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CBT Intermediate Restraint Techniques
Once you have a grasp of the basic aspects of CBT , you can move on to more of the serious CBT manuvers.

Most of these involve items that are used to stimulate the Scrotum and Penis and have inherent danger. Care must be taken not to injure oneself and you must respect your own limits as you try each one.

Always use caution before starting these activites, and inspect the gear that you will be using for weak points and potential failures. Most of these items exert stress or pressure, and the results can be catastrophic if caution and prudence are not followed.

Zip Ties and Rubber Bands

The Rubber Band or Gum band can be used to bind the Penis or the balls.
This is done by looping the gum band in a figure eight form and slipping the loop over the body part that you wish to restrain. It is very important that you inspect the rubber bands that you are using before you begin your play.
Check for rips and tears or nicks, this will cause your bands to split. It is important also do NOT use Vaseline, oil, or petroleum based products they will immediately cause the rubber to deteriorate. You do not want any unpleasant snaps to happen when you are using your bands.

The main aspect of play such as this is to watch the amount of time that you use item for. They will cut off circulation, and if left in place too long they can cause permanent damage. It is best that you at least move the rubber bands a bit so that they do not stay in one place for too long.
A good way to notice that the circulation has been left on too long is extreme cold and color change. If the Scrotum seems very cold remove the gum bands,if you notice that they are turning a dark color that is because of built up blood that has become trapped in one place too long. Once you remove the bands it is a good idea to massage the affected area to get your blood moving again.

Hair ties the kind used to hold a pony tail are also very nice for CBT.They are usually made of cloth and thus very soft. Usually they are applied to the Scrotum, or behind the Scrotum and the Penis. Stay away from those that have the metal bands on them and stick to the ones that are all cloth.

Zip ties are made of plastic and have locking mechanisms that allow you to fasten them as tight as you desire but they are not possible to remove without cutting them loose. Once you tighten the Zip tie be sure that you do not overtighten them too far. This is an item that you want to take alot of careful planning before you use it. Many chat room mebers use these items for wrist restraint, Scrotum ,and CBT use.
Obviously the set back is you have to cut them off of your body with a sharp object.
One chatroom member has found a way to not cut them off and render them re-useable "yes, no need to cut them... use a very small flat headed screwdriver, about 2/3mm and poke it in the bit that has the non-reverse and it frees it up"
"This saves on ties and risk of cutting yourself"
"I just like using small ones, I also have large ones, have an entire collection." cbt_slave_uk

Castrating bands (Elastrator), are used in live stock to castrate sheep and bulls. They are thick rubber bands about the size of a cheerio. This item needs a special tool to place it on the Scrotum. THIS IS A SERIOUS item if you leave it on the scrotum for more than 20 minutes, there is NO turning back.
As you see by this item leaving on a rubber band too long can cause serious damage. So please when using any kind of rubber band watch the time that you spend in bondage.

Chains and Fasteners

In CBT the chain is an important element.
It of course is a flashy aspect that will add spice and a lot of visual stimulation to the scenario.

Some chains are suitable for wearing . Others are strictly for use as bondage items.

If you are a Mistress or Master you will strike alot of fear into your Slave or Sub. You will find many implements for Chains at adult toy stores, but by far the best way to purchase your chains is to go to the Hardware Store. You will find all sorts of chains from very small guage ones to huge logging chain links.Keeping in mind that if you are atttaching a weight to a chain the chain itself has weight.
I have some logging chain that is just for use as a weight nothing more. So when doing weight CBT training account for the weight of the chain. This should be calculated in addition to the actual weight that you will be suspending.

In the hardware store you will be able to chose the exact style and length of chain that you want to use for yourself.

I have a number of different chains , for each of my CBT manuvers. For a beginner you might want to start with a basic 3 foot and a 4 foot chain. Once you advance add a 6 foot chain.
The 6 foot chain should be used to attach you to larger, or heavier objects that are immobile or that you plan to drag along behind you.
The 3 foot chain is to be used for attaching weights or other heavy items to the Scrotum.
The 4 foot should be used for attaching the Scrotum to a stable object like a post for stretching and bondage.
You can also get thinner gauge chains for attaching counter weights to your main chains like I have creating multiple sensations.
When counter weighting your chain you will be pulling against one object and then have another weighted object pulling in the other direction.
This can all get very confusing so when using your chains be sure to attach them one at a time and remember the sequence that you put them on in.
To remove your chain simply reverse the process.

