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Advanced Ball Stretching and CBT Hardcore

Well we have taken some time with our the basics of CBT and shown you some inexpensive ways to get yourself oriented with CBT. I now wish to cover the more advanced toys.

Many of the items are made of leather,and or metal. Each of them has different uses for your fetishes on the male body and genitals. The items we will be showing you are used for advanced players in CBT. Some devices are used to harness and suspend the penis and scrotum, others to torure it. Choose wisely and shop around for each item, as the same item might be featured in another shop, and be much less.

Your local sex shop will have some of the items that you need. If you are in a big city try to shop at the stoes that cater to homosexual customers. They will have MANY more CBT toys and items for you.
In you local store look for items that you can actually touch, rather than ones in packages. The reason for this you are placing the devices on your body so inspect it very closely, look for frays, tears, and weak areas, this is extremely important for items that will bear weight.
When chosing sizes it is always adviesable to try one size larger than smaller, you can always work your way up, but if its too small theres nothing that you can do.

Lets look at some of the devies that you can use.

You can also shop from home, in the chatrooms OFFICIAL ONLINE SEX STORE , please visit this link as it helps me maintain this website. This site wil help you with all of the different myriad of products that are out there catering to all fetishes.

Cock Rings

The cock ring, is a CBT item that can be used in a number of ways, including restraint and chastity.

There is also the added benefit of delayed ejaculation if it is used in intercourse.
Cock rings can be made of metal, cloth, rubber, gel ,or any combination of this.

Cock rings are ancient and have been used for centuries. The cock ring should be used in conjunction with your CBT play. It can stand alone as a form of CBT, or for more excitement with other bondage devices.
Experiment with the placement and tightness of the cock ring. Remeber for safety sake to check on circulation often. Look for any changes and if you feel sharp pain, stop immediately and remove the item.
Massage the area to get blood re flowing after you have been in the cock ring for a while. Then you can replace it to continue your session.
If you immediately feel pain again remove the cock ring, for you may have damage.
Remeber the ring is used as an aid to increase the size of the male penis, and this is a benefit to some men in how it traps blood inside the vaccuous chambers, increasing size and dramatically increasing the hardness of the erection.

There are all sorts of cock rings that are used for a variety of uses that you might engage in. Chose one to fit your needs, goals, and fantasy.

Extreme Irritation

Intensity is all that you will experience, and I STRONGLY suggest caution before using the Emmolients of Advanced CBT.

Irritants can be damaging to the skin, so while experimentation is the only way to know what to do. Some products that I know to be safe are toothpaste, after shave, and Vicks Vapor rub.
With the toothpaste you can place it on the Scrotum or the Penis, it is extremely irritating but will not mar the skin. Unless you are into the extra discomfort DO NOT place it inside the uretha.

Vicks Vapor Rub can be used just like you would any lube for masturbation. It will heat up but feel cool at the same time, this will not mar the skin or cause permanent damage.
You can get a product called CBT Gel This is a SAFE to use gel for CBT.

There are many others that are used, BUT I can not recommend any to you. They include ICYHOT, rubbing alcohol, tabasco sauce, ginger root, tiger balm,and others.
I have also used poison ivy, rubbed and crushed all over the Penis, it will cause the member to swell extremly especially around the forsekin. This causes an incredible sensation, but care must be used to ensure that the ivy DOES NOT enter the uretha. Should this happen DEATH can result or a serious infection will occur. The symptoms will last for days. To cure it I reccomend a product called ivy dry. It comes in a small tube and can be found at most drug stores, slather it on all over, and it will go away.

Some natural oils and essences can be really exciting like cinnamon, peppermint oil, or menthol containing products. These can be found in your local drug store or a botanica/natural food store.
Listerine brand breath freshener strips can be an item that you may wish to add to your CBT play.
They melt on skin contact as long as its moistened. If you moisten or lick a body part like the scrotum or glans and place the strip on that area of tissue. It will stick. Slowly this wonderful menthol will penetrate the skin. It will take a minute or so for it to start to take effect.
You can control the heat by not allowing air to get to the square. Or, you can blow on it to intensify the effect... Placing a damp cloth over it will mute the effect.

