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Making a Submission Guidelines
First of all I would like to say I am always very grateful for any submissions whether story or captioned image.
Here are some guidelines for if you wish to make a submission to my site. This is to aide me in being able to post it as well as keeping the general theme of the website.
When submitting a captioned image or story:
Please make sure the file size is below 240k in size. My server wont accept any files uploaded above 250k in size and sometimes when someone sends me a file for some reason it can grow in kilobytes. this gives a little buffer for posting.
Please keep a uniform name for files. Don't name the file after the title of the cap itself. Instead  use your own name (lowercase) followed by the number then .jpg always in lowercase. For example freya001.jpg, freya002.jpg, freya003.jpg, freya 010.jpg, freya100.jpg
Please keep the images legal. No underage images, no bestiality or snuff. Also I personally do not like watersports or scat so please do not submit these types.
Magic, supernatural and sci-fi images only please. This site specializes in this area so I am afraid their is no place for crossdressing, forced feminization and sissy stories. I also like for the subject of the transformation to undergo full transformation down to a genetic level so though I have accepted them in the past I also ask that shemale and herm captions are not submitted.
Keep it hardcore. When I set up my website if was because there was very little in the way of magical/sci-fi hardcore websites out there. there are plenty of sites and groups out there for softcore and sexy images but I like to keep my site more for graphic sexual situations. I admire and often read R or G rates stories and captions but my own site is for something a little stronger. I do not mind the occasional softcore image but try and keep at least 90% hardcore.
I appreciate everything send to my site and will always try to add it by the next update. (Update every 2 months). However if you do not stick to these guidelines I may have to reject or ask for you to resubmit to my site.

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