To attach your chains safely to each other you should use a quick link.
This device can be found in different sizes, it is good to have a few of these.
Along with those you might want to have a few of the anchor hooks that have the retractable sliding clip on them. You will see them alot on key chains. You can find them in dollars stores. They are excellent for getting out of chain bondage quickly. There are many different sorts of fasteners that you can use.

It is very important that you use the utmost caution when using the chain. As it WILL NOT give any lee way. If you get trapped in the chain and there is tension or weight on one side and your inbetween it WILL constrict you and could even cut through flesh.

Lets say that you wish to chain the Scrotum and attach weights to it without the use of a Parachute or a Ball Stretcher. To do this without ripping off the Scrotum you must encase the Scrotum in rope.
Make sure that the rope is covering any area that the chain will be on. Also once the chain is on, secure it very tightly from the tightest link to the next tightest link. This is very important for if you try to lift a weight and move, the chain will slip and it will cause considerable pain, or permanent injury.
This is a very risky CBT manuver, each and everytime I do it I actually hold my breath. No matter how tight the link is to the next one you could always make an error and miscalculate. Should you wish to do the manuver please lift up very slowly or even give the chain a tug while you are in a safe position to make sure that it is firmly in place.

Being very dependable,the chain can be used to create tension with each of your CBT toys.
When using chains be aware the fasteners that you chose are the most important aspect of this type of CBT.
When you are attaching weights test each and every link BEFORE you attempt to lift it. Test the connections that you have made. Often with chains they can get hung up in their own links and once you stand and lift a link can slip and fall alot farther than you expected. Major falls and unexpected pulls can be very painful and frightening.
When using chains it is helpful to use either a parachute or a ball stretcher with a D ring to attach weights and chains to.

Always have respect for the chain , and you will have years of enjoyment.

You also may want to incorperate some pulleys and posts into your chain play. Often with this there is gravity involved. If you set up your pulleys try a simple one to the ceiling counter weighted by a container that can be filled with water to act as a counter weight.If you use water as a conter weight you can add slowly to it and increase the amount of torque being used. Work with intertia and gravity and you will be some suprising results that are visually stimulating
I have heard of a Mistress making her other slave suspend a bucket over a pulley and then having him attach it by chain and a Ball Stretcher to his Scrotum. Once it was attached to him she had the other slaves urinate into the bucket on the other side filling the bucket causing weight to lift him and his Scrotum up into the air.

Enjoy your chains and use them with caution, they will by far enhance any CBT experience.

Vices ,Clamps and the Press

For the CBT enthusiast the Vices and Clamps are used to bind and punish the CBT practitioner. When using vices or Clamps you want to be certian to have all "pinch points" covered. A pinch point is where the Clap head meets the flesh and can constrict it and possibly rip it off. It is very important that you cover it with something. I usually use rope coils to cover the area that I will place in a Vice or Clamp prior to closing the jaws upon the skin. if you do not do this you will cause yourself a serious injury. The kinds of Vices & Clamps most use are a Bench Vice or a C-Clamp .

The Bench Vice is a large heavy item, that is usually anchored on a flat surface. There are all sizes of Bench Vices, some of the smaller ones can actually be closed on the Scrotum or Penis and hung from it.
I have done this technique myself and though it is dangerous as the Bench Vice may pull off and rip skin. If you attmept this you should use only this modle of Bench Vice for it has the correct torque and weight for such an application. I have never had this happen as I tighten very hard.

Once the clamp is placed on the body rmeber you are trying to compress the flesh not actually crush it. Also watch the time that you have yourself in the vice. As it is defeating circulation, and natural body process.
The hardware store will be the place that you find most of the Bench Vices. When you are using them try to do a half turn and attempt the full turns only as you are lowering or closing the jaws on the vice .
Once the flesh is in continue to apply pressure but in 1/4 or 1/2 turns. The feeling you get should be one of constant pressure.No sharp on pointed pains should be happening at all.

The C Clamp comes in various sizes and is best used in pairs. At one time I owned C Clamps from 1" in size to 6" over all. Each one had its own weight and the 6" ones weighed 1 LB a piece.

