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1900 by BiShadow


WARNING: This story is solely a product of imagination; it is not a depiction of real life. It involves sexual acts between a minors and adults. The author firmly believes such activity should remain only in the realm of fantasy, and in no way condones such activity in real life.

If you are offended by the idea of such sexual activity, or its explicit description, regardless of whether it is the act that offends you, or the age or relationship of the participants, don't read this story. If writing about any type of sex between males is illegal in your nation, or in your particular municipality, county, state, province, or other political subdivision, don't read this story. If your age makes it illegal to read this story, don't read this story.

You have the right to download this story to keep on your computer, and to print a hard copy if you preserve the title and warning. Please don't otherwise reproduce or repost this story. Please don't rewrite this story or use this story to make any amount of money for yourself or anyone else.

Let me know if you like this story. I had fun writing it.


Let me tell you a little about myself. I was born in a lucky year, the year 1900. My parents were old school wealth and I was their only child. They weren't close but I knew they had love for their son. I grew up as they say, "with a silver spoon in my mouth." Our estate was in upstate New York and was huge. My Mother was sickly and my Father was gone on business most of the time. I was governed by a series of nannies for many years and on the whole had a tasteful existence.

By the time I reached 16 I was a handsome athletic lad who began to notice the legs and figures of the girls and women who were our servants. One day my nanny walked into our library and found one of the scullery maids, (a pretty girl of 13) in my arms. We were kissing to a pretty tune while my eager and inexperienced hands roamed over her underdeveloped bubbies. Of course, my parents heard of this. My Mother pined and said this was the devil's temptation. She sacked the poor girl and hired a bible tutor for me. When my Father got home from his trip he called me into the library for an advance with himself and Mother and castigated me for some time on the evils in society. I didn't feel the sting too deeply because most of his talk was of a lecturing nature. He didn't even mention my own indiscretion.

Two weeks later at the dinner table Father informed Mother and I that it was time that I accompany him to New York city so he could show his son how he conducted business. I was thrilled and delighted. I had been to the city of course but not with Father on business. I met many of the people who worked for him and even attended a meeting at one of the backs he owned. On our second night after we had dined at his club instead of having our car take us back to the Ritz Father told me that he had a detour in mind. He explained to me that I was no longer a boy and by my actions of late I was beginning to show an interest in the fair sex. I blushed crimson and nodded my assent. Presently we pulled up to a huge building and Father bad me follow. We went to the third floor and Father knocked on the door to an apartment. I assumed we were to meet another colleague of Father's. The door swung open to reveal a statuesque woman in her mid thirties.

She apparently expected us and ushered us in while her maid took our coats. She called Father by his first name and was sweet and friendly when introduced to me. She told me that she had been waiting to meet me for some time and that my acorn obviously did not fall far from my Father's oak. She went to her sideboard and poured Father a drink. His favorite. How did she know that? She poured another and to my astonishment handed it to me. Sitting there listening to her talk and make gay I realized she was pretty, big busted, and slender. Her dress revealed her bosom more than any I had seen the women wearing at home. I couldn't help but stare. She and Father seemed to be on very friendly terms and I wondered what realm of Father's businesses she was connected to. ( I was still an innocent you see.) You have probably already surmised that I was in the company of Father's mistress. After some time and some pleasantry Father told Betty that I had been trying to dally with the hired help. My ears got very hot and stared at the ground. Betty approached me and I felt her soft touch on my cheek then she gently lifted my chin up so I was gazing into her beautiful face.

"Those are lucky girls indeed to hold the eye of such a strapping handsome young man as yourself Mark. You needn't be ashamed of nature. It's natural for a boy of your age to want to know about these things."

Well, the upshot of the story was that my Father told me I was to stay the night at Betty's domicile while he returned to our lodgings. I was afraid but held myself together. Father bid me a goodnight and Betty begged my pardon while she slipped into something more comfortable. Her maid, ( a pretty little girl about my age) made me another drink while I waited. I was warmed up inside and as relaxed as I was afraid. Betty came into the room wearing a chemise that looked as if it were made of air. My eyes popped wide open at the site of her. I could clearly see her pendulous, swinging teats, her flat tummy, her narrow waist, a patch of brown hair in the same place as I did between her legs, and her slender legs. I sat on her oversized couch with in an obviously advanced state of arousal.

