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Adam the Cop by G-boy

Adam the Cop

Sam Villeaux, the tall forty-year-old climbed out of the large bed he shared with Cathy, his thirty-eight year old wife and went down the hall. Their year old daughter was crying and he walked into her room. Even the sight of her daddy didn't stop the tears, and he picked her up. Sopping wet.

He pulled the wet diaper off and cleaned her little privates and put a fresh diaper on her. She was happy now and gurgled her nonsense language. He carried her down the stairs and fixed her a bottle of warm formula. Father and daughter stood in the kitchen and waited for the coffee to finish dripping. The front door opened and Sam instinctively felt for his hip holster. Clad in his boxer shorts and tee shirt, he was unarmed. Adam Potter's face bobbed into view and Sam sighed in relief.

Sam was a captain on the local police force, and in this small town there wasn't much crime, not much violent crime, but he'd still made some enemies here and there. He smiled at his stepson and let Faith go to her big brother.

"Ah yum!" Faith cooed.

"Hey son, how's it going?" he smiled.

"Um, Dad, can I ask you a question?" Adam said as he tickled the happy toddler.

Even though Sam had only been married to Cathy for a little over a year now, both of her children called him Dad, never having known their own fathers. Adam was the product of a rape, and Cindy was the product of a smooth talking salesman that fed Cathy a good line about a future together, and then split when she popped up pregnant.

"Yeah, of course," Sam smiled and pulled another mug out of the cabinet.

"Um, how'd you know you wanted to be a cop?" Adam asked.

"I don't know," Sam admitted. "I mean, I wanted to be a lawyer, really, at first, but after a year of studying that boring stuff, I took a look at what exactly was going on, what law was really about, you know? And that's when I decided I'd rather be in the front lines, enforcing it, not just sitting around."

"You are not going to be a policeman," Cathy snapped.

"Hey mom," Adam smiled.

Cathy did not smile back. She folded her arms over her full breasts and glared at the two men in her life. Even in her skimpy gown, almost translucent, and her dark brown curls askew, she still looked formidable.

"You hear me? And, what about Lindy?" she snapped. "You think she's ready to be a cop's wife?"

"What's wrong with being a cop's wife?" Sam snapped.

"Every time, every God damned time you walk out that door, I wonder if it's the last time," Cathy shrilled.

"Hey, you knew I was a cop when.." Sam yelled.

"And that's why I didn't want to date you," Cathy yelled back.

"The boy is almost twenty!" Sam yelled. "If he wants to be a cop, there's nothing you can do.."

"I should have never said yes," Cathy screamed. "When you asked me out, I should have told you go to hell!"

"You did tell me to go to hell," Sam laughed. "The first ten times I asked you out!"

"And now my only son wants to play big man with a gun!" Cathy screamed and left the small kitchen. "Damn you, Sam Villeaux!"

"I, uh, didn't think she'd be thrilled, but.." Adam tried to make light of the situation.

"Well, what does Lindy say about this?" Sam asked and poured them two cups of coffee.

"I wanted to talk to you first," Adam admitted.

"So? Talk," Sam said.

"What happened the other day," Adam began.

"Yeah, I should have never involved you in that," Sam grumbled.

Adam woke up and dressed. He was going with his mother and stepfather to get a bed for Faith. Sam needed him for two reasons; manpower and the pickup truck. Adam was more than happy to help out; he really loved being with his stepfather and his mother and the baby. Faith brought out something he'd never suspected about himself, but he really loved children.

He met them at Bonnie's Baby Land and parked the truck near the entrance. He knew Bonnie's well. He'd bought his girlfriend a five foot tall Panda bear there, and got his sister a three foot Koala for her birthday. One thing he'd never understand about women; both Cindy and Lindy were eighteen, but they went absolutely crazy when he'd given them the stuffed animals.

The Panda was two inches taller than Lindy, but she'd squealed with delight when he'd brought it out. Together the quartet walked in. Saturday morning at Bonnie's was very busy, and they patiently waited for the beleaguered salesgirl to help them. Sam noticed the African American couple walk in. His cop instinct went on alert as he watched the woman, obviously in late pregnancy, look around.

The fact that the couple was black was one tip-off. Bonnie's was an expensive store, in an exclusive neighborhood. The couple's shabby clothing told Sam that they weren't there to shop. The salesgirl came and distracted his attention, and that's when the man made his move. Opening his partner's full coat, he pulled the double-barreled shotgun and fired a shot into the ceiling.

"All right all you mother fuckers! Get down!" he screamed over the patrons' screams.

His partner stood with a nine-millimeter semi-automatic pistol in her hand and looked around at the many patrons threateningly. She didn't worry Sam as much as the man with the shotgun did. The pistol would have to be aimed, but the shotgun's spray could injure many people, as its barrels had bee sawed down to less than eighteen inches. He tapped Adam's shoulder and pointed to the woman. He eased his off-duty revolver from his holster and crept along the shelving. Adam followed his lead and crept along the shelving closest to the woman who was turning and pointing the pistol at the cowering patrons. The man was at the cash register, screaming at the very scared older woman to put the fucking money in a beg.

Sam crouched and prayed that Adam would use common sense. The best time to pounce would be when the woman was facing away. He didn't have time to be grateful when Adam did just that and tackled the woman. At the same moment, he leapt up and put the barrel of his gun against the startled man's head.

"Freeze, cock sucker," he hissed. "Police." Adam held the nine-millimeter steady as he stood over the groaning woman's form. His tackle had knocked the wind out of her and she knew the game was up when she heard the other white guy say "Police." The police cruiser screamed to a stop outside and two armed policemen dashed in. One of the employees had called 911 from the stockroom.

"Captain!" Officer Thompson said, and holstered his gun.

"The two suspects entered the store, and within moments had attempted to rob the store. The efforts of Captain Samuel Villeaux and his stepson, Adam Potter, a sophomore at the University of Louisiana, foiled the attempted robbery. The two suspects are also wanted in connection with a string of other store robberies," the television announcer said as the cameras panned the storefront.

"I should have just taken care of the situation myself," Sam mused.

"How? One had a shotgun, the other a semi-automatic," Adam said. "Look, it wasn't just that. I watch you as you get ready for the day. You're proud of what you do, and it shows. I know what you're thinking when you go out there, you're keeping this place safe for the people you love. Well, I want to do that too. I want to keep this place safe for Lindy. For Cindy, For Faith."

"And, you don't mind scaring Lindy and Cindy and Faith to death?" Cathy snapped. "And, what about me? I'm supposed to just sit here and pretend it doesn't scare me to death?"

"Mom, look, I don't want to scare anybody, but.." Adam said, then slapped the table. "Mom, you remember when Lindy got shot? I was standing right there when it happened, and I felt so helpless. And when Cindy got raped? I was twenty feet away and couldn't do anything to help her. I don't want to ever go through that again."

"Fine, do what ever you want," Cathy snapped and left the kitchen again.

"She'll get over it," Sam smiled. "If you really want to.."

"I'll never get over it," Cathy yelled from the living room.

"I'll get you into the academy," Sam finished.

"Go ahead, kill your mother," Cathy yelled.

"Could you?" Adam said.

