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After School Helper by A.B.

After School Helper


I had always been interested in the sciences during my schooling and at times I nurtured visions of myself as a great physicist, in the mould of Isaac Newton, Maxwell or Faraday. Of course I was interested in Biology but it seemed to be a branch of Science of more interest to the girls. I was somewhat surprised therefore, when one afternoon, just as I was pushing my bike to the school gates, Miss Griffith the Biology teacher stopped her mini and asked me if I would like to help her with some work she was doing.

She was studying for her doctorate, doing most of the work in her laboratory at home. She asked if I had some spare time and it I would like to earn some pocket money assisting her. I readily agreed and made arrangements to call at her home on the following Saturday morning. I began to wonder why she hadn't asked one of her girl pupils as it would surely be of more interest to someone hoping to get good pass-marks in Biology.

She was, I suppose, your archetypal 'schoolmistress', tending towards plumpness, she wore no make up, steel-rimmed spectacles and dowdy, unfashionable clothes. The girls had in fact had given her the rather cruel sobriquet 'Grunge'.

Greeting me in a white lab coat at the appointed time, she ushered me through the large house to a very well equipped lab. somewhere on the first floor. A kettle was just coming to the boil over a Bunsen burner and I accepted some very welcome tea.

"Now then Richard" she said, eyeing me critically. "There is just one thing we have to be quite clear about- nothing that happens here is to be discussed with anyone - do you understand?"

I began to wonder what could be so secret about her work. What was she experimenting with? Germ warfare? I speculated. I promised not to tell a soul... not even Reggie Carter, my best mate.

"Yes ma'am."

"My research, on which my thesis will be based, is largely concerned with reproduction in the human species. In order to carry out some observations, I need male spermatozoa..."

Despite her seemingly cool demeanour, I detected a slightly husky note to her voice.

"That is where you come in."

I sat in bemused silence, unable to think of anything meaningful to say. "Do you understand?" she asked abruptly.

"I er, think so..."

"You do masturbate do you?" Her directness startled me somewhat and I felt my cheeks begin to burn.

"Sometimes..." I replied, momentarily unable to meet her eyes.

"Male sperm dies fairly quickly after leaving the penis...I shall require as much as you can produce for microscopic study and timing the life span of the specimens."

It was quite clear to me now as to why she had not recruited one of her girl pupils. I was being asked to masturbate to order! I was taking part in her own male, masturbatory time-table and getting paid for doing it. It sounds a bit ridiculous now but at that very point in time I wasn't sure that I could. Of course like all, or almost all young males I had no difficulty in that department but this frumpish woman hardly seemed likely to excite me sexually. What a pity she wasn't pretty in that sterile looking coat, I mused. My opinions were soon to be radically modified.

"Look," she said, no doubt sensing some reluctance on my part, "There is no need to be shy or embarrassed about this - it is, after all just for scientific work."

"Yes... er... I can see that!"

"Well let's get started then," she said commandingly.

Rising from her seat she crossed to a cabinet, extracted a box of surgical rubber gloves and proceeded to put a pair on. To this day I always get a surge of excitement when I watch a woman do that.

Following her instructions I went behind a screen and removed my trousers and underpants. Then, feeling rather sheepish, I stood before her. She sat on a lab. stool and glancing down I was able to see the beginnings of her cleavage at the open neck of her white coat. She stared at my penis and after a few seconds I felt her hand gently gripping my testicles.

I could see that her bosom was rising and falling noticeably and I could see she had a fair pair of breasts. I wondered if she was wearing a bra as slowly my cock began to respond to her touch. Within seconds it had risen to complete erection and stood up swollen and purple headed.

"Oh my... oh...! yes!" she exclaimed. "I'm sure this lively organ will produce plenty!"

She continued caressing my balls as she reached for a shallow glass bowl about the size of a soup plate.

"Now," she ordered. "Make yourself ejaculate."

I rubbed my cock turning my head in an effort to see more of her tits. She held the glass bowl just in front of my cock. I often fantasize about that moment and wish I could re-capture the excitement of that very first sexual adventure with 'Grunge'.

I couldn't see her face but only the top of her head. I began to caress her luxuriant dark brown hair as my passion rose within me. I could hear faint gasps and mutterings but could not discern what she was saying. My cock felt red hot and my balls aching to release my load. Then, unable to resist the inevitable, a searing hot surge pulsed through my balls and exploded with some force onto the glass bowl inches from her face. Now, past the point of shyness or embarrassment I wanked furiously.

"Oh Jeez! Oh my! Ooohhh!" she gasped.

Holding her head I looked down to see her coat had mysteriously opened and I could see the superb full curves of her tits, her nipples still hidden from my view. My legs were trembling as hot spurts of cock cream shot from my throbbing cock.

Later in life I have been described by women as a heavy cummer but at that young age I had no idea if I shot more cream than any other male. The initial four or five spurts were followed by a momentary pause, then several short quick spurts, then a longer pause then the most exquisite pain as a great thick blob with the consistency of toothpaste splattered into the dish, then a series of slow oozing emissions ten, or maybe more, as my prick softened and I leaned trembling against the nearby table. I could clearly see tiny beads of perspiration on her upper lip as she looked up at me, wide eyed and incredulous.

