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Wife Swappers

Spell Books: Porn Star
by Freya
This story is a work of fiction with very strong sexual and transgender themes. If either of these offend you, or it is illegal for you to read such things then go no further.
This story is a fantasy and in no way condones the mistreatment of wome by men. It is part of the fantasy of its author who likes the idea of being treated this way and is kept to fiction only. The author believes strongly in equality amongst the genders in real life.
To hear Denise and Felix’s tale you can read the original Spellbook by D either at Nifty’s Archive or at my own site which also has some pictures added by myself.
Life was improving for me. Originally from England I had not much luck finding work there so with what saving I had I decided to move to America, try and get a job and make a new life. I ended up in a small town not far from L.A. and got work in one of the towns bigger bars. My accent had prooved an asset. Locals were often intrigued by it and who I was when I served them, and as a lot of English tourists vistited this town it comforted them and gave them a sense of home to talk to me when I served them.
It was at this bar that I met Thomas, another barman who had found a two bedroom apartment and was looking for a roommate to share the place, and of course its bills. I jumped at the chance and soon we had both moved in.
Thomas, or Tom as he preffered to be called seemed a nice enough person though I guess there was just something about him that seemed a little..I don’t know, dark. The way he looked at me sometimes as if he was planning something.
Still most of the time we got on well and when not in work hanged out playing on the games consoles together or watching movies. Typical roommate kinda stuff. I had to laugh at the huge amount of porn he had collected too. His bedroom walls were covered with pictures of big breasted porn stars and he had many adult DVD’s which he often watched. The majority of which starred porn stars with extremly big breasts. He often encouraged me to watch them with him, something I felt a little strange about. Sure I had watched porn before in the past, but I tended to do so alone. But I guess others watched it together and I grew accustomed to him sticking a DVD on when we were doing nothing else. Occasionally however...occassionally whilst watching I got the impression he was looking at if eyeing me up. It made me kind of uncomfortable. But I put it down to my over active imagination.
A few months later we had settles into a routine. Both working 6pm until 2am shifts in the bar at night. And lounging around the apartment in the day. One week our two days off happened to fall on the same days, something that did not often happen and it was then he asked me to do him a favour.
“Joseph, can I ask a small favour?” Tom asked as he walked into the lounge.
I looked up from my cornflakes and nodded. “Sure, what’s up?”
“I need to get something from a couple of friends and will need your help. Do you mind?”
I smiled and nodded. “Sure, no problem.” I said thinking he was collecting something heavy he needed me to help him with.
It was about midday when we set off. We toook his battered old car and drove several blocks to a far more afflulent part of town. I was impressed. The large white houses around here with there huge front lawns, and no doubt even bigger back gardens spoke of wealth. People who lived here probably had a few million dollars tucked away and were in high paid corperate jobs or owners of properous local businesses.
We pulled into the drive of one of the houses and made our way up to the door. As we waited for the door to be answered I could not help noticing Tom looking at me with a slight grin on his face.
The door was opened by a tall, handsome man who had an air of cockyness about him. His face broke out into an immediate grin as he looked me up and down then turned his grin to Tom.
“Hi Felix, thanks for doing this for me.” Tom said stepping into the mansion as Felix stepped aside.
Doing this for me? That was odd. I thought we were both doing Felix a favour. I mentally shrugged and stepped inside and Felix showed into a large, lavish living area, sitting in which had to be just about the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.
“Joe, let me introduce you to two old friends of mine. Felix and Denise.” Tom said with a smile.
I nodded and smiles and probably mumbled a hello as I stared at this vision of beauty. Everything about her spoke of beauty and sex. Denise gazed back at me, yet her face reflected that of a little concern and worry. This quickly ebbed away and she smiled.
“Tom and I need to head upstairs to sort a few things out, mind keeping Denise company whilst we do Joseph?” Felix asked, not even waiting for an answer as he and stop made their way for the stairs.
I smiles and nodded quickly. “I don’t mind at all.”
Denise watched Tom and Felix head up the stairs before patting the sofa next to her. “Come, have a seat.”
I nervously moved over and sat beside her. I must have appeared pretty goofy but I think most men invited to sit with a Goddess like this would act a little that way.
Once I was comfortable she moved a little closer and said. “There may not be much time. You have been lured here for Tom’s selfish desires and he plans to do something which will change your life. You should leave, now before they return.”
I don’t know about you, but when some woman I have just met tells you something like that, no matter how beautiful she may be about a guy I have lived with for a few months, I am not likely to believe her.
“Is this some kind of joke?” Not the most original line but in this situation it did not seem like it could have been anything else.
She sighed and shook her head. “Look, I don’t expect you to believe this. But I have to try so the same thing does not happen that happened to me.”
She then went on to tell me a story which seemed out of this world. How five years ago she had been a man...well no more than a boy really of 16 called Dennis who had discovered two spellbooks. How he and his friend had discovered spells of transformation and changed Felix’s body into that of a male porn star. How they discovered it was not permanent and it required the transfer of semen to bond the person to the body. How they had discovered another spell that mind controls women and then went to the mall to try it out. How after a series of failiurs came back to Dennis’ house and bedroom and gave the Spellbook to Felix to transform Dennis into another stud but how the spell was the wrong one and turned Dennis into a stunningly attractive babe instead. How Dennis had demanded to be changed back but instead Felix spoke the mind control spell and took her under his control. And how he made her have sex with him and upon climx bonded both his body and hers permanently into the forms they were now in. Dennis had gone forever and Denise was now in his place and the spell had changed reality to make everybody think Denise had always been so and how even her room after that had changed to that of a teenage girls.
It sounded sounded ridiculous. She wanted me to believe that she, a perfect specimen of femininity had once been a man. I almost laughed out loud.
“You’re right. I don’t believe you.” I replied.
She sighed once more, as if resigned to the inevitable. At that point I head the light sound of footsteps as they came down the carpetted stairs and saw Felix and  Tom returning, both with a large tome each in their hands. There was something....different about Tom. I could not place my finger about it but he seemed different. Was his body always that muscular? Was he always that handsome?