Lindy sat in the middle of the waterbed and listened to her boyfriend. She felt the tears well up in her eyes. What he was telling her frightened her terribly. The idea of him becoming a cop was almost unfathomable. Finally, she held up her hands and he was silenced.

"Why?" was all she could say.

"Because I want to keep you safe, Cindy safe, I feel like I'm just spinning my wheels at college," he sputtered.

"You keep me safe whenever I'm here," she said.

"But, what about Cindy? My mom? Faith?" he said.

"You really want to be a cop?" she whispered.

"I really do," he said.

"Fine," she said and crawled off the bed.

"Where are you going?" he asked, concerned.

"We're going to practice," she said, and whirled around.

She pointed her index finger at him, thumb sticking up.

"Freeze, mother fucker!" she screamed.

"Lindy! What the hell am I supposed to do?" he laughed.

"I don't know, I'm not the cop, you are," she smiled. "Now, stick em up!"

"Freeze! Police!" he shouted, his own 'gun' drawn.

"Oh, no!" she squealed and held her hands up in surrender.

He climbed out of bed and grabbed her. He kissed her passionately, but she wiggled out of his grasp and glared at him.

"Is that what you're going to do every time you arrest someone?" she said. "Then, I don't want you to be a cop."

"No, but," he said.

"Then, arrest me right, damn it," she said.

"Fine, hands against the wall, spread them," he yelled.

She complied and he frisked her. She moaned as he cupped her thirty eight-D breasts, fondled them until the nipples were fully erect. His hands patted along her tiny waist and her full hips. She spread her legs wider as he fondled her buttocks and felt her crotch.

"I think I might have a weapon in there," she panted.

"I think so too," he groaned and unzipped her tight blue jeans.

His fingers traced the thin strip of pubic hair and found her throbbing clitoris. She groaned loudly and pushed her buttocks against his crotch. He slid her pants down as far as her spread legs would let him and knelt behind her. His tongue speared her twitching anus and she leaned heavily against the wall. His lapping picked up speed and his thumb and finger tugged at her clitoris. With a guttural scream, she came and slid down the wall to the floor.

"Where's your handcuffs?" she panted.

"Don't have any yet," he groaned and pulled her jeans off.

"Get some," she ordered. "Next time I'm arrested, I expect the full treatment, you fucking cop." He entered her from behind, on the floor. Within moments they were groaning and thrusting against one another. Her nipples rasped against the rough carpet and she grunted and moaned as she came hard. A moment later, she felt his hot juice flood into her wet pussy and she purred contentedly. He pulled out of her and kissed her right ear softly.

"Think you'll like being a cop's wife?" he asked her.

"Nope," she said.

"No?" he cried out.

"I'll like being your wife, no matter what you are," she murmured and climbed into the bed. "Okay, I've been arrested, come interrogate me."

"I have to read you your rights first," he said and pulled his jeans and tee shirt off.

"Oh, God, police brutality!" she cried out as she took his rigid cock into her mouth.

"Dr. White?" Lindy asked in her soft voice.

"Yes, Ms. Carter?" the sociology professor smiled at his favorite student.

Her four foot ten inch frame supported such a lush body, whenever Doctor Steven White masturbated; it was to visions of her. He imagined sliding his cock deep into her small mouth, sliding it between those luscious breasts (he'd seen her nipples hard once, poking through the thin material of her blouse, he would hold that memory for years to come), her plump buttocks. She smiled nervously; his blatant stares always made her uncomfortable.

"I, um, will be taking off for three days, to have surgery," she began.

"My goodness!" he exclaimed. "Is anything wrong?"

"Oh, no sir," she smiled. "Plastic surgery."

"But you're perfect," he smiled, hoping she wasn't going in for breast reduction surgery.

"No, I'm not," she said and pulled her hair away from her left ear.

Almost two years earlier, a female student at her high school had been jealous of Lindy's popularity. With a stolen forty-five revolver, she'd pumped three bullets into Lindy. One had entered her stomach, nicking the spinal column; she was lucky to be walking. Another had slammed into her chest, narrowly missing her heart; she was lucky to be alive. A fellow student coming to her rescue had deflected the third, aimed at her forehead. The bullet had blasted into her left ear, leaving little more than a stump and damaging her hearing permanently.

He looked at the ear and shuddered slightly. He also noticed the engagement ring on her left hand; a large diamond set in a gold heart, and felt a wave of jealousy. He smiled at her as she pulled her dark hair back down over her ear.

"And, what can I do for you?" he asked.

"I'm going to have to miss two classes, and I was wondering if I could do the assignments before I missed them," she asked.

This was why she was his favorite student. Not only was she fodder for his masturbation fantasies, the fuel for his little encounters with other female students, but she was also a straight 'A' student. Most other students would simply miss the two classes, then demand special treatment. She took care of her responsibilities beforehand. He wondered, for a split second, whether or not bending over his desk could count as those missed assignments, but knew that she would not go for that suggestion. He smiled wistfully.

"Ms. Carter, the only assignment you are going to miss is a test of the social interactions assignments you completed last week, and since you got an 'A' on that, I doubt if your grade will suffer in the least," he said.

"Thank you, Dr. White, but I'd still like to take the test when I get back, please," she smiled and went to her seat.

He frowned at Michelle Trahan, a slender blonde student that had stood there for the entire exchange. She'd been failing the class, due to low test scores and missed assignments, and had been servicing some of his needs for a passing grade.

"And, how did I do?" she smiled knowingly.

"Terrible, Ms. Trahan," he grimaced. "Meet me after class."

Adam slammed the truck door and waved a final time to Lindy. Her dark eyes pooled over and he almost stopped the truck and told her to forget about it; he wasn't going. The twelve weeks apart loomed ahead and seemed like a lifetime. But, she smiled bravely and waved good-bye. He waved to her and to his sister, Cindy Potter. The pretty blonde hugged her friend to her side and brushed a tear from her own blue eyes. Her heart shaped face bore the signs of tears and he felt a few of his own tears pool into his blue eyes. A few blocks away, a police cruiser flashed its lights and he pulled over. From the passenger side his mother and baby sister climbed out. The tears on her face were also obvious. His stepfather, in full uniform, climbed from the driver's side and saluted the now crying Adam.

"You didn't think we'd let you go without a proper send-off, did you?" he smiled.

"Ah yum!" Faith crowed.

"Be careful, baby," his mother said, fresh tears forming.

He had a police escort take him to the interstate highway and he headed his truck toward Baton Rouge. His mother sobbed and waved good-bye as Sam turned the cruiser's sirens off and took the exit.

Years of physical education teachers and football and baseball coaches had prepared him for the screaming sergeants. Weight lifting had prepared him for the rigorous workouts. The bunks weren't the most comfortable in the world, but he wasn't here for comfort. He worked his hardest, studying late into the night and training, constantly training.

Lindy held her father's hand as they prepared to wheel her into the operating room. She tried to smile bravely, but the local anesthetic had numbed the left side of her face, so it looked more like a grimace. Jake Carter looked down at his diminutive daughter. So brave. In her eighteen years, she'd been through so much. Years of rejection, then finally acceptance, only to be shot by a jealous class mate.