"Oh!! Richard! - that was superb!" she gasped.

As my misted vision cleared I looked down and could see the buttons on her lab coat were unfastened and I could see her plump knees and the rolled tops of her stockings just above. She made no attempt to refasten the buttons, or those at her bosom. As I recovered my composure it began to dawn on me that I had assumed too much. Hadn't she effortlessly proved she was infinitely more attractive than I had previously judged? Suddenly she jumped to her feet.

"Quickly Richard, open a box of slides!" She pointed to several boxes next to the high powered microscope. "Now, smear some sperm thinly on the slides."

I passed her the first slides as she perched on a high stool and peered intently into through the lens of the scope. Totally engrossed in her work she made rapid notes and referred to a stopwatch on the bench top. I moved around the bench pretending interest in several specimens in bottles of Formaldehyde.

Furtively but with growing boldness I studied her stocking tops, an inch or two of bare white thigh and the sheer, elasticated leggings of her old fashioned directoire pink knickers. She seemed oblivious of my presence, completely enthralled by the tadpoles swimming on the slides. I bent down to scratch my ankle and took a better view right up to the crotch of her drawers. She looked incredibly horny and I felt my cock begin to slowly thicken.

"They're slowing down." she muttered. "We must find some way of maintaining the temperature of the slides."

She turned on the stool giving me a good view of her breasts as the coat gaped open. It struck me as bizarrely erotic to be there with this woman with my prick hanging down below my tee-shirt and in her plain view.

"If we put them in a container and then immerse the container in a bowl of warm water, I could monitor the temperature while you work." I offered helpfully.

"That sounds like a good plan." She smiled encouragingly and looked with interest at five inches of limp, glistening cock hanging below my tee- shirt. "Well, you certainly supplied a useful piece of Lab equipment there," she said, staring with admiration.

"How long before we can prepare some more slides?" she asked. Looking up she realised I was feasting my eyes on her bosom, or at least as much as I could see.

"Oh, I see!" she said, with a hint of mischief in her voice, "needs some stimulation, does it??"

Slowly she unbuttoned her coat to waist level and staring intently at my member she pulled a generous tit into view. A dark red nipple stood out like a pencil end as she gently massaged the smooth white plumpness. My cock began to grow in rapid response.

"My my," she exclaimed. "Just one look at a female boob and up he sits and takes notice!"

With that she eased the other into view and stood provocatively massaging and pointing them at me. In seconds my prick reached full and throbbing erection.

"My god, but you are a well hung young man," she said approvingly, "We'd better get the temperature control set up."

Together we assembled the container and bowl and an accurate thermometer. As we busied ourselves I continued enjoying flashes of her tits and her stocking tops. My knob bobbed around brazenly and she remarked one could hang an overcoat on it. We laughed at her suggestion. When all was in place she instructed me to sit on a stool.

Then she slowly removed the Lab coat and stood teasingly in front of me. Her tits were superb, just the right size and very slightly droopy indicating their weight and full ripeness. She proceeded then to give me an erotic display that is forever etched in my memory.

Was this the plain Jane school mistress that seemed to be completely sexless in her other manifestation? There are times when the ordinary, the understated, the mundane are more stimulating than the overtly obvious attempts to seduce our minds. To see her in practical plain brown brogues, tan lisle stockings rolled to just above her knees and. the pink satiny directoire knickers, bare breasted, hair pinned primly up in almost Edwardian fashion, was erotic in the extreme. The breadth of her hips and the fullness of her buttocks were accentuated by the sheen of her knickers. Her tits swayed and bounced in the most intensely horny fashion. I gazed entranced and she, all inhibitions apparently abandoned, enjoyed the obvious effect she was having on me.

I began to play with my cock again and although I knew it would take longer for me to cum a second time, more spunk for her slides would be hers for the asking, or perhaps I should say, the wanking?

She handed me the glass bowl and moved another stool behind mine. I watched her movements in a large mirror fixed to the wall. From behind she removed my 'T' shirt and sat down on the stool.

Spreading her legs wide she moved close to me and I was conscious of her gently moving her nipples against the skin of my back. I'm sure my prick grew another half inch as she gently caressed my stomach and then pressed her warm flesh close to mine. "Can you spunk for me again?" she whispered, her hot breath against my naked shoulder. With my right hand I began stroking my shaft as she watched intently our reflection in the mirror. Her hair had loosened from the pins and it now tumbled in disarray about her shoulders. She had discarded her glasses and I began to realise she was really quite attractive. Originally I had thought her age to be in excess of 40, now I would estimate she was no more than 27 or 28.

I moved my left hand down and began exploring her stocking tops and the naked flesh of her thigh. My young and inexperienced brain was swimming with excitement at the rich meal of feminine charms I was indulging. Beautiful, hot, spongy flesh against my back, plump warm thighs and silky be-knickered legs beneath my fingers and her hands exploring my tingling flesh. Yet for all that I discovered, I wanted more. I wondered if I would get to see her totally naked... and... I hardly dared entertain the thought that she might allow me to thrust my cock into her hot flesh. She fondled my balls and kissed my shoulders between uttering encouragement to me to release my cream.