I shook my head and looked to between the two. “What’s going on guys?”
Tom grinned. “You’ll see.”
Suddenly Felix started reading from the tome. Strange, archaic words that seemed to fill the air with a heavy presence. I suddenly felt like my skin was crawling and I stumbled up to stand. As he said the last word I felt my entiure body changing, shrinking in parts, reforming in others. The strange withfrawing in my crotch, the the itchness in my sclap and the heavyness of long hair. the feel of my hips seeming to expand and my stomach contract. and the even stranger feeling of heavyness on my chest as huge breasts started to swell from my chest. I felt a strange feeling inside my stomach as though some organs were changing and re-arranging and a ticklish feeling over my skin as it softened and my face changed. In all no part of my body was left unchanged. The change could not have taken more than a few seconds but it had seemed like an hour.
As I looked down at my new body in shock Felix turned a few paged and started another new spell. This one took seconds and soon I found my clothing disintergrating, a all too brief glimpse at my own nudity and then  suddenly a shimmering as a two peice bikini appear on my body. At the same time I felt some jewlerry appear on my body and in my hair.
As the initial shock began to ebb away I looked up to Felix and Tom again. It was at that point that Tom started reading from his tome. Suddenly what Denise told me hit home, it was true and I could bet Tom was reading the spell of mind control over women. “No wait stop.” I called out then stopped and marvelled at my new voice. it was so sultry and feminine.
In the seconds of confusion Tom finished the spell and I felt a strange chill wash over me then without meaning to I heard myself say. "I'll do anything you want."
I looked to Deniese desparingly. She just gazed back with a sad look on her face and I knew she was helpess to do anything. It was then that Tom laughed in triump.
“Hot damn Felix. You were right it really did work.” He said to his grinning friend.
“Anything for a pal. Now remember the transformation spells run out in a few hours so you need to get her back to bind them.” Felix replied.
“No fear of that. Joe, you will now answer to Josie or Josephine. You will head out and get into the passenger seat of the car and wait for me.” Tom commanded.

And I found myself doing exactly as he said. I made my towards the front door, catching one last glimpse of Denises sad expression as I made my way out and got into the passenger seat of the car.
After a few minutes Tom came out and got into the car. We started the drive home in silence at first. It did not occure to me I could speak without being commanded too. Eventually I decided to try.
“What do you plan to do with me?” I asked, still marvelling at my new voice.
Tom laughed. “Oh now I am sure that little slut Denise told you all about it whilst we were upstairs. I am sure you know her little tale and just as predicted you did not believe a word of it until we transformed you. Well it’s simply my little slut. For that is what you shall be from now on. I am going to take you home and fuck you and make you mine forever. I never particularly needed a roommate. I could afford the bills on my own. I have been Felix’s friend awhile now and the only person he has trusted to share the knowledge of his books with. I was blown away when he showed me a few spells and intrigued when he told me of how he transformed Denise. I had to get me some of that and he agreed. I just had to find the right person and bring them along.”
“But why me?....why another man? Why not a woman?”
“Oh it did not matter who. Chances of me finding a huge breasted slutty woman to move into my flat then mind control was pretty slim. So whoever moved in could become my perfect woman whether they were originally a woman or a man. You were just the first to come along. Besides, former men know even better of how to pleasure a man as they were men once themselves. That means you will make an even better slut.” He said with a grin.
“But why wait so long? Why not bring me to transform me right way?”