Now she was going to have some of the physical scars taken care of. Extensive therapy had taken care of many of the emotional scars, but he knew, deep down inside, she was still that fat little girl that nobody would befriend. On her other side stood Cindy. Pale under the tan, Jake knew how hard it was for her to be here in the same hospital where she'd watched them try valiantly to save Lindy's life. The orderlies waited patiently as Jake and Cindy kissed her and then whisked her away. Jake smiled at the worried girl.

"Look, it's going to be at least three, four hours. Why don't you go on home, I'll call you when she's out?" he offered.

"No!" she shrilled, then regained composure. "No, Mr. Jake, I'll wait."

"You really don't like being here, do you?" he laughed.

He knew Cindy and Lindy were, had been lovers. He didn't know if they still were, didn't want to know. That part of his daughter's private life should be just that, private. When he'd first found out, he'd found it very hard to look at the pretty blonde that stood at least a half a foot taller than his little girl. But her genuine love and concern for Lindy had won out, and he was glad that Lindy had such a good friend. It had been Cindy that sat, night after night at Lindy's bedside while the little girl lingered in a coma, it had been Cindy that dropped everything and ran to Lindy when Lindy suffered horrible nightmares, it had been Cindy that had helped daily when Lindy underwent the grueling physical therapy. He watched as she mechanically drank the lukewarm coffee he brought her. She was a million miles away; the stress was visible on her face.

"Penny for your thoughts," he said.

"I don't, I mean, I know this is just a simple operation, they take some skin from her butt, then some muscles from her side and make a new ear, and it's real simple, but, suppose something goes wrong?" she asked.

"I don't know," he admitted. "I mean, I'd love to tell you there's nothing to it, but if that were true, why'd they have to wait so damned long? "They kept hoping some hearing would come back," Cindy reminded him. "They were afraid to cut any nerves, just in case." Carmen Peltham stepped off the elevator and looked around. Spotting Jake she smiled broadly and pushed her short dark hair back. Then the six foot tall twenty-two year old saw the pretty, really beautiful, blonde sitting next to him. She felt a lurch of jealousy as she looked at her lover, a large man of forty-three, smiling and talking to this threat. She tightened her nerve and strode toward the pair. She wouldn't make a scene. She was here because his daughter was undergoing surgery, and she loved him.

"Carmen! Hi!" his deep gravely voice said as he stood up.

She turned her face so his lips brushed her cheek. She glared at the nervous looking girl.

"Carmen, I'd like for you to meet Cindy. Cindy Potter. She's Lindy's best friend," Jake went on. "Cindy, this is Carmen Peltham, a, uh.." and he faltered, not sure what to call Carmen.

"Your girlfriend," Cindy smiled and stuck out her hand. "Hi. Lindy's told me all about you."

"Oh? And, what has she told you?" Carmen smiled, relieved.

"That Mr. Jake's dating a really nice woman," Cindy replied.

"Isn't she sweet! I guess she left out the part that I grade her test papers for Dr. White," Carmen laughed.

Head and buttocks swathed in bandages; Lindy winced as the anesthetic wore off. She peered out of the gauze at her father, her lover, and her father's girlfriend. The three faces looked so worried. She tried to smile, but couldn't. The doctor was explaining the whole procedure to the gathering, but she just wanted to sleep, hopefully the gnawing itch would disappear.

"Quite a trooper, my little girl," Jake bragged as he stirred the chili.

"Yes, she is," Carmen agreed. "Need some help with that?"

"No, I got it. Sam Villeaux, Cindy's stepfather, gave me this recipe. He wins Police Tournaments with this chili all the time."

"She's a lovely young woman, Cindy," Carmen murmured.

She couldn't believe she was jealous, even after Jake told her that Cindy was Lindy's best friend. She'd never been in love before, and the thought of some little blonde smiling at Jake Carter and stealing him away scared her.

"Who? Cindy? Yeah, she is," Jake agreed. "Before her, Lindy didn't have any friends, but she and Cindy are inseparable now. She's engaged to Cindy's brother, Adam."

"Oh! That's who that is!" she exclaimed, now much easier with the whole situation. "But, where was he? Doesn't like hospitals?"

"He doesn't even know about this," Jake said and spooned two bowls of the steaming mix. "He's at the Police Academy, training. She wanted this all done and out of the way before he comes home. Wants to look perfect for their wedding."

"God damn, Jake! This is hot!" she cried and gulped at her beer.

"Blow on it, silly," he chided and had to gulp some beer as well.

"I can't blame her, though. I'd want to look absolutely gorgeous for my wedding," Carmen mused.

"Well, in Adam's eyes, and in mine, and in everyone who knows her, Belinda is absolutely gorgeous," Jake said.

"Jake, you're forty three years old, and you still don't know anything about women," Carmen laughed. "Your eyes, Adam's eyes, nobody's eyes matter. It's what our eyes see."

"Problem, Potter?" Sergeant Malcolm barked.

"Sir?" Adam barked back.

"You learn how to shoot at the Helen Keller School, boy?" Malcolm yelled. "Point, aim and shoot! You couldn't hit a bull in the butt with a bass fiddle!" Adam reloaded the nine-millimeter handgun again and pointed at the target. In all the movies he'd seen, the television shows, they made it look so easy. They'd just point it, shoot it, and the target would magically have perfect scores. He steeled himself and looked at the target. He tried to imagine the target was a dangerous criminal, not just the outline of a man. The gun made a loud roar as he emptied the clip into it, and was dismayed at the scores.

Actually, Adam's scores were average. Sergeant Malcolm didn't like the boy, though. He'd gone to the academy with Sam Villeaux, had partnered with him the first year down in New Orleans. But when Sam and he had taken the test, Sam surpassed him. And Sam didn't stop there, he kept passing him. Now Sam was a Captain in some back woods town, and his own promotions had only gotten him on the force of the Police Academy. Then, that piss ant Captain Sam calls him and wants him to help out with his stepson. Malcolm vowed to blow Adam out of the academy as soon as possible. He glowered as Adam surpassed most of the other recruits. But here, here on the firing range, he could berate and belittle the boy all he wanted. Adam picked up the forty-five revolver, went down the checklist and prepared to fire. Six shots boomed out and the target came in with a near perfect score. He wiped the smile of satisfaction form the boy's face with more screaming orders.

Lindy put the pillow down on the seat and arranged her books. Dr. White glared at the students, daring any of them to laugh at the lump under her thick hair or the bulge under her jeans. She winced and wiggled as she sat down and he got up from behind his desk and approached her.

"Ms. Carter, if you would like to be excused," he began.

"Oh, no, Dr. White! I missed too much already!" she protested.

"Very good. But if you need to leave, please don't hesitate to do so," he smiled tightly.

"Thank you," she murmured and gave a little wave to Carmen, who was setting up her own desk to the left of Dr. White.

Michelle glared at her teacher's favorite student. She was the one that had to endure Dr. White's thin cock up her ass, in her mouth, and on occasion, in her pussy, and yet this midget was getting all the attention. She sat down and flashed her blonde muff at Dr. White as he sat back down behind his imperial desk. He gawked for a second, then glared at her, but she smiled sweetly. Carmen began to call the roll.