Should you wish to purchase the CBT Gel please do so as it is a safe form of this type of CBT.

Chatroom member whiskeyhl has used some of the substances that we have discussed. Experimentatino with toothpaste that is widely used by many CBT fetisists.

He used Colgate white toothpaste, and the experience was" didnt really care for it, way to messy and sticky" It took a while for the effects of this to work for "whiskey" After about 2 minutes, I was trying to make myself hard with it and it was like jerking off with glue I will never do it again not even if it that was all I had"
He only left the product on for about 10 minutes, waste of time"
Obviously the member was not happy with the results at all. Clean up is very difficult with the toohpaste, you should shower, but in this instance,cold water is not my friend when using any "heat" product.
Think about it, the cold water reacts to increasE the feeling even more so.
Caution should be used, start off slow with a little on your finger tip just to see the sensation it giveS you, it might not be for everyboy. "
Inclosing whiskeyhl says "do what ever you want I recommend to try a little at first, dont just dip you dick in the jar" obviously care must be taken in the area surrounding and inside of the Uretha. There is a product that is reccomended by this chat user and it is called Crystal Ice. this is an off brand of Ben gay called Crystal Ice. it is a mentholated based item, used for " deep heat" 45 miuntes to an hour,removal is difficult as " the heat and the cold water do not mix well at all".

Ball Stretchers and the Parachute

Ball Stretchers are used to seperate the Penis and balls from each other.They are a great aide in ball stretching and enlagring the Scrotum.

These devices are constanty used and by far will provide the most consistent use within the CBT realm.
They can be used for BDSM sessions, self erotic CBT masochism sessions, and CBT hardcore of all types. The ball stretchers and various cock toys, are visually and physically stimulating. There are different materials that each of these are made of. Some are made of rubber, cloth, leather, and metal , or once again combinations of all of these.
The Ball stretchers The width of ball stretchers depends on the advanced nature and plans of use that you have. Once thing to remember , it is best to be "warmed up" before trying to place your ball strecher on.
Massage the Scrotum for some time, to loosen up the tissue. If you like a great way to get the proper distance to fit the ball stretcher of your choice on the scrotum, you can use tightly coiled rope and then leave it on for about 10 mins. Untie the scrotum and you will see that they testicles are in descent already.
Once that is done you should make a ring around your Scrotum pull outward, and then slip the ball stretcher on the tissue.
Once you have the item in place, slowly try to snap the item close, it is very important to watch that you do not pinch any skin once you are closing it. If it is properly closed you will have a snug fit, and this should be warn for at least 7 mins to start.
Advanced players go for 15 or 30 mins, but as usual the precatuions of checking color and circulation are very important.

Also with the ball stretcher , since there is a major area seperated, the temperature of the Scrotum should also be felt. If it is extremly cold, this is also an indication of poor circulation.

The parachute, is a leather device that is also used in CBT. This is firmly attached aound the Scrotum, to attach weights to.

The parachute is a great device in as how it divides weight out over the Scrotum evenly. It does not just pull in one area, so this is much safer than other ways of attaching weights. There are usually 3 chains and a hook or a solid ring that latches under the Penis to attach various sizes of weights to the Scrotum.
The male parachute also has snaps that are adjustable and allow a variance of tightness to be achived.The parachute is best connected to the Scrotum by pulling it outward and then laying the leather under the out Stretched Scrotum. Since parachutes come in diffrent sizes, you will have one two, or 3 snaps to close. I have a large parachute that has 3 snaps on it. The best way to get it snapped up and properly connected is to start at the snap thats closest to your penis and do that one first. Next do the Bottom snap, and finally slip your finder inside and snap the middle snap. There are 3 connecter rings that can sometimes slip inside the parachute that you need to be certain that you pull out before closing and snapping the parachute
Use caution in attaching the parachute be sure that all the connections are snug so that the device does not slip off once you attach the weights. Constant use of this a ball stretcher WILL create a lower hanging scrotum, it use just a simple matter of being consistent. With constant use and gradual progression you can achive your goals.

