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Welcome to our Chatroom forum ,I want to take time right now to thank all of my chatroom members.
It is all of you that make this chatroom as great as it is. Without YOU there is no chatroom.

Try to rember that, if you come into the room and there aren't that many people, that it is ALL OF YOU that make up the room.
So stick around for a little bit, you will be suprised at how quickly the room fills with familiar faces if you just take a little time to stay.

Also if you feel the chatroom is boring to you, or its not about what you want to hear.
start a conversation about the subject that you want to hear IN THE ROOM.

The room isnt boring, the chatroom is just a room, its ALL of you that make it exciting!!!

I am happy to have EVERYONE that is interested in CBT visit, and I really hope that you enjoy your time in the room!

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We can be found under the Romance section in chatrooms, then chose ADULT, and finally BDSM. Be sure that you click "user rooms"

Just look for the title " Strictly CBT Hardcore 101"

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CHAT Room RULES and Codes of Conduct
The chatroom has a Standing policy of NO PRIVATE messages without permission.
This means if you are in the chatroom and you see someone that you want to speak with, ASK first in the open room before you send that Private message (PM) This also goes for (IM) Instant messages

This rule is for the safety of the members that may be performing CBT on camera. It is distracting and difficult to answer all the different PM when the CBT Master is otherwise occupied. The next reason is for respect to our female chatroom members. Guys you might not realise it , but sending a PM to a woman without asking DRIVES WOMEN OUT OF THE ROOM. Most women say they leave chatroom because of too any PM all at once. Think about it, if you had all those messages you wouldnt even be able to see the screen.
Lastly when people are speaking in the chatroom, it makes it much easier for curious people to ask questions, or get their own questions answered. Passers by stop and stay longer, it looks interesting, so they join in. REMEMBER one of those passers by at one time WAS you!

Please since the room Administration asks for you to ask in the room before PM please at least answer the person that is talking in the room to you. Even if its a NO, or leave me alone. Please be respectful and reply to them. The same thing goes for webcams, if you are viewing a persons cam, say hello to them, I get alot of complaints about people that wont speak to the person they are viewing.


DO have general respect for chatroom members, of ALL sexes, sexual orientaion, races, and religions, this is not the place for your prejudice or slander. If you want to be a bigot, go to another chatroom. Trust me there are rooms out there for you!

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