"You'll pay for that, Ms. Trahan," he promised himself. "After class, I'm going to put it in all of your holes." She giggled and moaned as he bent her over the desk. His juice dribbled out of the corner of her mouth (she hated swallowing) as he plunged his second erection into her wet pussy. She knew he wouldn't stay there long; he'd soon pull out and try to ram it up her ass as hard as he could. When he'd do this, she'd come hard. The first few times he'd abused her, used his power over her, it had sickened her. She'd come to accept, then to look forward to these sessions. True to form, after he'd wet his dick in her dripping pussy, he pulled out of her blonde bush and tried to ram her ass hole. She groaned and pulled her ass cheeks as far apart as she could, giving him easier access to her rectum. With a groan that matched hers, he plunged all five inches into her bowels. A few thrusts and both came in shudders. He collapsed on top of her, pinning her to the desktop. Her small breasts mashed against the hard surface and she enjoyed another orgasm.

"Thank you, Dr. White," she purred as he pulled his cock from her stretched anus.

"Ms. Trahan, you really should try to do a little better in my class," he gasped and sat down heavily.

She pulled her skirt down and palmed her abused anus. A small amount of his fluid dribbled out, and she used a tissue to clean her hand, then another to swab her cunt and anus. She tossed the wads into his trashcan.

"Did you hear me?" he snapped.

"Yeah, I heard you," she giggled. "But, Dr. White, if I start passing, then we won't.."

"Ms. Trahan, you could at least make an effort," he groused.

"Okay, Dr. White," she smiled. "See you Monday."

"Yes, Ms. Trahan," he dismissed her. "See you Monday." He didn't want to admit it, but he was starting to really like her. She was the worst student he'd ever had, but she was nasty, cheeky, and really seemed to enjoy his rough treatment of her. He knew he wasn't well endowed; he worked out once a week at Rocky's Gym, especially now that the son had taken over the operation of it, and had seen some of the other men in the steam room. She made him feel big, though. He had two other girls, one on Tuesdays and the other on Thursdays. The two buxom brunettes seemed perfectly at ease to just swallow his load and skip out of the office. But, Michelle Trahan was failing, and it seemed like she was doing it on purpose, so that he would use her mouth, pussy and ass. He wondered if she was doing any of her other teachers.

"You really think I should tell him I love him?" Michelle asked her friend, Bobby.

"Why not? Worst thing he can do is throw you out of his class," the boy smiled. "I mean, this semester's almost over, and you know you're not going to take any more Sociology classes."

"Monday," she decided. "Thanks, Bobby."

"Sure thing," he smiled again. "Think he likes boys? I might take his class next semester."

"Better not!" she squealed and slapped his arm.

"Oh, please, I'm just kidding!" he laughed. "I want a jock, not some old fart."

"He's not an old fart," Michelle defended.

Dr. White looked at Lindy as she arranged her desk. The bulge in her blue jeans was lessened. The gauze on her ear was also smaller. She smiled nervously at him and began taking notes, before class was even called to order. He looked over at Michelle. She was wearing that cowboy shirt, with the snap buttons. He'd commented one time that he liked it; it made it easier to get to her small tits. He also noticed the blue jean shorts and calf high boots she wore. Good and trashy looking. She smiled sweetly at him and he had to stifle a return smile.

"The Finals are in five days, dear students," he began. "I expect that, if anything, this class has taught you of the many different levels of social interactions that are around us each and every day. Even if you lock yourself up in a room, if there is a radio, television, newspaper, there is socialization occurring. Are there any questions regarding the final exam?" True to form, Lindy had the most questions, and the most intelligent ones. Also true to form, Michelle sat there as if she were in a different room. Finally, he sent the students on their way. Michelle followed him to his office. He admired her sleazy outfit as she locked the door behind them. She turned and smiled playfully as she unsnapped one, then another, then another button.

"Dr. White?" she asked.

"Yes, Ms. Trahan?" he gruffly asked, his erection already straining at his zipper.

"Can I tell you something?" she asked as she dropped her shorts to the floor.

"Yes, Ms. Trahan?" he husked as, clad in only her boots, she approached.

"I think I'm in love with you," she whispered as she sank her hot pussy onto his erection.

"My God, Michelle!" he rasped as she hugged him tightly.

Adam put on the dress uniform. Graduation was in a few days, and he wanted to look his best. Everyone was going to be there, Lindy, her father, his mom and Sam and Cindy and Faith. He'd talked to Lindy just the other day; she'd finished her semester and had gotten onto the dean's list again. For a moment, he'd felt jealous. No matter how hard he'd ever tried; barely passing was about the best he could manage. But she wasn't trying to make him feel bad or stupid; she was just sharing what was going on with her. He smiled as he remembered the love that had poured through the telephone. He couldn't wait to see her.

Lindy tried the earrings on and admired the results in the large mirror over her vanity. The ear looked absolutely normal. Tears of gratitude streaked down. The pain had been short-lived, but the fear that it would look funny had lasted until this moment. She ran up the stairs to the kitchen where Carmen and Jake sat and sipped their whiskey sours.

"Look!" she crowed. "Earrings!"

"Honey, I've been telling you, the job was perfect," Jake smiled.

"What cute earrings," Carmen said.

The little gold police badges dangled down. Sam Villeaux had laughed at her when she asked him if there were such earrings, but he'd happily ordered them from the novelty catalog. She really liked Adam's stepfather. Good thing since they'd be related soon. She touched them with a fingertip and made them jingle.

"You look just like a cop's wife," Carmen smiled.

"God, don't say that," Jake mock groaned. "Last thing I want is for my little girl to get married and leave me."

"Well, we could live here," Lindy joked.

"Absolutely not!" Jake laughed. "I've been waiting to turn that room into my billiards room ever since we moved here."

"Tomorrow, you two are going to the Police Graduation?" Carmen asked.

"You're not coming?" Lindy asked.

"Wasn't invited," Carmen said simply.

"Well, you are now," Lindy said. "I want you to meet Adam, he's the most wonderful.."

"Jake?" Carmen asked as Lindy continued singing Adam's praises.

"Honey, I'm sorry, I just assumed you knew that you were invited," Jake apologized.

"God, Jake, you still don't know anything about women, do you?" Carmen laughed.

"Nope, but I'm willing to learn," Jake smiled.

The two cars drove to the Police Academy on the outskirts of Baton Rouge. Sam knew the way; he'd graduated from the academy seventeen years earlier. Cindy and Lindy squealed at each other as they piled out of the cars. Hand in hand, the two eighteen year olds raced off to find Adam. Jake and Sam and Cathy stood by their cars and watched the two friends. "Sam, Cathy, have you met Carmen Peltham?" Jake asked.

Cathy was a little taken back; she'd assumed that the tall girl was a cousin or niece, not Jake's girlfriend. She was at least half his age, for heaven's sake! She was polite, and willingly let the girl admire Faith, who was being cranky thanks to the long hot car ride. Sam was also a little surprised but was equally polite. He really liked Jake and had known he was seeing a young lady by the name of Carmen, and had assumed Carmen to be at least in her early thirties. Not her early twenties. Cathy looked at the two and quickly added it all up. Jake wasn't being a silly old fool trying to recapture his youth by sleeping with one. The girl seemed truly fond of him. Sam came to the same conclusion and the four adults went to the reception area where Cindy and Lindy were frantically looking around.

