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Welcome to the Ball Stretching and CBT Hardcore Chatroom Library

This site is a manifestation of my vision of CBT, and a desire to educate people about this exciting fetish. It is also a direct result of the Yahoo Chatroom Ball Stretching and CBT Hardcore

If you are here I hope that you have either visited the Chatroom or plan to to learn more about us.

You can find our chatroom by going to YAHOO CHAT

Scroll down to the ROMANCE area
Then subcategory = ADULT
Then genre = BDSM
Then click on the tab up top that says "User Rooms"

Once you are in the BDSM folder, please look for the title "CBT Hardcore and Stretching 101 " OR the words "CBT Hardcore"

You will see a screen that looks like this. In the Example we are at the TOP of the chatrooms.

This title "Hardcore CBT" is my brand of CBT, and has been since 2000.
By seeing it you will assure yourself that you are in the correct room governed by the rules and guildelines set herein.


This room Differs itself from many rooms on Yahoo. We pride ourself on a great sense of community. Where you will be spoken to, and your presence will be acknowledge.
Hospitality for new, or curious members, asking about the topics being discussed in our chatroom.
Actual on topic discussions will be constantly occuring in the room, where you are encouraged to get involved and help us share in your knowledge. The room is presented to the fetish community as a way of meeting other parties interested in CBT. It is the hope of room administration that some of these relationships become off line to blossom and become R/T. You are encouraged to discuss your fantasies here but the chatroom is really for more R/T CBT happening in front of your eyes.

The Chatroom encourages memebers of ALL backgrounds, and does not cater to any particular group, or sexual preference. ALL are welcome here, but I would be remiss if I did not state that the room is overwhelimingly heterosexual.

ALL Visitors to the room are required to have their profiles filled out. All that is asked of you is to have your AGE, and your SEX in your profile. If you have a picture that would also be great, however it is understood that everyone can not have a picture. If you can not take the basic respect and few moments that it takes to add the 2 items of AGE and SEX to your profile. You can expect that you will not be meeting very many people.

This rule is for the safety of the members and the players engaging in CBT. If you chose to to not comply then the memebers of the room will put you on ignore.

While a CBT master, or novice is on Camera, DO NOT send a Private Message (PM) to them. This also goes for (IM) Instant messages
This is very distracting and dangerous. The CBT master, or novice needs to concentrate on the techniques they are performing.
It can cause injury for them to answer many PM messages that might be coming in from different memebers.
Please keep your comments in the room so that they can respond to them there.

If you are on Camera please refrain from sending cam invites all over the room to people that do not ask to view. While this is not a rule it is highly discouraged. Many people feel that it is presumtuous on your part that they want to see you. Since you have the option of clicking "NO" this allows the person on the reciving end to make their own decision to view or not.

Camera Captures that invlove taking a persons webcam image for the purpose of posting is Forbidden and Illegal.
However you may use a Cam Cap if you get permission from the owner of the webcam, and the Mistress or Master of that person. This especially applies if someone is directing them in CBT.

Please ask for a PM with this person, or all parties involved have your archives turned on in your messenger and get consent by BOTH parties if this applies to the situation.

Please since the room Administration requests for you to ask in the room before PM please at least answer the person that is talking in the room to you. Even if its a NO, or leave me alone. Please be respectful and reply to them. The same thing goes for webcams, ASK before viewing a persons cam, say hello to them, I get alot of complaints about people that wont speak to the person they are viewing.


DO have general respect for chatroom members, of ALL sexes, sexual orientaion, races, and religions, this is not the place for your prejudice or slander. If you want to be a bigot, go to another chatroom. Trust me there are rooms out there for you!


The Chatroom is for CBT, on all levels. This is from the beginner to the most Hardcore practitioner.
This is NOT a room for simple masturbation, there are MANY rooms out there that you can engage in such practices. CHOOSE one of those if your intention is to "get off"
This room WILL NOT TOLERATE "WANKERS". Guys you can go literally, to any room on Yahoo and Jack off.Many rooms are for Just that, and others encourage it. Please do not come here and do it, this room is for CBT ONLY.

Also this IS NOT an ANAL FETISH room.
NO MEMBER is to engage in strictly Anal techniques or DEMOS. Again there are countless ANAL rooms, try to keep this room on topic.
However ANAL IS Allowed if it is done along with CBT and is desired by the Mistress or Master.