"Oooooh! You young stud... shoot your thick spunky cock juice for me... ooooh your cock is superb... empty your balls... come on... let it all go..."

It took all my bewildered concentration to hold the bowl at the right angle as my juice came spurting forth in strong bursts. Pushing my hand aside she gripped my prick and continued pumping my flow into the bowl. I leaned back against her my eyes shut in ecstasy.

"Oh! fuck, oh! Fuck!" she exclaimed. Hearing her swear like that, so out of character, just increased the eroticism of the moment. "Oh shoot your fucking cock juice for me... come on... more, more, more."

I could feel her body trembling slightly as she whispered incoherent comments and gently squeezed the last drips of cream through my lengthening foreskin. She shuddered noticeably and moved quickly back from me.

"To work, to work," she commanded and again we prepared slides and still dressed only in her knickers, stockings and shoes she began examining the specimens.

It was quite warm in the room and I enjoyed being naked in her presence. As I played around with the kettle pouring small quantities of water into the outer bowl and checking the thermometer I kept sneaking glances at her delightful body. On a couple of occasions she noticed my interested gaze and smiled knowingly. I also observed she took every opportunity to look at my now flaccid prick.

Eventually she stopped work and sat upright pushing her chest out as though to ease an aching back. Her tits looked superb and unable to resist temptation I moved behind her and cupped the gorgeous trembling orbs in my hands. "Now you're being cheeky," she said, without rancor. I felt her nipples harden as I gently squeezed her silky flesh. I pressed my groin against the silky pink knickers and even against my best expectations I felt the faintest of response in my prick.

"That's very nice," she said, "but I think we both need a break."

Gently she pried my hands away from her breasts and stood up. Then, as she slipped into the Lab. coat I noticed in her reflected image in the mirror and saw a distinctly damp patch around the crotch of her knickers. We dressed and went through into a kitchen where Grunge grilled some sirloin steak which we devoured with crisps and some green salad. I was surprised to see the wall clock showed the time to be 2.30 p.m. We chatted about many topics as we munched our food and I have to say the steak was delicious.

"Well," she said at one point, "you certainly produce plenty of sperm. When did you last ejaculate?... I mean, before today?"

I thought for a moment and answered, "Tuesday last."

"That stimulated you...?' Her question was cut short by the ringing of her doorbell.

She looked at me resignedly, shrugged her shoulders and left the room. I could hear her talking to another woman in the hallway but could not tell what they were discussing. A few minutes passed and she returned to the kitchen.

"I'm sorry,'s an old friend from university. She tends to turn up unannounced like this...she knows about my research and I've asked her to help with my methodology and presentation. She knows of course that I have to study sperm samples...but of course I haven't told her about you."

"Why not?" I asked.

"Well I would, if you have no objection? ...she's completely trustworthy. She has a professorship here. Her work is to some extent linked to mine."

She looked at me and paused, as if uncertain how to proceed. "I was hoping we could study some more samples before you you think you could ejaculate again?"

"I think so," I replied, "It'll probably take me longer but we could try if you like."

"W would you..." she hesitated, "Would you object to my friend being present? would be of enormous help to me."

The situation was becoming more erotic by the minute. I began to wonder what I was getting involved in. The thought occurred to me that the whole exercise was just an excuse for a sexual adventure on her part. However, she was obviously so intent on recording her examination of the slides I dismissed the idea from my mind.

"No... er I've no objection," I replied.

"Richard, this is Professor Merton..."

"Oh don't be so stuffy Elizabeth," the woman chided, extending her hand. "Just call me Jenny."

The three of us sat drinking tea and the two academics discussed Elizabeth's thesis. Jenny made copious notes on an A4 pad.. She was older than Elizabeth, at least 40 I presumed and although less reserved than Elizabeth she spoke in an extremely refined and cultured voice. She was, if anything, even plumper than Elizabeth with what one might describe as a matronly figure.

"We worked on two ejaculations this morning and studied over 60 slides."

"Really," Jenny retorted, "this young man must be feeling quite exhausted I should think." She looked at me appraisingly and smiled knowingly. "So Richard... what do you think about all this... something of a new experience I should think what? Eh?"

"I can see how impossible it would be to research the subject without live specimens," I replied, "So it's all in the pursuit of knowledge, isn't it."

"Absolutely, how intelligent of you to see it that way. No point in being shy about the project... anyway I suppose you masturbate, most young men do and you might as well put the result to good use, eh what?"

"Richard thinks he can manage another session," said Elizabeth. "At least, he's prepared to try."

"Well then...let's get on with it," Jenny replied, leading the way into the lab. "Now then you two, just carry on as though I'm not here" she ordered as she sat, note pad on knee in the corner of the lab. I removed my trousers and on instruction sat on a stool. I was aware in my peripheral vision that Jenny was looking interestingly at my prick. This was even more erotic, having Elizabeth fondling my cock while another woman watched had the desired effect and my prick soon rose to the occasion.

Turning my head slightly I could see Jenny's reflection in the mirror. Intently scribbling her notes she had lifted one heel resting it on the bar of the stool. Her skirt had somehow managed to ride up exposing her knees clad in black stockings. My hard-on intensified as Elizabeth gently stroked my tool.