"Honey, there's going to be a presentation first, that's when you'll see the new recruits," Sam told Lindy.

"I can't see him until then?" she cried out.

"Afraid not, Lindy," he smiled. "Besides, it's been twelve weeks, what's another ten minutes?"

"Forever!" both Lindy and Cindy yelled.

"By the way, cute earrings," he teased.

"Cute ears, too," Cathy said and tugged Lindy's right ear lovingly.

"It was the left ear, Mom," Cindy reminded Cathy.

"I know that, Cindy," Cathy laughed. "I just didn't want to take the chance that the glue wasn't dried yet."

"What an adorable baby," Carmen cooed to the now calmer Faith.

"Two good looking parents, I guess so," Sam bragged.

"One good looking, one gorgeous parent," Cathy reminded him.

"Thank you! I do look gorgeous in full uniform, don't I?" he teased.

Adam blushed furiously as he heard the two squeals from the spectator bleachers. He was marching with his troop, trying his best to look professional. He was one of the youngest recruits in the Academy, and the last thing he wanted was to look immature. As Sergeant Malcolm delighted in pointing out, he wasn't even old enough to buy the bullets for his revolver. The ceremonies were brief, thankfully. One hundred and twelve people, out of close to two hundred applicants, had successfully completed the rigorous training.

He clipped his shiny new badge on and saluted Commandant Sorrillo. Then he turned and saluted Sergeant Malcolm.

"Thank you, Sergeant," he said. "I appreciate all of your guidance."

"Uh, sure, son," Malcolm sputtered.

Briskly, Adam Potter stepped from the dais and rejoined his troop.

He was smiling broadly as the troop dispersed and two beautiful women ran to him. He briefly hugged Cindy, then turned to embrace his tearful fiance. Malcolm watched as Adam hugged the cutest little brunette he'd ever seen. At four foot ten inches, the girl couldn't be more than fifteen, but the figure on that fifteen-year-old really took his breath away.

"Wait a minute," Adam said. "Let me look at you!"

"Lindy! You got a new ear!" he exclaimed.

"See? I told you he'd notice!" Lindy yelled at Cindy.

"Potter, want to introduce your sergeant?" Malcolm gruffed.

"Yes, sir!" Adam snapped to attention. "This is my sister, Cindy Potter." And Malcolm shook hands with the stunning blonde, but kept his eye on the little bombshell. Up close, he could see that she was at least eighteen years old.

"And, my fiance, Lindy Carter," Adam went on. "Cindy, Lindy, this is Sergeant.."

"Malcolm! How the hell are you?" Sam boomed out.

"Villeaux, don't tell me this is your kid!" Malcolm tried to sound jovial.

"Stepkid," Sam corrected. "My wife, Cathy Villeaux."

"Ma'am," Malcolm said and seethed inwardly.

Sam always did have the best luck. A good looking wife, a good stepson, a beautiful stepdaughter, (Malcolm wondered if Sam had ever seen the girl in her naked glory) and a cute baby that was crowing "Ah yum!"

"And, this is my other sister, Faith," Adam said as he hugged the wiggling toddler.

"Malcolm was my first partner," Sam was telling the small crowd. "He and I went on the mean streets of New Orleans.."

"You're not going to New Orleans, are you?" the little brunette with the pale round face cried out.

"No, honey," Sam laughed. "He's got a cruiser in DeGarde with his name on it."

"I mean, I'd go, but.." Lindy went on.

"And, my future father in law, Jake Carter," Adam said and peered at the tall woman with Jake.

"Oh! Adam, this is Daddy's girlfriend, Carmen," Lindy said.

The girl called her father 'Daddy.' Malcolm's cock swelled at the thought of her calling him 'Daddy' as he plunged his cock in between those luscious breasts, spurting hot come all over her pretty face. Having her cry out 'Daddy!' as he plumbed between those short legs into her hot pussy. Adam politely shook hands with the girl. Malcolm sized up 'Daddy,' and decided that the brunette with him had to be at least half his age. 'Daddy' must be rich, Lindy's simple dress looked designer and the gold earrings, tiny police badges that dangled, looked like real gold, at least two hundred dollars worth. Leave it to Sam Villeaux to have the world by the balls.

"Malcolm was the best partner to have in New Orleans, he spoke their language," Sam was going on.

Malcolm saluted Adam Potter and strode off. A few women dotted the perimeter of the presentation grounds, but he paid them little mind. He wanted to keep the image of Lindy's hourglass figure and soft voice fresh in his mind as he eased his dress pants down around his ankles and pulled out a quick load.

"You start Monday morning, six o'clock roll call, don't be late," Sam gruffly ordered. "Damn, I'm hungry! How about getting your gear and we'll all meet at Kay's in Landry?"

"Daddy, can I ride with Adam?" Lindy pleaded.

"Thank you so much for coming, sir, I really appreciate it," Adam said to Jake.

"Least I could do for my favorite son in law to be," Jake smiled. "Yes, Lindy, yes, you can ride with Adam."

"Me, too!" Faith demanded.

The little girl wasn't happy as her parents bundled her into her car seat in the back of their car. She howled and whined that she wanted to be with Ah yum, but Cindy managed to distract her and within moments was the same little happy toddler she always was. Jake and Carmen followed, not knowing where Kay's was. Lindy stood outside of the barracks and waited for her love to gather his few belongings. Malcolm watched her through slit eyes. Even after just spurting his lust into a tissue, her lush figure and pale beauty was giving him a second erection. A breeze blew off of the Mississippi River and the bottom of her dress blew up, exposing firm, short legs to his gaze. She caught the hem of it before the breeze exposed her skimpy white panties to his lustful eyes. Adam joined her, and hand in hand they got into his pickup truck. With a final look around, Adam pulled out of the parking lot and pointed the truck west.

"Oh, God, Baby, I missed you so much," Lindy prattled.

"I can't believe you went and got a new ear, without me being there," Adam smiled.

"I wanted to look perfect for you," she said and snuggled closer.

"You do, you always have," he said.

"Miss me?" she teased and stroked the outline of his cock through the dark blue slacks.

"Oh! Don't do that, Lindy!" he moaned. "It's been twelve, long long long weeks."

"I know," she giggled, then moaned. "I've been waiting to do this." He tensed his hands on the steering wheel as she slid his zipper down and freed his turgid member. She bent and took the tip of it into her mouth. She teased the head mercilessly with her small hot tongue, then eased another inch into her sucking mouth. A few bobs of her head and she had half of it in her mouth.

"Lindy, I'm going to, it's been a long, oh!" Adam grunted.

"Mm-hmm!" she gurgled as she swallowed his spurting load.

"Oh, God, Baby!" he groaned as she sat back and buckled her seat belt.

"Good?" she giggled.

"Yeah," he sighed and drove his truck to Kay's.

"DeGarde's just too fucking small a town for you, Lindy Carter," Malcolm decided. "And that little piss ant Potter is too small a man for you."

