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Wife Swappers

MAU: Dreams Realised

By Freya

Synopsis: Chris comes home to find his friend Tony has made an incredible discovery. A seemingly magical box that can change you into however you want.


This story contains hardcore sexual content and transgender themes. If any of this offends you or you are too young to read this sort of thing, go no further.

All the images in this story belong to

Thanks to Steve Zink for editing this story.
(You're welcome. All text left in Freya's Queen's English. SZ)


I had tried living on my own for a while, but I simply could not afford all the bills so I ended up looking for adverts for an apartment to share. After a few weeks I found an advert looking for a lodger from a guy who owned a house and was looking for a little extra income by letting out a room. I contacted him and he seemed a nice guy and what he was asking for it was cheap, so the next week I found myself moving in.

Tony and I got on pretty well over the next few months. He was a pretty cool guy, always horny of course, but then so are most guys our age. He was about one year older than me, around twenty-seven or twenty-eight. Apparently the house belonged to an Aunt who died and left the house and all its furniture to him.

Anyway, after a while I decided to take a short holiday and visited some relatives down south for a week. When I got back home, Tony was really excited. "You'll never believe what I found, Chris," he said, beckoning me to the lounge.

I was tired and just wanted to sit and relax, but I followed him anyway. What met my eyes was something unlike anything I had seen before. It was like a telephone booth I guess, but of a strange metallic grey. One side had a door on one half and weird looking control panels on the other. I must admit I forgot my tiredness and looked at it curiously. "What on Earth is it?" I asked, wondering if I were dreaming.

"I found it in the park a few days ago...only then it was only a small box. I brought it back here, tinkered a little, and it expanded into this; but that's not the amazing part."

"So, what is? What's it do?" I asked, eager to know the answer.

He grinned. "Best way for you to know is for me to show you. Think of someone...anyone."

I have no idea why but the first person I thought of was David Duvochny who appears in the X-Files. "Umm....Mulder...Fox Mulder from the X-Files," I said, wondering the point of this.

He pressed his palm against a strange panel that looked like a palm and three fingers and after a few seconds I saw the image of Davis Duvochny on the screen. He grinned again, touched a ruby red crystal next to the image, and the door popped open. Tony stepped inside, with the door sealing behind him, and a few seconds later that door popped open again and David Duchovny stepped out. I nearly fell on my arse.

" the hell did you do that?"

He laughed and pressed his palm against the panel, touched the crystal, then stepped back inside. He then came out again a few seconds later, looking like Tony again. "It's the box, of course. You press your palm to the panel, think of a body and it stores it, then you step in, press the purple knob inside, and viola, you are changed to the body stored."

I was quite frankly stunned. Then suddenly it dawned on me - I could realise my fantasy. You see, since I was very young I have always felt like I was in the wrong body. I felt like I should be a girl. When a child it manifested in dreams and the games I played alone, but when I hit puberty I really began to realise how much I wanted to be a woman. I would masturbate whilst fantasising about being a woman getting fucked by a man. Don't get me wrong, it was not just a sexual thing. I loved the idea of being a woman and getting fucked by a man, but I also wanted everything that comes with being a woman. I felt like a woman trapped in a man's body. But I had told nobody of this secret, not even my closest friends. I was too embarrassed. But here was my chance to finally make things right.

"Give it a try," Tony said, stepping aside.

I walked over to the box and looked at the panel. I couldn't of course change into a woman now, not with Tony here. But later, when he wouldn't be around would be another matter. I decided not to make too many changes. Just use my body as a basis, make myself a little taller with a muscular body. I imagined the form and it appeared on the screen. Swallowing nervously, I touched the red crystal and then stepped in. As I touched the purple knob I felt a cool sensation wash over me. I felt good, strong and masculine. I liked it. I stepped out and gazed down at my body. I was the same as the image on the screen. Even my clothes had changed to the ones I had imagined on the body.

"Wow..." I whispered.

"Great, isn't it? These past few days I've tried dozens of different bodies. I got well and truly laid last night when I gave myself a complete hunk of a body. I was fighting the women off with a barge pole."

"You just tried...male bodies?" I asked a little nervously, trying not to get his suspicions up.

"Yeah, why?"