“Because first I needed to establish you as living me awhile, to let you settle in so when reality changes it will be easier. Plus I needed to gain your trust more. Now we have been living together a few months you were all to willing to come help me out and ignore the warnings of some strange girl.”
With that we pulled up outside our apartment building and headed inside. He ordered me into my bedroom and I was helpless to resist. Once again Denises tale came back to me of what happened to her and the full force of this hit me now. He was going to fuck me and bind me to this body forever and I would be his woman, no as he saw it his slut for the rest of my life. I was perfect, the girl of his dreams. All those posters on his walls. all those porn videos of big breasted porn stard and now I was just like one of them.
Whilst he was putting his car keys in the usual place in the lounge I managed to get a look at myself in the bedroom mirror.

A small gasp escaped my lips. I was a real beauty. though most men would see the sexual side of my as opposed to the beautiful side.
I had long, raven hair which was tied in a simple pony tail. A pretty face which was already made up due to the magic. I guess the body is the real draw. Long, sexy legs, wide childbearing hips, a slim toned tummy and of course huge, full orbs for breasts. I think my bra size had to be a double G at least.
I was suddenly aware that Tom was standing in the doorway leering at me. He seemed different, not just in personality but also in looks but I just could not put my finger on it. He had strong masculine features, slicked back dark hair with some streaks of grey in it. He was tall and very powerful built, but not over the top built like a body builder. Just about right. There was also something a little sleazy about his look.
He hopped up onto the bed and patted beside him.
“Come here Josie, sit beside me.”

Unable to resist his command I soon found myself climbing upbesides him. He quickly grabbed me and pulled me so that I was drapped over his lap. I could feel his strong hand start to stroke up and down my smooth, feminine leg then right up to cup the flesh of my firth, peach arse. To my surpise and at the same time horror I felt a little tingle of excitment run through me. This body was defying my mind. He wanted a slut and I had the body of one. A body easily aroused.
He leaned in to place rough kisses along my neck and up my cheek before trying to kiss me fully on the lips. I resisted.
“Kiss me, sllut.” he commanded.

