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FAX the FYI section of this little site.

To protect the identity of people who write me I will just give the answers to the questions they have asked me over the past several months,

Yes I do want to use my own models But not a lot of money to pay and there just are not a lot of young smooth gay guys who want their pics on a web site in the south chicago burbs.

Yes Im Gay NO Im not sexy LOL !!! just look at the selfs page !!

No I dont make lots of money, in fact I dont get anything unless someone clicks on a banner and actually joins an advertisers site, on a real real real good month I can make about 200.00 dollars.
that breaks down to about 1.00 per hour that I work on this site LOL !!!! Can I sue myself for not paying minimum wage ?

Yes I really do enjoy doing this and Yes I am being myself, I built this gallery because when I got my first computer ( im still paying it off) I couldnt afford the pay sites , And I wanted to do something for other gay brothers who cant afford them or dont have credit cards.

No I dont have a male lover, My lover of 15 years was killed in the gulf war and Ive just sort of withdrawn since then.

Yes I do checkout every single advertiser on my pages and I remove any that get complaints.
Now I dont allow ads unless they are Gay owned or do things for the gay comunity .
anyone who has visited here in the past knows how fast I will rip out banners from scumbags!
I love my gay family and NO BODY rips them off !! I can get down right nasty about that.

Yes I know Im the worlds worst typist and misspell everything You should have been there for the parent teacher meetings !! HEY is it MY fault they sat me next to the cutest guy in the whole world and he wore his gym shorts to class ??

No I dont NOT have pics of young boys that is sick sick sick !! enough said.

No I dont feel its my job to promote safe sex, People have to make that desision for themselves and if
I wanted to preach Id buy a pulpit.

Yes I intend to stay a free site, if it ever comes down to it I would close before allowing myself to be denied my right to free speach and I concider nude male images to be art.

Yes I do have a special place in my heart for men in the military, I honor those who honor their country.

Yes I may be crazy :)

No I cant put free video on my site it costs a fortune to buy the bandwith only Big sites can do that.

and the most asked question Yes I will keep updating the gallerys, as I find Good pics and ideas
if a picture dont do something primal to my nads I dont use it.

No I dont use pics sent to me by e mail because I dont know if it is really the sender pic.

Yes I was a twink model a long time ago , for turner publishing way back when Twink was not cool

Yes I do answer my own mail, I havnt trained the chihuahua to type anything readable yet and it makes
her cranky when I try.

Thank You to all who took the time to write, it is gratifing to know someone can make heads or tails of this mess I call a website,

          Yours David AKA

FOR GOD SAKE TAKE ME BACK TO THE PORNO Just click here to go back to the pics and away from my rambling

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