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Beverly Hills 90210: Val's Return and Vengeance by Bart

Beverly Hills 90210: Val's Return and Vengeance

Summary: Valerie Malone returns to Beverly Hills and begins the process of sexually humiliating and degrading her old rival, Kelly Taylor

Valerie Malone has been gone from Beverly Hills for over a year now. She thought that leaving Beverly Hills would change her life for the better, but it hasn't. Her rage still continues. One of the things that Val has never been able to forget is that she was unable to ever defeat Kelly Taylor. Her and Kelly had feuded for several years, but neither one of them was ever able to gain a complete victory over the other. Things would flip-flop back and forth, but neither lady seemed to be able declare that final victory of total triumph.

One day Valerie stumbled onto a piece of luck. She received a phone call from a detective in the Los Angeles police department. The voice sounded familiar. It was...It was her old lover Jay Stoddard.. Jay was one of Val's many lovers that she had when she went through that "Slut" phase a few years back.

Jay says to her, "Hey Val, I've got some big information that I think might interest you."

Val says, "Alright, whatever."

Jay says, "Didn't you always used to talk about hating some woman named Kelly Taylor who is from Beverly Hills?"

Val says, "Yes, how did you know that?"

Jay says, "How do I know that? (laughs) You used to talk about her all the time before we had sex."

Val says, "I don't remember that. I must have been stoned...anyway.. why are you calling me up and bringing up Kelly Taylor?"

Jay says, "It seems that your old friend Miss Taylor has been up to some trouble and I wanted to break the news to you to see if we can work out a deal."

Val says, "Kelly has been doing something bad? What?"

Jay says, "I'm about to put the bust on her little cocaine trafficking activity."

Val says, "No way! Kelly is drug-dealing?"

Jay says, "She sure is. It seems that her and her boyfriend Colin Robbins have been trafficking millions of dollars worth of cocaine into the U.S. from Mexico."

Val is shocked and says, "Did you say Colin Robbins??? I thought he was in prison?"

Jay says, "He was in prison.. for two years as a matter a fact, but as soon as he got out he apparently hooked up with Miss Taylor and resumed his connections with the drug scene."

Val says, "What was that thing you said earlier in our conversation about working out a deal with me or something?"

Jay says, "Val, nobody else even knows that Miss Taylor is involved in this cocaine trafficking business. I've never revealed her name as part of it. I'm the only from the entire L.A. police department that knows about it. This Colin Robbins character has been spotted in and out of L.A. at long intervals. L.A. is investigating him, not Miss Taylor."

Val asks, "Which means???"

Jay says, "She's all yours."

Val says, "What?"

Jay says, "At anytime I could throw in my information that I've compiled on her, but I've decided to return a favor for you Val."

Val says, "Why are you doing this for me?"

Jay says, "Val, after my wife left me, you were the only woman who still cared about me. We made love dozens of times and you made me feel really good in a time when I would have been really low. I owe a lot to you, and I will always regard you as a very special person."

Val says, "That's so sweet of you."

Jay says, "I'm heading over to Miss Taylor's house right now to let her know how things are going to be. Feel free to stop by her place and visit her because she won't be able to stop you from doing anything from now on. If she refuses to obey you I will turn in the information on her illegal activities quicker than she can say the word "bitch".

Val says, "Cool!!" (Val hangs up the phone and gets dressed) As Val is getting dressed she floods over with sexual arousal. She has to finger herself to get a much needed climax) Val is wearing a blue skirt, white stockings, dark blue high heels, and a white blouse.

Val drives to Beverly Hills to see Kelly.

She arrives in Beverly Hills and locates Kelly's home and walks up to the door and rings the doorbell. Kelly see that it is Val and slowly opens the door. The two ladies are now face to face, but both of them have differing facial expressions. Kelly is very somber and gloomy while Valerie's face is beaming with joy.

Val asks, "Aren't you going to ask me in?"

Kelly says, "Go right ahead."

Kelly is wearing tight blue jeans and a white T-shirt.

Val says, "Kelly, you are dressed so ordinary. I'll have to change that soon."

Kelly says, "What do you want from me? Your detective friend came over here already and told me all about it. So what am I now, your slave?"

Val says, "Precisely, and you had better get used to it."

Kelly frowns and says, "and what if I don't?"

Val smiles and says, "Then I guess you will be spending the next 20 years of your life in prison. Jay told me about your cocaine trafficking.. That was pretty stupid Kelly.. you know what happens to pretty girls like you in a woman's prison?? They get dildoed by some big brute chick. You wouldn't want that to happen to you now would you Kell?

Kelly says, "No, so I guess I'm stuck with you. So what do you want me to do?"

Val says, "First, you've got to go change those clothes.. I'll help you.. I know you have hotter outfits in your wardrobe. Let's get to your bedroom. Lead the way, slave." Kelly leads Valerie to her bedroom and Valerie begins looking at the different outfits. Valerie finds a few that she likes..

She says, "Aaaah put this one on

Kelly starts to walk toward the bathroom, but Valerie says, "Where do you think you are going?"

Kelly says, "I'm going to the bathroom to change clothes."

Valerie says sternly, "Oh no you aren't. You are going to put it on right here."

Kelly unzips her jeans and pulls them down to the floor exposing her white panties and long tanned legs to Valerie. Kelly grabs the plaid skirt and puts it on. Valerie makes Kelly change her T-Shirt too. Valerie says, "Put on this mid-riff sweater."

Kelly says, "Okay."

