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His First Facial


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Gay Blind Date Sex

His First Facial

Bahut saal baad
When I walk on the street I notice many people watching me with lustful eyes. People walking behind me never miss to stare at the dance of my shapely buttocks and admire my shapely thighs. I have heard people saying "kya maal hai" when I pass by. I could feel that they are raping me with their eyes! I enjoyed their stare, but longed for a person who could quench my thirst for sex. I am a very horny female, and read lots of porno literature and watch blue movies. I used to finger my choot regularly and every night I used to masturbate with a banana and eat it after I came.

Few days back, Anand, my nephew, came to spend his holidays with me and also to study. He is my younger sisters son. He is 16 now and is in first year of college. He is a handsome boy but we did not have any other intentions before. One day I came back from market and Anand was at home alone. The door was open and I got in. I saw Anand’s room was half open and I just peeped in. He had one of my porno books in his one hand, and was shagging with the other hand. He had quite a big cock for his age. He was totally engrossed in his act and did not notice me. I felt like rushing in and holding his tool, but did not have enough courage. I went to bathroom and fingered myself and got some relief.

Afternoon, I asked Anand, "Padai Kaise chalrahi hai, kuch takaleef to nahin?" He said, "no problem, it is very convenient here" (to enjoy my porno books and shag is it?). That night, I could not sleep properly and all the time was thinking about Anand’s rock like lund and its big purple knob. After about an hour, I mustered some courage and went into Anand’s room. The night lamp was on and he was fast asleep. His lund had come out of his lungi and was in semi grown form (he must be dreaming about what he read in the book earlier). I held it in my hand and it grew in my hand and stood like a flag pole. What an enormous organ for a sixteen year old? My husband’s was half the size and I was never satisfied even when he was alive. I started sucking Anand’s lund and after about fifteen minutes he came with a big splash in my mouth. I drank the cum fully. I checked to see if he was awake, but he was fast asleep (or was he acting?). I came back to my room and slept.

Next morning when he wished me I felt as if he wants to say some thing else. For the first time I thought he was string at my perfect figure. I asked him if we could go to a movie. He was very happy. We got ready and I tied my sari lower than usual. Few of my cunt hairs were exposed. I could see Anand staring at my navel all the time. I asked Anand, "kya bath hai? Kya dekh rahe ho?" He said, "auntie, aap bahut sundar ho". I enjoyed the compliment and his hungry stare at my body. While going by taxi, I enjoyed his shoulders rubbing agaist mine and both of us were getting excited. During the movie, I held his hand tightly. He pushed the other hand in my blouse and started pressing my boobs and fingering my nipples. I started getting aroused. My nipples became very hard and long. He was feeling my nipples in his two fingers. After that he started feeling my belly and inserted his finger in my deep navel. Slowly he moved to below that and started playing with my cunt hairs. Then he inserted a finger in my cunt and started feeling my supple choot lips. I started burning with desires. I could not tolerate further and whispered in his ears, "Chalo ghar jayenge"( I meant "Ghar ja kar chodenge"). I got up, adjusted my sari and came out of the cinema hall. Anand followed me as if hypnotized. In the taxi, I moved my hand on his bulge in pants and he was feeling my big thighs.

Once we entered our home, I closed the door, hugged Anand very tightly and started kissing him hard on his lips. Both of us were fully aroused and Anand pushed me into the bed room. I stripped him off within no time. He pressed my boobs on my bra and rubbed his nose on my panty, just where my cunt lips were. I think he liked the smell. He then removed my panty. Both of us were stark naked now. He admired my nude figure for a while. His lund and my nipples were fully erect now and we were trembling with desire. He started pressing my breasts hard and sucking them vigorously. I pushed myself eagerly towards him with each pessing and sucking. I held his tool tightly and started moving my hands to and fro. It had become rodk hard and hot. In minutes we assumed 69 position and started sucking each others organs. When I moved my tongue around his big knob, he was licking and sucking my clit eagerly. His sharp and rough tongue was probing my choot. I was in heaven and I had never enjoyed like this. I screamed, "Ha aha, Anand aur chooso, meri poori badan chooso ". Even when my husband was alive, he never used to give me such pleasure. We never had oral sex. What I was longing for all my life was coming true! After some time we filled our love juices into each other’s mouths. We relaxed for few minutes when I was feeling Anand’s rod and he lightly touching my choot. I felt so good. Then I said, " Chalo Anand, ab chodenge". He said, "Han auntie, chodenge".

