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Erotica Natural Experience's Communication Nexus- Chat room, Message board, Photo uploading, contacts, links.

  1. Meet women interested in trying something new, and adventuring into something very interesting. I would like natural sceneries, and make them erotic like, for example: mountains, waterfalls, streams, grassy areas, and also wooded areas. These will be private enough to make video's and shoot photographs and other art. But these views will capture the eye, heart, and mind.
  2. Take basic living arrangements and turn them into Futuristic Expandable Areas with life, color, lightning, and mix it up with style and flavor to grasp erotica's limitless designing for images that capture sexual explicit material: with style and art for all to see.
  1. Clothing materials: Very sleek, shiny, soft, slippy, smooth, rough, classy, explicit, colorful, irresistable, with an edge of Erotica, comfortable and revealing, teasing. Colors: silver, purple, black, reds, teals; depending on the environment, the models, and the character.
  2. Materials: Satin, silk, rayon, vinyl, leather, lace, cotton, furs. Matching colors of bras, underwear, skirts, dresses, suits, dance clothing, club clothing, work clothing, photography clothing, New Age clothing, Sexual clothing, Relaxing Clothing. (Garters, scarfs, hats, head bands, shoes, very important full length boots, high heels: silver, red, black, white, shining, glittery.
  1. Props: Scented colorful candles, massage oils, scented perfumes, inscents, beads, necklaces, bracelets. All exotic colors that stand out. Tents with room style comfort and erotic colors. Toys: very much colored and multi-speeds, shapes, forms, styles. Lotion oils- water based with many assortments.
  2. Girls' abilities: Flexible, Movable, Creative, Sexual, Style. With groove that catches any eye. hair styles, personal appearance, energetic, facial features, body tone or normal natural erotic looks, photogenic, very much into art, possitive attitude, knowledge of sexual contents, abbilities to work well with others or solo.
  1. Studio Work: with music: New Age, Native American, Romantic, Reggae. With soul and groove. very melodic and harmonizing, imaging, sound, lighting.
  2. Cretits to all envolved in making it work Properly. Experience: fun, exciting Art. Names used are private, confidential, and stagenames. It is helpful to use erotic catchy names. Great opportunity for other acting rolls, other films, other directors. Own web page can be constructed through our work.

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