The new recruit was paired with John Duhurst, a slightly older, more experienced cop. He and Adam were roughly the same height, but John had three years experience, so Adam deferred to most of John's examples. John was a quiet man, he claimed it was because his father was a lawyer. Around his dinner table, you had to be damned sure of what you said before you said it. His little sister was in her first year of law school, so between her and his father, he learned to keep his mouth shut. Boredom wasn't what they'd trained Adam for at the Academy, but he was now a cop, with a partner and a duty roster. John met Adam's family and couldn't seem to take his eyes off of Cindy. She liked his quiet demeanor; the noise level around the Villeaux house could reach deafening volumes, with two strong minded parents and a toddler. His dark skin, square face and permanent five o'clock shadow, along with the brooding dark eyes appealed to her.

"She seeing anyone?" John asked point blank.

"Cindy? Not that I know of," Adam said.

"Oh," was John's only response.

Malcolm took a week off from active duty and pointed his cruiser toward the backwater town of DeGarde. He arrived just as the afternoon traffic was beginning and cruised up and down the main drag. The map didn't show much, within two hours he knew the main escape routes. Finding Lindy would be a little difficult, though. As if a sign from God, as he pulled his cruiser into a gas station, he spotted a Jeep as it slowed for a traffic light. Behind the wheel sat a little brunette. Lindy Carter had driven right to him. He estimated that he had at least another twenty-five miles to go on his almost empty tank and decided to chance it. Two more streets and she turned left. She pulled up in front of a two-story home and got out of the Jeep. He whistled at the size of the home, yes, Daddy was rich all right. In a hundred years, Malcolm would never be able to afford a home like that. But, he did have a cozy little condominium in Baton Rouge. She'd soon get used to, and come to appreciate the closeness his home would give them. He smiled and drove off. Tomorrow, she would see his condominium, see what a real man could offer her.

She looked at the cruiser and smiled. She couldn't see the driver, but assumed it was just a friend of Adam's making sure that she got home safely from the university. Sometimes Adam could be so silly. She ran downstairs to her bedroom and peeled off the sticky tee shirt. Summer heat in Louisiana wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the relentless humidity. Her bra fell to the floor and she stripped out of the tight jeans and thong panties. Naked, she sat down on the bed and read through her choices for the next semester. She still was undecided on what her major should be; business or education. Her sweaty buttocks rested against the leg of the large Panda Bear Adam had given her and she leaned against it. The plush fur felt good and she rubbed against it a little more urgently. Her nipples grew to their full inch and a half-erect state and her pussy lips began to puff up. She spread her legs wide and stroked the stiffening clitoris. As it swelled and throbbed, she gripped it tightly with one hand and tugged her nipples with the other. She thought back to last night with Adam.

He'd gotten the handcuffs like she ordered. Hands cuffed to the headboard, she was powerless against his relentless oral assault. He delved his tongue in deep, swished it around, and then slowly licked up and down her lips to her clitoris. Just as she was about to explode in orgasm, he switched to her twitching anus. Plumbing her anal depths with his broad tongue, she'd almost come from the delicious sensations, then he stopped again. Her full nipples were sucked and licked and nibbled, and then the cunt assault started all over again. When he gently rolled her over onto her belly and slid his fat cock into her quivering cunt, she exploded in a wet orgasm that took her breath away. He eased his full weight down on top of her and lovingly licked and nibbled her right ear and whispered endearments into her ear as his hot juice flooded into her pussy.

She grunted in orgasm and decided to take a bath to cool off. The wedding was in two weeks, and she didn't want to wear her pussy out before the wedding night. Her dress was ready, the small church where she'd been christened was ready, and the priest that had baptized her was still the pastor. Daddy's tuxedo was almost ready (they'd had to special order it, he was a big man) and Carmen was going to be in the procession. She really liked her; was glad Daddy had her for a girlfriend. Of course, Cindy was going to be her maid of honor.

Cindy and she were still lovers. Adam knew this, knew that the moment his truck had pulled out of the driveway as he left for the Academy, the two girls consoled each other. He also knew that their love would continue, even after Lindy said, "I do." Cindy's hairless pussy had rubbed gently against her own thinly furred slit. As she lay underneath her blonde lover, Lindy opened her mouth for another one of Cindy's tender kisses. Cindy softly licked Lindy's small mouth and their tongues touched. Lindy breathed out a sob as a small orgasm rippled through her pussy. Cindy stopped and just held her tiny lover in her arms. She couldn't believe how much she missed her brother already. Just two years ago, when she and Lindy first became lovers, she and Adam had endured a hostile relationship with each other. Slowly, through Lindy's love and devotion, the two siblings began to regard each other with some kindness, then with genuine love.

"I'm sorry," Lindy sobbed in her arms.

"For what?" Cindy whispered. "It's all right. I'm right here, baby." Lindy turned the water to a tepid temperature and chided herself for getting hot and bothered again. By the time she and Adam got married, she was sure she'd rub herself raw. When she got out, slightly cooler and cleaner, the telephone rang. Cindy's sweet voice got the insides of her thighs all sticky again, but she struggled into some shorts and a tee shirt and drove to her lover's apartment. Damn the sweat, Cindy would be sweaty too, by the time she got there.

Malcolm watched as Lindy, now in shorts and tee shirt, raced to a nice apartment complex. She disappeared into a second story apartment, and a quick check of the mailboxes revealed that the apartment was rented to a C. Potter. Why did women always put an initial? Anyone looking would know immediately that the apartment was rented to a single woman. Men never used their first initials, just the full name, or just the last name by itself. He sat and waited, but three hours later; there was no sign of Lindy. Probably cooking a meal in there, he surmised.

They were cooking a meal, after the hot sex they'd shared, they were ravenous, and Lindy was trying to learn how to cook Adam's favorite meal, jambalaya. She stood, naked at the stove, while a nude Cindy lazily stroked her full buttocks and supervised.

"Ever notice how much a sausage looks like a cock," Cindy giggled as Lindy sliced the meat into thin wafers.

"Well," Lindy giggled back, "I can only fit three into this pot, and there's four of them." Cindy took a link of the smoked meat in her hand and began to rub it along Lindy's large breasts. Lindy giggled and slapped the hand away.

"Stop it, Cindy! It's cold!" she exclaimed. "Use it on yourself!"

"Oh, well, I'll just have to warm it up, then," Cindy teased and ran the link along Lindy's ample buttocks.

"No, Cindy!" Lindy gasped, but it was too late.

Cindy knew Lindy was lost; the juice was beginning to flow down her thighs as she dragged the smoked sausage closer and closer to her puckered anus. She knew Lindy's anus was still slick from her tongue lashing, and she also knew Lindy's anus could easily accommodate the meat. She gently pried the butt cheeks apart and teased the tightly clenched ring with the blunt end of the sausage. With a groan, Lindy gave up the fight and let Cindy fuck the meat into her bowels.

"Oh! Oh, Cindy! I swear, I'll never learn how to cook this!" Lindy gasped as Cindy drove the meat in and out of her.

She slid down to the floor and let Cindy have her way with her. She'd pay her back, in spades that's for sure. Cindy would have to take her fair share of sausage fucking.

Malcolm went to the cheap motel room and sat in the center of the bed and planned the next morning's events. He was sure, as soon as she got over her shock; Lindy Carter would gladly become Lindy Malcolm. He wondered if she wanted children. A boy and a girl, he thought as he stroked his erection.

