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A Dilemma for Ken by Slick

A Dilemma for Ken

She laid on the bed, in the room that he would come to as he had so many times in the past. Ken was on his way to her, driving hundreds of miles to touch her, every part of her, to manipulate her body in so many ways until she begged him to stop.

Her body began to grow hot from anticipation of what he would do to it when he arrived and the thought of it increased her arousal. The room darkened with nightfall and his approach. She pictured his head between her legs, his tongue darting in and out of her pussy, licking her clit and her body shuddered.

From their past experiences together she knew his expectation that she should be attired in something nasty. Although she had bought or made so many different types of lingerie and outfits over the years, she knew that for tonight it must be the black leather corset with the silver studded collar, the one that was so tight on her and that shaped her breasts and figure so perfectly. The six garters of the corset were attached to the black silk stockings that she wore and the black high heeled leather boots reached just above her knees. A black lace thong panty was the finishing touch to her outfit.

She dressed for herself as much as for him. As always her excitement grew as she put on each piece of the outfit - with every hook she fastened and with every garter that she attached to her stockings. Her clit throbbed as she slid the boots over her feet and up her slender long legs. Her fingers caressed her thighs, yearning to go higher to where her pleasure place was. "No," she thought, Ken told me not to touch myself until he was here to watch. Instead she pinched the nipple on each breast through the leather fabric and imagined his teeth nipping each one.

She hoped that tonight would be the night that he would allow her to finally experience his ultimate blessing - his hard cock sliding in and out of her tight ass. Oh, he had teased her before with his promises and increased her need for anal satisfaction by using his fingers or a dildo inside of her instead. From those fingers she had experienced a throbbing so intense that it brought her to orgasm very quickly and left her body tingling all over.

Theirs was an unusual relationship. It had been more than ten years since they had first shared their bodies with each other. From that first encounter, Ken had owned her body, her mind and her soul. She couldn't explain it to herself, let alone to others, but he had a way about him that could only be described as charming. He had worked his magic on her and taken control over every aspect of her life and every thought in her head. He seemed to know and understand her inside and out. Yet, in so many ways, he was still a mystery to her.

They now lived in different cities and they were often physically separated by a distance of over 300 miles. It hadn't always been that way. They had once worked together in the same office. But then Ken had taken a different job in the northern part of the state, while she remained in the south. They still managed to see each other, but their time together was often short and sometimes separated by months and in one case more than a year. In every instance, she made the most of what time they had together. Ken, his mind and body were what she lived for. Her ultimate goal was to fulfill his every fantasy and she constantly craved something more provocative to challenge her creativity and to satisfy his desire.

She had laid out a variety of adult toys, which included a variety of vibrators, dildos, and a set of handcuffs. They were within easy grasp of where their lovemaking would occur. She never knew what he would want handy to use, nor where his mind would take both of them.

A loud knock on her front door brought her out of her daydream and to her feet. As she left the bedroom, she glanced in the full-length mirror on the wall, checking her reflection one last time. Her long blond hair was tousled just right and her makeup was perfect. "I'm glad I took the time this morning to apply polish to my finger nails," she thought, as she looked down at her pretty long red nails. "It completes the total look that I want."

She rushed to the front door, opened it and Ken stepped into her living room. The look on his face was that of approval. "You look great," he exclaimed. "Just like I want my slut to look." She took this as a compliment. They embraced. He could feel her breasts as they pressed against his chest. They kissed, and his tongue went into her mouth with force. The fragrance of her perfume awakened old memories in him. After a moment his arms loosened from around her and his hands moved around to squeeze her breasts and then each nipple. He enjoyed the arousing feel of the leather outfit and the way her breasts felt under it. One hand went between her legs, his fingers reaching into her pussy. He felt how wet she was already and he knew that she had gotten turned on thinking about him as she waited for him to arrive. Both of his hands then moved to her shoulders.