I can not stress how important it is to add one of theses devices into your CBT toybox . Keep your sessions consistent everyday, and you will see gains as the testicles descend into the newly stretched skin. Try to use a ball stretcher that has a "D" ring. With this you can attach weights chain or rope to the testicles for futrhet stretching. Try to use your stretcher with different items such as a rope fed through a pulley with a weight attached to it. You can also use a chain thta has a lot of weight simply attached to it. Try a weight thats very heavy, tied to your stretcher and drag a weight across the floor. Lastly have a stable pole and attach the ball stretcher to it and lean back stretching the testicles back and away from the body, this is very effective for enlongating the Scrotum and the skin that attaches it close to the body. The lower and longer that skin is, the lower your testicles will hang.

One of our chatroom members a_weird_wacker has created a metal ball stretching parachute, he has some very unique devices has uses in his CBT, and is a very knowledgeable member of our chatroom community.

The Gates of Hell and Male Chastity
The Gates of Hell are a chastity, BDSM CBT toy that is used on the male Penis. They come in various materials.

Some are made of leather and metal, others are made of plastic, cloth, and rubber .They have various numbers of rings, some are 4 ring, others 5, and even 7 rings. The rings are of graduating sizes, with the largest one being closest to the body it goes behind the testicles. The smallest ring fits around the Penis head. This device engulfs the entire Penis.

The metal ones are by far the most painful, I own one of these devices. The Gates can be used in a variety of scenarios and even though the device does prevent total erection chat members have reported using it while masturbating.

The rubber type usually have little nodes on them can be used during intercorse. You need to be very careful to clean the lubricant off of the Gates of Hell after using it in intercourse as it will break the material down and cause it to deteriorate. Clean with good 70% or above rubbing alcohol.To keep this appliance in good condition.

Male Chastity is a great way of CBT mixing in the Psycological aspect, of dominance, be it male or female.

Some devices that can be used are the Humbler and the CB2000 . Just go to products available to view it.
The Humbler is a device that locks and pulls the male testicles behind the legs and locks them like a pillory or stocks behind the thighs.
If you have never seen one, picture two flat pieces of wood being clamped down very tightly onto your Scrotum just above your balls. Now picture the right and left ends of those pieces of wood placed BEHIND your legs so your own legs are pulling your balls away from your body. With every tortured step you take, excrutiating pain rushes from your balls up into your gut! It is impossible to stand up straight without causing absolute agony. You wind up walking bent over as far as you can to try in vain to relieve the pressure on your balls. Hence the name The Humbler .

With the Humbler you should be aware as to not restrain the slave to anything that would cause him to make a very sudden move or jerk, that would very much so injure him. The position is very good for farther corpral punishment.

As for the other male chastity devices They are used to limit or deny sexual contact or prevent any stimulation at all. I feel that the chastity is best applied directly before and after CBT, and by a partner if at all possible. Simply so that a physical and Psycological reminder is applied to the masochist or slave.
Try to use a chastity device prior to CBT while you are laying out all of your toys and getting ready for CBT. Once you are ready remove it and begin your session, then after you are in sufficient discomfort replace your Chastity device .

Much of the products used in chastity are also used in Femme Domination again this is a great addition to the CBT scenarios that you will engage in.
Male chastity will begin your domination of the male in a physical and mental way. Remeber this combined with tesing, denial, BDSM and CBT will produce an excellent sub, or slave.

You can even run contest with him, and possibly other dominant females and their slave. The Chastity device's might be the same or different for all slaves involved. Showing whos slave is the best. Also its not a bad idea to reward your slave with something afterward, like a good FLOGGING!

Ball Crushers
Ball Crushers , are devices used to actually squeeze the testicles, some can even be attached to weights.

The Press usually has a much wider surface and crushes the entire Scrotum.
The ball crushers are usually metal devices with a threaded flat surface of some sort that will close upon the testicles.
The descent and tightness can be varied, depending on the a mount of pressure that is desired.
Users report that this is also an endorfin enducing type of CBT practice . The actual "pain" felt more in an excited rush. You also should rember not to place anyting inbetween the Jaws of the press, and the organ. This can create a "pinch point". The key to the ball crusher is the even distribution of pressure all over. This is what allows the user to bear the intense unyeilding pressure, since there is no give in the steel.