And I foudn myself instantly parting my lips and kissing him back, passionetly and deeply. I could not even interpret the command the way I wanted too and kiss him chastly. I knew what he wanted and kissed him the way he commanded and the way I knew he wanted it.
He broke the kiss and slowly unzipped his pants, drawing forward his semi erect cock. My eyes were drawn to it, a strong symbol of masculin power.
He grinned. “Stroke it, lick it. Get me hard baby.” He commanded and once again I felt unable to resist his command. I slid my body down his and took his semi hard cock in my hand. I could feel its heat, it pulsing in my hand.
Slowly I drew my head closer and I could smell his masulinity. Inside I screamed at what I was about to do, tried hard to resist yet instead I extended my tongue and slowly began to lap it over the head of his cock. Again and again and again, tasting his salty pre-cum and causing him to moan loudly.
“Oh yeah baby. That’s good. But I want more. Lie back bitch and fondle yourself.”
I feel aside onto my back and slowly began to run my hands down my new, alien body feeling tingles of pleasure shooting throughout once more. Meanwhole Tom was quickly removing his shirt and trousers and other clothes. Seeing his now naked body sent another strange thrill of excitment through me. His body looked so toned and powerful. I had never desired men before and yet now I felt the arousal inside me growing strong at this hunk before me. My hand moved further down to my body to my crotch and I slowly started to rub my pussy lips through the thin material of my bikini bottoms. This felt good. This felt wonderful. I felt myself instantly becoming wet. It was so strange to feel, a different kind of arousal to that of men yet even stronger and more pleasureable.
Tom was obvious ready for more and he roughtly tore my bikini top and bottoms from my body exposing my large breasts and tight, hairless pussy.
“Oh shit yeah. That’s what i’m talking about.” He said kneeling on the bed next to me and grabbing my large breasts in his rough hands. As he did so I felt my nipples harden instantly and another jolt of pleasure erupt from my breasts into the rest of my body.
He then stood up on the bed over me so that my head was between his legs and slowly started to bring his cock down towards my lips. “Suck me....deepthroat me.” He said as the tip of his now fully erect cock brushed against my lips.
His cock was fully erect now and I could see the veins in it as it pulsated above me. I parted my fuill lips and took the tip between them. he continued to lower his cock deeper into my mouth until it reaches the back of my throat.
Too my amazment I did not gag, he had commanded me to deepthroat him and so I was able to. Slowly he slides more of his angry member down into my throat now until his heavy balls rested against my nose.
I moaned softly. Part of me hated this, I felt used and dirty and I was a man so why was this happening to me? Yet another part loved it. The new slut body I had was incredibly aroused and turned on causing a strange inner conflict.
He started to slowly pump his cock in and out of my mouth and throat now. Stretching my throat as he did so. Acting like a pile driver and he slowly thruist his cock up and down. I swirled my saliver around the shaft making his thick cock slick and easing his ability to throat fuck me.
My hands moved to my large breasts and I startd to cup and stroke them as he grunted face fucking me. I felt like such a slut and I knew that must be just what I looked like.
I continued to suck him for another few minutes before he pulled his cock out and pulled me up onto my hands and knees.
“Time to make you a woman.” He said moving behind me.
This was it. I knew it. If he fucked me now and if he came in me I was stuck like this forever. And yet another part of me wanted to be fucked. Wanted a mans cock in me. I did not have lonf to wait.
He stroked the head of his cock up and down the lenth of my slit which drove me wild with pleasure and anticipation.
“Oh yeah, you’re ready for this.” He said grabbing a handful of my hair in his hand and pulling my body upright.
He then started slide his cock into me. First the head pushed between my folds, then he continued sliding more and more deeper into me. It was like nothing I had ever felt before as his huge cock invaded my body. I could feel my pussy walls stretching around his big cock as he drove it into me. A whimper of pleasure erupted from my lips as I felt a strange mix of pain from him stretching me, and an overwheloming pleasure.
Soon he had his entire cock buried deep inside me and he paused for a little while allowing me to adjust. I could feel his tight balls pressed up against my pussy. His thick, hot hot cock buried deep inside me. I could even feel every throbbing vein.
The he began to slowly pump it back and forth. Sliding his cock which now glistened with my juices in and out in a slow steady pace which sent me to heaven and back. I let out more little moans and whimpers as I could feel small orgasms start to explode inside me. Each bigger than the last and promising to grow into a climax that would blow my mind.
He sped up his pace now. Really getting into it. I was the woman of his dreams and he was getting to fuck her. He was really enjoying this. He grabbed my arse with one hand and squeezed it as he pumped his manhood in and out of my hot pussy. Sex as a man with a woman had never felt this good before, never felt this intense and pleasurebale and I had not even reached climax yet.