"Oh...umm, just curious about its limitations."

"Well, you can test it out to your hearts content tomorrow. You're going to have a lot of fun with it, believe me. Think of the possibilities. But it's pretty late, so I'm going to go to bed. See you tomorrow."

I watched him head out and up the stairs, then went to sit on the couch to wait. I waited about an hour to be sure, then nervously made my way to the panel. Pressing my palm to it I started to imagine the body I would like. I guess a mix of my sexual fantasy and desire to be a woman shaped my choice. When I finished I gazed at the women on the screen. She was beautiful in a girl next-door kind of way. She had shoulder length brown hair, a pretty face with large blue eyes, a dainty nose and full pouty lips. I decided to make her about five foot six inches tall. She was the sort of woman you might have a crush on as a teenage boy and fantasise about, or as a man pick her out in a crowd at a bar and try to chat up.

Pretty but normal...well, normal except for her breasts. I had always had a thing for large breasts and the ones I had given her were huge. Large, firm round orbs that drew your eyes. They looked natural enough but were big and firm enough to set most heterosexual men's heart racing. I had given her a pretty slutty outfit, too. A kind of net vest that showed her breasts in all their glory. A blue miniskirt and bright red high heel shoes. If I met this woman I think I would be doing everything I could to bed her.

I touched the red crystal then stepped into the booth. I paused about a second then pressed the purple knob. That same coolness washed over me. So quick it took me a few seconds to realise I had been changed. I felt so different...the feelings were hard to describe. I nearly stumbled in the booth and realised it was true about women having different centre's of gravity to men. I then realised the weight of the two large orbs on my chest and gasped. I quickly stepped out to get a better look at my body when I heard another gasp, a man's gasp.

Tony was standing there in the room, half naked, wearing just a vest. (He didn't really have any shame, and often walked around the house like that if he has just showered or is about to get changed.) Tony was the first to speak. "You made yourself a woman?!?...why?" he asked, astounded.

"I...I wanted to see just what it could do..." I said quietly, marvelling at my voice. I don't think my tone was very convincing.

"No, I don't think that's it at all," he said, letting his gaze wander up and down my body. "I think you wanted to be a woman...look, I'll spare you trying to talk your way out. I have suspected a few weeks now. When my computer was bust I would use yours to go online when you were out. I found the history of your browser and looked at those sites you went to. The ones with stories of men turning into women. And when we played role-play games. Ninety percent of the characters you made were female. You want to be a woman, don't you?"

I could have kept arguing, but there was no real point. Even if I denied it he would still think it to be the truth and so long as I denied it I could not risk transforming into a woman again in case I got caught. So in the end I admitted it. "Yes..." I said quietly.

I looked up into his eyes to try and read his emotions. Anger, amusement, disgust? It could be any of them. But no. I read none of those. He smiled. Not in a malicious way, but a genuine, warm smile. "'re not disgusted?" I asked, a little confused.

"Why should I be? You want to be a woman. Well, now you are one. Just the right mind fitting the right body. And what a body."

I blinked a few times. He understood. A heterosexual man understood and was not disgusted. I had received so much disgust from such men when I came out online. It was the only place I ever had come out and although there was a lot of support from other transgender people, when I encountered a lot of het men, things were often pretty negative.

He sat down on the couch and gestured for me to join him. I paused a few seconds, then shuffled over to sit on the couch. Every move I made brought me the awareness of my body. The sway of my hips, bounce of my breasts, the feel of the long hair tickling my neck and of course the strange but wonderful feel of my new sex. I loved this body already, though I knew I needed longer to get accustomed to it.

"How long have you had these desires?" he asked, allowing his gaze to wander up and down my body again. He genuinely was interested, but I realised he was also incredibly turned on.

My eyes flicked down to his penis for a second, and I could see it start to grow. I pretended not to notice but my own body was reacting. I had always wanted to make love as a woman, but I somehow didn't expect to have the same horniness that I had had as a man. I did; in fact, it seemed I was even more horny. I thought at the time perhaps it was the excitement of the situation; it was only later that I realised the body I made for myself was often very horny.

"Well...all my life really...since I was very little I thought I should have been a girl and not a was only when I hit puberty that I started having sexual fantasies about sex as a woman."

