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An Afternoon of Bliss by BUFFtheFireDog

An Afternoon of Bliss

This story is copywrited by the author and is meant only for the enjoyment of those reading it on White Shadow's Story Page. Thank you.

Their kiss was slow and passionate, and his hands found their way along her slender body. She stirred under his gentle caress, bringing herself closer to him. He reached down and lifted her skirt a touch, his rough hands sliding sinuously up her smooth thighs. He felt her muscles tense under his fingers, pressing herself into him even further. She felt him against her, his passions stirring as her lovely body brushed against his. He started to kiss her neck, hearing her breathing change in his ear. He could feel her hot breath against his neck, and her hairbrush against him. He brought his hands up under her skirt and around her shapely ass, squeezing it gently, pulling her even closer to him. His mind was racing, but he tried to control himself, to make her every sensation as intense as he could. He kneaded her ass, allowing his fingers to stroke the crease between her thighs and her ass, his fingers coming dangerously close to her womanhood. She moved her hands to his chest, slowly unbuttoning his shirt, letting her fingers explore each new part of him that she exposed. He lifted his head, and she reached down to his chest with her lips, kissing him lightly. Her tongue left small cool lines along him as she traced a path across his chest. He ran his fingers through her soft hair, letting it stream from them slowly. She opened his shirt, pulling it back off his shoulders, but leaving it over his arms. His chest heaved with each breath, and she took advantage of it by licking and nibbling his sensitive nipples. Each time her teeth bore down on him, his breath would catch in his throat, causing her great delight in his reaction. She giggled mischievously, looking up at him through the tops of her eyes. His gaze met hers and he was transfixed by what he saw. She was having fun, torturing him passionately and seductively.

He pulled his arms from the shirt and wrapped them around her small waist, clasping them just above her firm ass. He hoisted her into the air and she looped her legs around his waist. He held her there, kissing her deeply again. She rolled her body back against his arms, making her form open to his mouth. He kissed down her neck again, this time nibbling her, dragging his teeth against her soft flesh. She let out a passionate groan, urging him to do more. With one hand supporting her, he lifted her blouse with his other, almost ripping it from her body. With even more of her sexy body displayed, he let his mouth roam against her at will. All along her collar and down her ribs, he licked and nibbled at her, feeling her heat rise. She reached around her back and unclasped her bra, revealing her stiffening nipples. He held her with both arms again, making her feel as if she were floating as his hot tongue caressed her nipples. He bit at them softly, but firmly, making her throw her head back into him in delight. She wrapped her arms around his neck, almost pushing him to her breasts. He sat her on the edge of a wooden table near them, and knelt before her, his mouth in perfect level with her aching nipples. He wrapped his hands around each of them, embracing them, rolling each nipple between his fingers and thumbs. Her nails scratched at his back in agony, wanting to feel more. He could smell her excitement now, her sweet perfume filling his nostrils. It emanated from every pore in her beautiful body, making his passion stir almost to a frenzy. He kissed down her soft belly, never taking his hands from her breasts. He kissed up her thighs, leaving a path of cool spots on her. His mouth found her womanhood, and he paused for a moment, marveling in its power. With a gentle urge from her hands, he kissed her passion. His tongue slowly opened the folds to her, tasting her, feeling her innermost heat. She swelled at his advances, her lips becoming hot, and her clit starting to ache. He touched it with his tongue, sending a wave through her entire body. Her nails dug into his shoulders, and he took it as a sign of her pleasure. He opened her further with his tongue, probing deep into her body, feeling every part of her become aroused. Her breaths were coming in gasps now, and her thighs closed tightly against his ears. He was unrelenting in his pursuit of her pleasure. Never waiving or altering and he soon felt her release in an orgasm that shook her entire body.

He stood up, and took her by the hands. He helped her to her feet, supporting her slight unsteadiness, and turned her around to face away from him. She brought her arms up and clasped her hands around his neck, lengthening her lustful body. He lets his hands glide over her body again, this time feeling every part of her. His rough skin brushed over her nipples, feeling their stiffness, feeling her response as he does so. She grinds herself into him, feeling his manhood press against her ass. He slowly unzips her skirt, letting it fall to the floor, and brings his hands back around her smooth stomach. He squeezes her slightly, letting her feel what he does inside. His fingers begin to trail down between her thighs again, finding her engorged clit under his fingertips. He rolls it lightly under them, feeling her shake with each stroke. He brings his other hand up to her face, stroking her neck and cheek. His fingers smooth over her lips, and she takes one into her wet mouth, sucking on it, biting the tip. He stirs against her more, taking pleasure in the erotic sensations. She takes his finger into her mouth, sucking on it almost hungrily as his fingers bring her closer to orgasm. She trembles a bit, and he feels her legs begin to go weak. She erupts again, falling forward against his strong arms, shaking as she does so.

When she subsides, he scoops her up and carries her over to the bed, laying her out on the fresh linens. He lies down next to her, kissing her again, letting his hands roam freely over her form. Catching her breath, she rolls over on top of him, laying her head into his chest, listening to his heartbeat. She gathers herself quickly, and begins to kiss his body, gently at first, then with increasing fervor. She runs her hands down his body, raking her nails into his skin, making him moan with passion. He props a pillow under his head, wanting to watch her seductions.

