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A Dream by Nicholas Proxy

A Dream

The only thing your eye can see is light. That is all that's beautiful, that is all that's ugly, that is all there is. When your look at that wine bottle, all your eye sees is the blue light from the neon sign outside our window. Watch the light reflect off the label and off the smooth glass of the bottle's tapered neck. Watch the restaurant neon turn from red to blue to red .

Listen to them, downstairs. Still eating and drinking and laughing. I happen to know the kitchen closed at midnight. They'll keep dancing 'till two. The sound is a faint rumble up here, in our room. Just a distant noise, like the street or the sea.

I'm glad we're here. I'm glad your body lies beneath me, your cheek against the pillow, my arm around your back. Nowhere else, except this bed. Nowhere else in all the world.


My lips, softly across your collar bone; my mouth, open on your neck. The hair of my chest tickles against the softest skin of your breasts, until I pull you close, pressing your body to mine. Sound escapes your throat as my lips taste your neck.

Feel me take your breast in my hand, lifting it, sliding my fingers across its softness. I savor the salty sweat from between your breasts as my tongue slips between them. My hands are strong and gentle, and your nipples harden at my touch. Pulled between my lips, your nipples are stiff against my tongue.

Lie back against the pillow. Feel my lips on the softest part of your inner thigh. Kiss. I am under the linen sheets, with your body. A little higher. Kiss. Your lips are becoming rosy, parting slightly. My tongue is hard, strong. We are both wet, my mouth and you. Kiss.

My tongue slips between your lower lips, gliding across the hole. Sliding up, so slowly; parting your hair, your flesh. I pause just before the clitoris. Feel my breath. Warm. Then firmly, achingly slow, the tongue slips across the nub. Around the nub. In slow wet circles circles circles.

My strong arms around your body. My passionate mouth between your legs. Your hips arching to me. Your head rolled back into the pillow. Time slips away, and I follow the rhythms of your body; your breathing... your pulse... your flooding orgasm.

As you come, I slip slowly inside you. Your body involuntarily clenches and releases my shaft as the heat washes over you. Your legs slide around my sides and your fingers tangle in my hair. Deeper and deeper I go- sliding between your rosy lips.

Your hips rise to meet my thrusts and our rhythms quicken and dig in. We cry out together, our sound radiating in all directions. "Deeper!" we cry. "Longer!" we shout. "More!" Deeper, longer, more. Deeper, longer, more. Deeper. Longer. More.


Collapsing together. Falling together between the linen sheets. Falling into sleep as the neon light outside the window turns from red to blue to red to blue.

By Nicholas Proxy

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