His penis twitched a little and he looked up into my eyes. "And you still have those fantasies now?"

I nodded slowly.

"Did you plan to act on them in this body you made for yourself?"

I paused before answering, considering this. I really had just wanted to feel what it was like to be a woman. I hadn't considered anything further. "Well...perhaps given time...I just wanted to try it out...maybe I would have another time..."

"I could help you out...I mean, who better to try it with than someone you trust?" he said, allowing his gaze to fall to my breasts.

I gasped. "I...well, I don't know if we should..."

"Okay, how about just a kiss. See how you feel. You are very attractive. You're a woman and I'm a guy, it's only natural."

I knew how much he wanted me. I wanted him just as much. But if I gave in, then could we ever be the same friends again? Everything would change. But I wanted to get closer so much. Wanted to kiss him. In the end I gave in to my body's desire and nodded slowly. He leant across and our tongues met. I felt his hand move across to gently rub my hip as we started to kiss. At first it was delicate, just a gentle touch of our tongues. Then he pressed his lips to mine and kissed me more passionately. My mind was blown away by the kiss as it sent wave after wave of desire and arousal throughout me. After awhile he pulled back and smiled. "See, that wasn't so bad now, was it?"

I gasped and lowered my eyes, blushing, which only caused him to smile more. "So feminine," he said quietly. "You fit that body far better. Take off your clothes," he said in a tone that was almost commanding yet still soft in tone. The thrill of his dominance rushed through me. I liked that. Liked it a lot, but that would give him a hold over me if I ever revealed it to him.

"Why?" I asked whilst moving away a little on the couch.

"So you can see what pleasure a woman has. I know you must want to masturbate. That's okay. It's good to explore. Don't be afraid to."

Once again my desire won through against my inhibitions, and I found myself slowly doing as he asked. First slipping my vest over my head and revealing my large breasts. Then slipping my skirt down. I was completely naked now except for my high heel shoes, and I sat back down. He nodded encouragement +to me and gingerly I brought my hand down to my sex and stroked my fingers over my pussy lips. A shock of pleasure washed through me and I realised I have given myself a very sensitive body. I wanted more and began to stroke harder and faster, feeling the wonderful new pleasure it brought me.

It was then that I suddenly felt a hand on my breasts, squeezing and fondling them. I looked over to Tony and could see him stroking his large cock now as he fondled my breasts. But the pleasure was too good to ask him to stop, and the feel of his hand caused my nipples to harden.

This felt even better than I ever dared hope, and I realised how easy it would be to orgasm. I could feel the pleasure inside me growing even now. But he had other plans before my orgasm and went down onto his knees in front of the couch.

Suddenly he pulled me down to the edge of the couch and spread my legs. I gave out a cry of surprise and was about to protest when suddenly he moved his head between my legs and lapped his tongue up my sensitive slit. I gave out another gasp but this time is was a gasp of desire. That felt so good. I wanted more. He reached up with his hand and with both fingers he parted my pussy lips and dipped his hot tongue deeper into my pussy.

I squirmed and writhed as he drove his tongue in and out of me. "Oh, yes...oh, good..." I cried out, too far gone to have a hope of protesting any more. This drove him on, pressing his tongue deeper inside me and flicking harder and faster. Suddenly the orgasm that had been building erupted in my whole body, causing me to arch my back as I screamed out in pleasure. My juices flowed readily into his mouth and I gripped the sofa riding the pleasure. It felt unbelievably good. So much better than a male orgasm. All I knew was I wanted more and more.

He came up and smiled at me, and I could see my juices around his mouth. "You liked that, didn't you?" he said with a grin. "But fair is fair. Stand up for me."

I slowly did as he asked and he soon lay down where I had been just before.

"Those tits are magnificent. I would really like to feel them around my cock," he said whilst slowly stroking the shaft.

I gasped at the thought of it. But my sexual appetite was strong. That one orgasm, rather than quenching my sexual desire, had ignited it further making me want more, making me more willing to give in. And besides, he had given me that orgasm, I surely owed him for that. I knelt down on the couch next to him and after a pause I moved closer and wrapped my large breasts around his shaft.

