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Hi. My name is Mistress Leah. I want to be a Dominant Woman very badly. If I don't succeed in convincing you then I will find myself another sucker to play with.

I hope you don't mind that I have very little experience. And please don't get upset with my constant mood changes and multiple personalities - that just makes me special. Don't you want a special Mistress?

I will charge you big bucks to come play with you. I will go to Walmart right before our session and buy stuff that I think you want - even if you don't want it I will still tell you that you do - got it? I will even Instant Message you later and tell you that you will learn to like it.

I want you to wear diapers, and learn to like butt plugs up your ass. What? Did you say that does not turn you on? Does it matter? I read in a book once that subs like that, don't you read those books? How dare you not be excited about these things? Do you think you are an individual or something?

Would you like to be my real-time slave? Do you think I care? Oh, I will lead you on and make you think you have a chance at that. I will toy with your emotions and shatter your hopes and dreams, but don't you think for a minute I will ever allow you to serve me for real. Hell, I am a sub myself; I can't have a real slave. My Dom boyfriend keeps me on a tight leash. I can't allow you to get too close to me. Hell, you might get to know that I'm a fake, and I can't have that - I'm a Pro Domme by golly.

Please don't point out to me that I don't know what I want. It is not your place to tell me that. I have doctors that I pay well that tell me those kinds of things. So you just pretend that I am always on the ball, and a stable human being. If you can do that we will get along very well.

If you want to contact me then please feel free to. Send email to

Thank you.

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