The C Clamps are one of my favorite CBT toys. I personally use the clamps over coils of rope and crush like that. You do need to be careful as two pressure points are happening at once. The rope and the C Clamp.
The rope is binding the Scrotum and the Clamp is pressing them. This will also cause a dull pain throught the kidney area, if this is what you feel you are doing this form of CBT correctly.
They exert a great deal of pressure all over the surface that they are closed upon.

You can actually vary the amount pressure exerted by a C Clamp by spreading them out farther or closer together. A good way to do this is to use a board or a piece of plexi glass and place 2 clamps on each side of the item being crushed.
You need to be very careful to space them exactly with the same distance on each side. One to close or too far will result in asymetry that could cause an injury when one clamp is tightened.
If you are using plexi glass be sure that you have pieces that have sanded edges and are not sharp, if the are the sharp ones the clamp will make the edges cut through flesh. NEVER use an unsanded piece of plexi glass.

An idea that can be used to crush the Penis or Scrotum is to get 2 C Clamps of any size, its better to use at least use the 3" ones and 2 square shaped boards.
Use talcum poweder to cover the inside of the board where the Penis or Scrotum will go. The talcum will help diminish any abrasions. Once you have yourself in between the boards tighten each clamp evenly to avoid more torque on one side or the other causing asymetry.
If you have captured the penis in between the boards you can then use a technique that combines crushing and twisting, I am not too sure how this one would work with the testicles, as I have never tried it myself.

With the penis once you are in between the boards you then need to then grasp the boards out in front of you like a table and turn the boards with the Penis sandwiched in between to each of the Cardinal points the, 12:00 the 3:00 the 6:00 ect positions. This is a really strenuous exercise but it feels really excellent, be very slow in going from position to position. You do not want to rip any skin, once you feel that you are in a good position you might hang the entire boards down, and either slip them behind your legs or just let it hang for a bit.

The Press is used to encase and smash the entire Scrotum. A Press applys even pressure all over the surface of the Scrotum and can be flattened rather thin because of the distribution being so even. Presser are used by a few of the members of the room but really the most advanced users practice with them. There is always danger as the press does not stop flesh form oozing out the sides of the press. Obviously the press should be taken down only as low as you are able to stand comfortably without any shooing pains. the pain that you shoul;d feel from the press is a dull throb that is centered in the lower reigion of the back around the kidney area. If you feel this you are doing it correctly.
There is one member of this chat room that can actually use the press and flatten himself down to the width of a DIME, and then stay that way, for an extended period.
It takes a very long time to get such endurance and results such as that.

Weights and Split Collars

Weights are used CBT in conjunction with other devices and used to enlongate the Scrotum and cause the CBT user to experince a unique sense of pulling and pressure on the entire Penis. Much weight that is used is from the 3oz up to the 5 lb range. For a beginner I suggest starting with the 1lb weights up to the 3 lb weights. Stay in that range when you are starting.
A good place to get weights of that size are from a fishing tackle store. Thre you will find lead weights in various sizes. All the way up to the 3 lb size. These are round from the one 1lb size on up. If you purchase them in your local K mart you are looking at about $6.50, if you go to a Sex or CBT shoppe expect them to be dipped in plastic and much more expensive. The kind from your KMart or Sporting goods section of a department store will be silver and solid lead. This is the type of weight that is most prefered in CBT world.
The weights that are used in CBT can be of the sand type that are used in regular weight lifting.These usually are also larger and more cumbersome. Yet they are readily available and usually one can find at least one or 2 laying around. With this sort you have to be a bit more careful when attaching it to your Scrotum or Penis as the actual weight is thicker, and the item used to connect be it chain or rope has to be tied more securely.
They can be the steel plate type, this type of weight if flat and much smaller than the "sand" or cement weights, these are usually grey or black and have the actual weight clearly marked upon them. They are very nice for CBT as the size belies the actual weight. I have them in the smaller sizes. They come in one and one quarter soze (1 1/4lb) and two and one half (2 1/2lb) sizes I would liek to add a 5 lb one for CBT also. I have hteses steel weights just for CBT and no other purpose. They are also rather cheap as the one lb weight is about $1.00 and a two and one half lb weight $2.50. These are good prices and you should be able to find comperable at your local large chain Sporting Goods Store.

