dimly, I was aware of Carol, sitting beside us, masturbating herself while we fucked.

The tension became almost unbearable and then I came, pleasure and release flashing through me, with every nerve in my body seeming to flash with messages of pleasure.

"Oh yes. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me," I cried as I came.

Peter lay half on top me, taking his weight with arms, while his dick remained firmly embedded in my still twitching cunt. Clearly he didn't want to stop. I wanted more, too.

After a minute we changed positions. I was now on my hands and knees, straddling Carol who lay on her back beneath me. Peter moved behind me and I could feel his dick pressing against my cunt, seeking entry again. I felt Carol take Peter's dick and guide it back into my eager cunt. It felt so right inside me, as if it belonged there. Then she began to do to me what I had done to her before to suck and lick at my clitoris while Peter fucked me vigorously. The fire between my legs became all-consuming.

Carol's legs were wide apart and her cunt was right under my face, just begging for attention. Her lips were parted like a flower and I could see right into her cunt. I licked softly at her and she pushed her hips back at my face in response. I could still clearly taste the mix of her and Peter's juices from before. Her clitoris was exposed and I softly brushed it with my tongue before sucking it into my mouth.

She redoubled her efforts on my cunt as I sucked on her. The feeling of being sucked and fucked at the same time was wonderful: a perfect match of stimulation to my clitoris and my cunt. At the same time, I could feel Carol stroking Peter's dick and balls with her hand as he fucked me.

Peter rubbed over my arse with his hands, kneading and stroking, then slowly ran his finger tips down the crease of my arse, across my puckered hole and back. It was delicious, adding even more fuel to the flames that were consuming me. He rubbed around my arsehole, then gently pushed the tip of one finger in, all the time never breaking the rhythm of his fucking.

The sensations were so strong, so powerful, that before I was aware of what was happening I was coming again. I shouted my pleasure into Carol's cunt as my body suddenly convulsed. Then I was aware that Peter was coming at the same time. I could feel his dick jerking and the floods of hot cum jetting deep inside my cunt. I could feel Carol greedily licking it up as it ran out of my cunt, her tongue busily covering my cunt and his shaft as it continued to pulsate inside me. These combined result was that I came and came and came for what seemed ages in the most intense orgasm of my life. As I continued to come, I was aware of Carol writhing and moaning under my face, orgasming as well.

We lay together, temporarily sated.

"Happy birthday, darling," said Carol, kissing me.

"Birthday?" asked Peter, his arms around us both.

"We didn't tell you, did we," I said. "It's my birthday today and I've just had the best present of my life."

"It isn't over yet," Peter said. I could fell his dick getting hard again against my side.

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