He pulled my arse high up into the air and started pumping into me even faster and hot now, it was animilitic and rough yet it felt so right. I was a woman, he was a man and this is what I was here for, to be fucked by a strong powerful man.
he continued to fuck me like this for another few minutes before he slowed down and pulled me down onto my side so that he was behind me.
Now his pace was slowy and steady. I grasped my breasts, the waves of pleasure running through me at a slower pulse now as he moved his lips close to my ear.
“Oh I think you like this all too much don’t you?” He whispered into my ear. “You love being a slut, love being fucked. Love feeling a mans hard cock inside you.” He added still slowly driving his cock slowly and steadily into me. “I heard your moans and your gasps. You were born for this. This is what you are meant to be.”
With that he pulled out and slid me back onto my back. He pushed my legs over my shoulder and started to rub the head of his cock up and down my slit again sending pulses of pleasure throughout me.
“I am going to do you a favour.” He said gazing down at me with a grin on his face. “I am going to offer a choice and for this choice you can answer completly as you want, the mind control will not effect the decision. This choice is yours and yours alone.” He said as he moved one hand across to slowly rub my clit. “Either we can stop now. I will pull back and there will be no more and in an hour or so you will revert back to your old body. Or I can finish this, fuck you like the slut you are. Spray my seed deep inside you and lock you into that body forever. The choice is yours.”
I felt the relase of his control relinquish for this choice. I knew I could answer how I desired. I know I should have right away told him I wanted this to stop and I wanted to change back. But despite being in control again the desire of my body was strong. It had felt so good to be fucked. So much better than anything I had ever experienced before and yet I had not even reached climax. If I told him to stop now I would never experience that. Sex as a man could never fullfill me again after this.
My former masculinity struggled with my new bodies desire as he continued to slowly stroke my clit and rub his cock against my pussy. Eventually one side won through.
“Please.....fuck me...” I begged causing him to grin lewdly.
“I knew you could not resist slut. Don’t worry soon you will remain like this forever and I plan to fuck you ever day.
With that he drove his huge cock deep into me again and started fucking me hard and rampantly
I squealed out in pleasure as he fucked me harder and faster, causing my huge breasts to bounce around wildy. I grabbed them to steady them and closed my eyes riding the pleasure he was giving me.
“Oh fuck...oh fuck...” I cried feeling a new height of pleasure running through my body. Yet my masulinity was trying to break back through again. If this continued I would be nothing more than a sex slave.
“Wait.......I change my mind.” I called out.
But it was too late. He drove his cock deep inside me and I felt it begin to twitch. Suddenly I felt a huge torrent of his hot, sticky seed pumping deep into me causing my own orgasm to climax and hit hard. I screamed out in pleasure and it pulsed through me causing my pussy to spasm around his hard cock, milking it tightly as I threw my head back and my breasts into the air.
More spurts erupted from his manhood deep into me and I felt is flowing deep into my womb. With that I felt a tingle around me and I knew his seed had locked me forever in this body. I was a slut for life.
“You’re mine now, slut.” Tom growled before rolling off me and lying back on the bed next to me.
He soon fell asleep next to me leaving me lying there, quite awake in a kind of shock and at the same time enjoying the wonderful, warm post orgasmic glow many woman enjoy after sex.
I was a woman now and I would be forever more. Just hours earlier I had been a man with no concept of how my life might change. What I might become,
Right now I was more emotionally numb than anything. I knew a whole host of emotions would hit me later but the shock of everything seemed to deaden everything else.
I had been given a choice.....
I could have turned back to the man I was but I asked for it to be made permanent. The pleasure had been so intense and promised to be so much better I just could not pass.
Would that decision haunt me for the rest of my life? Would the decision to stop and change back haunt me had I choosen that path? After all it felt so good.
I sighed and stared up at the ceiling.
It was then that I noticed a difference int he corner. A change in the colour of the cieling and wallpaper. Where it had been painted white, it was now a very light pink. As I watched it seemed to spread and expand in ever direction. Growing and changing the walls and ceiling. I watched faciated as it travelled along then came down over my furniture. The taller objects at first then the others. The wardrobe changed from a dark oak to a lighter and more slender Elm design. The desc chair changed from a simple wooden chair to a softer, padded pink chair. My chest of draws changed to a vanity with a large oval mirror on top and a whole host of brushes and cosmetics and perfumes on top as well as a padded stool in front of it.