Keep this room PURE and ON TOPIC
The room was created for lovers of CBT as there are really no other rooms that one can engage in this without being ostracised or ridiculed.


This is NOT a R/P (role play room)NO member should engage in fantasy scenarios such as this. The reason is that CBT is a serious and dangerous fetish. I would not want someone to take your R/P suggestion for real and do something that is hazardous to their heath.
As the room was created to be an outlet for Real Players to engage in CBT.
There are rooms for R/P. Choose one of those instead.

The Gorean culture is represented here BUT this is NOT a Gor room, you may use Gorena protocol if you chose to do so in this room. Since the room has moved from Fetishes to BDSM we now have a mixture of different beliefs in culture of CBT and D/s. While R/P is not allowed in the room unless the cbt is showing on cam.
Non sexual R/P usually done by Goreans is tolerated.

Once again stay on topic

Women that have Cameras are encouraged to turn them on and join in the fun!!!

However FEMALES ARE NOT ALLOWED TO SHOW genital or breast areas without first getting males to do SOME sort of CBT.

This should be a REWARD for good CBT

Please respect this rule as it Keeps the room on topic, and there are Hundereds of rooms that females can show breasts ect... but if this is done in the CBT room the atmosphere changes immediately.

It becomes like most Yahoo chatrooms, off topic, very disrespectful, and a general free for all.

The men in this room expect Goddess's and Mistress's and general respect is to be given to all females.

Money Domination, Financial Slavery, and Money Mistress' ARE welcome here and should be treated with respect. This is NOT however a Financial Slavery room.
No Money Mistress, may solicit business, or demand homage through such gifts or servitude here. This only applies to activites within the room itself and if you wish to engage in such practices, please do such in an EMAIL.... NO PM!!! ( Private messages are NOT to be used to ask for money or gifts)

In the past a PM was just fine but this has been abused, and I have recived many complaints. You might just go in a room more suited to that type of Domination if you feel that you do not like the way this rule is in the chatroom.

Although we ARE in the BDSM folder, this is not a D/s relationship room. No Mistress or Master is to command anyone other than her own sub/slave to address them in that way.
Therefore it is not required, nor will you be spoken to in a D/s manner unless a person should chose to follow this protocol. So if you ASK and a Mistress or Master says thats they prefer to be addressed in one way or another, then you are to follow that command.

Should you feel more comfortable speaking in this manner, by all means please do so.
While using A/all...MA'AM, Master or Mistress, is very nice it is NOT required.

Screen names denoting their status as Subs or Slaves are encouraged to have their cameras on in the room and open to all to view. A Sub is less encouraged to do this.
A Slave is much more encouraged to open the Camera to the room. This is not a requirement. Since indivduals control their own cameras and this is to be respected.
Last but most important...


Violators of this rule will be placed in

A_Weirdwackers HALL OF SHAME

What is CBT?
CBT is an acronym for Cock and Ball Torture It is the practice of manipulating the male genitals with different devices to attain sexual gratification and or control.
It is a frightening concept for some. Since we are speaking about a mans prized possesions.

I mean do people actually, willingly do this to themselves, or let others do it?
The answer is a resounding YES.

There are men who BEG for this sort of treatment. Others will pay for the experience. It may be done with, or without a partner, although many prefer to have at least a witness to the act of CBT.

While it is an extreme fetish it is also an ancient one.In times past as well as now CBT has been used to attain a state of nirvana and bliss. Users have reported enlightened sensory skills and vision. Some have even been know to go into trance states. There is a group of buddhists called Chenggow that practice CBT in their daily meditaitons.
The seat of a mans essence is said to lie in his genitalia. The root of his masculinity.

The men that practice CBT do it for a myriad of reasons. Everything from simple exhibitionism, or submission to a Mistress or Master. To the desire to inflict masochistic pleasures upon themselves, and reap the rewards of humiliation.

We will be dealing with CBT in a very frank nature here and discussing the techniques, devices, safety, psycological impacts, and benefits.



The techniques procedures and practices that are described in here are for INFORMATIONAL purposes ONLY. There is no endorsement implied or otherwise of anything that will be discussed. I present this information for CURIOSITY purposes.

