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Do you like to see men displaying powerfully erected phallus?
When a man is very close to cum, his cock becomes very big and rigid. The tip of a
hard dick is glistening with precum, before a massive explosion of his cumload. That is the sort of man everybody likes to see -- one who is at the peak of his manpower.
Such an image is ripe with power that affects the viewer.
Indeed, all across the world the form of the phallus has been honored and even worshipped
as a holy thing, from the maypole in Great Britain, to the lingam statues of India, to the penis
amulets of Thailand. Entire nations are even given symbolic erections -- take, for example, the
Washington Monument, perhaps better called "the hardon of the USA."
It is no wonder that people drop to their knees to behold a throbbing erection. It is no wonder that a "glory hole"
is so-named. The glory is the phallus, stretching outwards and upwards to express life itself.
But what about the soft penis? Some may have an enormous penis but it may be difficult to get a hard cock for him.
A man's erotic potential is a hardon, not a soft cock.
It is very much like the change of seasons. When autumn comes, one might look upon the fallen
leaves as a symbol of death and decay.
A soft penis is renewing itself in order to spring back to life for the next sexual encounter. It is a
beautiful symbol of a man's power to regenerate. That's why men shouldn't get frustrated about
not maintaining an erection throughout sex play.
As virtually all men have discovered firsthand, it is possible to become hard when one is not horny, just as it is possible to become soft while one is horny.
A soft cock can also be fun to play with, and some men have experienced orgasms without ever
getting an erection, since the erotic nerve sensors in the penis are active no matter how rigid or
flaccid the shaft is.
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