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That night, as I stood at the bar waiting for my drink, my eyes caught a glimpse of a young man in the mirror behind the bar. I thought "what a cutie," then instantly I looked away from the mirror to find him standing two people away, staring at me. I instantly looked at the bulge in his pants, he smiled. I thought to myself, "I would love to suck his cock." I got my drink, glanced back at him, and walked away - smiling.

The night continued as usual with my friends, sitting around a booth, making fun of slutty girls and nerdy guys. And then it happened. While Becky and Sue who I always go out with went to the ladies room, he came over, the guy with the bulge. He sat next to me in the booth, leaned over and whispered, "I'd like to get to know you better, my name is Brett." His soft voice, the smell of his cologne, and the picture I already had of his bulge in my mind's eye - sent shivers through my body.

"Katrinka," I said softly. "Nice to meet you Brett." He made small talk, and I hardly heard a word that he said, but the magnetism I felt with him was real. Scary real. As we talked quietly, I felt my pussy start to get wet at the prospect of making it with him. As he talked about his job, his life, I couldn't concentrate, my pussy just kept getting wetter and wetter.

Finally, I just closed my eyes, grabbed him by the back of his head and pulled his mouth into mine. He was so gentle, soft - I felt my hot, wet pussy tingle all over. As our tongues wrestled together, Becky and Sue came back with a resounding, "HELLO?". We quickly composed ourselves and I introduced Brett to my friends. They, of course, smelling fresh meat, sat right down, not caring that they were ruining my potential orgasm!

We all sat and talked for a while, the whole time I stroked Brett's cock through his pants under the table. And then it started, the road to fantasy, lust and red hot sex.

Brett ordered another round of drinks, and as we all sat together, I could feel the heat between Brett and me, and me and my friends. "Could this be happening?" I wondered to myself. I've been friends with Becky and Sue forever, we never even approached the subject of two women together. I thought it must be my imagination.

Soon after, Brett got up from my side and sat next to Becky on the other side of the booth. She immediately began kissing him - the neck, the chest. I was so turned on that my panties began getting moist again. The round booth was a perfect situation. Sue and I sat, giggling, as we watched Becky stroke his hair, her tongue planted firmly in his mouth.

Brett then whispered something to Becky - she immediately rose and came to my side of the booth. Then, Brett moved over and began kissing Sue. I thought to myself that it would be really wild for all three of us to share this hot guy - but I never anticipated what happened next.

Brett looked at me, while Sue continued to kiss his neck and suck lightly on his ears. "Why don't we go to my place, right now?" he asked. I didn't need a more formal invitation than that - and we were off.

We all piled into Brett's Jeep, me in the front with him. As we drove a short distance to his house, he began planting the seeds for a night we would all remember. "Have you ever kissed a woman?" he asked me. "No," I gently replied. "Lean back and kiss Becky, and use your tongue," he ordered softly.

To be continued..... HOME

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