Finally the changes moved over the bed changing its sheeting to once again a light pink in colour. I probably should have been scared as it passed over me but instead I just watched facinated. No changed occured to me or Tom but once finished looking around the room I realised my bedroom had become quite feminine.
It suddenly dawned upon me that this had been reality catching up with my change. The whole world had changed to mkae up for the new me. My past re-written, the way I interacted with people no lonjger the same. There never had been a Joseph. There had only been a Josie.
I quietly got up from the bed so as not to wake Tom and tiptoed out on the now soft white carpet. As I closed the door behind me I allowed for the first real emotion to hit me since I became bound to this form and I felt a sob well up from my chest and escape from my lips.
I ran into Tom’s bedroom having nowhere else to go. I just did not want to be in that feminine room tonight or sleeping next to that man. I collapsed onto and cried myself to sleep.
That night I had strange dreams. Flashes of different times and different stages in my life. Some times I was a little girl, others I was a teenage girl and other times I was a young woman. I had flashes in them of family and friends and other people I had never met. Often everything seemed so familiar yet at the same time different.
I awoke. It would be easy to say I thought the last 24 hours had been but a dream and I had woken thinking I was still a man, But no. As soon as I awoke I was all to aware of my feminine body. I knew right away. I felt different, my essense was different. No there was no slowl realisation it had been no dream. i knew right away.
I kept my eyes closed trying to work through everything that had happened yesterday but instead other thoughts entered my mind. Those strange dreams I had last night were memories. They had come to me as I slept. Sorted themselves into my head to fit in with the new reality. I still had all my old male memories and indeed those were still much stronger but I also had these strange female memories of my life and how I had grown up. Many similar to the male ones but from a different slant. Some friends remained the same but I had other friends also, female friends who I had been close to.
I realised with a sense of unease how girly I had been in this new life. It seemed the magic of my change had effected my life. Tom had wanted a very feminine woman and so the reality had changed to reflect that. In this new reality I had been no tom boy. I had been a very girly little girl. I guess that explained all the pink in my room last night also. I remembered now moving in as a woman and having it redocorated to reflect my tastes.
I was suddenly aware that I was being watched. I opened my eyes to see Tom standing in the door way looking at my lustfully. He was still naked from last night, as was I for that matter. And he had a rather large morning erection.
“It is good to see you sleeping in my bed.” He said with a smirk. “From now on that is where you shall sleep every night next to me.”
I started to rise. “I should shower.” I said gently. But he walked over and pushed me back down onto the bed.
“In a bit. Let me give you a better reason so shower after he said and pulled himself up onto the bed over me and straddled me.
His cock was fully hard and ready and I knew what he wanted of me, but I waited for him to say it.
“Suck it.” He commanded and I obeyed.
I moved my head forward and took the tip between my lips. Swirling saliver around  it and making it slick. I started to suck back and forth slowly and he groaned softly allowing me to do this for several minutes before pulling back. He now placed his hot cock between my large breasts and grabbing my hands in his made me press the large mounds of my breasts around his cock, encasing it in the fleshy globes.
He grinned down at me. “I have wanted to do something like this for a long time, get tit fucked by a busty slut.” He said before starting to thrust between my breasts. I cannot say the action itself was pleasureable for me, but there was something...arousing about it. My new body was betraying me again and the sight of that large copck thrusting between my breasts, the head peeking out the top caused a strange erotic shiver to flow through my body. His cock was still slick and slippery from me sucking him off earlier which helped him thrust between my tits and I knew there was little I could do but rest back and let him enjoy himself.
He continued to tit fuck me for another five minutes or so before suddenly I felt his cock between to twitch and he let out a loud groan as he started to spurt off. The first frew spurts hit me on the chin and sprayed over my face. He then pulled back and stroked himself off spurting more all over my neck and huge breasts, coating them in his hot, masculine seed. He seemd to have a huge amount and by the time he finished I was coated in the stuff. I could feel its hot stickness all over my face and upper body and could smell the strong masculine smell.
He looked down at me lewdly. “Mmmm you look great like that.” He said with a laugh. “Go get yourself cleaned up.” He added as I rose and gave me a little slap on the arse.
I headed quickly for the shower and got inside noticing the different women’s shampoos and other toiletries in the bathroom as I did so. I let the warm water flow over me for a good few minutes trying to get rid of any trace of Tom’s cum. Strange thoughts went through my mind. I loved it when he sprayed over me. Made me feel like such a slut. Itfelt so good and right. Gods I had such a slutty mind now. I guess most people expect the first shower as a woman to be a time to savour and enjoy. Washing the hot soapy water all over my body, feeling my new curves. But I had a lot on my mind and I washed almost automatically as my mind went over the last 24 hours.
After I finished my shower and dried off I headed into my room and picked out the least feminine garments of my new clothing I could find, a pair of jeans and t-shirt and put them on. I then headed into the lounge and found a cup of tea waiting for me. Tom had made it for me and was their sipping his coffee. Small though it was this gesture showed to me he was not a complete bastard and I picked it up and took several sips.
“Here’s the plan for the week.” He said sitting down on the sofa and bringing his legs up to lounge upon it. “You are taking the rest of the week off work. I am going to let those at work know we are now an item.” He added and I knew he would be boasting about it. Recalling my new feminine memories I recalled now how in this new reality our work collegues as well as many of the customers lusting over me. I also recalled many a comment that I should be working in Hooters and not there.
“Then...” he continued. “I think its about time we left our jobs. With a body like yours we could make a hell of a lot more money than we do now.” He said with a smirk.
I frowed as images flashed through my mind of him pimping me out. “He surely could not mean us doing that could he. I did not dare ask.
“Meanwhile you will stay here at home. Keep the place clean, cook my meals whilst I am in and whilst I am out at work I have asked Felix to send Denise around. She is going to help you adjust to your new body and life, like she has had to for several years.”
I nodded demurely. I had little to say. I guess I was still a little shocked by my new life. I was glad in a way Denise would be coming around. At least I had someone to talk to, someone to share my feelings with.
I spent the rest of the day trying to adjust. I tried to avoid Tom as much as possible but there were times he told me to do things for him and whenever I passed him he could not help but pinch or slap my arse.
I guess I experienced much of the things women experience. How they go the toilet, how they have smaller appettites, the different sense of gravity and so on. And I spent some times exploring these things but I shall not dwell upon them.
As evening approached Tom showered and got readty to go to work. He gave me a long deep kiss and reminded me Denise was on her way and then he was gone. I was alone in the apartment for the first time since my change.
I broke down and began to cry. I would like to say it must just be all these new female emotions. Women are more emotional or more likely to give into their emotions. But I am not sure if that was solely the reason. I felt used, trapped my will taken away. Put in a forign body and not even being able to hold onto my own past and history, it was something only I really remembered.
I was still crying thirty minutes later when Denise arrived.