"Lindy Carter's getting married," Michelle said at the breakfast table.

"Oh?" Steven White smiled at her.

She sat, completely comfortable in her nudity as she munched the toast. He tasted the poached eggs she'd fixed for him and sighed in contentment. She flipped the paper over and read the Lovelorn column. He glanced at her head as she read and she felt his eyes on her. She looked up and smiled.

"What?" she asked.

"So, are you registered for next semester?" he asked.

"Yeah, but I'm not taking any of your classes," she said.

"Thank God for that," he smiled. "Giving you a 'C' was hard enough for one semester, I don't think I could get away with two in a row."

"Why not?" she teased. "You don't think it'd be fun?"

"Fun for whom?" he said and ducked the piece of toast she threw at him.

"So, Lindy Carter's getting married, is she?" he said.

"Yeah, to a cop," Michelle said and flipped back to the announcement. "Adam Potter."

"Does it say anything about Steven White and Michelle Trahan in there?" he asked and pulled the small box from his robe pocket.

"No, I don't see..What?" she said and looked up in surprise.

"Michelle, you are far too precious to let slip away," he said.

"Oh my God!" she said.

"I realize I'm much older than you," he went on.

"Oh my God!" she said.

"But, you have brought so much happiness and joy into my life the past few months," he continued.

"Oh my God!" she said.

"I want this happiness and joy to continue, to be a shared love. Will you marry me?" he concluded.

"Oh my God!" she said and burst into tears.

"I'm not sure if that's a yes or no," he teased.

"Oh my God!" she said as she held her face in her hands. "Are you sure?"

"As sure as I'll ever be," he admitted.

"Oh my God!" she said.

"Is that a yes or no?" he asked, worried.

"Oh my God, yes! Yes!" she screamed and lunged across the table.

She sat on the table, cross-legged and admired the simple engagement ring. He admired how her position splayed her puffy red cunt lips open to his gaze. Her tiny pink nipples were hard as pebbles as she sat and stared at the ring. He was glad he'd splurged on the half-carat diamond instead of the quarter carat he'd first intended to buy. The tears still ran down her face, but the morning sunlight made them glisten like jewels, and he gingerly kissed them away. She hugged him tightly.

"Are you sure?" she asked in a frightened little voice. "Really?"

"Yes, I'm really sure," he whispered back.

"Oh my God!" she shrieked and jumped off the table.

He watched as her tight buttocks jiggled as she ran down the hall to the bedroom.

"Where are you going?" he called out.

"Call my mommy," she shrieked excitedly.

"Oh, God, I'm marrying a girl that still calls her mother 'Mommy'," he muttered and sat down to finish his now cold eggs.

Malcolm flashed the lights and hit the siren as Lindy's Jeep turned the corner. She looked in her rear view mirror and pulled the vehicle to the side of the road. He jumped out and ran to her. He looked vaguely familiar to her.

"Ms. Carter!" he exclaimed. "I'm so glad I caught you! Adam's been shot!"

"Oh my God!" she screamed and her eyes rolled back in her head.

"There's no time for that!" Malcolm yelled. "Come on, get in the cruiser, I'll take you to the hospital!" She didn't feel the ground under her feet as Malcolm marched her to the cruiser. She stared blankly as he jammed the powerful engine and cut a swath through the late morning traffic. The roaring in her head wouldn't let her hear his calming words or the shriek of his siren. She didn't notice the scenery flash by the window; she was numb with shock and fear. Finally, the bayous outside of Lafayette, Louisiana came into view and she looked over at the man driving.

"Where are we going?" she asked in her tiny voice.

"He was airlifted to Baton Rouge General," Malcolm explained.

"Oh," she said, and burst into racking sobs. "God, please protect him!" she begged silently.

Adam looked again at the Jeep parked by the side of the road. It looked just like Lindy's. The three bullet holes in the driver's side panel told him that it was hers. It was parked in front of a hardware store, an odd place for Lindy to be. John looked at him and shrugged.

"Pull over, let's check it out," he calmly said.

A clerk came out just as Adam was pulling Lindy's keys from the ignition. Lindy knew better than to leave her keys in the ignition.

"What's the matter, officer?" the middle aged woman asked. "I mean, that Academy Police car pulled that little girl over, and the next thing I know, they're out of here like a bat out of hell."

"Academy?" Adam asked, frightened now.

"Yeah, my nephew went there, he's a cop in Kenner now, just made Narcotics, and..." she bragged.

"Did you see which way they went?" Adam asked.

"That way," she pointed.

Adam raced back to the cruiser.

"Hey!" the woman yelled. "You can't leave this car here! This is a loading zone!" Adam called in the kidnapping of his fiance as he floored the pedal. The dispatcher first called it out to all available units then contacted the State Troopers. From DeGarde, the straightest shot to Baton Rouge was the I-10 Eastbound. Malcolm didn't hear the broadcast; Lindy's wails were drowning out the radio.

At ten forty two in the morning, the I-10 was mainly truckers and other commerce traffic. The troopers got the word out to the truckers via Citizens Band Radio and Malcolm didn't notice that many of the trucks were suddenly taking alternate routes. He raced onto the long freeway that took them over the bayous and smiled. God must be smiling, the freeway, usually a nightmare of trucks, was free and clear. He eased up on the gas pedal and looked at the beautiful girl. Her sheer blouse, when you looked at it right, displayed the silky pink bra underneath. He hoped she had on matching panties, maybe some G-string ones, underneath that pretty pleated skirt of hers. She actually wore pale pink thongs underneath, but her undergarments were the last things on her mind right now. He offered her his handkerchief, which she took and dabbed at her tear-streaked face.

"Son of a bitch!" she heard him scream.

She looked up to see a large truck jack-knifed across the road. He slammed on the brakes and the car screeched and shuddered to a halt just a few feet away from the trailer of the rig. He threw the car into reverse, to try to maneuver around the stricken vehicle and looked into the rear view mirror. His blood ran cold as he saw a caravan of police cruisers gaining on them. One or two cruisers for a jack-knifed truck, he could believe, but a caravan was an obvious indication that his ruse had been discovered. As confirmation, the truck edged ahead slightly, and Malcolm found his cruiser surrounded by police cars.

"What's going on?" Lindy sniffled.

"Come on, bitch," Malcolm growled and grabbed her arm painfully. "Get out of the car." He yanked her out of the car and pulled his service revolver out of its holster. She was in a daze of confusion as he put the gun to her temple.

"Every body! Just back the fuck off, unless you want to see this kid's brains all over the fucking place!" he screamed.

"Sargent Malcolm, put the gun down," a loudspeaker blared.

"Back off!" he screamed.

"Lindy!" Lindy heard the most wonderful voice in the world call out.

"Adam!" she shrieked, so relieved that he was still alive that she almost forgot what peril she was in.

"Mother fucker! Potter!" Malcolm screamed at the tall youth and pointed his gun toward him.

"Hold your fire!" a voice boomed. "Malcolm, put the gun down and let her go!"

"Fuck you, Villeaux!" Malcolm screamed.