He was already erect once again and his lund was moving up and down as if in anticipation. I spread my legs, placed a pillow below my big bums and invited him, "Aao, Anand, mujhe chodo, mera choot tumhara hai". He said, "Han auntie, main tumhe chodoonga, ae choot meri hai , ae gaand mere hai, ae bhare jhange, ai bade mamme sub mere hai". Saying so he started fondling my boobs and sucking them once again. He then started licking my choot and pinching its thick walls. I oozed once. I could not wait any further. I shouted, " Anand, bus karona, kitna tarpaate ho, jaldi chodo, apna lund mere choot me daaldo warna mai mar jaoongi". With this, he placed his tool on my cunt lips and gave a big push. It went in with chawk sound and really hurt me because it was my first fuck after 22 years! I screamed "ahahahahahah, dhire, dhire" loudly. He started moving in and out of my pussy without caring for my shouts. After few seconds, I really started enjoying this fuck. I started pushing myself upwards for his every thrust.

I shouted, "Ooi ma, Anand, bahut mazaa aa raha hai, aur jorse chodo, meri choot farr do" . He said, "auntie, mazaa aa raha hai na, mera lavda tumhare choot ke ander kitna khush hai". He lasted for almost twenty minutes during which I came twice. After releasing his load of cum deep inside my choot, he rested on my body. I covered his back with both my legs and relaxed.

After about ten minutes, he started kissing me again and his lund was hard in no time. I asked, "kyon, fir tayyar hogaye?" to his lund and it moved up and down as if to say, ‘yes’. He said "auntie, is baar peechese, main aapka gaand maarna chahata hoon. Aapka gaand bahut sundar hai". I was taken aback. I had seen anal sex in movies, but had never experienced it. I wondered how such a big rod will get into my small asshole. But I knew that I had very big and shapely bottoms. I remembered those thousands of eyes that used to stare my bottoms greedily. I don’t know how many of them used to masturbate thinking of my big ass. I asked, "Anand, tumhara itna bada lund mere chotese gaand me kaise ja payega?" He said, "daro mat auntie, main sab sambhaloonga". I thought I could as well give it a try and said "Halloo karna".

Anand made me rest on my four limbs like a dog, came behind me and started licking my ass hole. He then inserted a finger in it and started moving it in and out. It seemed as if he was lubricating it with his saliva and servicing it. I began to enjoy this. Then he positioned his lund on the ass hole and slowly pushed in. He put his hands through my arm pits and pressed my boobs hard. Meanwhile, he started fucking me hard in my ass. I screamed with pain " Anand, ae mujhe nahi chahiye, dard ho raha hai!". He did not stop, but said, " auntie, sab theek hoga". Now his lund was moving freely in and out of my ass and I was feeling great. Once again I started yelling with pleasure, " Anand, ha ha, jorse, meri gaand aur jorse maaro, mujhe apne lavde se maar daalo". He came inside my gaand and at the same time fingered my choot so much that I came twice again.

Anand cleaned my oozing juices with his tongue once again before we retired for the day. After that day he fucked me in all possible ways for next two weeks before leaving for his home town. I can not forget those wonderful days. I kept wondering about our relationship where in I, almost thrice his age became a slave for this young boys sex. He calls me up some time. "Kya auntie, aap ke choot mai khujalee bahut ho raha hai na, aglee chuttee mai usko mitadoonga aap ke yaad se hi mera lund ud raha hai." Really, my choot is not liking my finger or banana any more and I am just waiting for his next holidays to come. Anand also told me that before these days with me, his urge for sex was quite high and he was thinking of going to a prostitute. I am quite happy that I could quench his thirst without risking either’s health. Now when people stare lustfully at my body in the market, I feel like inviting someone home, but I do not dare thinking of the consequences.

.....end of HINDI lesson.....