The pinch point concentrates all the pressure in one area that causes the even distribution to be disrupted and will result in serious injury. In a CBT this is a potential hazard that needs to be respected.
If you are experiencing a dull thumping pain in your side or lower abdomen you should back off on pressure. At least for a while, as usual check temperature, color, and the general feeling to make sure you are not causing any permanent damage.Though this is the normal pain that is realted to this form of CBT

The femme Domina can instruct you to use your ball crusher Or you can experiment with it your self. Always remember to keep away from the threads when you are closing the device.
Ball Crushers can be combined with other CBT items to produce different sensations. With the Ball Crusher you can cause intense pain and pemenant damage, always respect this item.

Body Modification and Edge Play
Body modifiacation in CBT is achived be many different means.

This can include piercing the Penis, Scrotum,and or Glans. It can be done by cutting the penis, called meatomy . This practice in using a scalpel to split the penis head and sometimes the shaft. This practice increases sensitivity, and also allows for larger items to be inserted into the Uretha.

There is also edge play a more advanced side of CBT. There in is more of the bloody aspect of CBT.
There are many types of piercings . The male genitals can be pierced in a number of ways most have their roots on ancient culture.Such as the Prince Albert or PA. A variant of those is the Princes Wand .
If you are considering a genital piercing it is best to know more about the healing times,Risks, names, types BEFORE you undertake the actual piercing .

Body modification itself is summed up greatly on the BME website. You will find here the greatest testament in my opinion to body modification and modern Tribalism .

Edge play on body modifaication as it concerns CBT is to be undertaken by Extreme players. This is not for beginners,and you really should consider all of theses kinds of CBT play before you undertake them. Most are permanent, and once you undertake the operations there is no going back.
Learn as much as you can about body modification. The more you learn the more you will appreciate the differet types of persons that are out there and most importantly the spiritual aspect of body modification. There are many different types, here are a few including Saline Injection . Also you might want to see more example of Scrotal infusion and Body modification. You can learn about more of the lifestyle aspect from here.

One form of CBT play that there are lasting results but not permanent is the Scrotal Infusion . The injection is made locally into the scrotum. There are 2 forms that I know of one is injection of Xylocaine and the other is Saline . With the Xylocaine it is more of a feeling of absence of the entire scrotum,this is something that you might want to experiment with if you are considering castration. Also it is and can be dangerous as you will not be able to have the usual pain indications if you combine this with CBT. Although there are some that would do CBT in this state just for that reason to push their limits. Personally I have found that drug use during CBT is risky and sets goals and limits unattainable, once one is not under the influence of such substances.

The other form of injection causes acute awareness that the Scrotum is indeed there,
Saline injection
will cause a great deal of size and feelings.Of course you need to be very careful as this is a internal excercise Scrotal Inflation Tips and great caution is needed to pervent infection, scarring or damage. The process swells the Scrotum up filling it and stretching the tissue. It can be filled to a very large size full of Saline , this process can be painful, although a burning sensation is usually about all that happens.The saline injections provide a serious visual treat and sensation.

Castration Eunuchs and Nullo

Refered to in CBT as De Balling or De Nutting, Castration is THE ultimate form of CBT
Nullification in the CBT genre is removal of the entire Penis,and Scrotum.
I like to refer to in the way of the Classic nature of it.
Eunuchs were the Fathful servants, protectors, bodyguards, and ultimate lovers.The bodygaurds of princesses, brides to be,female daughters of kings and noble men. In History there have been singers, in ancient Italy called castrati. That actually replaced female singer in roles in Opera s written for them. The castrati were so well looked after and sought for that there were schools and monks that hand picked theses men. The competeion was very tough and the losing man might not have his role but still would have given his total seat masculinity to the cause.

Castration is the ultimate form of CBT. It can be focused in differnt discilplines. The prest form of Psycological CBT this would be involving another person, most have fantasys pof the female sex, but some of the male gender.
The female gender seems to hold the male entrance because as he loses the testicle he is made as into the liberation of the female. The scenario being so incredibly significant, and for many of the pracitioners the ultimate fulfillment of female submission.

