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  Smoke cigarettes, drink alkeehall, and eat Taco Bell until your organs have completely shut down, and then donate 'em to some little kid in desperate need of a transplant. Fuck a bitch until your wad tank says empty and then kick her ass to the curb. Beat the shit out of a guy who shows you disrespect and then fuck his girlfriend while he's in the hospital. Get married just so you can have someone cook your fucking dinner and clean up the shit stains on the under-side of the toilet seat. Talk with a dirty mouth and fuck a dirty girl, but always fight a clean fight. Pound your salami until you're blind and wipe your ass-hole until it bleeds, but NEVER lift weights two days in a row. Eat pussy like a fat man on a fat diet and never buy clothes from Abercrombie & Fitch. Tell your boss that his wife sucks a mean cock and then show him the fucking pictures after he fires you. Pay $800 a year for a gym membership and then beat the shit out of anyone who walks around naked in the locker room. Dance like no one's watching, fight like it's the 12th round, and fuck until your balls ache.

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