Reaching forward I released two or three buttons on her lab coat and began groping her tits. I heard a slight intake of breath from Jenny but she said nothing. Looking across at her I could see her knees had parted. The light wasn't too good but even so, I could see her stocking tops and an inch or two of plump white thigh, my arousal intensified still more. Removing my hands from her tits I began exploring her thighs. The flesh was warm, smooth as silk and I was aware of her breathing becoming more laboured. Tentatively I slid my fingers under the elasticated legs of her knickers. I felt her tense but she made no move stop me.

"Naughty boy," she whispered, as I explored further into the nest of thick damp hair at her crotch. Jenny's legs had opened further and I could see suspenders and more white flesh. Then I felt sure she was aware of my interested gaze. She smiled slightly and moved the notepad in front of her knees obscuring my view. Elizabeth was doing her best to wank me off but not quite getting it right. Pushing her hand away I flogged my throbbing cock.

"Come on Richard... come on," she encouraged, holding the bowl and willing me to shoot. "Look at my sexy tits Richard," she gasped, "See how my nipples stand out for you..."

Suddenly I shot my load into the bowl. I heard Jenny gasp between Elizabeth's moans of delight.

"Oh good boy... good boy," she whispered as my flow dwindled. I hadn't shot as much as the first time but still there were a good few thick-ish gobs in the bowl. I was beginning to feel tired and was glad when the slide examinations were finished. I slumped disinterestedly in an armchair whilst the two women talked over procedures and how to tabulate the results.

Eventually Elizabeth turned to me and suggested it was time she ran me home. I had intended to get the bus across town but the offer of a lift was very welcome.

"Oh nonsense," Jenny exclaimed. "I'll take Richard home, it's almost on my trouble at all."

I agreed to another session the following Saturday as Elizabeth pressed a small brown envelope in my hand. Dusk was just falling as Jenny and I said our goodbyes and sped off in her car, an Austin Princess.

"Bit big this car, but my brother, he's dead you know, left it to me, and tell the truth I haven't got the heart to part with it."

"It's very nice," I said admiring the walnut dashboard and the sumptuous leather seats.

"Three times eh... in one day... you seem to get along with Elizabeth very well... three times," she repeated. Then to my surprise she removed her left hand from the steering wheel and gently gripped my trousers. "This'll need a good rest," she said, feeling for the shape of my prick. "Now don't you go wanking off before next Saturday. Elizabeth needs as much sperm as she can get."

She continued groping my trousers and as much to my surprise as hers my cock began to thicken.

"My word you're a horny young buck?" she exclaimed as she removed her hand to negotiate a corner. "I do believe you're getting a stalk on?" She turned her head to look at me. "Surely not though! ...can you still get it up?" I made no reply.

The road straightened and without preamble she took my right hand and guided it to her bosom. Her tits felt enormous and I could distinctly feel her nipples through the blouse she was wearing. She continued groping my crotch and then, spotting a lay by up ahead she steered the car to a halt. Then without saying a word she unbuttoned my fly and extricated my stiffening member. Slowly it rose to the occasion. I unbuttoned her blouse as she gently fondled my now rigid cock. I doubted if I could cum again but I was enjoying her attentions and plunged my hand into the great marshmallow mounds in her blouse. Every two or three seconds a car or truck thundered by, headlamps blazing.

"It's too busy here!" she observed. We sat for a minute or 50. "I can't take you home...I know, I know!" she said, and putting the car into gear we sped off taking a route I knew to be heading towards Lerham Common.

I continued massaging her breasts as she drove they w were at least twice the size of Elizabeth's. I wondered what Jenny had in mind...was I at last to get my prick into a mature woman's cunt... the object of all my fantasies. We turned into a narrow lane with tall hawthorns obscuring the fields, then a left turn past a small sign reading Lerham Cricket Club in amateurish lettering. Eventually she brought the car to rest and switched off the lights.

"No one is going to come along here now the season's finished." She switched off the headlight plunging us into inky blackness. My prick had gone flaccid during her search for privacy. Tuning on her seat she pulled her brassiere down and flopped out the biggest pair of tits I had ever seen. Even in the faintest of available light their alabaster whiteness could be made out. I grasped them with both hands and felt her giant nipples hardening at my touch.

"Let's get in the back... there's more room," she suggested. There was much more room. As I reclined in the deep leather seat she pulled my trousers down and then, to my great surprise, she knelt between my legs and sucked my half hard cock into her hot mouth. I had seen porn photos of women sucking cocks but had never had it done to me. The feeling was sensational as she sucked hard licking the underside of my knob whilst at the same time fondling my aching balls.

My cock was rock hard but I was no way near to shooting my load. I have learned in the intervening years that I can keep it up almost indefinitely, much to the satisfaction of the many women I have shagged. But then I was young and every new experience a mind numbing ride on a sea of pleasure. Eventually she lifted her head.

"My god you've got a sensational prick!" she exclaimed. I peered down trying, in the dim light to see her huge tits. She pulled up her skirt and I could just see she was wearing suspenders and what appeared to be black silk knickers. She reached under her crotch and appeared to be doing something between her legs. I learned afterwards that she was wearing French knickers and had undone the two pearl buttons securing the strip of silk between her legs. Rising she positioned her knees either side of my thighs on the leather seats. Now above me her tits were just level with my face.

