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Please ,
kiss me , as a stanger ,
with lust ,passion, willing ,
mutual, graphic, inflamed , and fast ,
even when you grow to know me .
I love how the moon draws me tidal to Your lips ,
And lets your nipples harden,
I look up straight into your beautiful bedroom eyes ,
as Im pulling your panties off How weak I am ,
for what is , beautiful , hidden from others ,
but my Own ,between your legs ,
how lusious your pussy is ,
my tongue cleverly takes off on its own ,
artfully licks your creaviouses ,
to wet your lips , and folds ,
of Gods most beautiful creations ,
sweet and lovely portion of heaven on earth ,
I can Hear you moan ,
my pleasures ,
making Your pleasures ,
the scent , the taste ,
the elixer of your sweet cum ,
flowing in my mouth ,
trailing down my face ,
neck ,and shoulders ,
The wild commands ,
you whispered ,
From your childhood ,
secrets you kept to yourself ,
till present night of your womanhood ,
how great it feels to get you off ,
lifting me up to higher plains ,
you fulfill me with the love in your lap ,
the taste of your body ,
like a magic spell ,
wonderful haunt ,
from the heat of this sultry passion ,
my cock throbs with anticipation ,
I find myself where I want to be .
I love you always .
Your a perpetual song of love ,
in my heart.


I need to
kiss your ass

I love your body
Please let come me back ,
Put your ass in the air,
spread your legs on that chair
want to lick , and kiss you there, and there,
don't forget, your throbbing clit,
it wants a kiss ,and my tongue right there,
Ill make you wet ,give your slippery slit,
the head of my dick,
but not yet,
Im not done ,licking ,sucking ,and ,kissing it,
put my baby finger in your ass,
I know you can't pass , on that ,
I will make you cum ,cum ,
with the tip my tounge ,
even you wll cum ,cum ,cum
even before you start having
fun ,fun ,fun.
I`ll make it feel too, too ,good
you know how I could
I will lick your lips,
lightly finger your hood ,
you will scream put it in, put it in,
not yet,
before I begin ,
the heart of your ass ,
I must win ,win ,win,
I love your bum.
I`ll make you cum ,cum ,cum
more and more,
before you let me, in your back door ,
I`ll give you some luvin ,
take care of you muffin ,
a little spank your ass ,
I know you like it like that,
I`ll take my time ,I wont be hasty
make you feel , nasty ,and sexy,
You won`t be done , till I make you,
cum,cum,cum ,well uh maybe ,
I`ll give my magic wand ,
but not yet,
were just starting the fun,
I got to do my little tricks ,
on your sweet ,sweet lips ,

and your throbbing clit ,
while you are sucking my dick,

its getting too hard ,to stay away from it
now its nice and long , tear off that thong
got to slip it in the pussy , that inspired this song,
my thumb in your ass ,nice and slow,
till you want it fast ,fast ,fast,
what about that throbbing clit ?
I got to go back , and lick ,lick ,lick ,
lick it again , make it my friend,
let it know, I`ll be back again,
my finger will rub it,
gently ,and fast ,till you say
"'Take that hard cock , start fucking my ass !"
it will be fun, fun fun,
and we wont be done ,till I make you,
cum,cum ,cum ,till I make you,
cum,cum ,cum,




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