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Spell Books: Description and Guidelines
Here I shall detail the Spell Books Universe based upon the story Spell Books by D and expanded upon by myself, Freya.
I am opening this up to anyone to write in or caption. Due to the nature of the first story and my subsequent stories and captions it is well suited to more adult transgender stories, however it can be adapted for any rating.
The Spell Books
The Spell Books consist of two tomes one dedicated to magic of the mind, the other devoted to magic of the body.
Their exact appearance is unknown for they often change, however the most common form they take is of old, thick tomes. They have also been known to take on the appearance of thick rolled up scrolls, clay tablets and even on very very rare occasions text files on computers. Whatever form they appear in it is always as a pair and never as one.
Little is known about the history of the books, They have always been together and were most likely created at the same time. Though they always come in two books they are considered one.
In all likelihood they come from far in the past in a time when magic was more common place. It is also likely this was a time before books and thus they were probably created on stone tablets or papyrus.
The spells themselves are in an arcane forgotten language. Yet the descriptions of the spells always appear in the language of the reader, though these descriptions can be a little archaic in fashion and takes awhile to decipher.
Though hard to pronounce, it is almost as though the spells were written to be relatively easy to cast. Most magic users would not want your every day person being able to cast powerful magic so why these spells are so easy is anybodies guess. Some speculation could be the purpose is to create general chaos and/or mischief for the spells themselves nearly all have great potential to cause things in a person’s life to go wrong. Probably 50% of the worlds population given practice could cast these spells.
Most spells are spells cast on another person rather than upon the caster them-self. However at the back of each book is a detailed ritual that allows a caster to take a spell and cast it upon them-self. This will not work with all spells and those it does work with the ritual itself adds hours to the casting time.
The books themselves are rarely parted. It is possible and they have even been parted by many miles but always within a few days they are back together again. If two people have a book each usually the person with the strongest will will end up with both books.
Like the famous medallion of Zulu however the books have a tendency to after awhile disappear from their owner only to turn up somewhere else. Also like the medallion this occurs in a variety of ways with them finding their way into someone else's hands (Stealing, being given, sold etc) or simply disappearing. The length they stay with somebody varies and this also depends on the strength of will of the current holder. Someone with a average or weak will will only hold onto them a few hours or days. Someone with a strong will will hold onto them for weeks, months and perhaps even years. If a true magic user obtains them they will likely be able to hold onto them indefinably, though if the books do not like their new owner they will try and draw others to help take them away.
And so it would seem the books have some sentience to them, though it is either limited or the product of a mostly sleeping consciousness.
Nobody knows when, where and how the books were created. there are several theories including they were the creation of a powerful sensual sorcerer, that they formed after a powerful rift went out of control to even they are a captured god or goddess forced into book form. However they were formed their main purpose seems to be for more sensual means.
The Spells
I cannot list here every spell the books have. Every story has the potential for new spells. However whenever a new spell is in a spell books story I shall add it to the list. If anybody wishes to create a new spell for a story they are writing I would appreciate running it by me so I can see if its fitting for the theme of the universe.
The spells can be memorized or jotted down to be cast without the books present. But this does make them more difficult to cast, the longer the spell the more difficult to remember and/or cast. However they do not stay in memory and fade after a few hours and likewise the spell will disappear from wherever it was jotted down onto in just a few hours. Only an actual magic user will be able to learn any of these spells and that it after a period of study.
Spells of the Body
Transformation Human
There are actually two different versions of this spell. One for transforming the form into a female form and one into a man. This is a powerful spell which can cause great upheaval in somebody's life. The spell transforms the person to look like how the caster wishes them to look. The change is complete. If a man is changed into a woman using this he or rather she is now a woman down to a genetic level. However if the spell is used to try and make somebody an exact copy of another person it can only make their features close and not make the copy exact. The spell lasts several hours before wearing off, however during this time anybody who sees the person will think they always looked like that and the spell even goes far enough to alter some memories to make the body match. This works on all with the exception of the recipient, the caster and anyone present during the casting of the spell. A powerful magic user or being can also probably see through this. As stated before the spell lasts several hours however one thing can make this permanent. If in this form recipient has sex with the transference of seminal fluid from penis into vagina then the person is stuck in that body forever. So if someone changed in a man form cums in a women his body is locked in that form forever and someone changed in a woman form if a man cums inside her she is stuck in that form forever. No other spell in the spell-books or indeed any other known form of transformation magic will have any effect upon them. If the  transformation if made permanent then reality will shift not long after changing it so that they were always thought to be in that form. The recipient will gain a whole new set of memories of their new forms life, though still dominant will be their true memories. the caster and anyone present during the casting of the spells will also gain new memories of the recipient though still retain their main memories. However anyone else will believe that person was always as they are.
Transformation Animal
This works in much the same way as the transformation human spell works. Somebody can be transformed into an animal male or female. No matter what however the person always retains their mind and intellect though they may give in to their new animal instincts and nature. Unlike the human transformation spell memories of the transformed will not be effected in others. It is too much of a stretch to go from believing someone grew up a human to someone grew up as an animal. So if somebody sees the transformed they wont know it is that person they will simply see an animal. Like the human version of the spell transfer of seminal fluid will bind the person in the new form forever, however if has to be engaging in sex with the same species of their new form.
Cosmetic Transformation
This is a more minor transformation spell. It essentially works with the body there already and makes changes. However some quite major changes can be made. It is much akin to what can be done with modern cosmetic surgery with a little more. A person’s mass can be increased by up to 10% which can be added to height, breasts, hips, muscle etc. Facial features can be changed. Penis length increased, skin and hair colour changed. All sorts of things. In truly skilled hands this magic can be used to make someone look very different. However it is limited by the genetics of the body. A man can have his penis made into a vagina and clit, but he cannot be given a womb where he can be made pregnant and his dna is still that of a man. One useful feature of this spell however, and is can only be done by someone very skilled is of someone  has a natural resemblance to another, or the transformation human spell has been cast one someone to make them similar in appearance to another then this spell can be used to make them look nearly exactly the same. (Assuming they have not been locked magically in their form)
This spell is used to ensure pregnancy in a woman. It can be cast on a man to make sure the next woman he fucks becomes pregnant, or a woman to make sure the next time she is fucked by a man she is made pregnant. It even works on the infertile. It will give them a 50% chance of becoming or causing pregnancy or if cast on both 90% to 100%
Spells of the Mind
Dominate Woman
This spell is used to make a woman do anything the spell-caster desires. Once successfully cast which takes just a few well phrased words the woman is unable to resist the commands of the caster and will do physically whatever they command, however it cannot be used to make them think differently. Once it takes effect the woman will say in her native language “I’ll do anything you want.” This lets the caster know the spell was a success. It can also be used to make someone temporarily forget certain things, though this wears off quite quickly. There is no real duration to the spell. It can either be ended by the caster or be forcibly broken by the dominated. for it to be broken the woman has to try. If she does not try the spell could last for the rest of her life. However if she tries to break it eventually she can. this can take weeks or months to do and usually involves the woman trying to bend commands given to her. She will eventually break it if she is able to completely resist or break a command given by the caster. Strangely there has not yet been found a version of this spell to dominate men within the books yet.

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