Once you have selected the weight that you will use it is important that you get either your chain or rope that will actually suspend the weight. Personally I have found it better to use chain with your weights as this is the easiest and fastes way to add more or take away a weight if it gets too heavy or you might desire too add more. Use your connectors to do this quickly and without having any issues.

With weights you have to remeber that you can only wear them for so long, I like to go low then up to a high weight. Then back to a middle weight. Lets say you know for a fact that your max is 10 lbs. Start with a low weight of say 2lbs, then go up to 5, keeping the 5 lbs on for say 10 mins, now go back down to your 2 lbs. You will notice at that point that things are much easier to the 2lb and you can increase the time that you have it on. Now would not be a bad time to swing the 2lb weight, you should actually get a big endorphin rush when you do swing the 2 lb weight.
Once you are comfortable with the 2lb weight (about 7 mins) go back to the 5 lb, then add in 2 lb increments till you reach 10, (if you have such small increments that you are able to do this) Once you have reached 10 lbs and thats your max hold the position there for a bit try no more than 2 mins.
nexttime you can adjust the times that you let the weights hange, alwyays remeber that you are using a dangerous CBT thechnique.

In our Chatroom we have a person that has broken the all time room record and by far is a true CBT hardcore master.It is a privelage to talk to this individual and great that he is one of our memebers. He actually has lifted via a persoanl creation of his that is a combination ball stretcher and nut crusher an astonishing 75 lbs. When he did it "hmmmm well it was awesome to have 75 lbs hanging from my nuts, even though I only did that much the one time" To begin he used the working up technique that I belive in very much "I started with that night 15lbs" and worked his way up. as he increased the amount of weight he shortened the duration of time that he was going to haold each weight for " I can't handle the big weight for long times" "at 30 lbs I could go a long time when I am in practice, above that the time goes down quick" Once he reached the 75 lb mark he felt an incredible endorphin rush and "I was sweating" but is was an all over body rush.
I would never recommend anyone attempting that themselves he has had a great deal of practice, "just to be careful, serious injury can result if you get stupid" Masterc43

When you are using weights it is a good idea to use a ball stretcher , a parachute, or something that has a place to attach weights to rahter than your skin by a rope. I have done the rope myself with car and truck tires, it will work but it is much better to use one of those items, the parachute in particular as it will distribute the weight more evenly for you and allow you to life greateramounts at one time. As always check your connections very closely so that you are sure that all are snug and secure, you do not want any suprises when you are doing weight training.

Another way of incorperation of the stretching process and CBT restraint is to use Split Collars. Split Collars are usually made of solid Steel. They can come in a variety of finishes. matte Black, Stainless Steel, and Chrome finish. The Stainless and the Chrome being more expensive than the others. Split Collars go on the Scrotum itself and are stacked up below the Penis. The Split Collar is a circular device, about 1/2" thick with an inner diameter of 1 and 1/2 " to 1 and 3/4" they are held together by 2 screws.The Screws themselves are tightened by an Allen or Hex wrench till they are secure.
The split Collars weight about 6oz a piece and can be worn for extended periods at a time,since they are weighted and as they are stacked they constantly pull on the Scrotum and since they Stretch the skin and heat builds up they hasten on the Stretching process very quickly. I have a total of 6 Split Collars that I use in my Stretching, theses items are very comforatble at first but can become excruciating with time. You might want to add to the collars or remove one or two as time through the day moves on. Currently I wear my collars from 4 to 9 HRs daily.

Before you place your Collars on you might want to get some of the all cloth elastic pony tail holders, and a sock or hosiery with the foot cut out of it. The Sock or hose will help protect the skin when you place the Split Collar on. You will be suprised at how many times the skin will almost run to the open gap in the Split Collar, and if you close your skin inside you are in for some serious pain, I have done it many times.
As for the pony tail holder you can place these in between each Split Collar as you stack them on, they will of course prevent any pinching that might happen in between the Collars, and they will effectivey add a bit of stretch to the collars. A very important place to put one of the pony tail holders is directly below the last collar where it sist on top of the Scrotum and testicles. This area will get very irritated as the steel of the Collars sits there the entire time that you have them on.