"On your knees, bitch" he ordered as he pushed her down by her shoulders. As she knelt on the floor in front of him, her hands went to his fly and she unzipped his pants and exposed his hardening cock. She playfully flicked her tongue on it before taking it fully in her mouth. Ken's hands cradled both sides of her head urging her mouth forward and then back, her tongue moving over and around his cock. She explored every part of it as it slid through her painted red lips. He pushed her head further down on him, urging her to take more of him. She eagerly responded and as she reached the base of his shaft, she puckered her lips, leaving a red ring of lipstick completely around it. As she went down on his cock again, she felt it growing in her mouth and then the tip of the huge cock hit the back of her throat. She knew which areas of his cock were the most sensitive and concentrated her efforts by first running her tongue up and down the underside of it and then flicking her tongue back and forth on it. She felt it grow even bigger and harder in her mouth, at the same time she felt his legs begin to quiver.

As he enjoyed the feeling of her mouth, he thought to himself as he had many times before, "she is the best cock sucker in this world and I own that mouth." He pulled her to her feet as he started to undress.

"Would you like a drink?" she asked. He nodded yes. As she went to the kitchen to get it for him, he finished undressing and sat down on the couch. A thought occurred to him while he was waiting. He got up and started going through the videos that she had by her TV. He found the one he wanted, the one she had recorded for him many years ago. It was the home video that he had asked her to make of herself masturbating. Ken turned on the TV, put the tape in the VCR and pressed play on the remote control. As her picture appeared on the screen he immediately began stroking his cock. Seeing her doing things that pleased him like this always got him going.

She finally returned to the room and he watched her as she moved toward him to hand him the drink. Man, he loved to watch her walking around in that black corset and those boots. He remembered finding those boots in a catalogue that she had showed him. He knew immediately that he had to see her in them. It hadn't taken more than a mention of this and she had an order in the mail.

"Turn around, walk a few feet away and let me get a good look at you," he said. "Now, turn fully around again, bend over with your back to me, spread your legs and play with yourself."

She did as she was told and all the while he watched. As she bent over, her closely shaved pussy as well as her tight asshole came clearly into his view. He watched the action for a moment and then got up from the couch and moved in directly behind her.

"Bend down over the arm of the couch," he insisted as he pulled her ass cheeks apart with his hands. "I love doing her this way," he thought, as he pushed his throbbing cock into her wet pussy. His hands glided over the back of the leather outfit while he enjoyed the feel of it against her back. They came to rest at her waist. He guided her hips first toward and then away from him as he moved in and out of her. Then he lifted one hand and brought it down on her ass cheek with a sharp smack. She jumped, and her pussy squeezed his cock. He slapped her cheek again and again, leaving red handprints on it. Whoa, he had to slow down, slapping her ass had excited both of them and it had felt almost too good to him.

"I've got to keep in mind what I really want to do to her tonight." Whether she was ready for it or not, he had planned to ram his hard cock in her ass this weekend and he had no plans to be gentle about it. He had thought about this for so long and had been preparing her for it for a while now. He had used all sorts of things in her ass in the past, starting first with his finger, then a succession of dildos of varying sizes. The last one he had used was the size of a small cock, although much smaller than his own. She had gotten turned on by what he had done in the past and had responded by cumming over and over again with his fingers being squeezed by her ass muscles. Oh, did he want to feel that squeezing on his cock! She had begged him to give it to her then, but he, always in control, had told her she would have to wait.

While she was still bent over the couch, he moved back around her so that his cock was directly in front of her face. She knew what he wanted her to do and she took it in her mouth again, tasting her own juices on it this time. This lasted for a minute or so and then he moved back around to her pussy again. Back and forth he went between her two holes, mouth and pussy, pussy and mouth. All the while, he continued to watch the video of her masturbating on the T.V. screen. As he moved in and out of her pussy, he saw that her video performance was now to the point where she was using a vibrator on her clit and was pushing a dildo in and out of her cunt quickly with the other hand. It was almost more than he could bear. He stopped and slipped out of her, taking her hand and leading her to the bedroom.