When I opened the door she could tell right away and led me into the lounge to sit down and hugged me. I cried on her shoulder awhile longer and she just held me. I realised as she was doing so were we both men still we would never do such a thing. She must have truly adapted to her femininity to be able to comfort me like this in such a female way. After awhile I was ready to talk.
“How have you managed?” I asked gazing into her eyes.
She smiled gently. “Is it really that bad being a woman?” She replied. “I adjusted, I came to see that though there are differences the gap is not as wide as we might think and I came to find there is much about being a woman one can enjoy.”
“But you and I are no more than slaves.” I said bitterly.
“Yes well....I guess at first after my own change I felt that way too. But in a way I felt like it was my punishment.”

”Punishment? Why?”
“I did a bad thing with those books. Before I changed when I had learnt the spell to command women I used it on a woman..I made her give me oral sex and then forget about it. I did not feel guilty at first. I was a teenager full of hormones and wanting to get laid. I guess in my mind I planned on using it further for full sex but then Felix changed me and I became the victim. So I saw it as a kind of punishment.”

I sighed and nodded. “At least you felt guilty for it after, but it has been a few years now. You do not deserve to continue to be pubished in this way...and I...I have never deserved this.”
She smiled again slightly. “Maybe all is not lost. There is hope. What if I were to tell you you can break the control over her?”
My eyes widened and I searched her eyes to see if she was genuin. “How?”
“Felix, well Felix no llonger has any control over me, thought I still allow him to think he does. It took me several years to break his control but I managed it. And I think perhaps with my guidance you might be able to break Tom’s control in a few months.”
“How did you break the control?” I asked again desperate to know.
“Felix is careless and not too bright. He does not think things through. I guess he is more lazy thinking than stupid but that has its advantages. After about six months of living with him I managed to learn the combination of the safe he kept the books in and any time he went out and left me at home I would study them. I soon discovered that the mind control spell over women weakened as time went by. At first it is far to strong to resist but after a few months you can break it down. You need to put in the effort to break it however. If you spend your life never trying then the spell will never weaken enough to release you on its own and you will always be a slave. But with some experimentation I found ways of weakening it and eventually breaking it. It took me some time but I think with my help you can do it far quicker than I managed because now I know what needs to be done.”

I nodded quickly at the prospect of regaining my freedom, but I still had so many questions. “But if you broke it, why are you still with Felix?”
“I have learnt patience. I am slowly drawing together a plan to leave him but before I do learning what I can from the book and setting myself up financially. I was ready some months ago actually but then I learnt of Tom and Felix’s plan to transform you and I decided to wait a little longer so I could help you out.”

”You knew...but why did you not warn me? I never would have come with Tom had you told me.” I said feeling anger start to rise in me. She could have stopped this. She could have made sure this never happened.

She sighed. “Could I? I almost did. At least almost tried. But think about it. If some strange woman you do not know comes up to you, and tells you your roommate and his friend plan on magically changing you into a woman, practically nothing more than a sex slave would you believe her? Would you believe the word of this woman you do not know over your roomates?”
I thought about this and eventually shook my head. She was right. There was no way I would. I would at the very least have laughed at her. At the very most just tried to get away from this strange woman.

She continued. “And then I thought about escaping with the books to stop them doing it to you. Felix had commanded me under the mind control spell never to touch the books, but of course I had broken that. What I had not banked on was he had cast another more specific spell on me so that I could not take the books outside the boundaries of the house.  Okay I said Felix is not too bright and does not think things through before, and on the surface  that is true and he may not seem the smartest guy. But he is also greedy and protective and give him time to think things through I guess he has some brains about him. This spell being more specific is more potent and I have not yet managed to break it.”
I nodded. At least she had tried to find a way for me. I could not feel anger towards her now.

