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Here is the story of when I was at a cabin in Alaska and the many orgies that were conducted on that weekend. On Thursday I received an invitation from a friend to use his cabin in western Alaska. I had been up to this cabin once before and recalled that it was very romantic. Me and my girlfriend, Ashley, went up for the weekend. Ashley is a beautiful twenty-two year old. She has ravishing good looks and a body to match. Her blond hair trails down to mid-chest area where they leave her beautiful breasts. These #36D tits are magnificent to see and to taste. Her breasts are perfectly rounded melons that have, I'm sure, been the treat of many a man. She has a very tight pussy and asshole which are ready for any encounter she may come upon. Her ass is perfectly rounded to her schoolgirl motif. She was long legs which add to her 5'7" girlish figure.

Friday night was our first night in the cabin. Ashley came into the room in a sheer white thong, 'Dave, I've got something for you." "What?" I asked."Do you want my pussy?" With those few words I rushed over to her and began to stay off her sexy lingerie. First I undid the top, revealing her breasts. My cock was now swelling in my pants. She slowly unbuttoned the shirt I was wearing and began to move me toward the bed in the corner of the room. She pushed me onto the bed and undid my pants and my briefs. "Want me to suck your cock?" "Sure," I said as she began to caress my penis. We were so horny now and the cum that swelled in my dick was ready to go at any time. She took me into her mouth and began to rub and suck on my love shaft fervently. She had never given me a suck-off this good before!

"I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum!" I screamed. She was silently making me horny. The first burst of cum came when she was tounge-ing my nut-sack for the first time. She took each nut in her mouth at separate times nursing them to produce my sperm, then she took them both at the same time while cum was spraying her forehead and sucked them like no other had ever sucked them. After my blow-job I rolled her over and began running my tongue over her tight little love hole. I lapped her juices madly to her screaming, "I'm gonna cum!" I wasn't quite ready to fuck yet. I wanted a taste of her asshole. I began fingering her vagina as I started to suck on her anus. Her organs had the sweetest taste ever! I stuck my tongue deep into her asshole as she screamed. I was on top her now ramming my hard cock into her anus. I like anal intercourse just as much as pussy-fucking and so does Ashley. I was feeling the pressure on the walls of my shaft again and I told her I was about to cum again. Her asshole squeezed my dick harder and harder until I finally let it out in her. She loved getting the semen in her anus more than in her pussy. We felt a decline coming and so we stopped fucking for a few minutes. In less than a few minutes she was on top of me fucking my cock into her pussy. She rode up and down as I thrust my hips those ways.

They next day we set out in the woods behind my friend's cabin. It was a heavily wooded area that surrounded the cabin. On the narrow hiking trail we met a couple of my friend's neighbors. A couple named Jeff and Mary. They told us that they had heard screams coming from our cabin last night. "Oh, that was me and David having sex," Ashley boldly told them. A conversation progressed and we became a sexually open group of people. We exchanged sex stories and positions that gave us the most pleasure. About two hours into our hike the women split off from us to find a place to shit and piss. Jeff and I were left alone to talk for a few minutes. "Boy, I would sure like to bone your girl," Jeff said 'a-matter-of-fact-ly'. "Yeah, well I wouldn't mind getting my cock between your wife's legs either," I joined in. The conversation that progressed was completely unexpected. By the time that the women came back we had orchestrated a trade off so that we each got a chance to fuck the women. The girls took well to the idea, needless to say that we were all nervous as we trotted back to the cabin ready for what would soon take place.

About half way through the walk Ashley said, "I can't take it anymore, I need you to fuck me!" She ran over to Jeff and threw her body against him. It was about 54 degrees out in the summer weather and we were out in the middle of nowhere fucking our brains out! I jumped on Mary and pulled down here jeans. She was wearing a sexy thong underneath that was next removed. I tongued her clit lips then began to tong her anus. I was sucking her delicious juices out when I looked of and saw Jeff giving Ashley a suck-off. I sat bent Mary over as she whispered, "Now, I want you."I gave Mary my cock in sets. It came into her asshole with such a force that it nearly completely swallowed my nine inches. She loved every bit of cock she got in her ass. After a few minutes of this her orgasm came, I pushed harder. We switched gears and I began giving her pussy a fucking. All the while Jeff had my wife in a fuck trance. We got back to the cabin after a few hours, we had stopped few more times on the way for quickies. That night Jeff and Mary came back.

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