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Added Benefits

Laura Madison, R. N., was about to start a new job at the Medical Center. She had moved recently into town and was anxious to get her life in order. Order, she thought to her self, yes that's what she needed -- to bury herself in her work and try and get on with her life.

Her life had been in a shambles -- her fiancÚ was killed in a motor vehicle accident. Their plans to marry, raise a family -- the American dream -- was now over. Abruptly, without reason. All that was soon to change.

She checked her crisp white uniform, smiling to her self. She did look good. Her long auburn tresses pulled back into a braid, her green eyes sparkling in the new day's dawn. And what a day she had before her! She was about to embark on a journey like none she had ever had. She worked on a surgical floor, patients coming and going to and from surgery. She readied the room for her new admission, a 28 year old, male, for reconstructive knee surgery. Thinking to herself a jock, great, just what she wanted, a whiney male whose tolerance for pain was little except if he were on the playing field in front of his buddies.

He arrived via gurney and was moaning about the pain, Couldn't he please have something, it was killing him. She checked the orders and medicated him. Demerol 75 mg. into his glutes. She asked him to roll over and, seeing his bare bottom, his thigh muscles rippling from years of football were quite apparent. Made a smile come over her face. She hadn't realized he could see her smile from the corner of his eye and was a good thing for him when she pressed her thighs against his and helped him to get comfortable. Elevating his leg on pillows, she encouraged him some rest. And rest he did. She checked on him often, watching him sleep.

She sat down to do her notes and found herself drifting, remembering, it had been a while since she had been with a man. A single tear rolled down her cheek, as she thought of her fiancÚ, her dreams had been shattered. The call light rang and she got up to see what the football player wanted. She entered the room and said, "Well, sleepy head, feeling better"?

He replied, "Yes, thank you, I am feeling a lot better thanks to you, my angel in white!"

She felt his eyes caressing her. He smiled a devilish grin. She blushed ever so slightly. "Just doing my job," she replied. She asked if he was hungry.

A big smile crossed his face... um yes. He felt a stirring in his loins... strange he had just met her... he swiftly folded his hands across his lap, hoping she did not notice the affect she had on him, but he was not fast enough. Her eyes quickly checked this situation out and then her eyes met his. She excused herself from his room and quickly walked out to the hall. She sighed deeply, embarrassed by her actions. How could she have been so bold? What must he think of her?

She heard a crash and quickly shoved the door open. The water pitcher was on the floor. He was half out the bed, onto the floor. She let out a cry for help, and struggled with him to get him back into bed. He wrapped his arms around her neck and softly kissed her. In doing so, his arm hit the intercom into the nurse's lounge. She returned his kiss and pressed her aching body into his. She locked the door and then stepped toward him. She lowered her stockings and straddled him. He leaned forward and ran his hands all over her body.

Her breathing quickened. She leaned down to kiss his soft lips. She felt his hard cock pressing against her thigh... without a word she guides his cock into her tight, wet, pussy. She moaned as his cock filled her. He closed his eyes and lifted his hips to meet her rocking, grinding, every which way. She held his hands for support and soon carried them both to the point of no return. He set his army of cum into her and she exploded with her own juices to mix with his.

She heard her name being paged over the intercom and quickly adjusted herself and left without so much as a word... he laid there stunned... was it a dream... his cock still wet with their juices.

She walked to nurse's station. And the chief resident smiles at her... as do a few nurses. As she walked past them, thinking they were just friendly, she returned the smile. There stood the floor manager, arms folded in front of him. He said, "Laura. may I have moment with you?"

She followed him into his small crowded office. As she entered, he locked the door. A puzzled look came over her face. "Tom, why are locking the door?" she asked innocently. He turned to her, stroking himself.

Her eyes almost left their sockets. "What are you doing?"

He replied, "And what were you doing in room 8? You know I heard you and your patient," and he chuckled loudly. "That's what I like, a nurse who totally gives the patient what he wants, to make him feel better."

"I... um... I can explain..." She noticed his cock growing before her.

He ordered her to kneel before him. If she wanted to keep this job, she had no choice. The recent move cost more than she had planned. She knelt before him, he stepped toward her, pulling her mouth to his huge cock, commanding her to suck it. He shoved his cock into her mouth thrusting it deep into her throat. She gagged and coughed.

He ordered her to shut up and take it all. "Suck it bitch!"

She obeyed his words. He pulled her hair, then ordered her to bend over his messy desk. She did so without hesitation. He played with her clit and sought the entrance to her wet pussy, his deft fingers exploring her, probing her, invading her.

She leaned forward -- did she dare to exhibit any pleasure from this? She waited... he forced his dark bulging cock into her tight ass. Pressing it harder into her, she cried out in agony. He raised his hand and it came down firmly across her ass... the pain...

"Oh god!" she whimpered. "Please stop," she begged. He shoved his cock deeper... and another smack came down across her bare bottom... she crossed the line between pain and pleasure, pushing her ass into him, begging for more of his cock.

She moaned louder, "Fuck me, damn you... harder... harder..."

He did as she wished, each thrust deeper than previous one. His cock exploded his cum into her ass and he pulled it out just as she was about to cum. He yanked her braid and turned her towards him.

He said, "Welcome to my floor, my little slut... you will do well here, I can guarantee it... now go take care of someone who needs you!" He chuckled his evil laugh.

She fixed her dress and headed down the hall, call lights ringing... another patient arrived. She sighed, smiled, and went back to work, thinking to herself, 'I'm gonna like working here. The benefit package is more than I dreamed it would be...'

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