”So I decided to stay with him and wait. And though I could not stop what they were going to do for you, I could be here for you after, help you adapt and help you find a way to break the control.”
I hugged her again. My eyes squeezed tight as I felt fresh tears welling up. “Thank you...” I whispered trying to control my emotions. I was so relieved to have someone, someone who cared about my well being.

She hugged me back and smiles. “Hon, I am a changed person now. I want to make things right and part of that is helping you. Besides, its good to have someone else who understands what I have gone through. I think we can be good friends.”
I nodded wiping my tears away and regaining control.
“Now lets start preparing you for your new self.” She said.
Over the next week that is what she did. I had these false memories of course of growing up a woman and that helped, but I really did need someone to show me. I guess a leaning process is not something you can just do from memories. Picking up new things access a different part of your brain and memories are just like watching somebody do something on television. She showed me how to do makeup, how to dress and what suited my body. Tom of course wanted me to dress more slutty, but Denise showed me many different ways to dress to suit different situations. She even took me through my period to come and other women issues. I picked it up quickly and over the week together Denise and I became close friends. Of course every night Tom came in he expected sex. I was still his busty slut and though I hated it in myself I enjoyed it and craved it. It really was a conditioning of my new slutty body and mind.
Once the week was over Tom told me I would not see Denise for awhile. We had things to do. He promised in time I would see her again but I had to focus on my new career. That night I went into my work, as Tom told me to do and resigned. I could see the rest of the staff were disappointed, especially the men, which was weird for me. I knew how much they fancied me, yet in reality, my reality that is before it was changed I had been a man with these guys and that was all. The next day Tom took me down to the offices of a adult magazine acting as my agent and my new career was about to begin.
The editors eyes bulged as soon as he saw me. It was for a big tits magazine Tom had taken me and I was just about perfect for the magazine. The editor had some staff take me off for a few test shots whilst he and Tom negotiated our fees. Tom ordered me to comply with whatever the photographer wanted me to do shot wise. and he made me put on a simple outfit which I would slowly strip off as he took more and more shots.
I have to admit I ended up quite enjoying it. i was nervous at first, and feeling a little humiliated, but the cameraman made me feel like a Goddess, complimenting me and making me enjoy posing and slowly stripping. I do not know where this came from but I flirted with the camera.

Though these were to be test pictures to see how I modeled the editor ended up putting them in the next magazine. and after it was published many job offers came flooding in.
I did all sorts of shoots. From straight shoots of me wearing sexy outfits and stripping, to shoots of a more fetish theme, and even the occasional bondage shoots.
I started making lots of money. Or rather I should say Tom started making lots of money. As we were not married he had created set it up so I got paid into my bank account and he got his agents fee. I made more money of course but he made me tell him my bank details so he could access my account anytime. he of course made plenty himself and started living the high life. He still loved fucking me of course, but sometimes he disappeared overnight and I knew he had been with other women. It seems strange that he had his perfect woman yet still felt the need to sleep around. Of course nobody he slept with could truly compare to me.

We both read all the letters the flooded into the magazines, and the things written about me on the internet. I had become very popular and of course soon many were calling for me to do hardcore.
I found myself flattered by all this attention and popularity. I even found myself a little turned on by all the men who must be wanking off over my pictures. I started to wonder, now these few months had passed were I more accepting of my femininity.
It was something I asked Deniese when I next saw her and she confirmed as time went on she had become more accepting, even finding herself enjoying her new body.
Tom’s greed meant he wanted us to move to the next stage. He had plenty and he dipped into my account a few times too. But it seemed he preferred to keep my money as some sort of reserve, or something to retire on and he wanted to increase it as well as his own lifestyle. A few weeks after we moved into our new house he told me he wanted me to do hardcore.
“We can increase what we are earning now by a huge amount.” He argued. Though he did not need too. If he wanted me to do it I had to do it. “I do not entirely like the idea of you fucking over men. You are my slut. But the fans are calling for it and many porn studios are willing to pay big money for you to do hardcore scenes. So that is what you are going into. But remember this. I allow you to fuck other men for the sake of work and doing porn shoots. But you are never to fuck any other man but me in any other situation.
He looked over a number of offers before signing me up for a scene in a movie.
Over this time I had steadily been working on the control he had over me. I could not break any direct commands, if I could I would break his control completely. But I was starting to learn to twist some of the more obscure things he told me to do, or off hand commands. I knew I was starting to work on this control and Denise was helping me do so. But I had a long way to go.
End of part one
If you liked this story and wish for me to complete it let me know and if I get plenty of encouragement I shall.

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