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16 Will Get You 20 by

16 Will Get You 20

My story starts off like this, I was finally moving out of my parent's house. I couldn't wait! My parents where so high and mighty to make a priest sick, so this of course put a damper on my sex life. One day I finally had enough and decided to take up an offer from a friend of mine. He owned a house in a shady side of town, but it was really okay neighborhood. He had come into the house after a relative died or gave it to him one of the two, but anyway he had long wanted me to move in with him I declined mostly because it was such a long drive. Given the option of either sneaking in girls or living with a friend who always had women hanging on him I took the obvious.

Skipping ahead, it was a hot Tuesday night and there was a party being held in my honor at my new home. Alcohol and women where everywhere like a scene from a Hollywood movie. I was having a great time and so was everyone else. I had sized up a couple of girls who were always quickly looking away from me as soon as I looked their way, no way was I sleep alone tonight.

As I stood there marveling at the very attractive girls, my friend must have noticed my stares and put his arm around me and lead me away.

"Dude, I will just stop any train of thought you might be having right now and tell you, those two girls you're admiring..."


"They're 16 years old at the most man."

"So?!" I replied.

"Well you know what they say, 16 will get you 20."

"Yeah, 20 minutes of great sex!"

"No I am serious. Those two hotties are the apple in this neighborhoods garden of Eden, you fuck one of them and you might as well slick your asshole up for the pokey!"

I looked at my friend for awhile and they asked," Why do say that?"

"Those girls are the sheriffs cousin."

I looked at him and rolled my eyes, " What ever man. Look even if they are who cares? I mean shit with cousins that hot I would want to fuck'em too!"

I stormed away from my friend who stood by shaking his head. I walked over to the hottest of the two girls in question. She looked young. She had shoulder length brown hair, long tan legs, and a rack that just stood by it's self with no support. Oh yes, she wasn't where a bra and that only made my mind reel with what else she might not where.

"Hi," she said in a quite voice.

"Hey, I could help but notice you looking at me over there," I replied.

"Yeah well.. I actually was wondering.."


"Well me and my friend can't get any drinks from the jerk by the cooler, he say we're too young."

"Your telling me your not?!"

"Well, we didn't want to you know drink a lot, I mean just a beer or two..."

"Sure I'll go ahead and hook you up, but go into that backroom over there so one sees you drinking it 'kay?"


And with that she and her friend hurried off to the back room, which just happened to be equipped with a mattress on the floor and some blankets. I went to the " cooler jerk" and fetched a six pack and headed back to the room.

As I opened the door I noticed the brunette girl was sitting on the mattress, but her chunky friend was no where to be seen.

"Where did your friend go?"

"Oh she went home, she didn't want to drink beer in some guy's room."

I nodded my head and handed her a brew and took a seat next to her on the mattress. She smiled and sipped down her beer. I couldn't help but stare at her body, mainly her cleavage that showed very well in the tight red shirt she wore.

We made some small talk for a little while, talking mostly about all the crazy stuff she had heard goes on here after she has to make curfew. All the while I drank in her body with my eyes. And every beer brought my inhibitions down.

"Well its kinda of late I better go," she said as she tried to stand up.

"Come on! The night is young, lets talk some more or something," I suggested.

She smiled at me and then sat down right on my lap, making my dick wicked hard.

"You are something else guy, I have sat in here drinking beer and talking to you, all the while your dick has been growing in your pants. And still no groping or necking. What are you waiting for!"

I sat there dumb founded by what was happening, but thanks to the beer it didn't take me long to react. I put my hands on her waist and gave her a full open mouth kiss. She returned the kiss and then moved my hands up her chest and on top of her supple breasts, where I squeezed them with my hands. She moaned in approval as she leaned over and started pulling my shirt off. I in return moved my hands back to her waist and moved my hands under her shirt and back to her breast. Her breaths were coming in short stabs as she started to ride my crotch up and down. I leaned my head back and groaned. She then removed her shirt and tossed it across the room, giving me my first view of her breasts.

She smiled and tugged at my pants. I unzipped them, and she pulled them and my boxers completely down around my ankles. She smiled at my erect penis and licked her lips. She then stood up and began shimming her shorts off giving me a perfect shot of her shaved pussy. She smiled and rubbed her nipples between her thumb and forefinger, as she guided herself on to my dick. At this point I could have shot my load and had it land on her forehead, but I keep it under control. She slowly took my dick into her pussy, inch by inch until I was in.

She then began a rhythmic humping motion against me and I met her pace and returned her thrusts with my own. Soon we where going at it full steam, when a noise behind one of the boxes made me snap to attention. I looked over and there was her friend on the floor spread eagle, finger fucking herself and groping her tits. This image, on top of what else was going on, was more than I could stand. I announced I was going to come, but the brunette didn't care she kept right on riding my dick. I tried to warn her again. but it was too late; I shot my load deep in her pussy.

Sensing my actions, she climbed off me and ran over to her friend where they sucked and finger fucked each other to orgasms.

I lay on the mattress unable to get enough breath to speak. The two girls then stood up and joined me on the mattress, where they then licked my dick clean and bring me to a second orgasm.


Hoped you enjoyed, as always I love to her feed back from people as well as pics.

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