CBT (Cock and Ball Torture) Can result in permanent LOSS OF FUNCTION, INJURY, DISFIGUREMENT and DEATH!!!

YOU alone assume ALL risks that might occur as a result of using ANYTHING contained in, by way of link, or on this Website.

CBT 101
CBT is a complex fetish and there is much to learn, but the best thing to do is to start with the basics. Many persons have curiosity, and do not know where to begin at.
I have been into CBT for many years, and the newbie can make mistakes that can effect his over all health and well being. CBT 101 is all about safety, and learning whats what, and how to use it all for this wonderful fetish.
The first thing to really keep in mind is GO SLOW.

Do not attempt to do too much your first time. It takes time to attain your desired results. You also ned to respect your OWN limits. DO NOT alter, and go over the limits that you have imposed upon yourself. Especially if you are doing CBT with a partner Master or Mistress. If a person says that they want you to do something that is over your limit, DO NOT DO IT. A real and true Mistress, or Master would NEVER ask you to do anything that you are not comfortable with. You should realise though that the best Masters, or Mistress' will take you to your limit and only slightly past it. Those are the BEST Dommes. Of course they are hard to find.

One way to ensure that you will never have your limits broken is to use SAFE WORDS.
A Safe word is a pre determined word that has NOTHING to do with the sexual scenario that you will be engaging in. It should be a word that is one or two syllables and known before hand by both of you. Once this word is spoken the session ENDS. All bondage is taken off or the Slave/Sub/Masochist tells the partner what is wrong. Think of the safe word as your panic button. A person that would cross your limits blatantly has no respect for you, and your body. You should always remeber that you are the one in control. I even belive that in CBT the person that has the role of slave, sub or masochist IS the true Master. Since you are the one that has the ultimate say so in whats going to happen to YOUR body.

There are of course many saftey concerns that come into play with actual engagement in CBT . You should always check for any changes that you might encounter such as, serious color change in the Penis or Scrotum, extreme coldness, sharp or shooting pains, or whoozieness. Thes are all signs of a session thats going wrong. Remove, repostion, or massage the effected area. Lets say that during a massage you continue to feel the sharp or shooting pain. You should then stop the activity for a few days till you heal up. At all times have fun but remember to keep a close monitor on what you are feeling.

The Male Anatomy

To begin with CBT, you need to take careful inventory of what you have right now. Many men know that they have a Penis, but really no idea of what is there. In CBT it is important that you have an idea of your anatomy and its limitations.
The inner workings of the male anatomy are important so that you are aware of what it is that you are stretching, and how it may effect you. When I practice CBT I always know what move I am going to do next, what the result should be, and how it effects the over all body.

CBT practitioners should know what your genitalia looks like, in an erect and flaccid state. This will help you determine what changes have been made, especially if something goes wrong. Be sure to get familiar with the Scrotum and the way it feels. Many forget this step, but it is important so that you are able to notice any changes, or abnormalities including temperature before CBT.

If you are in the Ball or Scrotum Stretching aspect of CBT. Take a measurement of your Scrotum when it is descended, and after it shrinks up or ascends. This will give you an accurate record of how far you have come with your stretching. It is a great motivator also. Record this everyday so that you can have a guide.

Most CBT is performed on the Glans of the Penis, the shaft and the Scrotum. Some is also performed on the foreskin . learning about them will help you with your body , and with the art of CBT, its effects and pleasures.

CBT Skin Care

The skin that will be subjected to CBT will stand alot of abuse. Even more if you are into the Ball Stretching aspect. You are in essence taking taught skin, tugging on it very hard, and leaving it in that state for an extended period of time. While in that state circulation of blood that supplies nutrients will be severly limited, along with constant pressure being exerted. Not to mention the few traumas that might be inflicted upon the way. With all of this in mind it is very important that extreme care be given to this body part. There are a number of ways to care for the genital skin, the first being keep it clean.
Use a good anti bacterial soap after your CBT sessions.This will help to cut down on any abrasions that might cause possible bacterial infections.
Very often you are stretching the skin and microscopic cracks appear. If not taken care of theses can cause irritation,and possible infection.
Daily hygine rituals will become part of the CBT process for you. If your like me you will find them tedious and want to go right into the CBT aspect. I really had to use discipline to practice good hygine. You might find it a challenge too.

