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BDSM Story Room

These stories are for adults only and include graphic and sometimes shocking content. The stories in this collection are provided for your entertainment. If a story does not amuse you, do not read it. In particular, if you are not interested in reading about bondage, discipline, sadism, masochism, domination, and submission you are in the wrong place. Note that this collection usually has sadism accompanied by masochism. NC type stories of rape and torture are normally found only in the general story collection, not here.

(B/D is bondage/discipline, D/s is dominance/submission, NC is nonconsensual, S/M is sadism/masochism, WS is watersports)


A "Friends" Fan Gets More than He Imagined by Bart (Humiliation, B/D, Crotch-kicking, Forced sexual contact) added 4/17/99
A Christmas Eve Date by ADS (Fantasy, Bondage, Male dominant) added 1/1/00
A Day at the Beach by Peachy (Hetero sex, D/s, B/D, Tickling) added 9/17/99
A Day Off From Work by Slave Heather (D/S, S/M, B/D, and Zoo sex-woman/dog) added 5/22/98
A Doctor's Visit by slave fox mulder (Humiliation, Femdom) added 11/30/99
A Flirt Too Far by Rajah Dodger (Masturbation, NC) added 3/7/99
A Grand View From the Top by ADS (Hetero sex, Bondage, Male dominant, NC) added 9/21/99
A Harder Course Than I Thought by Matt (Hetero sex, Femdom, NC, B/D, D/s)
A Husband's Revenge - Part 1 by Helena Troy (S/M, B/D, Hetero sex, Wife sharing) added 11/1/99
A Lesson She Won't Forget by Bethany Rose (Zoo sex-dogs/woman, D/s, B/D, S/M) added 2/11/01
A Little Red Skirt on One Foggy Xmas Eve by ADS (Fantasy, B/D, Spanking, Male dominant) added 1/6/00
A Master is Born by Ticaloc (B/D, S/M) added 7/9/99
A Mistress and Her Slut by DamonChyld (Lesbian sex, D/s, Control) added 5/2/00
A Slave Father's Diary (Femdom, Incest-father/daughter, Hetero sex) added 8/10/99
A Tale of Chinese Torment by Llabmik (Snuff, Torture, BDSM, Rape, WS, Scat, Gang bang, Incest-family, Zoo sex-woman/dog&woman/pig) added 5/20/01
A Trip to the Woodshed by Master Chris (Spanking, Humiliation) updated 8/10/99
A Visit to Alana by samuel (D/s, WS, Enema, Femdom) added 2/18/00
A Weekend with Sir Anthony by Sir Anthony (Male Dom/Female sub, S&M, WS, Anal) updated 8/30/99
Actress Enslaved (Body modification, Humiliation, Forced sex) added 5/28/99
Adam's First Time (D/s, B/D, S/M, Hetero sex) added 10/23/98
Adrianna and her Daddy by Sir Wayne (Hetero sex, D/s, Light bondage, Incest) added 8/14/99
Adventure Explored by DrmWrld69 and RealWlrd69 (Femdom, Anal, Light bondage, Hetero sex) added 11/24/00
Afternoon Interlude by KarenFoyer (Hetero sex) added 6/5/99
Alex's Blissful Surrender Ch. 1 by WriterDom@aol.com (D/s, Hetero Sex, Oral, Clamps, Flogging) added 2/4/01
Alone with Helen by Brian Houlihan (Femdom, Panties fetish, Crossdressing, Bi sex, Enema) added 11/1/99
Amanda's Secret Memories by Angelgirl (Hetero sex, Kidnapping-two men/young girl, BDSM) added 5/13/01
Amazon Outrage by Lance Edwards (Hetero sex, D/s)
Amber and Sinndy Make it Hurt by Amber, the Evyl Princess (Femdom, B/D, Lesbian and hetero sex, Oral, Forced masturbation, NC) added 1/15/01
Amy's Orgasm by Goo-Girl (D/s) added 5/28/99
An Evening with the Girls by her-pet (Femdom, Masturbation) added 6/26/00
An Intimate Stranger (An Unfulfilled Fantasy) by Jointuser1@aol.com (D/s, S/M, Bondage) added 12/25/99
