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The bell rang and Sara ran down the hall, dropping her books on the way. She was always late for class. It was frustrating. She was almost to her homeroom when she ran into Sheila. Sheila and her big pointy tits. The school slut. Also, very popular. Probably just finished sucking off one of the professors, Sarah thought. Sheila stared at Sara appraisingly, "You know you’d be really hot if you fixed yourself up a bit." Sara didn’t have time for this. "Cut class today and I’ll give you a great makeover."

Now, for a raging slut, Sara had to admit that Sheila really had style. She actually could not believe that she was even talking to her. Sara felt very mousy compared to this vivacious trollop. She had never cut class before but she figured , if this wasn’t worth it her curiosity would at least be quenched. Her mother always said that she needed to open up socially. They snuck out of the school and back to Sheila’s house. No one was home . They went up to Sheila’s room.

"I am going to do your make up and change you into a few outfits and do your hair. It’ll be fun." Sheila had pictures of her sweet 16 birthday party over a week ago on the walls. Sara was not invited of course, but sure heard about it. She was caught with two football players having a sword fight in her mouth in the garage! She would just brag how she could fit two giant cocks in her tight little mouth, anyway. That’s how she was, no shame. She was interesting though, and Sara had really wanted to be invited to her party. They were after all the same age, although Sara was a virgin at 16.

"Ok, um let’s begin with the hair." She started playing with Sara’s thick blonde mane, twisting and pinning away, spraying and the whole time she is working her big tits are rubbing against Saras as she stands in front of her. She had to admit it was getting a little uncomfortable by Sheila’s huge double D tits pressing and bouncing against her perky 36 C tits. Sara thought that probably Sheila didn’t even notice. She was just being overly sensitive. Then Sheila began with the makeup, applying a bit of gloss on Sara’s lips. As she did this, her finger slipped inside Sara’s mouth.

" Have you ever frenched a girl", she asked. Sheila stepped back. "No", she said , " Have you?" Sheila just laughed. Sara thought she was teasing her. "We cant do the rest of your makeup until we find a nice outfit for you, otherwise your clothes will get make-up all over them", she explained. They started going through her closets and they had a lot of fun. They made a plan that the new Sara would show up for last period. It would be so much fun, and maybe, who knows, it might stick! Sara was surprised how funny Sheila was. And nice. Who cares if she had a reputation? Sheila found a very cute halter dress. Trendy , sexy, but not too much . Sara slipped out of her jeans self-consciously, feeling a bit fat. Sheila had been throwing on outfits, her near perfect body seen and admired from just about every angle and now it was her turn.

As she stripped down to her white cotton bra and panties, Sheila said, " Wow, you look great." She looked down at Sara’s blonde snatch, the thick curly blonde hair of was apparent through the thin underwear..

" Don’t get insulted, but have you ever thought about shaving, um you know…."

"No, I’d never thought about it before."

" I’ll help you if you’re not too embarrassed." Sara thought, why not. The girls all showered together during gym and did everything else together. Maybe, she thought, this is what the more popular set do. She stripped down her underwear and Sheila came back with the shaving cream, lathering her privates lavishly. It was a bit of relief for Sara to be covered even by the cream. Then Sheila took the cream away little by little with every stroke, leaving her exposed and completely bald! With each stroke Sheila’s fingers kept slipping into the folds of Sara’s cunt. Sara’s clit was really throbbing. She tried to ignore it.

" Doesn’t the wetness of the cream feel really good?", she asked. Sara just nodded. She was confused. Then she said that she’d show her something else that felt really good and laid Sara back on the bed and put her pink tongue between Sara’s inner pussy mouth. She worked her tongue in and out. Sara’s teen body was overwhelmed by sensations. She was experiencing intense pleasure. She did not even notice that she was tweaking her own left nipple. Sheila sucked at Sara’s pussy until Sara’s hard little nub shuddered over and over again, releasing all tension.

"Wow", whispered Sara.

" I can show you lots more if you let me." Sara nodded dumbly. Sheila said that she wanted to teach Sara how to please a woman and how to please a man. She showed her how to give head using a coke bottle and they took turns, and when Sara got it right , Sheila went down on her. Sara learned to love giving and getting oral sex. They walked back to school and were walking down the hall together. Sara was getting lots of looks. She had to admit, she liked the attention. A really cute jock named Brad walked past giving Sara the eye. Sheila stopped him in his tracks and said, " If you like her so much, why don’t you give her some?" Sara was totally embarrassed. Brad said, "Ok, meet me in back of the cafeteria."

Sara was hesitant, but she really wanted Sheila’s acceptance (as well as her tongue) . Sheila obviously had done Brad before. She threw one leg over his erection while they were both standing and humped him through his jeans. She pulled his hand over to Sara’s tit. He felt Sara’s tits as her nipples stiffened and her pussy throbbed. Sheila pulled out Brad’s cock. It was huge!!

Sara had never seen a cock up close and personal. Brad approached her and pushed her head down . Sheila said, " Do what I showed you, remember the bottle and I’ll reward you later with a new lesson!" Just the thought of her pleasures made Sara suck and slurp up Brad’s gigantic cock. She brought him slowly down her throat, then came up tongue-lapping in wide strokes ,then concentrating on the head. Her little tongue brought him to climax quickly and he spurted thick cum that got in her hair. She had to wash it out in the water fountain. She had done well. After school Sheila was going to show her the pleasures of a vibrator. Sheila’s tutelage was certainly forging an interesting and exciting friendship!

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