Kelly takes off her T-shirt and before she starts to put on the mid-riff sweater.. Val stops her...Val says, "You are not wearing a bra with that mid-riff sweater. Take it off, now!" Kelly removes her bra and Valerie views Kelly's bare breasts for the first time. Val looks at them and reaches over to one of the nipples and rolls it between her fingers. Kelly hates this, but she doesn't know what choice she has. She doesn't want to go to prison for 20 years. Kelly feels degraded as she is unable to prevent the nipple from getting hard. (Val laughs)

Val notices that the other nipple is hard too. Val says, "Kelly, do you enjoy having your nipples touched by a woman? If not, then how do you explain why both your nipples are super hard right now?

Kelly swallows her pride and says, "I couldn't help it. Your fingers touched me in the right way I guess."

Val says, "Get used to being touched honey because by the time I'm done with you, hundreds of people will have touched your body."

Kelly puts on the rest of the outfit that Val demands that she wear: black high heels, white thigh-high stockings, red ruby lipstick, blue slutty eye shadow.

Val tells Kelly, "We are going to the movies."

They are arrive at the movies and Valerie starts looking for ways to use her newly enslaved pet. Val spots several teenage boys at the movie who are all sitting together. They are all friends. Val walks over to them in the dark and says, "You guys want a little fuck slut?" Val points to Kelly sitting on the back row of movie seats. Val tells the boys that they can all fuck her. The boys get up from their seats and go over to Kelly and start ravaging her. One boy pulls Kelly's plaid skirt down as another boy begins licking Kelly's sexy mouth. Another boy quickly takes off Kelly's mid-riff sweater and starts squeezing her tits. Val walks over and watches the action. Soon Kelly's panties are off of her and a boy is fucking her. The other boy who was kissing her, unzips his pants and pulls down his underwear and shoves his dick deep down Kelly's throat. By this time, a third boy stares at Kelly's ass and decides that he'd like to hump that anal hole. He shoves his dick deep into her ass. Val looks at the spectacle that she has created. There is her enemy Kelly Taylor completely naked and getting screwed in every orifice in a movie theatre!

Kelly is getting fucked and is getting rocked back and forth like a rag doll. The boy receiving oral sex from her is about to cum and Valerie wants to make sure that Kelly swallows every bit of it so Val grabs Kelly by the throat and forces her to gulp down every drop of that boy's semen. Val smiles as Kelly begins climaxing violently. Though they are in a theatre, people can hear her loud orgasmic moans. Val picks Kelly up off the ground after Kelly gets out her final orgasms, and Kelly gets partially dressed and they both flee the theatre.

They get in the car and Kelly says, "I left my panties in the theatre."

Val says, "That doesn't matter, just let those horny boys keep them as a souvenir."

Val takes Kelly back to Kelly's home and notices that Kelly has a visitor at her door. Val asks Kelly, "Who is that?"

Kelly says, "That's Donna's friend Gina."

Val walks over to Ginand introduces herself to her. Val tells Gina, "We were just at the movies. Kelly was getting her brains fucked out."

Gina says, "What?"

Val tells her, "There were these three teenage boys in there and Kelly got fucked by all of them."

Gina asks Kelly, "Is this true?"

Kelly says, "Yep."

Val says, "Prove it to her Kelly. Lift up your skirt" (Kelly lifts up her plaid skirt and with no panties underneath reveals her pussy to Gina)

Val says, "Turn around Kell, show her your anus where that one guy fucked you." (Kelly turns her bare butt toward Gina and Gina can't help but notice the redness around Kelly's anus)

Val says to Gina, "and Kelly told me that she is going start doing women next. Kelly is a real slut. I'm surprised you didn't know this."

Gina is shocked and says, "Donna never told me anything like that."

Gina is so shocked at what she has see and heard about Kelly that Gina walks away. Val and Kelly enter Kelly's house. Val reaches into her purse and pulls out an 8-inch vibrator and says to Kelly, "I'd like to see your little anal hole get a little more sore. Come here. Val starts fucking Kelly's already sore anus and tears begin to stream down Kelly's face. Kelly climaxes again and Val hands Kelly the vibrator and forces Kelly to use it on herself. Val grabs a camera out of her purse and starts taking pictures of Kelly fucking herself in the ass with a vibrator.

Meekly Kelly asks Val a question, "How long are you going to humiliate me like you have today?"

Val says, "Oh I don't know, maybe another 3 or 4 years."

Kelly shakes her head in horror. Val says, "I'm going to put these pictures of you fucking yourself, on the internet. Now come over here and eat my pussy, slave." Val gets naked and Kelly is forced to start eating her out. Kelly has never given oral sex to a woman before and she finds it revolting. Val notices that Kelly is doing a half-ass job of things so she grabs Kelly by the hair and shoves her face deeper into her pussy. Kelly is so deep into Val's box that she acts like she can barely breathe.

Inside Kelly's mind is the thought -Why did I ever get involved in cocaine trafficking with that scumbag Colin Robbins?-

It would be a difficult next three years for Kelly Taylor. In total, Val would force her to have sex with 335 men and 197 women. Not to even mention the numerous times that Val would have sex with Kelly which numbered possibly 800 times. That was the worst part. As long as Kelly Taylor lived she would never forget that taste! Yes, THAT taste!!!! The taste of Valerie's pussy would vividly pop into her mind for the rest of her life.

Valerie would go on to lead a very successful life as a business woman, and was never unhappy again. However, for Kelly, for the rest of her life Kelly would be afraid of women. Kelly didn't have the courage to stand up and combat other women anymore. Valerie had broken her will.


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