It is essential that you use some sort of moisturiser to treat your skin.You can choose plain petroleum jelly such as Vaseline, thats always a sure bet for deep skin care treatments. The skin needs an oil based product to actually penetrate the skin. Water based emmolients actually only get the upper layers and do not penetrate deep inside. They will only get the top layer of the skin. You can use any Vitamin E oil enriched lotion, Vaseline make a good one and also Lubriderm. I use pure Vitamin E oil. I rub it into the skin slowly being sure to wash it off the next morning. Oil has a way of attracting dirt into the pores. The oil can get all over your clothes, and underwear. I have a technique I have found that sends the oil deep into the skin, and will keep your sheets clean. You can use Pure Vitamin E oil and lubricate the Scrotum, once you do that take a plastic baggie, and place it over the oiled Scrotum. When the bag covers the Scrotum take surgical tape and tape a ring around the Scrotum behind the balls. Make sure its tight.
Once you do that you can go to sleep with the bag in place. Overnight the heat will build up in the baggie and the oil will penetrate the skin. The results in the morning are something that you have to feel for yourself. you will be pleasantly suprised at the over all supple nature that will be a result of the technique.

In CBT the male genitals are benefitted by shaving the genital and pubic region. It is easire to inspect the Scrotum after a CBT session if you do this. Also if you are using candle wax the wax can stick in the hairs causing a painful removal. Other items that you use for CBT can also get caught up in the hairs. The actual shaving process can be a form of foreplay for you, and a part of CBT. If you have a partner you can do it for them. Also it can be very erotic for a beginning to your CBT.
There are different ways to remove genital hair. You can use a regular razor but NEVER use straight razor. Chose one of the disposable ones preferably those with the wire covers. Wet the area with warm water or you can use a wet wash cloth to cover the area and let the warm moisture penetrate the skin. Once thats done you can use soap or shaving cream. I recommend shaving the scrotum first then the penis and shaft. Take your time and go slowly taking the hairs off. If they are longer than 1/2 " use scissors to clip them lower, you will get a better closer shave that way. You can also use Bikini bare if you chose but it does not seem to remove all of the hair.
There are other depilitories and you should try to ask around before using any of them, results do vary. After using a depilitory it is a good idea to apply cocoa butter over the affeted area, or apply a thin area of Aloe Vera.
There is a product called Magic Shave powder that will work but it is important that you follow the directions and do not leave it on for more than 6 mins. If you do it will begin to eat through your skin. The powder comes in a can and is mixed with water. You then apply the paste with a spatual to the skin. You can find this in your local drug store under the "ethnic" hair care area.
There is also genital waxing that will remover the hair and also inhibit future growth in cycles over time. Waxing IS a painful process, and the newest form of waxing that is available in the united states is the Brazilian Wax . You need to go to a salon to get this procedure done and not be modest at all since a technician will be working on your intimate areas.

What are the devices used in CBT ?

Ok now you know what CBT is but you need supplies to do it with. The devices used in CBT can be purchased in a myriad of stores, but to get the basics you actually do not need to visit any Sex Stores. Your local Hardware stores, Drug Stores and Craft Stores will actually get you a good start.
Suprisingly they can be found right around you it is important with this fetish to use your imagination.

Items that you can use for CBT include:
Rope, Chain, Belts, Zip Ties, Pipe Fastneners, Neck Ties, Rolling Pins, Hammers, Nails, Vices,Meat Tenderisers, Poison Ivy, Duct Tape, Desk Drawers, Chairs, Screwdrivers, Milk Juggs, Electrical Tape, Mouse and Rat Traps, Mallets, Rubber O Rings, Boards, Fence Hooks and Hangers, Bench Vices, C Clamps, Thumbtacks, Rubber bands, Shop Vacs, Chopsticks Knitting Needles, Clothes Pins, Needles, Vicks Vapor Rub, Tooth paste and Brushes, Hair Brushes, Rubbing Alchohol, KY Jelly, Lotion, Hair Ties, Candles, and Tracing Wheels.
This is Not a comprehensive list by any means. Look around and you will find much more.
You should put together a CBT toy chest that will contain your supplies, and if you go to the dollar stores and discount stores this will build quickly.