The feel of his hard, hot, pulsing shaft felt incredible. I never thought I could enjoy the feel of this, but it felt strangely good to have his large cock between my breasts. Slowly, ever so slowly I rubbed my breasts up and down his shaft.

"Mmmm, that feels good...but it needs lubricating," he said, reaching to stroke his fingers in my hair. "Why don't you suck on it?"

I acted on this almost without thinking about it, sliding back until my mouth hovered over the head of his manhood. This just felt so natural to me. Slowly I took the tip of his cock between my lips, tasting the strong manly taste as I worked my tongue over his cock, lapping at the dome, the ridge and the little eye. He moaned loudly and started to push my head down and I was forced to build up the saliva in my mouth around his cock to make it more slick and allow it to ease down. I slowly took it down further and deeper until it reached the back of my throat.

I paused, gagging slightly, but by now I was so overcome with desire I was determined to take it all the way. Overcoming my gag reflex I slid it down further until eventually I reached the base. I couldn't believe it. Here I was like some slut with a big cock taken all the way down my throat. He moaned loudly. and grabbed my hair, guiding me to suck back and forth. I started building up a base sliding his big cock in and out of my throat as I slurped loudly. I continued doing this for a good five minutes, before he pulled me off and guided me to lay back on the floor near the sofa.

He knelt down near my feet and gazing at me lustfully whilst he stroked his cock. "I want to fuck you," he said. I swallowed nervously. I wanted it bad now. My desire was extremely strong to be filled. But I knew this was the final submission to my feminine form. After a minute's thought I slowly nodded. He smiled and parted my legs before moving up between them.

It was weird looking down and seeing a guy between my legs. He held his cock and began to rub it up and down my pussy lips. I arched my back in desire, feeling wonderful tingles of pleasure run throughout me.

"What do you want?" he said tauntingly as he continued teasing my hot pussy.

I knew what he was doing, but I needed it bad. "Your cock...please...give it to me..."

He grinned and rubbed it against my clit. "Oh? What do you want me to do?"

I gasped out in frustration. "Fuck me...please fuck me with your cock..."

He needed no more encouragement and began to slide the head between my pussy lips. I cried out with pleasure as my sex yielded and the head of his cock pushed into me. It felt so wonderful yet only the head was inside me. He gazed down at me lustfully and started sliding all of his cock into me now. I felt it stretching me as it pushed in deeper giving me a little bit of pain, but oh so much more pleasure. I squealed out loudly and bit my lower lip. Eventually all of his cock was buried inside me and he held still for a short while letting me adjust. He then began to pump in and out.

I was in heaven. This felt so wonderful as he worked his cock in and out of me. I was glad to be so well lubricated, as his cock was so tight inside me. As he increased the pace my large breasts began to bounce up and down. It felt good but my breasts were so large I had to grasp them in my hands to steady them. My breathing increased and my pussy began to quiver tightly around his shaft and I realised I was building up to an incredible orgasm. This felt even better than when he licked me out. I never realised it could feel so good and just wanted to get fucked again and again. He reached down with his hand and started to rub my sensitive clit and this drove me even wilder. I squealed out again and again and knew how close I was now and by the feel of his cock twitching I knew he was pretty close himself.

"OH, god...oh, god...yess...yessss, cum in me...fill me with your seed..." I screamed out, and suddenly realised I sounded like a slut in a porn movie, but I had little time to ponder this as my orgasm finally exploded inside me. I screamed out in ecstacy as wave after wave of pleasure swept throughout me, causing my pussy muscles to spasm hard around his huge shaft milking it for all it was worth. I wanted so badly to feel him spurting inside me but suddenly he pulled out and moved up to straddle me. He start stroking his cock and I was treated to the sight of him doing so crouched over me seeing his rigid tool from this strange angle.

He suddenly let out a large moan and his cock twitched and started to spurt out stream after stream of his hot seed. The first blast hit my mouth and chin then the second few spurts rained down on my large breasts as he continued stroking off and pouring his manly juices all over me. I arched my back and revelled in this, loving the feel of his hot, sticky seed splattering me until eventually he stopped and collapsed down to my side.

He lay there panting next to me as I bathed in the wonderful, warm glow a woman gets after a good orgasm.

