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In my erotic dreams,
the home of gay porn
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I remember touching a man with my hands and feeling  every single hair on his body.
I sucked his cock for a while, and then he took my virginity by butt-fucking me unconscious.
Yes, I really did lose my virginity while I was asleep, even though it sounds like
 something straight out of a Pedro Almodovar movie!
Erotic dreams can be quite kinky. Remember, it's a dream, and if you
are lucid then you can do whatever the fuck you want and fuck whatever you want to do. I admit
that in dreamland I've fooled around with just about every man I've come across,
and that includes my father, my brother, uncles, cousins, friends, friends of friends, ex-boyfriends,
and total strangers. And no matter what we do together,
I don't practice safe sex in dreamland, either. I'm not sure condoms even exist there. Rubber certainly
does, but that's another story.
I must point out that erotic dreams aren't always perfect. You know those pissing dreams, where you're
at a public urinal in boystuds land , and you just piss and piss but your bladder keeps feeling full? You either wake up realizing
you need to relieve yourself, or you wake up to find that you ARE relieving yourself. Well, erotic dreams
aren't like that. Sometimes I'll hump and hump my dream man, literally for hours, always right on the verge
of cumming, but never quite able to get past the point of no return. That can be frustrating. However, one
rarely stays on the edge for such long periods in waking life, so the extended sex and prolonged arousal
can be wonderful in themselves.
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