There are various reasons that a person would want to undertake this procedure. All persons have there own set of goals and fantasy . For many it is the thought of the submission, others it is much more deep and psychologically complex.< .
One of the chatroom memebers has informed me of his opinion, on the subject."According to some people we are sick" "Some are gay or submissives, Others just want to offer their total to a lady as a demonstration of their devotion. There are those who wish to become females. For them its just a logical step, along the raod to transformation."
There are those whose wives require it of them to stay in the relationship.Of course it can be used as a type of birth control This can be because of some infedelity, percived or other wise. So there are divers mindsets. The male libido can be very powerful, and for a well trained slave this can curb such urges.
Many persons are intimidated by the radical and taboo aspect of the subject. There is however a way that one can experience the feeling without going "all the way" Chemical castration is a process that will give the benefits, but will reverse itsself over time.
Androcur is a drug that can be used to also used to supress the manufacture of testosterone.
There are 3 primary ways to Castrate a male. Surgical, the Elastrator, and The Burdizzo , these methods each have their own benefits and set backs. The elastrator uses tigth bands of rubber placed around the Scrotum that if left on for 20 mins cause the testicles to die. It can be left on and eventually the Scrotum will dry up and fall off or the dead flesh can be cut off.
The Elastrator and its bands can be used in CBT, and folks I just feel that you should use great caution when using this device as it is NOT a toy.

The choice in cutters depends on the mindset of the person ready to undertake the procedure. Many men want to be cut then submit and serve the woman that removes the testicles.

Some of the cutters I have spoken to are TOPS or Masters that have practice in doing this. Some of his clients have been demanded by the female spouse to have the procedure done. For a slave I can not imagine a more fitting submission.

I had the privelage of speaking with a chatroom member that is a nurse and has some friends that have been castrated, or have interst in the procedure. She is a BSN and has some insight into they psycology of Castration. As in my opinion she feels that many do this in belief "without their own sex drive interfering they can serve a Master or Mistress better ." "For many its supposed to be a big sexual turn on", knowing that they have given the ultimate tribute of devotion. Since it is possible to still function after the process..."you can still maintain an erection following castration especially with hormone replacement therapy" Ther are ven some males that remain functional with out the use of additional drugs to supplement the natural body chemistry. "The penis can be stimulated to a degree"
Though there is almost a mystical aura that surrounds this fetish "Its hard to give clear answers though, at least for me as I'm not male and wouldn't agree to losing body parts" She too can understand the awesome degree of trust and inherent responsibility "From a woman's standpoint the fantasy of castration can be strong too" "Having that much power over someone...but I couldn't do it"
Other reasons for the castration of a male can be a desire to be trans gendered, " there are a few who engage in the fantasy of a bdsm castration because they are awaiting a sexchange and figure they ought to have a bit of fun along the way" There are some males that are using it to an advantage and this I can respect. "There are also a handful I've chatted with that want to be castrated because shall I say they are a wee bit underendowed and castration makes them special...takes something they are ashamed of and turns it into a source of pride"
This is SUCH a radical procedure and I can not think of any that are more final thank this, once again you might want to try it out and see if this is something that you are actually ready for.
Xylocaine will work to effectivly numb the Scrotum giving the feelings of having NO testes. Also "there is the safer "test Drive" by inducing chemicals into the body " If someone is seriously considering castration they opt to go on women's birth control pills for a mimics the after effects of castration without the commitment" " I personally would recomend before doing anything that extreme or permanent all options be explored.
"Depending on the dose, you may lose the ability to become erect....birth control is basically a chemical castration" "You start feeling the effects within a month but it varies from one person to the other. I know of one friend that felt the effects within a week." Thanks CBT chatroom member snickles654321, your input is greatly appreciated.

Should you wish to learn more about this for your own personal needs I have arrange a way with the "Host" of the Hardcore CBT rooms sister room "CASTRATION" to allow you to talk to a cutter, and if you wish schedle a session. Please respect this and do not abuse this privelage.
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