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Photographs of Nude UK Glamour Models
from  the  1960's  to  the  1990's


Glamour photography has been one of my main hobbies for over 40 years now, and the pictures on this website feature just a few of the many beautiful girls who have taken their bras and panties off in front of my cameras during that time.

When I took the photographs I not intend that anybody, other than myself, would ever see them.   They were taken purely for my own private personal collection which, over the years has given me many hours of enjoyment.

Marie It may be hard to believe now but back in 1966 when I began taking girlie pics, the UK had some strict rules about what photographs of girls in the nude could show, which basically was just the model's tits and bum.   Anything else, like the model showing even a hint of what she had got between her legs, as Marie is in this shot, was illegal.   Pubic hair was taboo too, so many UK models had shaved pubes.   So although my pics are are very tame by today's standards, some were really rather risqué at the time that I took them.

Although I originally did not intend that any of my girlie pictures would be seen by the public, I have realised that I have a unique collection of photographs of girls most of who have never been seen in the nude on the internet before. As my collection also provides a look back at some of the many changes in female fashions in hairstyles, shoes and underwear between the sixties and the nineties, I decided in late 2007 that the time was right to create this website so that anybody who wants to can now enjoy looking at some of the many girls who have taken their bras and knickers off for me over the years. Susan

Sharon You can now view over 950 photographs of 22 girls on the site and I will be adding more girls and more photographs in the weeks and months ahead.   All the girls featured on the site were 18 years old or over when I photographed them.
Please be aware that this is an adult website, so if you are under the age of 18 years, or you are liable to be offended by images of female nudity, please leave now.

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All the girls appearing on this website were aged 18 years old or over when I photographed them.
Photographs copyright © Stephen Allen

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