Grasping the two beauties I was then able to fully appreciate their size, they were as big as marrow's and the same elongated shape. Cupping one in my hands, I lifted it feeling it's weight and sucked her incredible nipple into my mouth. I almost expected milk to flow as I sucked it between my teeth.

"Have I got magnificent tits Richard?" she asked imperiously. I could feel her hand moving rhythmically between her legs, she began to moan softly and I was aware of a musky odour and then faint squelching sounds. "Oh Jesus! -I need a fuck!" she exclaimed. "Three years Richard, three years, three fucking years!" I felt her hand guiding my cock in a forest of wet hair. Then something warm and slippery against my pulsing helmet.

"Have you fucked a woman before?" she asked breathlessly.

"Er... N-no," I replied.

"Well here goes your virginity," she gasped as she lowered her hot cunt onto my tool. I felt every pulsing ripple of her cave as she lowered he herself onto my rod. It was tighter than I had imagined and she groaned as if in pain as her hot quim yielded and gave entry.

"Oh, my god, oh, oh, oh!" I felt her flesh spasm gripping my tool and her whole body succumbed to orgasm. "Oh fuck, oh fuck!" she exclaimed. "I've never come so quickly in my life." She rested her great tits against my face, breathing heavily for a few minutes, then she started to ride me. The suction of her cunt was quite incredible as she rode herself on my prick in pursuit of another orgasm. A couple of times I felt myself approaching ejaculation, but it just wouldn't happen.

Despite that the experience was mind-blowing. She seemed to be in another world, removed from reality as she mouthed obscenities and forced her great tits into my face. The animal odour from her inner labyrinth assailed my nostrils, at once almost offensive but yet incredibly erotic. Her juices ran down onto my balls as her great chest heaved, sucking in great lung-fulls of air. For a moment I thought she was going to pass out as she emitted loud screams and her cunt gripped my cock with almost painful intensity. She shuddered as she forced her love tunnel hard down, taking as much cock as I could give.

"Oh! Jesus, oh! Jesus fuck!" she groaned through clenched teeth. Then her whole weight settled down upon me and I felt a new warmth flood over my genitals and around my hips. Suddenly she sat up and in the dim light I could see tears coursing down her cheeks "Oh Richard" she exclaimed, I'm so sorry. It was then that I realised that her excitement had been so intense she had lost control of her bladder and had pissed all over me.

Still muttering apologies she lifted herself from me and my softening cock slipped from her sheath of pleasure. I dried myself as best I could with my underpants and threw them over the nearby hedge. Her composure mainly restored she adjusted her dress and we headed back towards my home. She said almost nothing just asking occasionally for directions. She stopped the car a street away from my house, then, turning to me she smiled weakly. Again she apologized for losing control and again I made reassuring comments in reply.

"You can pee over me anytime you was the most wonderful experience I've ever had...I'd like to try it when I haven't already cum so much..."

With typical feminine guile she replied. "Well I'm not sure that will be possible." my heart sank at the prospect of not having her again and in more comfortable surroundings. "It was fabulous for me as well Richard...maybe...maybe," with that she delved into her handbag and extracted a 5 note. "Just don't say anything to anyone, Richard." I promised not to. "Take this." She pressed the note into my hand and shooed me out of the car.


My mother was out when I arrived home. She works as a nursing auxiliary and that week-end she was on duty working two 12 hour shifts. I was glad to have the house to myself and following a shower I devoured a couple of chicken legs cold from the fridge and went wearily to bed. The next morning I was sitting alone in the kitchen munching toast and mulling over the events of the previous day when I heard the tinkle of a bicycle bell followed by the sound of the back gate opening. To my surprise it was my half cousin Debbie. She lived the other side of town and I had not seen her for almost a year.

"Hi Richard," she said breathlessly," I just got a new bike for my birthday"

"Oh, many happy returns!" I replied. "You're 12 now aren't you?"

"Thought I'd try it out and come over to see you and aunt Dolly."

"She's at work to-day... sorry I didn't send you a card... clean forgot."

She was looking quite flushed and I guessed she had pedalled hard in the 4 mile ride. I poured her some tea as she pulled off the loose jumper she was wearing. I was surprised to see that her tits had grown somewhat since I'd last seen her. Two clearly defined cones, high on her chest, pointed forward most provocatively. We talked for a while about school and other things and I began to realise how pretty she was. She had dark, almost black hair, deep violet eyes and a sweet bow of a mouth.

"You'll never guess what happened to me Richard... just last week... if I tell you wont say anything...?"

"Don't be silly, you know I can keep my mouth shut," I replied. "

"Well..." she began, drawing in a deep breath. I noticed her points once again."... I was on my way home from school, walking, 'cos my old bike really is beyond further use. I took a short cut down Milford Lane, it's very narrow you know. A car came towards me and stopped. A man got out and asked for directions to Hobbit Green. Well, as I was explaining'll never guess!" She hesitated.

"He did a double somersault over the bonnet." I said grinning.

"Oh. tsk... Don't be silly!" she said crossly.