Rember that creativity is the KEY to CBT it becomes boring or mundane. A good way to keep things fresh are to make your own CBT and BDSM supplies and toys. Again this is where a trip to your local Hardware and Dollar Stores will be essential.

Rope and Knots

There is nothing more basic and versatile in CBT than the rope. The beauty and elegance of the rope is second to none. I feel this should be in EVERY CBT practitioners repitoi. Your rope play is the foundation of CBT. If possible you should start your CBT session with the rope and work from there.

The rope in and of itself, with the tying of knots can be beautiful. Each knot should reside against the other and each one is unique.
The rope is a wonderful way to "warm up" I personally use it to begin almost every CBT session that I do. It is firm but forgiving and can even be used to attach other items to ones body.

There are so many different rope and knot tying ideas that you can come up with. Many are used for BDSM which is closely related to of CBT.

The other benefit about the rope is it will slowly but surely stretch the testicals away firm the body. As you coil the rope layers. I use a 4.5 ft rope. Others with the goals of enclosing both the penis and balls use more. I am getting a 6 ft rope soon.
I do want to caution you when it comes to rope it is very important that you pick a rope , NOT a shoe string. The reason for not using shoe strings is that they are almost impossible to untie. You have to be able to get loose, and after a session of CBT you want to always be able to get out of your bondage ASAP.

A member of the chatroom likes to use twine, for his CBT bondage. He uses a long rope as this allows him to wrap the rope around his testicals and his nipples, simultaneously torturing both parts. If he stretches up or down there is a part of him that gets pulled.

Rope can be in the form of thin wide ribbon or shoe string. Again though I have used them in the past, so have many others have also used the shoe strings I really can not stress the fact enough, not to use them.

Some members chose nylon, twine or cloth. There are plastic ropes that are like regular rope, but like twine I dont advise that you use these, simply because they can cause rope burns. Personally I prefer cloth, and my diameter is 1/4" up to 1/3" or even one half". The entire penis can be wrapped in rope, but the best is to seperate the balls from the penis.

Tightly coil the rope one length over another. The goal being to stretch the balls away from your body. Remember to stack each coil one on top of another.To do this properly take your rope and tie a slip knot close to your body. Once you do this coil 2 times behind your your penis as close to your body as possible, next take your balls in one hand and now wrap the rope in between the penis and the balls.
Keep stacking the ropes one on top of another and the rope will push your balls farther and farther outward from your body. Lets say that you run out of room to coil your rope then simply take the remaining rope and stack the coils closest to the penis again. To your suprise there will be room. Rather than tie a knot at the end, just slip the rope under one of the coils to keep it neat and tidy.
I try to use as few actual knots as possible since they cause pinch points.

If you are a beginner I recommend not more than 3 coils and about 7 mins tied like that.You should definitely never stay tied for more than 20 mins to 1/2 hr. Take a few moments to release the rope and get some blood flowing to your Scrotum once again. As you work you way farther along you can increase the time, and the number of coils.

You can and will experiment with your but be aware that the time you spend in the ropes IS cutting off circulation. ALWAYS Safety FIRST !!! Learn to tie different types of rope bondage, try to seperate the testicles, or invert them above the penis. You can attempt to tie the balls off to another part of the body, or seperate each cord and tie each testicle off. Have fun with your rope skills and they will benefit you.

Wax and Candles

Wax play is another basic aspect of CBT that combines Heat and Wax that is dripped all over the body and for CBT the genitals.While the candle may be a simple item, the actual waxing should be something that a good deal of preperation and care is taken to perform correctly.
The choice of candles is important. The darker Candle actually burns hotter. Many people are not aware of this fact. So chose white candles, the black or red ones are for more experienced players.There is something in the color being dark and the dye that hold heat in.
It is adviseable that you use only paraffin candles for wax play.Though of course people use other kinds. You should steer clear of any animal fat or bee's wax at any cost for these materials WILL cause serious burns.

Remember that wax play is dangerous since you are using FIRE and you should always keep a glass or bucket of water near by, and or a cool cloth.
Be safe while you play with candles and wax . Under no circumstances use the "gel" type candles, these WILL remove your skin and cause serious damage(personal experience here trust me).
The height that the wax is dropped from determines how hot it will be when it hits the skin.Less than 6 inches dripping height can CAUSE BURNS... avoid this unless it is the desired effect.I will be honest I have dripped from less but usually on top of wax that was already there.

