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This is my first story.Tell me what you think.

WARNING: This story contains hardcore sexual contentand transgender themes. If any of this offends you or you are two youngto read this sort of thing go no further.

All the images in this story belong to

Altered Fates:  Glamour Model
By Freya

It had been a remarkable find. Several monthsago my friend Josh had come found this strange looking medallion discardedon the ground as he walked back to our apartment late at night that warmspring night. Being drunk at the time he must have just picked it up putit in his pocket and forgot about it. That is until the next day.

That next morning I wandered into his room lookingto borrow a shirt as all of mine were in the laundry basket. As I was puttingit on I noticed a chain hanging out of his pants pocket. Curious I walkedover and pulled free the medallion he had picked up the night before. Itwas a pretty cheap looking thing with the symbol of a Unicorn's head uponit. I was about to cast it aside when I suddenly felt a strange tinglerun throughout my body.

Over the next twenty minutes I slowly went throughthe transformation. Josh had been wakened by my startled cry as the firstsigns of the transformation became obvious and he watched with fascination.

I of course quickly tried to change back but toknow avail. I must have tried the medallion every hour and it was onlytwelve hours later that I finally transformed back to my old self. It hadbeen a remarkable discovery and through several days of experimentationwe discovered most of the restrictions and effects of the magic. We couldtransform into another person using an item of their clothing and the medallionsimply by touch. We could shape our bodies through other items of clothingor accessories. We seemed to pick up some of the emotions, personalityand desires of the person we became. I for example gained Josh's likingfor blond girls whilst in his body where as I usually preferred women withdarker hair. But the biggest restriction we discovered was once transformedyou could not use the medallion again on yourself for another twelve hours.Although another person could use it.

So what did we do with this wonderful new artefactwe had obtained? We of course did what any normal college guys would do.We used it to get laid. Up until then I had been a virgin. I did not havea great body and had always been shy but this gave me a new confidence.At first we used it to give us strong muscular bodies with large cocksand we were unrecognisable to anyone we knew. We got a lot of sex withmany of the college girls and women we picked up in bars. Josh had alwaysbeen a horny bastard and even before this discovery got laid several timesa week. With this we were not getting laid pretty much every night. Overtime however we started to use our own bodies with modifications to getthe sex we had such a strong appetite for. We were not too obvious aboutit. We made slight modifications each day. Slowly getting ourselves inbetter shape and pretending to friends we were going to a new gym out oftown.

One morning Josh came up with an idea that wouldchange my life forever.

"I have been thinking."  He said as he clickedon the remote surfing through the channels but not really giving each channellong enough to truly see what was on. "So far this has been pretty good.We are getting all the sluts we could ever want..." He never did treatwomen with any respect. "...and pretty damn good bodies. But we could havemore. We could make money from this."

I looked at him curiously. "You mean from perhapsposing as someone and emptying their bank account or something like that?I am not going to do anything illegal Josh."

"No of course not. We can make plenty of moneywithout doing anything illegal. We could pay off our college debts andhave a little extra to set us up in life and all it takes is a little timeand a camera."

"A camera?" I asked curious.

He grinned and got up and headed out the roombefore coming back with some porn magazines. I by now of course realisedwhat he had in mind. Flicking through the mag he opened up on a page askingfor models.

"It says here they are looking for models. Ifwe take some photo's of a busty babe and send them in and they publishthem we could make quite a bit of money and they will also be willing togive some more work done professionally for their mag and their sistermags and professional work will bring in far more."

"Yes and that is where the medallion comes in.We transform someone into a busty babe and get them to pose. But who couldwe ask. Who could we trust with out secret?" I asked.

He grinned again. "We don't have to. Why givesomebody a third share of our money when we could have it all to ourselves.One of us could become that babe for the pictures."

I was quite taken aback by his suggestion. Hewanted one of us to become a girl and be stuck like that for twelve hours.And then perhaps go through it all again later on. I thought about it awhile."I guess it's worth it. But who changes?" He took out a coin and tossedit in the air.

The next morning we drove out to a beach a fewmiles from where we lived. Nobody ever went there so we would have privacy.I had lost the toss so I knew very soon I would be stuck as a woman fortwelve hours. Naturally I was nervous but also a little excited by thethought of experiencing what it would be like to be a woman.

He explained to me that a few years back he hadgot some of the outfit of a stripper he had been to see and we would usethat. A few months later apparently she had died in a car crash so we wouldn'tbe using the body of anyone alive who might be shocked to find themselvesin a magazine.

When we got there we got some things from theboot and headed down to the beach. Nervously I stripped off and he passedme the medallion. He then pulled out a little pair of glittery pink pantiesand a bra from a bag and tossed them at me. He had not even asked me ifI was sure I wanted to go through with it. As soon as they hit me I feltthat by now familiar tingle and resigned myself to the change.

