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Hawaiian Honey's




Have you ever smelt the sweet aroma of a delicate Hawaiian flower? Our Hawaiian flowers have the sweetest smelling petals in all Hawaii. And they have a surprise for you!

Our Hot Hawaiian Honeys have Sweet Smelling Panties just for you. 


Local Hawaiian Girls from all over the Hawaiian islands. 




We have Leilani (lay-la-knee) from Maui who love's to dance the hula and the tahitian in her sexy little panties, just think how juicey those get! 





Then there's Malia (Ma-lee-ah) who loves to workout in her undies on her private beach in Lanikai Oahu and believe me she works up a sweat. 









And we have Hoku who takes long strolls along the new lava shoreline near the volcano on The Big Island of Hawaii. She's Hot!!






Our girls also love to relax on their favorite chair or bed and masterbate in their hot panties just for you. 

We would love to send them to you. All you have to do is email us at and we will contact you with payment information. Or you can leave us your email address in our guestbook.
Our panties range in price from $13.00 to $25.00 depending on how long you want us to wear the panties, $40.00 if you want us to masterbate in them, please specify. And soon Your Hawaiian Sweet Smelling Panties will come to you sealed for FRESHNESS! And ready for tasting! YUMMMMMMMMMMMMM!

We're creaming our panties just waiting for you, Don't Delay! Get yours Today! Aloha from your Hot Hawaiian Honey's!

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