He pushed her down on the bed and stood at the foot looking at her for a moment before climbing on the bed, kneeling between her legs. "Spread your legs and pull your pussy lips apart so that I can eat you," he ordered. She loved having his mouth work on her down there, so she immediately complied. "Wider," he said, as she tried to do what he wanted. Impatiently, he pulled at her pussy lips, pulling them further apart. First he licked her clit and then ran his tongue down to her pussy, sucking there for a while and then back to her clit. He savored the smell and taste of her pussy and then rammed two fingers inside of it. She responded by grinding her body further down on his hand and with both hands held his head and mouth against her throbbing, swelling clit.

He rose to his knees to reach a vibrator, turned it on and handed it to her. He watched as she pressed it against her clit. He continued to watch as her body responded and then he went back to working on her pussy, using three fingers this time. He moved them in and out of her and then twisted them all around inside of her. He pulled his fingers out and moved his hand toward her mouth with his index finger sticking out. She licked it and sucked on it, which pleased him.

It was time, he decided, to start working on her ass. He moved down again and this time put his wet index finger in her ass crack, exploring it with both his finger and his eyes. When he found her small tight hole, he pushed his wet finger into it. She squirmed and moaned. He grabbed the battery-operated dildo and rammed it into her pussy. He turned on the vibrator and then slowly moved it in and out of her. Her eyes closed and her body picked up the rhythm.

"Tell me you want my cock in your ass," he demanded.

"I want it," was her answer.

"How much do you want it," he questioned.

"Your slut wants to feel your big hard cock slamming in her ass," she answered with a moan. She was so close to cumming, she didn't know if she could stop. He must have sensed it too, for at that moment he stopped, pulled his finger out of her ass, the dildo from her pussy and snatched the vibrator from her hand before she could cum.

"You're not ready yet," he said. But she begged him over and over again to please give it to her. He liked her to beg. "I have total control over her now," he thought to himself. But he wanted more from her body. He wanted to bring her close to cumming a few more times before he would let her have it in the ass. He wanted to hear her scream when he gave it to her.

"Kiss my cock and give it a few licks" he said. They exchanged places, with him laying down on the bed and her kneeling between his legs. She kissed the tip of his cock and then opened her lips and mouth, slowly going down on him. Her tongue licked as her moist mouth glided up and down over his cock.

"Faster," he whispered and she did as ordered. Now his hands reached down to her head, guiding it faster and then further down on his cock. He again felt his cock reach the back of her throat and he held her head there for a moment with his hands, savoring the feel of it.

Ken grabbed the vibrator again and gave it to her. She turned it on, placed it between her legs and used it on herself as she continued to suck on his cock. He felt her pace quicken and her mouth tighten around his cock, as she came close to cumming again.

He stopped her again by saying, "I want to fuck your pussy now." But she was so wrapped up in sucking his cock that it took her a moment to comprehend what he was saying.

"NOW!" he shouted. She rose from between his legs and they changed places again. She laid on her back and her legs spread wide as he found her pussy with his cock. His hands rested on each knee, pushing her legs further apart, as he rammed his hard cock into her.

He moved rhythmically, in and out of her pussy. Faster, harder, he worked. Oh, it felt so good, he didn't want to stop - he couldn't stop. "I love the feeling of her pussy squeezing around my cock when she cums, oh, but I want to feel her ass squeeze my cock." He also quickly thought about how much he enjoyed pulling out of her at the last possible moment and squirting his hot sticky cum all over her.

She was moaning loudly now and her body was grinding frantically down on his cock. With one hand she was furiously rubbing her clit and she grabbed his arm with the other, digging her red fingernails into his skin.

He felt her cumming and his body surged toward his own orgasm. What to do - should he stop her now, try for her ass - oh no, her pussy was squeezing harder and she was starting to scream. He felt the first gush of cum flowing out of him. Quickly he pulled his cock out of her and squirted the rest all over her body, face, and hair.

He looked down on her and smiled. "Oh well, I really wanted her ass, but I'll have it next time," he thought, as he wiped some of his cum off of her face with his fingers and placed them between her lips.

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