At first it felt the same as normal. Then I realisedI was beginning to shrink. All my body hair fell from my body leaving mesmooth. I felt my muscles thinning and becoming more feminine. My hairstarted to grow and I noticed as it did so it was turning from my naturalbrown to blond. I could feel my face changing and becoming more feminine.It was then that I felt  tingle in my nipples and chest. Small breastsappeared and soon filled out into large orbs. The weight on my chest feltstrange and I brought my hands up to cup the large breasts I now sported.Finally I felt my balls retract into my body and transform into the vagina,womb and tubes of a woman's reproduction system as my penis shrunk backand was transformed into my clit.

I stood there amazed for several minutes roamingmy hands over my body before looking up at Josh to see his own amazed andlustful gaze.

"Lets get the photo's over with." I said tryingto ignore the large bulge forming in Josh's pants and amazed at the soundof my feminine voice.

He grinned and nodded. "Put that bra and pantieson and then lets head up to those rocks. We can take the photo's there."

"What about my feet?" I protested. "Some of thoserocks look sharp."

He laughed. "Your such a girl." Before going intoanother back and tossing some feminine plastic sandals too me. I let thatlittle jibe pass and put the clothes on before following him up the rockyarea at the back of the beach.

After tying my hair and putting on some jewelleryhe had provided we began. At first I felt awkward as he asked me to posein different positions but something inside me began to like this. I beganto enjoy the attention> I started to flirt with the camera posing in mysexy poses with each passing minute. I was helped by all the complimentshe started to pay me. I felt pretty good. Soon he passed a bottle of water."Pour that over yourself, babe." He said bringing his camera back up. Islowly did so as he took more photo's feeling the cool water splash overme and making my skin wet. I closed my eyes and began to run my hands overmy body enjoying the feel when suddenly I realised I no longer heard theclick of the camera.

I gasped as I looked up. Josh had unzipped hispants and was stroking his large cock. I should have been appalled. I shouldhave been disgusted. But I wasn't. I was shocked yes. But I also felt soincredibly turned on. He had given me the body of a horny fuckslut andthat body loved the sight of a man's large cock.

I ran my hand down my body and pushed into undermy panties. I shuddered with pleasure as my fingers found my moist slitand I began to stroke my fingers up and down marvelling at the wonderfulfeeling this caused me.

I was so lost in this I never even saw Josh takehis clothes off. "Get on your knees." He commanded.

I slowly sank down onto a blanket feeling a strangesubmissiveness. He quickly headed over and stroked his cock a few timesin front of me.

"Suck it." He said. The sound of lust evidentin his voice and I realised now that this is how he treated women he hadsex with and with the body he had over the last few weeks he had got awaywith it. He liked treating women like sluts and that was what I was tohim now. Another slut to be conquered. Something inside me liked this andI realised I had developed a lot of this girls desires.

Slowly I parted my lips and let my tongue flickout over the dome of his rigid cock. I could taste his pre-cum and thiscaused new waves of desire and horniness within me. I knew full well whatI liked in a blowjob and decided there and then if I was going to do thisI would make a good job of it.

I trailed my tongue down one side of his cockbefore trailing it back up the other side. I then took the tip betweenmy lips and lapped my tongue over it. He moaned with desire muttering."mmm yeah...that's good...yeah keep up with it...take it deeper..." Ashe said this he reached for my bra and began to tug the two cups asiderevealing my large breasts and erect nipples.

I flicked my tongue over the dome the lapped itover the ridges of his cock before flicking my tongue over the little eye.This drove him wild. He started moaning more loudly and suddenly I felthis hand grab my hair. He pushed my head forward forcing more of his cockinto my mouth. I gasped and swirled more saliva over his shaft trying tomake it slick as he drove his cock deeper. Suddenly I felt it hit the backof my throat. I struggled a little, gagging but he held me firm waitingfor me to overcome my gag reflex before pushing more of it down. I feltit fill my throat and eventually my lips touched the base.

I could not believe the situation I found myselfin. Less than an hour ago I was a normal heterosexual guy and now I wasa sexy woman with a cock deep down my throat and loving it. I started tosuck back and forth. Slowly at first but building up the pace. Feelinghis throbbing cock slide back and forth in my mouth and throat felt unbelievablyhorny. I opened my eyes to watch his cock sliding back and forth then lookedup to see the sheer pleasure on his face as 'another slut' sucked his cockoff.

I began to slurp more loudly now as I sucked.Leaving saliva trails over the length as my head bobbed back and forth.I must have continued this for another ten minutes before I felt his cockstart to twitch. I realised he was about to cum and quickly pulled backuntil only the tip rested on my tongue.

He moaned loudly as the first spurt of his orgasmerupted coating my tongue with his cum. I loved the taste and eagerly gulpedit down as he pulled back and stroked stroked his cock. More spurts eruptedsplashing my mouth and chin and then my breasts as he came all over me.I just arched my back and moaned softly as I felt his seed splash againstmy skin until eventually he stopped and grinned at me.

"You liked that didn't you, you little slut."

I blushed and looked down both feeling embarrassedand turned on by his words.

