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Freya's Caption Stories

Here you will find my caption stories. Unlike my main stories which have images these are a mix between caption pictures and a short story using several images with text by the side.

All of these stories are of an adult nature and some will contain non-consent.

Spellbooks - Forced

This is a story set in the Spellbooks universe I am developing where a man uses the spell to transform himself into a woman but before he transforms back there is an unwelcome visitor.

SP - Forced 01
SP - Forced 02
SP - Forced 03
SP - Forced 04
SP - Forced 05
SP - Forced 06

  Altered Fated - Estarbids
Man uses the medallion and a dress of a porn star he won on a bidding site to change himself into a woman. When he shows his friend his friend gets ideas.

AF - Estarbids 01
AF - Estarbids 02
AF - Estarbids 03
AF - Estarbids 04
AF - Estarbids 05

Altered Fated - Estarbids Part Two
Six months on a choice is offered, what will s/he decide?

AF - Estarbids Two 01
AF - Estarbids Two02
AF - Estarbids Two03
AF - Estarbids Two04
AF - Estarbids Two05
AF - Estarbids Two06
AF - Estarbids Two07

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