Angel - The Honeymoon and Beyond by WimpHub (Femdom, Ball abuse, Scat, WS, Cuckolding) added 10/16/00
Angel My Slave by Charlie the Texan (Hetero, D/s, Gangbang, WS, Interracial) added 2/27/00
Angel's First submission by Angelique La Serge (Hetero sex, Light BDSM) added 4/8/00
Angel's Story by WimpHub (D/s, Humiliation, S/M, Scat, WS) added 8/14/00
Antonia by Brian Houlihan (Femdom, Humiliation, Bi sex, Spanking, Whipping, Enema) added 12/11/99
Arms (S/M, Torture, Humiliation) added 7/19/98
At Her Whim by peter (Femdom, Male sub, B/D, Consensual, CBT) updated 1/6/00
At the Movies by Rajah Dodger (Hetero sex) added 3/7/99
Bambi's Night Out by scarlett minx (D/s, S/M, Lesbian sex, Violence) added 5/7/98
Barb and Adam by Strenoth (D/s, S/M) added 8/14/00
Barb and Adam 3: Unusual Present by Strenoth (B/D, S/M, Lesbian sex, Toys) added 8/23/00
Barb the Bitch by Hanley Strapmann (Bi sex, D/s, Threesome ) added 9/29/99
Be Careful What You Wish For... Part 1 by Mike Hunt (Femdom, Mind control) updated 1/1/00
Be Careful What You Wish For...Part 2 by Mike Hunt (Fantasy, Femdom, NC) added 1/13/00
Beach Balls by Pervitron (Femdom, Brutality, Humiliation) added 5/6/00
Bed and Bondage by Benson Quick (B/D, Hetero sex) added 12/2/99
Bedroom by Daemon Raphael (D/s, S/M, Hetero sex) added 1/14/99
Ben's Abusive Guardian Part One (B/D, S/M, Femdom) added 5/28/99
Ben's First Time by Jennistoy (Femdom, Bi sex) added 8/14/00
Betrayal and Payback by ARogue (D/s, S/M, Bi sex, Gangbang, W/S, Oral, Anal) added 6/26/00
Betrayed Wife's Revenge by Rajah Dodger (Hetero sex, Femdom) added 3/7/99
Birthday Surprise by Roy (B/D, D/s, Lesbian sex) added 11/23/99
Black Power Beach (chap3) - Patty's Tattoo by TJ Ryder (D/s, Black master) added 11/11/99
Blackmailed into Toilet Service by WimpHub (B/D, S/M, Scat, WS) added 6/10/00
Blind Girl's Bluff by Krista (Rape fantasy, S/M) added 11/27/99
Blindfolded by blue wave (Hetero sex, Light bondage) added 2/18/00
Bob's Massage by Rajah Dodger (Hetero sex) added 3/7/99
Bottom Space by endorphinresearch (Hetero sex, S/M, D/s, Miracles) added 2/8/00
Bound by Sylvia Stone (B/D, D/s, S/M, Hetero sex) added 1/12/99
Breaking Ryan Down to Nothing by kyle321@hotmail.com (Gay rape, B/D, S/M) added 3/7/99
Breast Bondage by patti (B/D, D/s, Hetero sex) added 6/26/98
Broken by StarBlood (Femdom, Oral, Anal, Footworship, WS) added 1/7/01
Cab Ride by Karla (Mind Control, Humiliation, NC, Zoo sex-woman/gorilla, Gang rape) added 4/27/99
Call Me If You've Been Bad.... by implossion@hotmail.com (Spanking, Lesbian sex) added 4/8/00
Candycane by ClairMatin@aol.com (B/D, D/s) added 1/19/99
Castleton Chapter 01, The Ritual by James Lacy (D/s, Femdom, Spanking, Masturbation, Discipline, C and B torture) updated 1/6/00
Castleton Chapter 02, The Novices by James Lacy (D/s, Femdom, Oral, Hetero sex, Bi sex, Anal, Discipline and C & B torture) added 2/8/00
Castleton Chapter 03, The Initiation by James Lacy (D/s, Male and Fem domination, Oral, Hetero sex, Bi sex, Anal, Discipline, Piercing nipple torture) added 2/27/00
Castleton Chapter 04, Training and Ordeal by James Lacy (D/s, Femdom, Oral, B/D, S/M) added 4/8/00
Castleton Chapter 05, Florence's Ordeal by James Lacy (D/s, Femdom, Oral, Hetero & Bi sex, Discipline, Tits and nipple torture, Piercing, Zoo sex-woman/dog) added 10/22/00
