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When starting to give a blow job, there's no blowing involved....just SUCKING, LICKING, GLIDING IN AND OUT OF YOUR MOUTH.
You must be gentle and firm, aggressive and soft.

Look at that COCK like it's a lollipop. Gently take your right hand and grab the shaft, take your left hand and caress (or CRES) the balls very gently, almost not touching, but gently rubbing your fingers underneath them.
Take the head into your mouth....BUT DO IT WITH VIGOR!

The moment your head travels south on a man you have his attention and undying affection. Take advantage of his attention by DOING IT RIGHT! Women who dabble in sucking cock should be ashamed. If he licked your pussy half as bad as you suck his cock, you'd leave him. So don't wonder why every time you get into bed, he's pushing your head and begging you to do it. Learn to do it right and you are considered GOLDEN. have your hands where they belong...don't just sit there, MOVE! Jerk him softly up and down into your mouth with your right hand and gently stroke him with your left hand. Concentrate on nothing but that cock. Don't worry about your turn. If you do it right, your turn will last a LONG TIME.

With your tongue, completely cover his cock with your wet mouth and tongue. The wetter the better. You can even move up a little and jerk his cock between your tits. If your tits can't accommodate this, then rub your nipples with the tip of his wet, hot cock. That'll set you both off.

The most important thing to do is enjoy it. Listen to his grunting, let him pull your hair, push your head, whatever he wants (within your comfort zone). With the tip of his cock in your mouth, suck it rapidly and then take your tongue and wrap it around the head. Lick like wild (remember, your jerking him and caressing his balls this whole time). You'll find your zone, so don't worry about being out of sync.

After giving his head your attention, turn to the shaft. The right placement of your tongue along his bulging veins can bring him to orgasm (working in tandem with your hands, tits, hair and body). Lick all sides of the shaft and alternate with your hands jerking the shaft. Go crazy...but don't hurt him.

AND KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN. If you learn to do this right, you'll know when he's about ready to cum all over your face. SO OPEN YOUR EYES AND SEE HIS COCK. It can only bring you pleasure if you fall in love with it.

After giving the shaft the ride of its life, take the head of the cock, some of you might need to take a deep breath, and put all of it down your throat. Move your right hand to the base and keep caressing his balls with your left hand. With long, dramatic strokes, put that big cock in and out of your mouth. All the way in. Use your tongue while it's in there.

How long and far you take it is up to you. There's no reason a good blow job can't last an hour or more.

When he's ready to shoot his load all over you....the face is the best, the mouth is second (because it's yummy) and the tits are last. I personally like to jerk him right into my mouth when he cums, licking every last drop. But sometimes they can't handle it because it's very sensitive.

If you want to fuck him instead, don't stop sucking his cock long enough for all that work to go to waste. While your sucking him, get on your knees and suck wildly. Then guide him to get behind you and he will rock your world (for at least three strokes).

Remember, she who sucks a mean cock, has many, many friends and not much competition. Most ex-lovers will never forget you, especially when they married a woman who thinks it's gross and wouldn't let cum near her hair! HAPPY SUCKING! Return to Kat's Puzzy!

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