"Lindy! Do you remember what I told you to do if this happens?" Adam called out. "How I told you to stay calm and give him whatever he wants?" Lindy was puzzled, as well as frightened to death. She was looking at what must be a hundred guns, and she could feel the man's sweaty bulk against her back and his own gun firmly against her temple. And, Adam hadn't told her to stay calm, he'd told her to go down fighting. She'd been delighted and exuberant with pride when she'd managed to flip him as he showed her some basic self-defense. The meaning came clear and she nodded her head yes.

"Yes, I remember," she called out.

"Good fucking thing, bitch," Malcolm hissed. "We'll get out of this alive, you hear?"

"Fuck off, cock sucker," she hissed and stomped down on the arch of his foot with all of her might.

He let out a roar of pain and she stepped backward and bent at the waist. Already off balance, he flipped over her and landed flat on his back, gun slipping from his sweaty grasp. As twenty five troopers and DeGarde police rushed him, Malcolm stared into the barrel of his own gun, held by a four foot ten inch beauty. "You have the right to remain silent, cock sucker," she hissed at him. "If you give up that right, you're as stupid as you look."

"Good work, honey," Captain Sam said as the Troopers hauled a chagrinned Malcolm away.

She looked up from Adam's embrace into his eyes. She could swear she saw tears forming.

"Are you crying?" she asked softly.

"God damned right I am," he barked. "Cathy would never forgive me if anything happened to you or Adam." He grabbed her in a fierce hug. "I'd never forgive myself, either."

Cindy arranged the veil again, even though her mother had just done so. From behind the veil, a nervous Lindy smiled.

"I can't believe I'm old enough to have a son that's getting married," Cathy laughed.

"Nervous?" Cindy asked.

"I wish my Mommy was here," Lindy sniffed.

"I know, honey. I'm sure she's looking down from heaven, sweetheart," Cathy said and wiped a tear of her own.

"Nervous?" Cindy asked again.

"And hung over," Lindy said. "God, Cindy, that's the last time I'm letting you throw me a bachelorette party!"

"Better be!" Cathy laughed.

The party had been loads of fun, but she was sure as soon as she left, the party really got started. She smiled as she told her daughter and soon-to-be daughter in law good night. She was right. As soon as she closed the door, the liquor came out and Cindy let the two male strippers out of the garage. Adam had let the girls use his house, as he was spending one last night with his stepfather, future father in law, and half the police force out on the town. Strip bar after strip bar, round of drinks after round of drinks. Cindy teased the male strippers terribly as she joined them for one hell of a stripping performance, rubbing her nipple rings all over their bodies and slicking their taut flesh with cooking oil. When she'd managed to get them to the point of ripping their G-strings off and fucking her right there on the floor, she laughed and told them she was on her period. She wasn't, but she didn't find them nearly as sexy as the drunk Lindy. Lindy sat in the 'Queen' chair and shouted encouragements and suggestions. When the frustrated strippers left, Cindy and Lindy cuddled on the large recliner and drank and shouted and whooped. The other guests left and the two made love on the living room floor.

"Still got that oil?" Lindy panted as Cindy pried her thighs apart.

"Just enough to grease you up," Cindy wheezed and delved her tongue into Lindy's now hairless cunt.

"My God, baby, you look beautiful," Jake whistled as Cathy let him into the tiny vestibule.

"Hi, Daddy," she whispered.

"Scared?" he teased.

"No. Yes," she admitted.

"Oh, before we go out there, try these on," he murmured and handed her a small box.

Inside were strands of pearls, with matching earrings.

"Mommy wore these the day we got married," he explained. "She never wore them again, said her daughter would wear them on her wedding day, and her grand daughter, and so forth."

"That's why you wouldn't let me put on any jewelry?" Lindy asked Cathy.

"Yes, honey," Cathy smiled through the tears.

"Now I have a piece of Mommy here with me," Lindy said as fresh tears formed.

Adam watched as his sister and stepfather approached. He'd asked his stepfather to be his best man, who else could he ask? He admired and respected and loved the only father he'd ever known; it just seemed to be the right choice. There was never a question of whom Lindy's maid of honor would be. Sam smiled so proudly as he took his place next to Adam and a few people tittered as he impulsively hugged the boy. The church had tittered as well when Faith, the ring bearer had dropped the pillow and hugged Adam around the knees. They turned as the music swelled. A few people gasped as Lindy swept into the room on the arm of her father. Her full white dress swirled about her and emphasized her lush figure. Flashbulbs popped as they made their way down the aisle. Cindy stifled her own gasp with her hand. Lindy never looked so incredibly beautiful. She almost wished it was her, not Adam, that was marrying the girl. She remembered the fat little girl that she'd almost not invited to her twelfth birthday party. Seven years later, the fat little girl was a raving beauty, marrying the boy she'd had a seven year crush on.

Cindy looked at Adam and almost laughed out loud. His excitement, fear, nervousness, a whole range of emotions was so evident on his face. Lindy and her father reached the altar and the crowd again tittered as Jake impulsively hugged the boy. He sat down next to Lindy's two brothers, Jacob Junior and Johnathon, so dapper in full dress military uniforms. Carmen sat to his other side. His world was complete, and he smiled through his tears.

"I do," Lindy heard a tearful Cindy whisper under her breath as Adam responded to Father Gill's question.

Applause rang out as Adam lifted the veil and tenderly kissed his new wife.

"Then, by the power vested in me by the Parish of Cade and the State of Louisiana, I now pronounce you husband and wife," the Justice of the Peace intoned in a bored manner. "You may now kiss the bride." Steven bent and kissed his new wife. She cheekily shoved her tongue in his mouth and he laughed. She looked so pretty in her simple white dress, he felt so dapper in his best black suit. He was slightly disappointed that Carmen couldn't be here, but she was at Lindy's wedding. Michelle's mother brazenly rubbed her full breasts against her new son-in-law and her father grimly shook hands with him. They went to the small reception at the Chinese Gardens restaurant and Michelle and her family proceeded to get sloppy drunk. He checked his coat pocket again, to make sure that the needed papers, for their honeymoon cruise were still there.

"Mom, come on!" Adam protested.

"Oh, shut up and dance one last time with your mother," Cathy laughed as she hugged her handsome son tightly.

"You, um, doing anything after the reception?" John Duhurst nervously asked Cindy.

"Getting as shit faced as possible," Cindy replied truthfully.

She looked at her lover as Lindy danced by, her happiness so evident on her pale round face. The happiness and jealousy she felt inside fought a constant battle. In a few hours, her lover and her brother were leaving for a honeymoon cruise, and it would be a whole week before she'd see then again. She wiped a selfish tear from her eyes and looked into John's dark eyes and felt a little lurch in the pit of her stomach. His eyes were almost as deep and endless as Lindy's.

"You want to get shit faced with me?" she husked.

"I cannot get over how beautiful she is," Carmen gushed as Lindy danced with her new father in law.

"I cannot get over the fact that my little girl is married," Jake groaned.

The song ended and Sam relinquished his daughter in law. Since Adam was really his step son, did that make Lindy his step daughter in law, or? Well, since Adam called him Dad, he supposed he wouldn't really worry about it. He picked up Faith and went to find his wife.

"Daddy!" Lindy called out as another song began.

"Oh, well, as long as she calls me 'Daddy,' she'll always be my little girl," he laughed and went to dance yet another dance with his daughter.

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