"He unbuttoned his trousers and pulled out his... thingy."

"Really?" I exclaimed, "'right in front of you?"

"Yes he was no more than 5 feet away... then he started rubbing it and it came up bigger... he kept saying he wouldn't hurt me and he just wanted me to watch then... you'll never guess what happened," She looked at me wide eyed and with rising excitement.

"A load of white stuff came out of his thingy."

"He wanked himself off!"

"Is that what he did?" she asked innocently. "Why Richard?"

"Well it's a very pleasant sensation... all men do it."

"He looked as if he was in pain!" she replied.

"Were you frightened?" I asked.

"No not really... I just didn't understand what was happening."

I was conscious that I was only wearing my pyjamas and I felt the first stirrings in my cock whilst she told me all this. She asked me if the white stuff was sperm and if that was how babies were made. We talked around the incident for a few minutes and the she asked.

"Do you do it?"

"What, wank off...? yes of course I do" My cock was growing rapidly talking to her like that and I was dying to have a feel of her tits.

"Do you want to watch me do it?"

"What, now?' she asked wide eyed.

"Yes now, I'll wank off if you want to see it happen again."

"OK," she said hesitantly.

Standing up I pulled my pyjama opening aside and showed her my throbbing prick. She gasped and went brick red in the face. Wide eyed she thrust her clenched fist to her mouth and stared like a mesmerised rabbit at my purple knob.

"Let's go upstairs," I ordered, leading the way to my bedroom with my cock pointing to the ceiling. I removed my pyjama trousers showing her my balls. She was trembling noticeably as we sat side by side on my bed. Without asking I slid my free hand under her T shirt and felt her little tits. They were about the size of half lemons with tiny pink nipples. They were soft as silk but quite firm and contrasted markedly with the huge mammaries I'd played with the previous evening. Stopping for a second I took her tiny hand and guided it to my bollocks. "Just play with them gently." I instructed. My erection increased and within seconds I was ready to shoot. "I'm cumming! I'm cumming!... watch Debbie it all shoot out." Great jets of spunk flew from my knob end as Debbie gasped in astonishment.

I had placed a newspaper on the floor and Debbie stared in wonder as gobs of cock-cream splattered all over a photograph of Prime Minister Harold McMillan.

"Oh gosh Richard," she exclaimed, "What a lot... I'd no idea... 'the man' spurted with such force. I sat gently pulling my foreskin back and forth as she watched with obvious interest.

"Well," I asked, "Did you like watching me wank off?"

"Oh yes" she replied," I've often wondered what happened... and I'm a bit surprised by the size of your dick."

"Do you think I've got a big one?" I asked.

"I've seen baby-dicks when they've had their nappies changed... I can't imagine how something that big could go in my... my..." she hesitated.

"Pussy" I replied." All you have to remember Debbie is not let anyone shoot that stuff into you, mind you" I continued, with the wisdom of Solomon "there is a safe period, but I'm not really sure when that is... I'll find out for you."

"I bet you'd like to put it in me... wouldn't you?"

"Of course I would... but we can still have fun playing sex games... anyway I have a woman I can fuck anytime."

"You haven't ...have you?" a note of jealousy had crept into her voice. I was tempted to tell her about my session with Jenny in the back of the car." I'll bet you haven't... you' re just bragging... have you... I mean ever?"

"What... fucked a woman... course I have... don't you go saying anything to anyone.' She promised not to and I knew her well enough not to worry on that score. I began caressing her legs and gradually inched my hands up under her skirt. She made no move to stop me so taking her hand I guided it onto my prick. She grasped it with her tiny fingers and gazed down as it began to respond to her touch.

"I bet Melanie Hobson would like to play with this." she said.

"Who's she?" I asked as I stroked her silky smooth upper thighs.

"A girl at school... she wanks off her brother... she's always talking about sex. and pricks and things."

"What's she like?" I enquired.

"Blonde... a year older than me... she's not very pretty but she's got bigger tits than me... she already takes a 34 in bra!"

I made a mental note of her name, any girl who liked playing with pricks was of interest to me, I wondered if she was ready for fucking. The crotch of Debbie's schoolgirl knickers was quite damp to my touch. "Would you like to wank me off?" I asked, as I eased my fingers into the elastic of her knickers. She didn't answer but began easing my foreskin back and forth over my swelling knob end. Emboldened I slid my hand upwards and worked her knickers down over her beautiful buttocks. She stood up allowing me to pull them down her legs. She stepped out of them as I clenched her superb young bum in both hands. She inhaled sharply as I gripped her flesh and ran my hands all around her firm warm cheeks.

"Oho: it's so big Richard!" she exclaimed as she leaned forward grasping my cock. I eased her legs open and felt the slippery wet flesh at the top of her legs. She moaned slightly at my touch. Lifting her skirt I tucked the hem into the waistband and stared enthralled at her slit lightly covered in dark hair. On impulse I pulled her to me, bringing her slit into contact with my mouth. She smelled incredibly horny and tried to push my head away. I gripped her rase tightly and despite her protestations licked in as far as my tongue would go into the start of her pussy.