Putting the Split Collar on is an involved process depending on how many you would like to have. Chatroom member StretchedNutz, has taken some of his time to give you the step by step procedure, on how to properly attach them to the Scrotum.
OK..... first a few things: 1) lube/powder up your nutsack,2) suggest putting on a nylon stocking over your nutsack to cut down pinch. This can really help as the stocking takes up very little space."Then, to put them on, open one side completely and the other just losely open." "Place over your nutsack, then, spinning it to make sure nothing gets pinched, close the two sides together. Then tighten, being sure nothing is caught!
"Repeat as they fit. When they won't side-slide on,to do this its best to place 2 on (top and bottom the next ones going IN BETWEEN) "Separate the two sides of the split collar and put them between two collars that are already on" "Close, with a spin to make sure nothing gets caught, then tighten."
"Other recommendations: cotton hairtie at top and bottom of collar stack to cushion them, if you plan on wearing them for a significant amount of time." "Caveat: You will still get friction "burns", so treat the skin afterwards with some lotion, say something with Vitamin E as an ingredient."
Keep an eye on the color and add/remove collars as temperature and skin color indicate.

It is also important that once you take your collars off that you massage the Scrotum to get the blood flow going again through your body. The skin might be irritated and even have microscopic splits or tears. Once you get done massaging you can (or during) use some sort of lubricating lotion that contains Vitamin E oil. massage this in to the skin or use pure Vitamin E oil and run it all over the Scrotum. This is a very important step that should do every time it will help the over all skin to stretch and soften it. Not to mention getting the blood flow to move through the tissues once again.

Purchasing Split Collars can be rather difficult as the prices for this CBT item is very expensive. Grainger Supply will have the product for you, should you not be able to find a local branch for Kaman Industrial (these companies sell the item wholesale). Off of the internet you can get Split Collars from Sufferware and they offer some excellent other products too. Once you get to their site just click on cock and ball toys and you can view the Chrome Split Collars that they have to offer. The best way is to order direct from the manufacturer Just go the the Specialty products section of their website. You will save a great deal of money and be able actually get this hard to find CBT item.
I searched all over for these as I knew that I really wanted them. I tried your larger building supply stores, Ace hardware, Auto supply chains,and even my local sex stores. at my favorite CBT store the collars were $80.00. I did find a great company that helped me locate their shop and ordered the Collars for me. You can also go to their site and locate a very close location to you. On the site you simply type in your zip code and you will be directed to a location near you.

This company has wonderful customer service and was very kind to us in getting directions to their store. We also bought the last 2 collars that they had there. They simply back ordered the additional collars that I needed. This is a great company to work with and I am sure that you will be pleased with the results. A few other members of the chatroom were refferd by us and they also recieved the exact same great service. They stock the collars in 2 finishes the black matte steel and the stainless steel ones.
$6.50 for the black matte steel, $12.00 for the stainless.

I have been approached by some members of the chatroom that live in the UK. The local out lets are only in North America and this high demand product can not be located over there. I have located a company that distributes the procuct in the Uk. Though I do not know how well the customer service is, or how they go about business they do have a Lenze Co UK phone number that I would reccomend that you call.
Once you get to their site just go to "products" then on the drop down menue click "coupling technology" The Split collars are listed as Machine Collars. Click on "flexible shaft couplings" to get more info.

One of our chatroom members lineok03 has ordered his Split Collar's from Kaman He has some experience using the regular metal cock rings. When he used to use his rings, they were the 1.50 size, the same as a Split Collar. He was actually using an IMPRESSIVE 20 rings at one setting but from using the collars he is now up to 22. He has had rapid stretching having only worn them for 8 weeks! Approximately 4 rings are the same width as one split colaar, and of course the split collar weighs in more at 6 oz.

He did however make a few modifications to his collars. A very common problem with the collars is rusting since they are in such close proximity to the skin. He made them water proof using "black.....performix PLASTI-Dip . . . white Rust-Oleum...Appliance Epoxy (ultra-hars enamel) This allowed for water proofing "the collars have been rubberixed" "When I sweat they dont rust the collars nor the steel is in contact with the skin SO no rash."
"With that said NO need to prep my ball sac" I advise using some sort of lube or pure viatamin E oil if you are not going to use this technique it really helps. There was however "one DOWN side to what I did to the collars" I dont UNScrew them anymore....I have to do one ball at a time....becuase they have been spray....water proof too. But my balls are at a size NOT small to slip thru. This is very much like the usual way a ring would be placed on the Scrotum anyway."I will take that loss any day.....cuse NO Rust marks on sac nor rust on the collar"