"That was amazing," he finally said, catching his breath back.

I nodded several times in agreement. "I never knew it could be so good."

"That's probably the best sex I have ever had."

"Why...why did you pull out when I asked you to cum in me?" I asked a little naively.

He leaned up on his elbow and looked at me. "We weren't using protection. You could have gotten pregnant."

I was shocked at the thought. I hadn't even considered that possibility. Not long earlier I had been a guy and never gave any thought to the possibilities I could ever bear a child. Yet here I was, now a fertile woman.

"Who knows how that could effect things if you wanted to change back," he continued. "For all we know, if you're pregnant it would detect it and not change you back...if you wanted to change back," he added, gazing at me.

I looked away and didn't answer. But he pressed on. "You've wanted to be a woman so long you say. Now you are, and hell, you just had a wonderful time being fucked for the first time. Do you think you'll stay like this?"

I could tell he really wanted me to stay this way. He had loved fucking me and I knew he would love to have me around this way as a woman rather than the man I was. And I was incredibly tempted to give in and make a new life, but there was so much to think about. "I..I don't know yet. I think I want to sleep on it. This is a big change. I will stay like this overnight and decide tomorrow. But I think I need a shower and then bed."

He gave a little grin. "Hey, no use wasting water. Let's shower together, then we can both curl up in my double bed."

", please. I think I need time alone to think."

He looked disappointed, but finally nodded.

Ten minutes later I found myself in the shower, the hot water spraying against me and running down my body. It felt good. In fact, it felt wonderful, especially when the water hit my nipples which seemed extremely sensitive. I found myself thinking about what is must be like to take a bath in this body, too. My thoughts also went back to earlier and the incredible time that I had. I badly wanted more, wanted to have sex as a woman as much as possible.

I had these thoughts in my head still a little later as I crawled into my bed under the covers. It felt weird lying back in bed like this. I could feel the weight of my large breasts on my chest. I had tried to lie on my front but this proved a little too uncomfortable now. I sighed softly and considered my dilemma. This was it, my dream had come true. I was the woman I always wanted to be and it felt good, it felt really good and sex, well, that was beyond anything I had ever imagined. It was all too tempting to stay this way for the rest of my life and never go back. But how could I? I had a family and friends, I had a life already and an identity I had built up for my entire life. Could I turn my back on that life, on my friends, on my family?

Maybe I could somehow convince my family who I really was, but that seemed unlikely. This was not some story where I reeled off a few things that only they and I knew and then they suddenly believe me. Even if I did that I doubted they would believe me and come up with some explanation in their minds for how I knew these things. And even if I could it would shock them to know I had always wanted to be a girl. Some would accept, and but others in my family I knew could not.

I sighed again and thought long on it until eventually I drifted off to sleep.

The next morning I awoke and immediatly recalled the night before. My new body was a constant reminder, it felt so different. I couldn't really remember my dreams but I knew they had been very erotic. But that did not matter now. I had made a decision, probably the hardest decision of my life and I decided to go back to the way I was. To do otherwise would be to lose all contact with my family and I did not think I could do that. I knew Tony would be disappointed. I think he hoped I would become his girlfriend. But I just couldn't turn my back on everything. It meant I would have to leave my home here of course. I knew how understanding and open minded Tony was, but going back to being male I knew I would always be embarrassed around him knowing what we had done together. I rose quickly and put on my robe and headed downstairs. I could hear Tony up and about already as I made my way into the lounge.

I could see him pressing his hand against the panel on the box frantically. "What's up?" I said softly, walking over to him.

"OH, Chris...I am sorry...I am so sorry. It's not responding. I just cannot get it to respond this morning."

"What?!?" I cried, and pushed him out the way. I pressed my palm to the panel, but nothing happened. I wanted to step inside with the hope I would change, but the crystal wouldn't activate and the door stayed sealed. I spent a good half hour trying to get it to work, ignoring the strange symbols that had appeared before I finally broke down crying.

Tony sat next to me. "I'm sorry, Chris...Chrissy. But at least you have the body you always wanted."

The next day it folded itself back up and sharank back down to carrying size. It never opened again, and I started to face up to my new life as Christina.

The End.


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FictionMania is sponsored by Glamour Boutique

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