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Kelly was bored. It was The last week of summer and everyone seemed to have cleared out of Deep Creek Lake. His folks had gone to take his sister up to school and left him to close u[p their cabin. In a week he would be back at Frostburg State College and be a full time student and part time swim team/rugby player.

They has left his Dad's Datsun and taken his Mom's Station Wagon to cart off his sister's stuff. He decided to go to the lake for a swim since there was nothing on T.V in the afternoon and his few Summer friends had already left.

He was putting his stuff in the car when he heard the scream from the next cabin. He jogged over ad found Mrs. Pearson standing on her porch in a fairly see through nightgown.

"It's in there!" she was yelling.

He stepped next to her and after a moment got her to tell him what the problem was. A snake was in the kitchen. He went in and found a 2 ft. long snake up against a cabinet. He used a cooking spoon to pin it's head and had it outside in minutes. Mrs. Pearson was quite relieved to find it back in the woods.

Kelly was wearing only a net shirt, his Speedo swim suit and a pair of sneakers. As he returned to the porch Mrs. Pearson insisted that he come in and was anxious that he check the house out for any of it's friends.

Kelly went into the cabin, finding it had the same layout as his folks', and gave the house a once over. He found Mrs. Pearson in the kitchen and told her he didn't htink there were any more.

She was relieved, and even though Kelly could make out both her breasts and her dark pubic patch through the nightgown, seemed not to be in any hurry to cover up.

"I'd really like to have you stay for a few minutes, just in case. Can I get you a coke or something?" She asked and Kelly didn't quite have the nerve to leave. Between his Sir Galahad instinct and his curiosity he decided to stay.

She brought him a coke and he sat down on the end of their couch. She sat down nest to him, much closer than she had to. This close, Kelly could see that her nipples were erect, and his tight swimsuit was giving his hardening cock very little cover.

She talked about the cabin and made a point of telling Kelly that her husband was gone for the rest of the week. She responded warmly, saying that since both of them were single for a while that they should help each other out.

Her hand had stopped it's last gesture by resting on his thigh about 2 inches from his very hard cock.

Kelly was at the point that he didn't know what to do. He was sure that she was coming on to him, he was sure he wanted her to, but she was in her 30's and he didn't want to do anything that would break the mood.

Using a version of the old yawn trick, he put his arm on the back of the couch so that it seemed to accidentally drop onto her shoulder. She kept her hand near his crotch, rubbing it back and forth along the hairs on his leg. She kept on about the warm weather, the insects, the noisy neighbors, all the time moving that soft hand. On one pass it went up his cock, and back down again.

"Did you like that?" She asked.

"Yes." The answer, barely coming out.

"Would you like me to do it again?" She asked as her hand went up and down the length of his cock.She took his quick intake of breath as a "Yes." and pulling the top band of his suit, took out his cock and gripped it firmly with her warm fingers.

"One thing I do like about the male anatomy, is that they come with a handle, or a leash, if you prefer," She said rising and pulling him by his cock slowly to the master bedroom, "Come along Kelly, Sharon has something to show you."

Kelly followed her, watching her firm ass-cheeks as he went.Sharon pulled Kelly into the master bedroom by his cock. She slid his bathing suit down his legs, running her hands over his ass and thighs. As he stepped out of it she gripped his cock and seemed to examine it.

"How many others have you had?" She said to his cock her voice pitched the way some women talk to poodles. "That's the thing, They never tell where they've been."

Her hands slid over his balls as well, "We'll have to have a talk later, Kelly. You can tell me what you've done, and I'll tell you about some of my adventures." She released him and stepped back. Her hands slid into the band of the baby doll bottoms. She stepped out of it, giving Kelly the first unobstructed view of her thick bush.

Her hands went up and the top joined it on the floor. She had a very good figure for a 35 or 40 year old woman and stood in front of Kelly to show it off. She turned to show him her ass, wiggling it to turn him on even more.

She started to get onto the bed on her hands and knees, but turned over at the last minute, "No, Kelly. I think we'll save that for later." She spread her legs appart and brought both hands to her bush. Her hands reached into the opening of her vagina and pulled it appart, showing all the moist pink flesh within.

"Take a close look, Kelly!" Sharon commanded him as she flexed her knees to expose herself even more. Kelly moved closer, staring into her depths.

"You can lick it if you want, Kelly." Sharon's voice was terribly intimidating.

Kelly leaned forward and began to lick, noticing as he did that older women, or at least Sharon, had a more complex scent.

"Closer, Kelly. Start at the edges and work your way up to my clit.

"Do your girl friends like this?"

"Yes, well some of them." Kelly thought how Ann had been so nervous that this was all she'd let him do and how Cathy had said later, 'It's so gross to think about what we did.'

"I always like it. Especially if the man knows what to do. Lick me harder. There's nothing down there you'll break with your tongue."

Her hands gripped the sides of his head and pulled it closer to her, forcing him to lick her harder. Her lush thighs pressed at the sides of his head. He felt her orgasm as she trapped his head on her wet muff.

"Oh, that was nice, but now I want you to get on top of me and Fuck Me." The capitals were in the way she said it.

"And take off your shirt, I want to feel all of that nice smooth skin while your cock is in me."

Kelly dropped his shirt onto the pile on the rug and climbed on top of her lush curves. She gripped his cock and guided it into her hungry pussy. She sought out his mouth with hers, and each of them tasted the come of the other. Kelly buried his cock in her. He began pumping into her in time with her thrusts. Each time he tried to speed up, Sharon forced him to slow down. His attempts to bring his orgasm on were frustrated by her each time.

"Slow down Kelly, make it last." Sharon ordered. She was able to squeeze his cock with the muscles in her cunt, allowing her to increase the friction at will. "Let's see if this will hold your interest." Sharon said, and pushed him off of her as she turned onto her hands and knees."Come on, Rover, let's see how you like it doggy style." Sharon was nearly chuckling. Kelly approached her waving ass.


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