You can also use the candles that are in glass containers and let them burn all the way down until the wax is liquified. Once that has happened you can submerge the entire Penis or Scrotum into the wax.
It is very important that you make CERTAIN that you do not touch the glass that housed the candle, it is extremely hot and will cause a serious burn. Once the Penis or Scrotum is submerged leave it in there until the temperature is comfortable and you only feel an inner warming, then remove the organ. It will be totally encased in wax.
Some people do not like the way wax gets stuck to the skin. You might try to apply a thin coat of mineral,viatmin E or baby oil to the skin first. It will greatly easy removal for you.Though I say why bother,isn't half the fun the pain... it all depends on you.

The sensation is very nice as wax begins to melt there is usually an anticipation that the person on the reciving end feels.They know that its going to burn, and the mind plays a great deal into the actual aspect of this form of CBT.If you are a Master or a Mistress it is especially good to use with a Slave or Sub for mental play/punishment.
After that the wax first hits the body the sensation hot prickle of pain, stinging briefly, then subsiding to a warm tingle. Then another, and another this will radiate through to body. In waves, after the initial hit the whole body is tense, waiting. Muscles tighten with not knowing when the next drop will come. It is easier for the wax to be applied, as the first coat has cooled and adhered. This is also because the body has built a level of tolerance and expectation.

Clothes Pins

The Clothes Pin, or Clothes Peg or Clip, comes in a variety of materials and can be in different sizes. There are metal, plastic, and wooden ones . I like to rank them on level of intensity.

The wooden clothes pins will be the one with the least amount of torque, and will go into place, and not dig into the skin very far. A nice choice for the beginner.

Next the metal clothes pin can come in the same form as the wooden ones, or it can be in the the size and type tat are made to bind papers together. There are usually black and have a wide front clamping area. Often reffered to as alligator clamps they have two silver metal levers that are turned to produce the clamping. With metal while you would think they are the most intense feeling they are in the mid range of the pain scale. With your metal clips be careful not to get any sharp edges against the skin as they could cut the flesh. If that happens remove the clip and apply rubbing alchohol and then an antibacterial ointment such as neosporin.

The Last sort of clothes pins used in CBT are the Plastic ones. They actually have the most pressure exerted by the jaws and usually have small teeth or grippers inside of them. They go on very tightly and extert alot of pressure.

When I am using my plastic clothes pins I usually cover the shaft of my Penis working down to the Scrotum. As you apply each of the pins you will notice that your skin becomes tighter, and tighter. Thus leaving less room to attach the clips. A key to remeber is the amount of skin that is placed in between the Clothes Pin will determine the amount of pain. If you chose a nice large chunk of skin it will be relatively painless. The less skin that you chose to place inside will cause a much more immediate painful reaction.
Once the clothes pins are on the time that they are left in place is a direct correspondence to the amount of pain that you will feel when you take them off.

A memeber of the chat confirms that "they hurt like hell when they come off" he is a wooden clothes pin user. Your removal of the pins will be the most painful part of the CBT process.
One of our chatroom memebers MightyDog4u2000 has had up to 54 pins on and left them for a duration of 2 HRS. While this is not reccomended to a beginner with practice you can work your way up to extended periods of time. The clothes pin type that most folks find easiest to get are the wooden ones but with all pegs, please check the spring mechanism before you beging to make sure that its in good working order.

Another way of attaching clothes pins can be the Zipper. The Zipper can be either purchased or made from a number of clothes pins srung together and applied in a line. Once they are on they are then pulled off one by one or all at once. You can of course make your own Zipper by getting plastic clothes pins. Be sure that you get the kind that have holes in the ends, and stringing them together with a leather cord, or yarn.

The tighter aspect of this sort of CBT is using mouse traps and rat traps. The mouse trap can be placed on the penis or behind the testicle on the Scrotum.It is really not reccomneded that you snap the trap in to your scrotum. You could cause severe hemotoma and or damage the penis courpus cavernai. A Rat trap is MUCH more pressure and I caution you NOT to snap this trap on you as it could cut off the blood supply and the entire penis or testicle. Only use NEW traps Never recycle them form ones that have been used.
This could give you a severe infection.

CBT Intermediate Techniques

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