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Adventure with the Babysitter by GuyJD

Adventure with the Babysitter

I have been working at the factory with Willie for over 10 years and we became close friends at the job. Despite the fact that I am white and he is African-American and we were brought up in a different childhood environment, I found that Willie and I had a lot in common. One evening, we left the factory and decided to stop at a nearby club for a few beers. About an hour in our drinking and talking, Willie began telling me about his wife's younger sister.

"She's only 14 years old but she is too fucking active sexually", Willie told me. He continued to explain that his young sister-in-law, Taneisha, would often brag to his wife how she would fuck a guy whom she had just met.

"When has she begun getting sexually active? That is, when was she broken in sexually?" I asked.

"Hell, she grew up in one of those low income housing projects. She said that she started at 11 and it was with some 21-year-old guy who was dating her best friend at the time. Taneisha told my wife that she's been loving sex ever since", Willie continued.

We spent another half an hour on that subject until Willie suggested that I play a trick on her for him. I've had a few one-night-stands with a few of our female coworkers and have had a reputation of "wearing them out" from the size of my cock.

"Maria told most of the girls that she had to stay in bed the whole weekend when you two went out a few Fridays ago." Willie said. "She told the girls that her boyfriend was never able to top that."

At first I was very reluctant to do it. After all, she's just 14 but on the other hand, I have always wanted to dip my stick in some chocolate. So we agreed to set up a date. Willie proceeded to tell me that he and his wife would be gone for hours the next night and Taneisha will be there to baby-sit their baby daughter.

So we set the plan and he told me what time he would be leaving home and the best time for me to get there. Willie said that he was not going to tell Taneisha that he would be gone for about 4 hours when he left. So I parked up the block from his house and watched as he and Diane, his wife, back out of the garage and pull off. I drove up to the house once I watched him pass my car up and he sneaked thumbs up to me in the process.

I waited for about 30 minutes before approaching the house. Then I knocked on the door and she answered. There she stood wearing a pair of red shorts and a sexy white T-shirt. Her hair was braided and she wore dark red lipstick that brought out her dark shin. She certainly didn't look her age. She looked at least 18 but once she began talking, you couldn't help but notice her baby voice.

"Yes, can I help you?" she asked.

"I'm looking for Willie. We were supposed to go bowling tonight?" I responded to her.

"Well, he and his wife just left for a while. I guess if you are supposed to go bowling with him, he should be back soon. Would you like to come back later or stay here to wait for him?"

"I guess I can wait for him," I said.

So she led over to the couch. She asked that we remain very quiet because the baby had just gotten to sleep. She was watching a movie before I got there. It was "The Bodyguard". I was surprised to see that this young ebony girl had politely fixed herself a vodka and orange juice like it was nothing to her. She begged me not to tell Willie or Diane about it and I promised her that I wouldn't. She even fixed one for me, as she said, "to help me get more comfortable".

After handing me my drink, she sat down and continued looking at the movie. We hardly spoke much and I began thinking that Willie was full of shit. Occasionally, I would look at her and notice her cute, perky breast that showed through her T-shirt and her beautiful black legs as she sat wearing a pair of shorts. Often, her shorts would ride up more when she would adjust her seating. Yeah, she was looking good, but she was just a child.

My staring was almost noticed when she turned to me and asked, "Have you ever hit it with a sister?" I didn't understand the question so she rephrased it by asking, "Have you ever fucked a black girl before?"

Boy, did that put a shock on me. Not to mention it made my cock jerk a bit with excitement. I told her, "No" and that was the end of that discussion. An hour had gone by and no action. The drink had begun relaxing me and I simply snuggled up to the end of the couch and began falling asleep.

I don't know how long I was out but I was awakened when I heard some moaning. Before I could open my eyes, I could feel that my cock was out and I was receiving the most incredible blowjob. I opened one of my eyes just a little to find Taneisha going at my cock like a hungry little girl. Man, I couldn't believe my eyes. This young child had removed her shorts and T-shirt and was on her knees in front of me wearing only her panties. She had an incredible young body.

I continued to pretend to still be asleep while Taneisha continued slurping my huge cock so professionally as she was doing. That young warm mouth felt so good. She used one hand to massage my balls as her other hand massaged her clit inside her panties. Then she surprised me by performing deep throat on my 8-inch cock. A low moan from my throat gave me away when she was getting me close to ejaculation. She looked up at me and told me that she got horny when she was looking at the romantic scene in the movie.

Then she stood up and proceeded to slide her panties to the floor. Once her panties were kicked off of her ankle and onto the floor, she continued to suck my cock.

I told her that I was about to explode in her mouth and she stopped. She told me that she wanted me to "blow it" in her pussy. She brought her knees on each side of my waist and positioned her cunt over my hard cock. Slowly, she slid down onto my cock. We both moaned as I entered her tight pussy. I couldn't believe this child was so horny.

Once my cock was completely in, she began rocking back and forth and gyrating her hips so smoothly. Damn, this girl was good to say that she was so young. Hard as it was, we both tried to keep our moaning down to prevent waking the baby.

She had worked me so damn good with her blow job that it wasn't long before I felt myself shooting my cum straight up into her tight pussy. This brought her into a great orgasm of her own. She then collapsed on me and gave me a passionate kiss. Our tongues were wrestling in each other's mouth.

She slowly got off of my flaccid cock and began sucking it again. Ordinarily, at my age of 30, I would bust a nut and be own my way home. But this young nymphomaniac child got me up again within a minute as her warm mouth enveloped my cock. After five minutes of this, I was so horny that I simply pulled her off of me and laid her on the couch in a slouched position. I knelt between her thighs and slid my stiff cock back into her tight black pussy. And boy, she began moaning loudly. I quickly covered her mouth with mine and kissed her deep to prevent waking the baby. I gave it to her like she's never had it before. I pistoned my cock in and out of her rapidly and she was going crazy.

She began grabbing her braided hair, my waist, and my arms. Anything that she was able to reach for. She moaned and cried that she was having another orgasm. She had many more before I was done with her. We fucked for another hour before I blew all of the cum that I had in store for that young cunt of hers. When it was finally over, we were so sweaty and she was totally worn out.

She laughed and told me that no boy has ever gotten her so horny and yet, so satisfied. I teased her for not being able to keep her eyes opened. She was literally falling asleep after that great fuck.

She gave me a light slap on the arm and said, "Don't tease me like that. It's your fault anyway. You and your big white cock did that to me."

I kissed her one last time and picked her up and laid her completely onto the couch.

As she slept, I began getting dressed and prepared to go home. After I was dressed, I sat and wrote Taneisha a note. Then before leaving, I placed it in the pocket of her shorts.

It said, "Need another babysitting job? Call me!" I had my name and phone number on the paper for her to call. I may not have any children, but sometimes I could use some babysitting. In addition to working at my house, Taneisha often called me to come and help her baby-sit at Willie's house too. Each time was a night of great constant sex that ended with Taneisha sleeping for hours.

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