"Go over to that rock and bend over it. " He saidin his strong dominant voice.

"Why?" I asked a little meekly.

"Just do it."

I quickly rose and headed over.

"Now play with yourself."

I was so turned on I did not question him. I reachedback and pushed my hand under my panties as I started to rub my slit slowly.I heard the familiar sound of the camera clicks as I played with myself.He must have spent another five minutes taking photo's before heading overto me. I felt his hands grasp my ass from behind and he slapped his onceagain hard cock against my butt cheeks.

"You're such a slut. And sluts need fucking. Whatare you?" he asked.

"A slut." I said meekly.

"Say it louder." He growled. "What are you?"

"A slut...I'm a slut."

"And what do sluts need?"

"Fucking...I need to be fucked."

"Beg." He growled again.

I could not believe he I was a former guy beingtreated this way. But I just could not help myself. I was so horny andI had this burning need to be filled. "Please...I need to be fucked...Ineed it so bad...I am such a slut and I need your big cock in my pussy."

He laughed. "You really are a little cumslut."

I suddenly felt him tug my panties aside and thenpress the tip of his cock against my moist pussy. I moaned loudly withdesire as he rubbed his cock up and down the squealed out as he began topush it into me.

The feeling was amazing as he pushed his cockup into me forcing my pussy open with his rigid tool. I gripped the rockI was bent over hard and moaned loudly as he buried himself in me untileventually I felt his balls rest against my ass. This felt so much betterthan being a guy with my cock in a woman. I felt so filled. I felt hiscock pulsing and throbbing deep in me and I felt so submissive giving himall the control. I was there for his pleasure but I knew I would feel pleasurelike nothing else I had ever experienced before.

He slowly started to pump his cock back and forthinside me. The incredibly sensation was more than I had ever imagined andI moaned with each stroke he made. I felt my pussy juices coat his shaftand make it slick as he fucked me.

He suddenly began to increase the speed, he fuckedme harder now and more animalistic driving his cock in and out. My largebreasts began to bounce with each thrust causing more pleasure to travelthrough my body. He reached up and grasped my breasts kneading them andtweaking my nipples.

"Rub your clit." He said as he fucked me and playedwith my tits. I reached down and found my swollen clit. I began to strokeit and roll it beneath my fingers and this drove me wild with pleasure.I felt for the first time orgasms erupt inside me. Each bigger than thelast. Each feeling so good. So much better than climax as a man and I knewthey were still building to one almighty orgasm.

He suddenly pulled out of my and picked me up.Taking me over to the blankets on the rock he laid me down and positionedhimself between my legs. I gazed down as he lined his cock up at the entranceof my pussy and began to slide it in. He was soon once again fucking mehard as I arched my back.

He fucked me for another ten minutes before hegrabbed my ankles in both hands and began to furiously thrust into me.Suddenly he stopped, buried deep inside me and his cock began to twitch.I felt his hot spurts begin to pump inside me. His seed splattering againstthe walls of my pussy and into my womb. This set off an incredibly orgasmand I screamed out loudly as my whole body seemed to explode with pleasure.My tight pussy spasmed hard around his cock milking it for all its seedas I writhed below him in ecstasy. After a few minutes we both came outof the orgasmic haze that had overwhelmed us.

"Fuck... that was the best sex I ever had." Joshsaid as he pulled his softening cock from me. I did not reply. The factI had just let a guy fuck me, let a guy treat me like his personal sextoy all came back to me. I was ashamed and embarrassed. How could I evergo back to just being his friend after this. But these thoughts soon wentto the back of my head as I heard his cry of surprise.

"Oh shit...the tide has come in..."

I jumped up and looked down to the beach below.The place where we had left out things was now covered in water. And Irealised with horror that I had left the medallion down there.

We waited several hours for the tie to go outbefore I frantically went down to the spot we had been and searched anddigged in the hope of finding the medallion. But it was gone. In my heartI knew it would not be there but I spent a good hour looking before givingup.

The next few days I moped around out apartment.Josh treated me pretty well. He was quite nice to women when having sexwith them. After awhile I came to terms with the fact I was never goingto be a guy again. And besides I kept feeling incredibly horny. Josh pickedup on this and made advances and I eventually gave in. The other side ofJosh emerged again and he treated me like a slut, but I loved it.

The magazine published the photos. We got a fairamount of money and they offered me more work. I knew I could no longergraduate from college. I had no other means of making money so I signedup. With the first money I brought in Josh managed to get me some fakeid and I began to build my new life.

I few months later he graduated and became mymanager. By now I had become his girlfriend. I loved the way he treatedme when he fucked me. I loved to be submissive to him in bed. But I alsoloved the way at other times he treated me like a princess.

You will have probably seen my pictures by now.I am doing really well. Next week I start my first hardcore movie. I can'twait. One of my scenes will be with another girl. I wonder how that willwork out. Josh does not mind that I will be sleeping with other guys. Buthe has told me to coax back another girl for a threesome some time. I don'tthink I will have too much trouble with that.


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