I spent the entire night in Bettie's loving, knowing arms. I came to know every inch of her feminine charms and squired her no less than five times throughout the long night. I was a man now. My Father told the night before that he would be back to collect me at ten so I slipped out of the bed containing this magnificent naked woman and found her shower room. As I washed under a warm stream of water and recounted the events of the greatest night of my life the curtain parted and in stepped the young maid as naked as the day she was born. I didn't even know her name but she slithered into my arms and asked me if I had any left over after her mistress was through with me. Never before being in the arms of a naked Negro girl I immediately rose to the occasion and showed the maid what I had learned the night before.

Father picked up one tired, happy, weak-kneed, young man. He did not speak one word of what had transpired but spoke only of the days events. For a few moments I almost thought it all had been a dream but the feelings from my withered and sore cock beneath my pants reminded me that I was indeed a man.

I returned home a wiser and more worldly young man. One of life's highest pleasures had been revealed to me. The pleasure and wonderfulness of the real thing was even great than my innocent fantasies. The pleasure of thrusting into Betties wetness while I played games with her enormous pounts was a life event to me. Stallioning her skinny young maid the next morning showed me that each encounter was like a glass of wine from different bottles. Each woman, each encounter was to be different and enjoyed in its own way.

Mother went back to her sick bed and her cures and Father returned to his all consuming business. I studied hard and played sports hard but now my hithertofore interest in sinful thoughts had become a slavish lust with no outlet. I viewed with lust almost all of our servants. The young girls and the older women. The plump ones with big bottoms and titties and the skinny ones. Each morning and night I would work oil into my penis and imagine my night with Betty and her maid and all the women around me.

An interesting thing began to happen at this time as well. I began to look upon my fellow athletes and the some of the male servants of our house in a similar way that I viewed women. This disturbed me in my waking hours but at night in the privacy of my own thoughts I would wonder if I could enjoy my own body so much why wouldn't I enjoy the cock of another man as well? Women enjoyed them didn't they? My lustful fantasies soon began to include not just visions of the women in our household but I began to imaging what some of the young men looked like without apparel as well. I began to make fantasy couples from our servants and would lie in bed at night stroking my hard manhood imagining them fucking like Betty and had I done. One day I was in need of an old volume of Latin history so I walked to the library. As I approached I began to hear faint groans and moans. I crossed the threshold and there before my eyes was my Mother's personal maid (a very comely lass of 23) on her back with her uniform around her waist and her naked legs splayed wide open in the air. Between them with his pants around his ankles and thrusting furiously was our chauffeur (27, slim, well built, slicked back hair, and rakishly handsome). Nicholas and Vera apparently thought they had the place to them selves as Mother, Father and the rest of the servants were away for the day.

I had caught them in a forbidden act. My Father had let it be known that if there was any fraternizing between the help they would be sacked. By the looks of it, Nick and Vera had forgotten this law in the heat of their lust. I admired their writhing forms for a few minutes until I was next them. I cleared my throat and both of them hit the ceiling. Vera pulled her dress down over her naked lap while Nick uncunted with a slap against his stomach by his hard charger. He fell over backwards while attempting to pull his pants up over his erection. I myself, was having a grand time and decided to have even more fun. Both servants knew the gravity of the situation they now found themselves. Both faced dismissal from a swell situation here at Shaller manor.

I pardoned myself for interrupting their assignation and told both of them I wished they hadn't stopped. They were both all apologies and pleas for mercy and leniency while I was of another mind. I pointedly told them that I would be willing to forget their little indiscretion if they were to continue and let me watch them as I was very curious about how men and women copulated. I was aroused and really wanted to see would this striking young couple went about the whole thing. Vera, still on her back on the divan was quite hesitant and feigned a great deal of modesty. Nick, however, didn't take much time to make up his mind and immediately seemed to think it would all be fun.

"Come on Vera dear, Don't be such a stick in the mud! Let's show young master here just how the worm turns,"

He was already taking off his shirt to reveal a smooth, muscular chest and strong arms. Vera's protestations ended with Nick gathering her up in his arms.

"Where to young master Mark?" I had them follow me into my own rooms and locked the door firmly behind us all.