Lineok03 has been trying to set long term endurance records for the Split Collars. The Collars themselves are great for long term stretching,and many user wear them all day. Another great aspect is that you can go about your everyday duties without too much difficulty. "went to subway for lunch...the bank...mowed the lawn with them on I drive a 97 jeep Stick shift"
His old record was 17:30 mins "Last thurs......Wed night 19/03 to Thurs....20/03" he was going for a full 24 "Sunday Night 9pm to Monday night 9pm = 24 hours" as he approached his goal he became excited but knew he had to persist on. " No.....honestly....When I reached 24 hours I wanted to go collars are water proof but but since I wear the breifs I NEEDed a shower.........heheh 24 hours no shower heeheh.....the last thing I did that was a lot was the mowing".To newbies with the collars he says "start small and take your time" do not attempt to do this all at once."I personaly dont sretch everyday" "REST your balls/ball sac"
The Split Collars are solid steel, unforgiving and he has alot of experience in Scrotum stretching.

Uretheral Sounding, Catheter and Insertions

Another aspect of CBT is insertions and sounding. This is refered to in CBT as UP (Urethral Penetration or Urethral Play Sounds are inserted into the penis. This form or CBT uses in its pureset form the catheter . The Catheter is inserted into the male or female to facilitate the flow of urine. It is also used in BDSM and CBT scenarios. The sounds are used to insert into the penis and are usually tapered. This is a form of CBT play that causes an unique sensation in the penis. It is also called cock stuffing . You can insert different items into the penis however EVERY item must be sterilised. Rubbing alcohol or simple hosehold bleach can be used but it is very important that it is dried after it is used to clean the item. Try small diameter items, ones used by memebers of the chatroom are ink pens, such as bic, Q-tips cotton swabs, nails, acrylic chop sticks,screwdrivers, knitting needles, and other items. A variety of variety of items can be used but ones with a smoothe surface are the most desirable. Please keep away from brittle items such as a pencil that could splinter and also contains graphite, which could result in a bladder or urinary infection. Keep in mind that any item with a rough surface can damage the interior of the Penis and Uretha and is to be asking for potential long term damage.
Also though some do not use it, a water based lubricant is desirable. I feel that this is the easiest way to get a deeper insertion.It will aid in cutting down on scratches and allow for smother sailing. Some members of the chatroom use Vicks, or even have used Vaseline for insertions, the only thing about those is it leaves a greays residue that might be uncomfortable late. Not to mention Vicks is SERIOUSLY going to burn.

To insert grasp the penis and slowly open the penis opening and begin to insert the object. Go slowly and do not try to go too deeply on your first time. Once the object is in, some persons like to draw the object in and out.This process is actually good for stretching the ureathral opening. Work the object in and out back and forth this will make the area larger over time. There are meembers of the chatroom that can insert their little finger inside the penis opening. This of course takes considerable time and dedication.

Inserting the object is not very difficult, but do remember that the urinary canal is not totally straight so do not force the object. Slowly move it to its goal. If you need to back then back up and go ahead again.

Some men also practice bondage while doing UP, I do reccomend that you try only CBT bondage that seperates the Testicles, none that would reside on the bottom of the penis shaft or Uretha. This will make it difficult to do a full insertion and might cause an area that would potentially be subject to inner scratching.

Once you are done with the duration of time for the insert slowly draw the object back out of the penis, with a steady manuver, once it is out you might feel a burning sensation. Also almost 75% of all memebers of the chat have reported feel discomfort after sounding, in the urinary tract. This is a common symptom also some feel a bit of discomfort while it is inserted, mostly the urge to urinate.
A memeber of the chatroom, slavenika2 does soundings, she inserts the genuine stainless steel sounds. The diameter used are the tapered 2mm to 10mm size she has been up to the 7mm mark and once they are inserted she hooks up a TENS machine, for a shocking situation. This is advanced play and not recommended to everyone, she has also had sounding done to her by 3 males, and has been into the BDSM, CBT for about 39 months.

The medical fetish aspect of CBT can emcomapsse wearing of costumes, medical examination scenarios, and many of the medical tools, and toys being used in CBT. This can add alot of variety to your usual CBT play.

Advanced CBT Hardcore

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