"What are you doing... no please Richard... Ooh, Oooooh... Richard Oh'. jeez..." Unable to resist she opened her legs and I was able to just lick the slippery wet lips of her sweet young cunt. My neck was beginning to ache so I eased her down onto the bed. 'Please... gasp... Don't fuck me Richard.' she sobbed and I realised she was a little distressed.

Two weeks had passed since Melon's mother had discovered us mid-screw at the caravan. I was convinced she would not carry out her threat to take police action against me. I reasoned that she would be far more concerned with defending her daughters reputation and I had one factor in my favour-I could only have gone to the family caravan at Melon's invitation. I was surprised therefore when Melanie met me outside school with a sealed envelope from her mother. The note instructed me to go to the caravan the following Sunday failing which she would make a report to the police. I was not too troubled by the threat but I decided to comply with her instruction. I was surprised to see she was dressed in a floor length black gown and she seemed taller than I'd remembered.

"So you evil young bastard, you think you can fuck my daughter and get away with it, Well you can't." She looked at me through narrowed eyes heavily made up with mascara and eye shadow. Her nostrils flared indicating her anger and her lip-sticked mouth narrowed to a hard gash across her face. She was making great effort to make me feel intimidated but I made no comment, waiting to see what would happen next." Well you can take my punishment or face the police... what is it to be?"

"I'd rather not get involved with the police," I answered.

"Right' she took a deep intake of breath and reached for a cigarette from the packet on the table." Remove your trousers... and your underpants."

She sucked in a lung-ful of smoke and turning away from me she unzipped a long sports bag. Intrigued I removed my clothing and stood with my cock hanging down in full view. I was becoming quite brazen in female company and made no attempt to hide my weapon. She extracted a school type cane from the bag and turned to face me. For a few seconds she gazed at my flaccid cock and the mere fact of her obvious interest resulted in the now familiar pleasant sensation in my groin.

"Bend over the table," she ordered.

I was not afraid of a few strokes with a cane and soon I felt her hands groping my muscular buttocks. The first blow came as something of a surprise and I involuntarily emitted a gasp of pain.

"So you horny cunt fucker... that's what you get for putting your prick in my daughters cunt." Crack! the cane came down even harder." You can thank your lucky stars she had her period last week." Crack! again I felt the stinging blow to my naked flesh. So bemused by the pain I was feeling I hadn't noticed my cock had grown to full erection until I felt her hand reach under me and grasp it. "You horny pig... can't you think of anything except cunt?" The cane swished down once again and I decided that was enough. Turning quickly I grabbed her wrist forcing her to drop the cane. To my surprise I saw that she had discarded the gown. Angrily she slapped my face. "I never told you to get up" she snarled. Then, with deliberation but not too much force I slapped her face in return. In shock she stepped back holding her hand to her face. My prick was standing up in superb arrogance as I gazed at her body. To my surprise her pussy was shaved bare and I could see a tiny tongue of pink flesh protruding from her slit. Her hips were superbly rounded and emphasised by a black suspender belt contrasting with her white flesh. Black half-cup brassiere pushed her tits up and forward displaying her prominent nipples. She wore what appeared to be a black leather dog collar about 2 inches wide around her throat. Thick black stockings encased her shapely legs the thrusting curves of her thighs and calves enhanced by very high heeled black leather boots. She looked incredibly horny.

"You won't go to the police," I said as my eyes feasted on her erotic image, "so don't give me any more of that nonsense." Her eyes were fixed on my rigid member.

"What a magnificent prick you've got... no wonder Melanie wanted it." Reaching out she took my swollen knob in her hand. Then, turning she rested her generous buttocks against the table e edge and opened her legs. "Fuck me" she gasped, pulling my cock into contact with her wet flesh. Releasing my prick she lay back on the table and spread her knees wide inviting entry. My cock was throbbing. Her total abandon and filthy talk had really shown to me that a female on-heat can be just as desperate for sex as any man. Looking down I could see the prominent fold of her labia surrounding her slit. Reaching under her thighs she pulled her quim wide open showing me the glistening wet flesh, blood red and pulsing visibly. I pushed two fingers into her and was surprised how tight she was. She gasped loudly as I fingered her clitoris. "Oh Christ... shove it in... fuck me... fuck me," she pleaded. Even though she was dripping with cunt juice I had to push hard to force my rock-hard cock into her love tunnel. I had always imagined that a mature woman's cunt would, through much fucking and having children, be slack and easy to penetrate. Not so in Mrs Hobsons case.

"Shove it in... right in..." she gasped hoarsely. Gripping the soft flesh of her hips I gave one tremendous push till my balls were hard up against her arsehole. "Aaaagh: Ooooh: Jesus fucking Christ... oh God that's incredible." Her fist was clenched tight as she bit into her knuckle. It felt as though I'd plunged my cock into a furnace. Heat radiated from her flesh as her blood engorged cunt held my cock captive. Gripping her hips even harder I pulled back feeling every ripple of her vagina against the rim of my knob.

"Oh God that's fantastic," she moaned, "fuck me fuck me hard, shove your beautiful tool right up my cunt... come on fuck me hard... shag me... screw me... shaft me... rape me..."