Castleton Chapter 06, Twins; Master, Mistress and Slaves by James Lacy (D/s, Femdom, Oral, Hetero & Bi sex, Discipline, Cunt, tits & nipple torture, Piercing) added 10/22/00
Castleton Chapter 07, Mistress Darla and Her Slave, Alteisha by James Lacy (D/s, Femdom, Oral, Anal, Hetero & Bi sex, Torture) added 11/11/00
Castleton Chapter 08, A Male slave's 'Correction' by James Lacy (D/s, Femdom, Oral, Anal, Hetero and bi sex, B/D, Torture) added 11/11/00
Castleton Chapter 09, Mistress Florence and Alteisha Seek a Maid by James Lacy (D/s, Femdom, Oral, Hetero & bi sex) updated 12/13/00
Castleton Chapter 10, Gordon's Decision by James Lacy (Femdom, B/D, S/M, Bi sex, Forced feminization) added 1/7/01
Castleton Chapter 11, The "Maid's" First Tea Party by James Lacy (Femdom, Bi sex, Breast torture, Forced feminization) added 2/4/01
Castleton Chapter 12, Maureen by James Lacy (Femdom, Bi sex, Spanking, Forced feminization) added 2/4/01
Castleton Chapter 15, Return to Castleton by James Lacy (D/s, Femdom, Oral, Bi and hetero sex, Humiliation, Discipline) added 5/13/01
Chad's Evil Nurse by Paul Grahm (Hetero sex, S/M, Femdom)
Chad's Helpful Pharmacist by Rick Perry (Hetero sex, S/M, Femdom, WS) added 11/23/99
Changing Points of View by Ted E. Bear (NC, Zoo sex-woman/dog, Incest-father/daughter, Torture, Gang rape, Oral, Anal) added 1/7/01
Cheater by Jade (D/s, B/D, NC, WS, Humiliation) updated 8/30/99
Chris and Cindy by cbf316@aol.com (Femdom, Foot fetish, Humiliation, Dildo anal rape) added 1/7/01
Christine's Lesson in Taking Dicktation by Cat (Bi sex, D/s, S/M)
Chyna the Domyna 3 by Spring-Heeled Jack (Femdom, Fisting, Anal, NC) added 6/26/00
Closet Part 1 and 2 by champagnerose (Hetero, Oral, D/s, Toys) added 12/11/99
Cock Collusion (Gay sex, B/D, S/M, Cross-dressing) added 10/24/98
Cock Torture by Jim Anderson (Domination, Torture, Humiliation) added 2/27/00
Collection Day (S/M, Femdom) added 6/1/99
Corner-Shop Ordeal by Spring-Heeled Jack and Jill (Rape, Anal, Verbal abuse, Racial abuse, Watersports) added 6/26/00
County Trunk (zipped) by Felix (Hetero sex, Femdom, Humiliation, Domination) added 7/4/00
County Trunk by Felix (Hetero sex, Femdom, Humiliation, Domination) updated 6/26/00
County Trunk DS, Part Two by Felix (Femdom, Ball torture, Castration) added 5/2/00
Cowgirl Needed by Charity (S/M, D/s, NC, Enema) added 7/24/99
Cristina (zipped) by Stern (D/s, S/M, B/D, WS, Scat, Lesbian sex) added 5/28/98
Cumslut Husband by Sissipus (Femdom, Menstrual sex, Transgender, Forced bi sex)
Daddy's Baby (Honey) by Nic Romanschak (D/s, Hetero sex, Incestual play, B/D) added 11/8/98
Dana's Bitch by Eny0ne (Femdom, Oral sex) added 10/16/00
Dark Desires by Bill Mann (B/D, D/s, Hetero sex, Spanking) added 11/30/99
Darkside of Love by Stormrage (Hetero sex, D/S, S/M) added 8/22/99
Date Rape and the Mensa Morning After by ADS (Hetero sex, B/D, D/s) added 8/18/99
Daughter Slave by thisold1 (Incest-family, BDSM) added 5/13/01
Dealing with Wimp Husband and Son by WimpHub (Submission, Humiliation, Scat, WS, Punishment) added 7/4/00
Defiance by Sylvia Stone (D/s, Enema, Hetero sex, Humiliation) added 5/13/99
Demonstration of Control by mami (D/s, B/D, Anal, Oral, Interracial, Gangbang) added 2/18/00
Denise and Chris Round #2 (Denise's revenge) by Cbf316@aol.com (Humiliation, Femdom, Hetero sex, Threesome, Oral, Anal, Foot fetish, WS) added 1/7/01