"There," I said, and pointed to my four poster.

Like a cat Nick carried the hapless Vera to the bed and in one motion laid her down and tore her uniform open, popping the buttons as it went. Her bra was in disarray from her earlier gallop and she wore no underthings. She instinctively tried to cover her large pointy mounds and her hairy pussy but couldn't do both with only two hands. With a flip of Nick's hand her brassiere was gone to fully reveal her very nicely shaped bosoms and milk white body. Nick then slipped his trousers down with the other hand that wasn't holding Vera down and divesting her of her clothing. Kicking them off he exhibited once again a very large, hard charger. It was larger than my own and I couldn't take my eyes off of it. Nick moved forward onto the bed and knelt next to the naked and shamed lass. He took her head in his hand and with a good deal of self assurance moved her mouth right onto his penis. Her eyes went wide and she gave a series of muffled yelps. Her head in his hands, he would fully sheath in and out of her mouth. Her free hand went to his large and hanging testicles and cupped them gently.

I moved close to the bed mesmerized by the scene in front of me. I could scarcely breath and my own excitement threatened to burst the seams of my britches. It became apparent on just a few minutes that Nick was no longer guiding her head bobbing up and down on him but that Vera had taken control of the rhythm and was doing a nice job indeed.

Nick gave a grunt and said, "That's enough of that missy or you have me off too soon."

As if they were two ballet dancers engaged in a pas de deux Nick glided between her legs while Vera leaned back onto my bed, took hold of her own thighs and spread them as wide as nature would allow, just as Betty had done for me some time before. He lowered himself down onto her body and without trying to find her hole, slid inside like he was a magician. They commenced to a wonderful slapping and grinding together of their bodies and from the guttural noises they were making it was evident they were fully in pleasure. I was kneeling next to the shaking bed fondling my own love handle through my pants. Nick slowed down and said that he would have none of this! If they were in nature's lust so must I!

He bid me to strip down and show them how pleased I was with their display. He wanted me to frig myself while they cavorted. I was only to happy to comply and in an instant was on the bed next to them for a better view, my right hand pumping up and down on my hard penis. Vera didn't take her eyes off of me the whole time and between grunts and gasps confessed she had always wondered what the master's boy was like all angry and charged up as I was.

What happened next I believe was one of the defining moments in my life. Not many people can look back on a moment and say, "That's where it all started." But I can. There I was on my own bed kneeling inches away from two of my parents servants who were fucking like nobody's business. The bed was creaking and rocking and apart from their moaning and groaning I clearly heard the same delicious wet sucking noises coming from their coupled genitals. Nick's bottom rose and fell between Vera's slender, spread legs in a steady rhythm. As if in slow motion, Nick turned in my direction, craned his neck towards me and before I knew it his mouth had engulfed me with a wet, pleasurable, pressure. This has heaven. Nick had obviously done this sort of thing before because he was able to orchestrate his humping of the lovely Vera while giving me just as good of a suck as Miss Betty had done a month or two before. My hands roamed from cupping Vera's bouncing titties to Nick's handsome and fast moving bottom.

It wasn't long before I felt that wonderful and familiar felling of pleasure rising up through my body. My sucked-upon penis became even stiffer between Nick's clinging lips as I readied for my climax. Miss Betty had withdrawn my charger from her mouth just before I spurted my sticky goo, wrapped her hand around it and jerked me off onto her big bosoms. Being a novice I naturally expected this is what all cocksuckers did at the moment of crisis. I was surprised and delighted when at my point of delivery Nick increased his sucking and bobbing and I had perhaps the most powerful spend of my sixteen years.

I fairly collapsed onto the bed next to the fucking couple and while they finished their own pleasure I recovered and let my hands be filled with flesh both masculine and feminine. Nick finished so hard into Vera that I was almost afraid he was hurting her. I would have been very mistaken though as she lay under the sweaty and depleted chauffeur she reached her hand down to me young stiffy and lasciviously took it into her hand. Nick rolled her over and guided her into her hands and knees and gave me signal to get behind her and impale her.

Impale her I did. Vera was the kind of handsome woman who was quiet and sweet during the day but at night in the bed of love she was an insatiable tigress. I spent the entire night until the sun came up cavorting with my two new friends. No pleasure was denied us.

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