Loud squelching and sucking noises accompanied our coupling. My head was spinning with the excitement and I became totally divorced from reality as my cock and her cunt became the only living beings in the universe. Through a fog of ecstatic pleasure I heard myself gasping and groaning in concert with her. My heart was thumping in my chest as she clamped her calves around my back and a series of wracking spasms engulfed her. Searing hot spurts shot through my prick high into her body as I unloaded my balls.

"Oh my god I felt you shoot... what a fantastic sensation... oh Jesus what an incredible fuck...!"

Gradually my senses returned to normal and I enjoyed leaving my cock in her cunt as she continued uttering compliments to my performance. I was beginning to believe I was quite good at this sex thing and it satisfied my ego to know I'd pleased her so much.

My legs were starting to ache with the slightly knees bent posture I'd taken. With a loud sucking noise I pulled out of her cunt. "Oh, no... you pig... it felt so good... why did you withdraw?"

"My legs are aching," I said, as I flopped down on settee berth. She remained laying back not looking at me. Her hand moved down her rounded stomach and she began fingering her slit.

"I want to come again... watch me frig myself off." Slippery juices oozed from her vulva and in no more than 3 seconds she convulsed in orgasm once more. We sat together on the settee berth giving me the opportunity to fully appreciate her tits. I reached behind and released the hook on her bra allowing them to fall into their natural position. They were full, slightly droopy and more than an adequate handful. Bending down I sucked her nipples hard into my mouth. She murmured her approval.

"Do you like my tits?" she asked.

"Superb," I replied.

Reaching into the sports bag she extracted a pair of black silk knickers and proceeded to wipe the juices running from her cunt." And what about my pussy, do you like hairless cunts?"

"I've never seen one before... it's very horny and you're so tight.' She laughed wickedly.

"My husband will insist on examining my knickers when I get home. Then he'll accuse me of shagging another man He's a real kinky fucker... gets turned on by it. He'll give my arse a good spanking and insist I tell him every detail.

"Will you?"

"Oh yes I'll tell him how much bigger your cock is than his and what a good fucking you gave me." She began fondling my prick again and then, sinking to her knees she sucked it into her mouth. I lay back and caressed her hair as my knob reached full erection. Eventually I decided I wanted to try her fantastic pussy again and I pushed her head away.

"Try it from behind," she said as she leaned across the table. Her arse looked incredibly horny with superb orbs of smooth white flesh. Then, in a flash on inspiration, I picked up the cane and slashed it down across her buttocks. She emitted a sharp cry of pain but made no move to get up. I brought the cane down again and again experiencing the most intense erection I'd ever had. "Stop... stop! that's enough."

Bright red wealds criss-crossed her flesh. "There's a tube of jelly in the bag," she gasped. Smear plenty over your prick." I did as instructed. "Now fuck my arsehole," she yelled the cheeks of her bum open, showing me her puckered rectum. Heart thumping at the prospect of this new experience I smeared more jelly around her hole. "Don't hold back!" she croaked. "Slam it in as hard and fast as you can".

Steeling myself I positioned my knob against her lubricated hole then, gritting my teeth, I took firm hold of her hips and shoved forward with all my strength.

"Eeeeoooow!!" she screamed at full voice as my rock-hard prick forced her rectum open and my stomach slammed against her superb bum. "Oh Jesus fucking Christ... oh god... oh my fucking god..."

I was sure anyone passing within a hundred yards of the caravan must have heard her cries, but it was out of season and there were few people about.

"Oh... oh... oh, you're splitting me... wide open... this is obscene, cruel... you're just fucking abusing me." I shafted her shit hole as hard as I could and felt her fingering her clit as I raped her horny bum. "Stop, pull it out..." she gasped.

"Lay on the floor... I want to ride you."

Straddling me she lowered her dripping cunt onto my rampant member. She proceeded to ride me perfectly. It was good for me to have the woman do the work for a change. The look of sheer pleasure on her face fed my ego and increased my libido. It was nice to be able to watch her tits bouncing and swaying as she moved. At times she gripped them hard in both hands pressing them together emphasising the delicious curves and playing with her nipples. I caressed the superb firm flesh of her thighs exploring stocking tops and suspender belt. Her juices ran down over my legs and my balls as she rose and fell onto my cock.

"Do you like me fucking you for a change?" she asked wickedly. Fucking gorgeous! I replied, squeezing the marshmallow flesh of her beautiful arse. I wished I had ten pairs of hands there was so much to explore and indulge myself in. At once I wanted to play with her tits, squeeze her bum, enjoy the feel of her thighs.

With a great sigh of delight she climaxed and I felt her cunt spasm around my prick. I was just beginning to reach a climax when she lifted herself clear and stood up. 'I'm dying for a piss... I'll burst if I don't go... I followed into the small toilet come shower compartment.

"Dirty bugger" she laughed, as her piss flowed noisily into the metal Elsan toilet. I stood stroking my cock inches from her face. "Go on then... wank off... I want to watch you cum."

I needed no further encouragement and soon spurts of hot cream splattered all over her face as she gripped my bollocks.

A.B. writes risqué stories for amusement and since I posted him here, has been passed all your comments, and sends thanks for your encouragement. I am pleased to pass on any comments or ideas etc... at

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