Deprogramming Candace by Snake Eyes (S/M, B/D, Bi sex, NC) added 4/24/99
Descent - Part 1 by Subgary (Femdom, CBT, BDSM) added 4/22/01
Descent, Part 2 by Subgary (Femdom, CBT, BDSM, Bi sex) added 5/20/01
Descent, Part 3 by Subgary (Femdom, S/M, Bi sex, Strap-on) added 5/29/01
Desk Action by Rajah Dodger (Hand job, Public sex) added 3/7/99
Devil in Her Eyes by Pervetta (Femdom, S/M) added 8/23/00
Diary of a Mistress by Mistress Cocoa (Femdom) updated 10/26/99
Diary of Dhalia by Jessika (D/s, B/D, S/M, Hetero sex) added 5/6/99
Dinner with Estelle by Brian Houlihan (Face slapping, Femdom, Sissy, Humiliation, Bi sex, Smothering) added 4/24/00
Dirty Debbie Part 1 by JKP (Hetero sex, Humiliation, Panty sniffing, D/s, Scat, S/M) added 6/10/99
Dish It Out by Rage (D/s, Hetero sex, S/M) added 7/2/99
Dogfriends in the Suburbs by ADS (Sci fi, D/s, Bondage) added 7/9/99
Dominated Love Slave by Gwen Burke (Lesbian sex, Violence, D/S, WS, Hetero sex, Fish sex, Snot, Maggots) added 2/11/01
Domination (Femdom, Amazon) added 9/3/99
Donna's Party by Sera (B/D, D/s, Oral, Toys, Male and female doms, Male sub) added 5/30/00
Door to Door Saleswoman by Rajah Dodger (Lesbian sex, B/D, NC) added 3/7/99
Dorm Slave by Fatmando (Lesbian sex, NC, Humiliation, Bondage, S/M) added 2/18/00
Drained in Durango by Del Edwards (Toys, Hetero sex) updated 11/18/99
Early Call by Stern (S/M, Bi sex) added 5/28/98
Ebony and Ivory by BeeJay (Hetero sex, Interracial, Femdom)
Eddie's Awakening by scottie (Femdom, S/M, Hetero Sex) added 7/29/98
Eighth Avenue in the Rain (Hetero sex, S/M) added 11/24/00
Elise by Night Owl (Tickling, Bondage) added 3/7/00
Emma: The Training of a Teenage Submissive by knee_h@yahoo.com (Gang rape, BDSM, WS, Scat, Incest-family, Toys, Humiliation, Torture) added 8/23/00
Ergonomic Chairs by Rajah Dodger (Oral sex) added 3/7/99
Escape for Passion by LouisHoney (Hetero sex, D/s, S/M) updated 3/2/99
Escape for Passion (zipped) by LouisHoney (Hetero sex, D/s, S/M, B/D, Shaving, Toys) added 6/5/99
Extra Duties by WimpHub (Femdom, WS, Scat) added 4/17/00
Fairy God Mistress by Jennistoy (Hetero sex, Femdom, C&BT, D/S) added 4/27/00
Fantasy Gone Bad by Princess Pervette (Femdom, Cross-dressing, Forced feminization, Castration, Bi-sex) added 11/18/98
Feb 10, 1999 by Slave2Oz (Hetero, D/s) added 6/10/99
Feeling Sorry for Adam by WimpHub (Femdom, Cuckolding, Scat, WS, S/M, Foot fetish) added 11/1/00
Felicia's Homecumming by Nicholas Romanschak (B/D, S/M, Hetero sex) added 5/3/98
Felicia's Redemption by Nicholas Romanschak (B/D, S/M, D/s, Hetero sex) added 4/28/98
Filly or Not To Be by ADS (Bondage, Sci fi) added 8/22/99
Finding a Slave Girl by Randy S. Lavery (Hetero sex, D/s) added 8/23/98
Following Kris's Scent by Hanley Strapmann (Bi sex, B/D) added 12/25/99
Gina by exwhiptrix (Lesbian sex, D/s, S/M) added 10/3/99
Girlie Showers by alex-tzara@literotica.org (Lesbian sex, Femdom, WS, Threesome - MFF, Toys) added 1/7/01
Girls' Club by Publius (Hetero sex, Femdom, B/D, NC)
Giving In by Misty (Hetero sex, B/D, Spanking, D/s) added 10/10/99
Giving: All for a Good Cause! by The Aethean (S/M, B/D, D/s, Cannibalism, Sexual aggression & emasculation) expanded 5/6/98
Goddess Kali by Cat (D/s, B/D, S/M, Hetero sex, Forced cross-dressing)

Part of Mikes's Erotic Stories

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