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When you signed form Porn Home, you instantly became a part of our network and community. Your site is a part of our search engine and the information shown in this search engine is fully customizable by you along with several other fields that effect your overall site functionality.

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Changing your user information
One of the great features of Porn Home is that you have the ability to change your password, name, email address and site name/description. To change any user information login to the file manager program and go to the very bottom of the page where you will see a drop down list. Select "Change user info" from this list and click the "Submit Query" button.

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Changing your password
Once you are on the change user information page, you have the ability to change your password by simply typing the new password into the password field and clicking the "Update Account Info" button. This will change your password for the file manager so write down the password as administrators may not be able to get ti back for you if you loose it!

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Changing your Site Name/Description
Every site created at Porn Home can be viewed by going to If you want to change your listing information, you can do so under the user information page. To change your site information, simply fill in the Site Name and Site Description field and click the "Submit Query" button and the information will instantly be updated

Free Space
To check how much web space you have left on your account, login to the file manager program and scroll down to the bottom of the page. There should be a line telling you that #### used, ##### space free space is left. This tells you just how much space your site and webboard is taking up now and how much space is left on your account for you to use. To get more space, delete files or request it from the webmaster.

Free Space Remaing Image

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