Their eyes meet, and she flashes a wicked smile at him. She moves herself over his manhood, slowly pressing herself against it. Her skin feels so soft as she slithers herself over him, nibbling at his nipples, making his breath quiver. She continues down his stomach, kissing it from side to side. He feels her stiff nipples on his thighs, and he moves his legs slightly against them, just enough to trigger her response. She wiggles herself between his thighs, smiling mischievously at him, biting his inner thigh playfully. His manhood is aching now, standing more erect than he can ever remember. It is a tribute to the passion that he feels for her, and the excitement that she makes him feel. She runs a finger slowly along his underside, making him groan in agony with her touch. He twitches under her light caress, wanting more of it, but being almost helpless by her power. She takes him in her hand and slowly moves him up and down, caressing him, watching the way he reacts. As her hand lowers near the bottom, she flicks her tongue at him, causing him to shiver. She slowly starts to tongue him, languidly licking all of him, taking her time. He feels as though he could pass out, the sensations that she is causing beginning to overwhelm him. She takes all of him into her mouth and he lets out a groan of passion, breathing heavily. He marvels at her deftness and skill, feeling himself being lost to her. He looks down at her again, seeing her sensual body lay out before him, pleasuring him, as he hasn't been in so long. He reaches down and takes her slender shoulders in his hands, urging her to release him. He wants to feel her. He wants to feels her body with his. He wants to feel her true passion.

She reluctantly releases him, and moves herself back over him. He runs his hands over her back, feeling her tiny body in his hands. As his fingers trace along her spine, her hips begin to grind against him. He can feel the heat from her body as she rubs herself along his length. He reaches his hands down and wraps them around her firm ass, kneading it, pulling her closer to him. When he does, she moans in pleasure as her clit is pressed firmly against him. He guides her hips up a bit, and she moves herself onto him. They are both almost froze as she brings herself down. He relishes the way she feels; the torridity and suppleness of her body as they come together. She feels so tight around him, so aroused, as is he. They lie still for just a moment, and then begin to move, slowly at first, then with more vigor and purpose. He wants to please her so, to bring her to new heights of bliss. He wraps his arms around her small frame, pulling her close to him, feeling her nimble body over him. He trails a finger down her spine, causing her back to arch under his touch, and lets it graze lightly over her ass. He continues between her firm cheeks, finding her receptive to his touch. He strokes at her lightly; just enough to excite her, sending noticeable shivers up her body. He feels her body begin to tense, and her breathing becoming erratic. He places his hands back onto her hips, moving with her body's own rhythm. She continues to tense, gently squeezing him tighter. She explodes with an orgasm that takes her breath away literally, and makes her body shake violently. He places his arms around her and holds her till her quivering subsides, kissing her forehead tenderly.

She looks at him, and he kisses her luscious mouth, tasting her essence on her tongue, marveling in it. He begins to stir beneath her, gently moving within her body. He brings his hands up to her ribs and lifts her up so that she is sitting upon him. She can feel him so deeply now, and she squeezes her eye shut at the intensity of the moment. He fondles her nipples, just firmly enough to cause her to gasp. He stares intently at her beauty as she nears the edge again. Her breasts heave as her breath comes rapidly, her mouth slightly agape. She collapses onto his chest as her body releases in a rush of energy the likes she has hardly experienced before. She lies there, catching her breath. Her hair is damp and strewn along his broad shoulder, her cheek flushed, her eyes staring dreamily into eternity. He tenderly strokes her arm with his fingertips, causing her to smile and shut her eyes as warm thoughts begin appearing randomly to her.

They lay there for what seems like hours, still coupled together in a state of ecstasy. She raises her head to him, and there lips meet obligingly, so soft yet conveying the craving that they both sense. She tugs at his shoulder slightly and he scoops her into his arms in one fluid movement. They roll over and he poses himself above her, dwarfing her slender body beneath his own. She stares intently into his eyes, smiling benevolently at him. He smiles in turn and feels her begin to stir beneath him. He lowers his chest to her, propping himself upon his elbows, taking care so as not to bear down upon her. He begins to move within her, his body moving steadily. She stares into his eyes, intently watching every expression that crosses his face. She watches him close his eyes, and sensing his movements, begins to stroke his back with her nails. She brings her hands down to his ass, pulling him deeper into her, urging him on. She tries to hold back, but cannot escape the lovely pressure being brought upon her. She rolls her head back against her pillow as another wave of pleasure comes crashing over her body. She lets out an outburst of passion and pulls herself off the bed as her body tenses, suspending herself under him. She collapses back onto the bed, leaving her slender thighs wrapped around his hips. She pulls at him, helping him to new heights, wanting to feel him deeply within her. His body begins to become rigid, and his pace quickens a bit, his breath coming in gasps. She can feel his passion growing within her, drawing her dangerously close to the edge once more. She knows that her lover is close to orgasm, and as he thrusts into her purposefully, she feels his body release. She slams her eyes shut as a final explosion makes its escape within her. He lies above her, recovering his breath, and brushes her now soaked hair from around her face. They kiss once more, smiling, as lovers are wont to do. He moves from over her and lays himself out next to her. Taking her into his arms and pulling her to him, they snuggle together like two spoons, their naked bodies as one. He kisses her lithe shoulder once more and sees a smile upon her lips. As she wriggles herself into him even more, his arm wraps around her and they drift of to a world of peace and dreams.

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